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As an Expat Where do you find A Certified Translation Agency in Singapore? As an expat for translate immigration documents, legal contracts, visa and passport, and for license translating services you need a Certified translation company in the expiating country. There are some major elements to find the certified translation agency. Your certificates and documents kept for translation must be certified and want to be approved by government authorities and embassies. For that Certified and approved agency is must. There are some guidelines to choose a certified and approved translation agency in Singapore: Firstly, The Translation must be done certified by agency or company and not by single translator, because the certification would be provided by the agency or company you chosen. And the translation made by agency and certified company only approved by the Government authorities, Legal authorities, Businesses, Universities, and Embassies Secondly, The Translation Agency you chosen will provide reliable services and quick process as much as possible to inspire the customers by their indeed services. Thirdly, The quick and accurate translation and receipt with clear cut defined fees. Fourthly, The Place of translation agency must be nearest and an availability professional translators’ who stay connects with the chosen agency is playing a vital role.

Your Translation made by the agency, should be approved by •

Government Authorities


Courts, Legal Authorities

Universities, Educational Institutions

Businesses and Industries

And primary range of services provide by translation agency, includes the following: Certified Translators In today’s context any business requires certified translators to work, as if you have a Govt. or an Embassy involved in approving a document, you will have to certify the documents before it enters the respective country. These companies have worldwide network of offices to ensure qualified translators are used for respective languages. Certificate translation services in Singapore Website Translators services •

Translate your website in multiple languages

Choose a certified agency that can help you publish

Professional translators with vast experience translation

Available for further updates and modification

Who is tech savvy to work on CMS kind of system?

Present in web or software industry to bring relevant experience

Multilingual Publishing There are very few translation agencies in Singapore like Lyric Labs who can help you do multiple lingual publishing, say for example you have a user manual for your product or service in English and you want to translate the same in to Danish or Flemish languages, you will find publishing service providers in English offering translation but you will not find them having qualified DTP or Graphic designers who are have experience in publishing other language content. So it is important to choose a certified agency in Singapore who is equipped to deliver multilingual publishing. Lyric Labs in Singapore has the qualities mentioned above for the best certified translation agency. We are one of the world’s largest translators’ networks with 1500 and more quality translators to assist with translating and interpreting services in 140 and more languages. We are providing round the clock 24/7/365 translation and interpretation services in Singapore, Malaysia, India, other Asian countries, and even in U.K and U.S.A countries. To know more about our services and the benefits you can enjoy by entrusting your localization needs to lyriclabs, you can Mail us at or call 6564080629 to an expert partner you can trust.

As an expat where do you find a certified translation agency in singapore  

Lyric Singapore is an ISO 9001, DIN EN 15038 Certified Company specializing translation and interpretation services. So if you are looking f...

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