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Translation Services for IT and Software Companies in Malaysia Have you ever tried to understand why your visitors don’t respond? Why they leave without communicating to you. What is that they didn’t find in your website in-spite of visiting your website? For many website owners it’s the language the website speaks. Surprisingly only 27% of the internet users speak English. Most of the website found online it only written in English. So if you are looking for a response from your website, make your website available in more than one language. Software translation is a process of translating a piece of software or a web site from one natural language to another. For instance, in France people do not use the same version of Windows that is used in America. They use a localized version with help, menu commands, and installation instructions in their native language. Very often cultural aspects and information must be translated as well as the language. But this Software translation is not easier with the individual translators; you must want to choose a best translation agency which is well-versed in software localization with the team of professional translators. There may be so many translation agencies in Malaysia to do Software localization. But, software localization is also an important to raise the scope of the business or its market.

Software localization is much more than translating user interfaces or helps manuals and strings from one language to another. It is about adapting all cultural content and technical issues to a specific audience in a given location. Localization means ensuring that your software "speaks" the language of your customers. In a world of globalization, localization can make the difference between success and failure in your target markets. However, as the business environment becomes increasingly competitive, the challenge of adapting software, documentation, online help, web pages, and manuals to conform to the cultural, linguistic, and regulatory needs of each customer becomes formidable. But this job is not as simple as it may appear and it is done by qualified computer experts and professional translators in Malaysia. It is not just a matter of translating a text, but actually linguists have to study and understand a particular context in order to make their service extremely accurate. In fact they have to consider many aspects when, for example, they are performing a business, legal, marketing or technical translation concerning a particular website. The final impact on the target audience is extremely important, so the commitment has to be total. Most companies have understood that, providing a cross cultural image, they can reach millions of people as Internet has become part of everyday life for many. Localization of a website means presenting a correct, professional and up-to-date image. Business, marketing, legal and technical translation is done for countries where English is not the mother tongue and the result is better communication among people all over the world.

You need a professional translation company to do this. Lyric is an ISO 9001, DIN EN 15038 certified translation company in Malaysia. So your task is with the company in the world. We will not only launch your website in multiple languages we also maintain and ensure to post updates as and when required. You will understand the capability of Lyric. Right from translation to publishing lyric can handle your task with easy. If you are working with a web designing company and you only need translation services, we will be very happy to assist you with translation services only. Any language any time, lyric will be your ideal partner. To know more about our website localization services in Malaysia visit our website or write to us to discuss online and for more clarification. Call 0193575230 to an expert partner you can trust.

Translation services for it and software companies in malaysia  

Software Localization means ensuring that your software "speaks" the language of your customers. In a world of globalization, localization c...

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