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Support Groups for Carers in the Leeds area – 2012/2013 Support Groups for Carers dealing with Mental Health issues North West Carers Group Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre (HEART), Bennett Road, Leeds LS6 3HN

7.00 to 8.30 pm 2nd Mon of the month

Central Leeds Carers Support Group In office of Carers Leeds, 6-8 The Headrow, Leeds LS1 6PT

5.30 to 7.00 pm 2nd Thurs of the month

Kippax Kabin Carers Group (formerly Brook House) Kippax Kabin, Cross Hills, Kippax, Leeds, LS25 7JP. Near the Royal Oak pub. This group will commence in September.

12.30 to 2.00 pm 3rd Friday of the month

South Leeds Family and Friends Carers Group Parkside Community Health Centre, Dewsbury Road, Beeston, LS11

2.00 to 4.00 pm 3rd Wed of the month

West Leeds Carers Group Hawthorn House, St. Mary’s Hospital, Greenhill Road, Armley LS12 3QE

6.30pm-8pm, 4th Thursday of the month

MEFHIL Asian Women’s Carers Group 233-237 Roundhay Road, Harehills, LS8 4HS

1.30 to 3.30 pm 4th Thurs of the month

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Mental Health Carers Team Newsletter

Issue 8 - August/September 2012

For more information contact the Mental Health Carers Team on 0113 2954445. Support Group for Carers dealing with Aspergers issues Aspergers Carers Support Group St. Chads Parish Centre, Otley Road, Leeds , LS16 5JT

10.30 to 12 noon Last Thurs of the month

For more information contact the Mental Health Carers Team on 0113 2954445 or Carers Leeds on 0113 2468338 Support Group for Carers dealing with Eating Disorder issues Yorkshire Centre for Eating Disorders Carers Support Group Congregate at Newsam Centre Reception, Seacroft Hospital, York Road, LS14 6WB

7.00 to 8.30 pm 1st Wed in the month

For more information contact Deborah Tee, 0113 3056400 Support Groups for all Carers Morley Carers Group Morley Fire Station Community Room, Corporation Street, Morley LS27 9NB

10.00 to 12 noon 3rd Tues of the month

Wetherby Carers Group Micklethwaite Room, Wetherby Town Hall, Market Place, Wetherby LS22 6NE

10.00 to 12 noon 4th Thurs in January, March, May, July, September, November

For more information contact Carers Leeds on 0113 2468338 Family members and carers drug and alcohol support groups Carers Leeds Carers Leeds 6-8 The Headrow Leeds LS1 6PT Telephone 0113 246 8338

Last Tuesday in the month 12noon to 1.30pm Last Wednesday in the month 5.30pm to 7pm

Mental Health Carers Team

Recovery I experience depression. This means there are times when I feel useless, guilty, ashamed and think that no-one likes me or wants to know me. I have suffered from physical health problems but none to me are more damaging than depression. I am also one of the lucky people who have depression, in that, the medication works without side effects and I have a lot of friends, family and work colleagues who support me when I am feeling really bad. When I feel depressed though I want to cry and feel horrible inside. This may seem to be a strange way to introduce an article about a Recovery Group to tell you as a reader about my own mental health problems. The group was formed after being asked for, by service users and carers, who were attending a course about depression. This group has been running for about a year and anyone who has an interest in Recovery can come along. We start with introductions and then share with each other good news that has happened in our lives. This can be anything from ‘I am a grandmother’ to ‘I feel better than I did last time I was here’. We then move on to an activity one example I can think of is doing a Recovery Star. Usually, there is a break and this is my favourite part of the group because people sit around and chat with each other. It feels to me there is little distinction between worker, service user and carer; I think we talk to each other as human beings and share our thoughts and feelings in a relaxed and informal way. The group may then come back together and do some relaxation but we may not depending on what is happening in the group and whether people want to.

Recovery Audit Workshop On 5 July 2012 the Trust welcomed Rachel Perkins (expert by experience, clinical psychologist and former NHS Trust director) to our second annual Recovery Audit Workshop. The workshop attendees included people with lived experience of mental ill health, carers, clinical and corporate staff as well as partner organisations. The first part of the workshop reviewed the initiatives that have been implemented so far to help

I really like this group because, to me, it feels relaxed and caring. I enjoy going to the group and like mixing with the people who are there. The group feels hopeful and there is a belief in the group that we can recover. There is also fun and quite often we have a lot of laughter. Below is a list of the rules for the group (agreed and written by the group) and this to me sums up why I enjoy this group so much and why, when I am feeling low, this group can be so helpful. Recovery Group This is a group with a positive focus and a common purpose, to learn, bring together people who have an interest in Recovery • • • • • • •

Anyone can come to the group who has an interest in Recovery Group should lead and set their own agenda Group should have fun and keep it simple People have a chance to share positive experiences and learn from each other People can gain insight into the different things Recovery means to people. Learn different ways of coping and understand others experience Comments made should not be personally critically to others there

The following comment made by someone who attends the group sums things up for me: “It was great to have the chance to talk to other carers and share ideas. It was also good to hear from service users and professionals talking about their feelings and what helps”. If you want to come along to this group we will be meeting on Thursday 16 August 6pm-8pm at Lovell Park Day Centre and every 2 weeks after that. Elaine Wilkes Carers Education Worker, (pictured top left) the Trust deliver more recovery focused services. In addition, staff and people with lived experience delivered presentations and colleagues from York and North Yorkshire joined us to share their knowledge and experience. The second half of the day was used to discuss recovery focused initiatives that we will aim to deliver in future. Feedback from the day was extremely positive with attendees reporting that they found the day: Inspiring, optimistic, well organised, useful, informative, very valuable and motivating with a good mix of professional and lived experience.

Looking for office space in Leeds? This may be just what you need. The Roundhay Road Resource Centre provides affordable, flexible and fully managed office space for charities, social enterprises and voluntary and campaign groups in Leeds and is already a base for many organisations including RETAS, Fever FM & the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

from individual desks to larger offices. If you are interested and feel you and your organisation could benefit from the facilities at the Roundhay Road Centre please call 01865 207810, email or visit Christina MacDonald Property Manager The Ethical Property Company Roundhay Road Resource Centre, 233 - 237, Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS8 4HS

As well as fully serviced workspace, the centre has a range of shared spaces - perfect for organisations to hold meetings and training sessions. In addition the shared kitchen facilities and communal spaces are ideal for socialising, networking and holding informal meetings. There is currently a variety of spaces available –

Carers Corner

But for all that it’s around, it can be a strain.

An ilness shared

We still see the Bob we lost, We wish a cure for this disease, at any cost. When an attack occurs, it’s like a falling tree, The man we lose is sad to see.

My wife’s brother Bob, a joiner by trade but is Diagnosed a paranoid schizophrenic. He is no danger to himself, or others, so There is no need for panic. Something that happened fifteen years ago Can take away the Bob we used to know. He was hard working, energetic; he had time for play, No one really knows what takes him away. He did travel the world, as far as Australia, Now his life is changed by schizophrenia The paranoia can affect us all, Some days it sends us up the wall. Mention paranoid schizophrenia, some people run a mile, On the correct medication, we see Bob smile. Having this illness does not mean criminally insane,

The saving grace is Bob’s a single man, As a family we pull together, do what we can. Bob’s never been suicidal and tried to take his life, I feel sorry for Bob, the brother of my wife. Paranoid schizophrenia has so many disguises, Guess all you like, you’ll get no prizes. In a discussion with Bob, you won’t get it right, For Bob on his own, it’s a very long night. We will always love Bob, whatever illness he’s got, It’s up to us not to lose the plot, He will ask us to solve a problem in his mind, It’s a loyalty you see, not about being kind. P.Stockdale

Information Advice Support Line Are you a friend partner or relative of someone with a mental health problem/Would you like Information Advice and Support? Call us 0n 0113 2954445 Open Monday to Friday 8am-5pm (24 hour answer machine)

Carers newsletter Aug 2012  

Carers newsletter August/September 2012

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