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At the Lyric we put families first. This season we have a collection of weekend and holiday shows to delight and entertain. And, as well as productions in the studio there are plenty of opportunities to get messy and play. We look forward to seeing you at the Lyric very soon. Sean Holmes Artistic Director



February Half Term 15 – 20 Feburary Award-winning theatre company Travelling Light pack a whole year into one enchanting hour in a magical journey through the seasons. From the seed-sprouting vitality of spring to the frosty frozen fingers of winter, this mix of performance, music and dance will captivate the whole family. ‘… this latest piece for the over-twos from Travelling Light bursts with a heightened sense of fun.’ Guardian


Ages 2 – 7 Messy Play 16 – 19 Feb at 12pm & 20 Feb 12pm & 3pm See page 8 for details. 4


Easter Saturday 03 April Bring all the family to the Lyric on Easter Saturday for a day full of workshops and fun. 10.30am, 12pm, 1.30pm and 3pm Learn Tightrope Walking, Juggling and Spinning in workshops by the Albert and Friends Instant Circus. For ages 4 – 7. 12pm & 2pm Special Easter Messy Play where you can make your own Hanging Eggs. For ages 2 – 7 All day free activities in the Lyric foyer include an Easter Egg Hunt, storytelling and face painting.

Ages 2+ 6


Sat 06 Feb

Sat 13 Feb

The Magnificent Flying Machine 11am & 1pm / 45 mins

One, Two Hullabaloo 11am & 1pm / 50 mins

Created by Garlic Theatre

Created by Blue Sky Theatre

Follow the wacky adventures of Professor Bix Horn as he tries to build a flying machine out of the most unlikely things.

A comical tale featuring Brer Rabbit and his animal friends in a bounce-along musical story.

Ages 3 – 7

Ages 3 – 6

Everyone loves the weekend and we’re here to make them even better. Every Saturday the Lyric invites a different children’s theatre company into our studio to perform for you. With puppets, live music and songs there is something for everyone.

After the show why not join us for our popular Messy Play workshops. Look out for the to find out the times. Get crafty with activities themed around each exciting children’s show. Play with paint and glitter and create your very own memento to take home.

Messy Play 12pm & 2pm 8

Messy Play 12pm & 2pm 9

Sat 27 Feb

Sat 06 Mar

Sat 13 Mar

Sat 20 Mar

Rainbow Fish 11am & 1pm / 55 mins

Jumping Mouse 11am & 1pm / 60 mins

This is a That 11am & 1pm / 60 mins

Dragon’s Daughter 11am & 1pm / 55 mins

Created by Blunderbus Theatre Company

Created by Unpacked Theatre

Created by Peut-être Theatre

Created by Blunderbus Theatre Company

Let Rainbow Fish, with her shimmering scales, Meet a bullfrog blues band, a forgetful wolf whisk you away on a deep-sea adventure. and a very unusual little mouse who are about to have a very big adventure on a Also on Sunday. See page 20 for details. London bus.

Josette and her Papa meet a magical toy soldier and go on an amazing adventure where nothing is quite what it seems.

A bewitching tale about a brave little boy and his adventures with a fire-breathing dragon.

Ages 4 – 7

Ages 4 – 7

Ages 4 – 7

Messy Play 12pm & 2pm 10

Ages 4 – 7 Messy Play 12pm & 2pm

Messy Play 12pm & 2pm

Messy Play 12pm & 2pm 11

Sat 27 Mar

Sat 10 Apr

Sat 17 Apr

Sat 24 Apr

Spin 11am & 1pm / 50 mins

Penguin 11am & 1pm /  50 mins

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice 11am & 1pm / 45 mins

Finding Leaves for Soup 11am & 1pm / 50 mins

Created by Apples & Snakes

Created by Long Nose Puppets

Created by Garlic Theatre

Created by Theatre Iolo

Wonderful ways to play as top-class rappers, Follow the twists and turns of this wonderful poets and storytellers show you just what you tale as a little boy called Ben rips open his can do with words. birthday present and finds a penguin inside.

Take one castle, one broom and one book of sorcery. Add a boy with the tingle of enchantment in his fingertips and a dash of real magic and you have this classic tale.

A tale of adventures in a forest with magic soup, a scratchy tree and lively animals.

Ages 5 – 7

Ages 3 – 7

Ages 3 – 5

Messy Play 12pm & 2pm 12

Ages 3 – 7 Messy Play 12pm & 2pm

Messy Play 12pm & 2pm

Messy Play 12pm & 2pm 13

Sat 01 May

Sat 08 May

Sat 15 May

Sat 22 May

Sounds Like 11am & 1pm / 60 mins

Oshima and the Big Sea 11am & 1pm / 50 mins

Who’s Been Sitting In My Chair? 11am & 1pm / 50 mins

Room in the Sky 11am & 1pm / 60 mins

Created by Tam Tam Theatre

Created by Angel Heart Theatre

Created by Freehand Theatre

Created by Lyngo

In a world of sounds, help the sound collector create a symphony when everyday objects become musical instruments.

Every day Oshima goes fishing but never catches anything. One day he gets the chance to find out what it’s like under the Big Sea.

With porridge, bears and three chairs comes a tale that’s not too big and not too small but just right.

Everything comes from the sky – light, shadow, clouds and rain. Two clowns play with the sky and get everyone else to join in.

Ages 3 – 7

Ages 3 – 7

Ages 5 – 7 Messy Play 12pm & 2pm 14

Messy Play 12pm & 2pm

Also on Sunday. See page 21 for details.

Messy Play 12pm & 2pm

Ages 3 – 7 Messy Play 12pm & 2pm 15

Sat 29 May

Sat 12 Jun

Sat 19 Jun

Sat 26 Jun

Whatever Next 11am & 1.30pm / 50 mins

Little Hippo and His Magic Pen 11am, 1pm & 3pm / 50 mins

The Steadfast Tin Soldier 11am & 1pm / 45 mins

Nightingale 1pm & 3pm / 50 mins

Created by Tutti Frutti

Created by Tam Tam Theatre

Created by Banyan Theatre

Created by Angel Heart Theatre

Baby Bear finds a rocket, packs a picnic and visits the moon, accompanied by a friendly owl he meets along the way to explore the wonders of space.

For his birthday Daddy Hippo gives Little Hippo a red pen. Inside the red pen are the most beautiful things in the world, but how can Little Hippo get them out?

The Steadfast Tin Soldier tumbles from a window ledge and begins an adventure into the unknown. A charming adaptation of the traditional tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

The rich Emperor believes he has everything until one day he discovers a little nightingale living in the green woods.

Ages 3 – 7

Ages 2 – 5

Ages 2 – 5

Ages 4 – 7

Messy Play 12pm & 2.30pm 16

Messy Play 12pm & 2pm

Messy Play 12pm & 2pm

Also on Sunday. See page 21 for details.

Messy Play 2pm 17

Spring Half Term 03 – 05 June In a world where a dewdrop is the size of a swimming pool and a flower is as tall as a skyscraper, a bug falls in love with a beautiful butterfly.

Family fun for everyone Come and see a show before getting involved in all day free activities. The Lyric’s foyer will be transformed into a hive of creativity for children with craft tables, ball ponds and much more.

This heart-warming tale told through a mixture of play, story and music teaches us about love, friendship, reaching for the moon and dancing leaf-to-leaf.

Don’t forget that as well as all those activities you can get involved in Messy Play and Party Play for even more fun and games. See overleaf for details of shows and activities.


Messy Play 03 at 2pm & 04 & 05 Jun at 12pm & 2pm 18

Photos: Steve Hickey

Ages 4 – 7

After its success last season we welcome back Party Play to our Family Sundays. If you’re feeling adventurous get involved in exciting party games with lots of surprises.


Sun 28 Feb

Sun 28 Mar

Sun 25 Apr

Sun 23 May

Sun 27 Jun

Rainbow Fish 12pm & 2pm

Finding Alice 12pm & 2pm / 50 mins

Baby Loves Disco 2pm – 5pm

Room in the Sky 12pm & 2pm

Nightingale 12pm & 2pm

Created by A Single Leaf

Created by Baby Loves Disco

See page 15 for show details

See page 17 for show details

Ages 3 – 7

Ages 6 months – 7

See page 10 for show details

Messy Play 1pm & 3pm

Messy Play 1pm & 3pm

Party Play 12pm & 2pm

Party Play 12pm & 2pm

The Lyric is transformed into an underwater paradise of fish, shells and games.


Join the White Rabbit as he looks for Alice. Afterwards come to the Mad Hatter’s tea party, and decorate your own cup and saucer.

Baby Loves Disco transforms the Lyric into a child-friendly disco for anyone who likes to dance.

Messy Play 1pm & 3pm

Messy Play 1pm & 3pm

Party Play 12pm & 2pm

Party Play 12pm & 2pm

Explore a sky of clouds and birds with a foyer full of bright activities.

Discover a far away land with crafts inspired by the green woods and the deep blue sea. 21

Sat 06 Feb Sun 07 Feb Mon 08 Feb Tue 09 Feb Wed 10 Feb Thu 11 Feb Fri 12 Feb Sat 13 Feb Sun 14 Feb Mon 15 Feb Tue 16 Feb Wed 17 Feb Thu 18 Feb Fri 19 Feb Sat 20 Feb Sun 21 Feb Mon 22 Feb Tue 23 Feb Wed 24 Feb Thu 25 Feb Fri 26 Feb Sat 27 Feb Sun 28 Feb Mon 01 Mar Tue 02 Mar Wed 03 Mar Thu 04 Mar Fri 05 Mar Sat 06 Mar Sun 07 Mar 22

The Magnificent Flying…  11am & 1pm

One, Two Hullabaloo  11am & 1pm How Cold My Toes  3pm 11am & 2pm 11am & 2pm 11am & 2pm 11am & 2pm 11am & 2pm

Rainbow Fish  11am & 1pm Rainbow Fish  12pm & 2pm

Jumping Mouse  11am & 1pm

Mon 08 Mar Tue 09 Mar Wed 10 Mar Thu 11 Mar Fri 12 Mar Sat 13 Mar Sun 14 Mar Mon 15 Mar Tue 16 Mar Wed 17 Mar Thu 18 Mar Fri 19 Mar Sat 20 Mar Sun 21 Mar Mon 22 Mar Tue 23 Mar Wed 24 Mar Thu 25 Mar Fri 26 Mar Sat 27 Mar Sun 28 Mar Mon 29 Mar Tue 30 Mar Wed 31 Mar Thu 01 Apr Fri 02 Apr Sat 03 Apr Sun 04 Apr Mon 05 Apr Tue 06 Apr

This is a That  11am & 1pm

Dragon’s Daughter  11am & 1pm

Spin  11am & 1pm Finding Alice  12pm & 2pm

Easter Parade

Wed 07 Apr Thu 08 Apr Fri 09 Apr Sat 10 Apr Sun 11 Apr Mon 12 Apr Tue 13 Apr Wed 14 Apr Thu 15 Apr Fri 16 Apr Sat 17 Apr Sun 18 Apr Mon 19 Apr Tue 20 Apr Wed 21 Apr Thu 22 Apr Fri 23 Apr Sat 24 Apr Sun 25 Apr Mon 26 Apr Tue 27 Apr Wed 28 Apr Thu 29 Apr Fri 30 Apr Sat 01 May Sun 02 May Mon 03 May Tue 04 May Wed 05 May Thu 06 May Fri 07 May Sat 08 May Sun 09 May Mon 10 May Tue 11 May Wed 12 May Thu 13 May Fri 14 May Sat 15 May Sun 16 May Mon 17 May

Penguin  11am & 1pm

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice  11am & 1pm

Finding Leaves for Soup  11am & 1pm Baby Loves Disco 2pm – 5pm

Sounds Like  11am & 1pm

Oshima and the Big Sea  11am & 1pm

Who’s Been Sitting… Chair?  11am & 1pm

Tue 18 May Wed 19 May Thu 20 May Fri 21 May Sat 22 May Sun 23 May Mon 24 May Tue 25 May Wed 26 May Thu 27 May Fri 28 May Sat 29 May Sun 30 May Mon 31 May Tue 01 Jun Wed 02 Jun Thu 03 Jun Fri 04 Jun Sat 05 Jun Sun 06 Jun Mon 07 Jun Tue 08 Jun Wed 09 Jun Thu 10 Jun Fri 11 Jun Sat 12 Jun Sun 13 Jun Mon 14 Jun Tue 15 Jun Wed 16 Jun Thu 17 Jun Fri 18 Jun Sat 19 Jun Sun 20 Jun Mon 21 Jun Tue 22 Jun Wed 23 Jun Thu 24 Jun Fri 25 Jun Sat 26 Jun Sun 27 Jun

Room In The Sky  11am & 1pm Room In The Sky  12pm & 2pm

Whatever Next  11am & 1.30pm

The Bug and the Butterfly  1pm Bug and the Butterfly  11am & 1pm Bug and the Butterfly  11am & 1pm

Little Hippo… Magic Pen 11am, 1pm & 3pm 

The Steadfast Tin Soldier  11am & 1pm

Nightingale  1pm & 3pm Nightingale  12pm & 2pm 23

Saturday Shows, Sunday Shows, How Cold My Toes, Easter Parade Workshops & The Bug and the Butterfly Adults £8 Children £6 Family Ticket £25 (for four people, must include one child) Nurseries and Schools £6 Baby Loves Disco Family Sunday £9 Includes juice and a healthy snack, Babes in arms come for free Messy Play £3 Party Play £3

Age Ranges All our shows have age recommendations but these are guidelines only. Children can only be admitted with adult supervision. We welcome babies, but if they cry we ask that you take them outside. Food and Drink for Children and Families Café Brera at the Lyric is open every day. They offer children’s lunch boxes and also cater for children’s parties if you want to make your visit to the Lyric extra special. For more information call Café Brera on 020 8741 6835.

Visitors with Disabilities We are committed to ensuring the Lyric is welcoming and fully accessible to all visitors. For more information call 0871 22 117 20 or visit

This brochure is available in large print format. Please call 0871 22 117 20 or email for your copy.

To book tickets for any of the above shows visit or call / 0871 22 117 20* All information contained in this brochure was correct at the time of going to print. We reserve the right to make changes to our programme where necessary. *Calls cost 10p a minute from BT landlines, other networks may vary. No booking fees 24


Come & visit!



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District / Piccadilly Line











Lyric Hammersmith Main entrance on Lyric Square

Travelling to the Lyric By Tube District, Piccadilly, Hammersmith & City and Circle lines. We are 2 minutes walk from the station.

To plan your journey visit or call 020 7222 1234 (Textphone 020 7918 3015)

By Car The Lyric is outside the congestion charging zone and there is a large and inexpensive car park nearby on Glenthorne Road, or there is plenty of on-street parking.

Contacting Us We’re always happy to hear from you: Telephone 0871 22 117 20 Fax 020 8741 5965 email

By Bus lots of buses go to and through Hammersmith. We’re just 2 minutes from Hammersmith Broadway Bus Station. 26


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Lyric Children Spring 2010  

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