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Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust


Welcome May 2012

At Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, our purpose is to improve the health and lives of the thousands of people who use our services every day. But we think we can all take steps to improve our health and lives. We’ve been inspired by the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games and we want to inspire you too. We have over 16,000 members and we want to inspire each of you to set a goal that makes a positive difference to your health and your life. We’ll be doing this in lots of different ways throughout the year.

Raising funds

During 2012 we will be working closely with our Healthy Living Service to raise funds for equipment and other resources that are above and beyond that which we can offer within our NHS resources. The Healthy Living Service will use the funds to purchase equipment, such as outdoor and indoor gym equipment, which will help people who use our services improve their physical health.

Why not download our FREE app, and set your own goal today. Available at the Apple App Store Follow us on twitter @leedsandyorkpft or ‘Like’ our Facebook page Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

to stay up to date

Our new Trust provides services across Leeds and York areas and some specialist services

covering the North Yorkshire region. We have called the magazine Imagine. Taking a lead from our purpose of ‘Improving health, improving lives’, we hope that the magazine provides you with an insight into what we do, but also what staff, service users, carers and our members are achieving each and every day.

To ‘Imagine’ is to aim for outcomes that help people on the road to recovery, and to improve their quality of life; for staff to be valued for their work; and for members to have a better understanding of mental health and learning disabilities to breakdown the stigma and discrimination. Enjoy! Communications & Engagement Team

Contents What’s inside this issue?

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Campaign 2012

Welcome to the new magazine for Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

New Trust welcome Focus on... A look at engagement and involvement in the Trust What’s your Goal? Campaign update







Competition Your chance to win!

How to contact us

Fundraising at the Trust Latest events

Phone: (0113) 30 55989 Write to: Communications, 2150, Century Way, Thorpe Park, Leeds, LS15 8ZB. Email:

Council of Governors: Election results 2012

If you have any comments or suggestions please contact us on: phone

0113 30 55900

write to



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Our style: We aim to make our newsletters as accessible as possible for everyone. Please contact us if you would like an easy-read version.

Improving health and lives in the year of London 2012 02 Imagine Issue 1

Imagine Issue 1 03

Better together Welcome to our new Trust On 1 February 2012 we began a new chapter in the life of our Trust, with the joining together of mental health and learning disability services from Leeds, York and North Yorkshire to form Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

In September 2010 we launched our five-year strategy, ‘Improving health, improving lives’, which sets out our plans for 2010 to 2015.

transfer period we will begin to integrate services and pathways where this improves quality and efficiency. The geographical area of LYPFT is shown on the map. Most of the services we will provide are within Leeds, York, Selby, Tadcaster and Easingwold, but we are also commissioned to provide certain services across the whole of North Yorkshire.

Our strategy has, at its heart, the people who use our services, their families and their carers. It sets out our commitment to provide excellent quality mental health and learning disability care that supports people to achieve their goals for improving their health and lives. It takes into account the needs of people who use our services and the national and local context.

Acute Home Treatment Acute Inpatient Alcohol Tier 1-4 Assertive Outreach CAMHS Tier 1 - 3 Challenging Behaviour Learning Disabilities Community Learning Disabilities Early Interventional Psychosis Homeless service LD Inpatient Learning Disabilities Day Service Mental Health Day Services Older Peoples' Mental Health PICU (Special Care) Rehabilitation and Recovery Substance Misuse Talking Therapies Working Age Adult

Lot 1

Commissioned by NHS Leeds, but not provided by LPFT Easingwold Easingwold

Current LPFT

Strensall Strensall

As a foundation trust we are a public benefit corporation, accountable to our governors and members. Our Council of Governors shapes the strategy of our Trust and consists of people who use our services, carers, staff, representatives of our local population and partner organisations. We recently held Council of Governors elections for new constituencies to include staff, service users and carers from York and North Yorkshire. Our governors reflect the views of our 16,000 members and their details can be found on page 21.

Our services

From 1 February 2012, York and North Yorkshire services will operate as an additional geographically-based service directorate, so that we can make sure that the transfer of services takes place safely, with minimal disruption. Following the 04 Imagine Issue 1

Nether Nether Poppleton Poppleton York York

Wetherby Wetherby Otley Otley

Elvington Elvington Boston Boston Spa Spa Escrick Escrick

Tadcaster Tadcaster

Leeds Leeds

Strategy review We want to hear your views

This year we are refreshing our strategy to make sure that it is up-to-date and be sure that it responds to the priorities of our new Purpose

Church Church Fenton Fenton Menthorpe Menthorpe

Sherburn Sherburn In In Elmet Elmet Selby Selby

NHS Values Ambition

During the next few months we will be having a fresh look at our strategy, purpose and values to reflect the new organisation, and we would like your input to help us develop a renewed vision for what is a larger organisation serving diverse populations. You can find more information about this opposite.

Your views are extremely important to us and we will take them into account when refreshing our strategy. We have set up a short web-based survey on our website: or if you would like to receive a paper copy of the survey please contact Amanda Bennett on 0113 3055915. Please give us your responses by 21 June 2012.

Improving health, improving lives Respect and dignity

Commitment to quality of care

Improving lives

Working together


Everyone counts

Working in partnerships, we aspire to provide excellent mental health and learning disability care that supports people to achieve their goals for improving health and improving lives.

Hensall Hensall

End goals

bigger Trust and the new arrangements in the NHS. Our strategy describes our purpose, values, ambition and goals. Our goals are divided into ‘end goals’, which set out what we want to achieve for the people who use our services, and ‘means goals’, which set out what we need to do to achieve the end goals. For each goal we have measures that set out how we will know we have been successful. A summary of our strategy is below.


People achieve their agreed goals for improving health and improving lives


People experience safe care

People have a positive experience of their care and support


Means goal 1

We provide excellent quality, evidence-based, safe care that promotes recovery and inclusion

Means goal 2

We involve people in planning their care and in improving services

Means goal 3

We work with partner organisations to improve health and lives

Means goal 4

We value and develop our workforce and those supporting us

Means goal 5

We improve our services through learning, research and innovation

Means goal 6

We provide efficient and sustainable services

Means goal 7

We govern our Trust effectively and meet our regulatory requirements

Imagine Issue 1 05

Focus on Engagement & Involvement Hello, my name is Andrew Howorth, and I am head of engagement and involvement.

what we do and do it in partnership with you. Every month we have an event that is designed with you in mind, and if you have not been to any before I hope that this year you might come along to at least one of them.

focussing on a particular service or condition and finding out more. We have previously looked at depression, dementia, being a carer, and eating disorders. If there is something you want to know more about

Building Your Trust

Whilst I am sure I will have met many of you, we thought it would be useful to give you a quick overview of some of the things that I am involved with and hopefully you will be too. We believe very strongly that the people who use our services and the people who look after them should be central to everything that we do here at LYPFT. This means that we value what people have to tell us, we constantly want to improve 06 Imagine Issue 1

is an opportunity for you to get involved in influencing the way in which we provide services and develop our strategy. The sessions in York and Leeds covers a range of topics, details of which can be found at www. in the events section

please get in touch. The next Everything you need to know about… is on Tuesday 10 July 2012. Latest event details can be found at www. under news and events.

Everything you need to know about…

Diversity and Inclusion Forum The Diversity and Inclusion Forum is a stimulating platform for people who share a passion for equality, diversity, recovery and social inclusion

The theme of each event is set by forum members and has included discussion on recovery, transformation and ensuring Trust communications are accessible and appropriate. The forum is central in engaging our staff, governors, service users and key stakeholders to consider how we can further improve equality, diversity and inclusion from the perspective of different community groups, thereby ensuring our services are more accessible and inclusive for all.

The aims of the forum are:

is an engagement event for our Trust members

• Making services more accessible and equitable Andrew Howorth

• • •

Highlighting areas of good practice Promoting an open and inclusive dialogue amongst forum members Assisting LYPFT and with developing objectives for addressing all diversity & inclusion issues and concerns.

We achieve this by: • • • •

A quarterly forum to include representatives from all diverse communities where members feel that their voice is heard Providing a fun and interactive learning platform where members learn from lived experiences of others Ensuring that the development and content of forum meetings is decided by members Continuous progress review and reporting to members.

always welcomes new members who have an interest or expertise in diversity either from their own lived experience and/or because of their profession/role.

Graphic facilitation at the forum

Graphic facilitation is provided by Tom Bailey of Arts and Minds, who creatively produces a visually artistic illustration and summary of each event. The drawings capture the essence of the discussions, activities, action points and progress in a unique and effective way.


Forum membership is made up of staff, governors, non-executive directors, service users and carers and our wider statutory and community sector organisations. The forum

Tom Bailey

Imagine Issue 1 07

Transforming our services To improve health and lives

Transformation Project

Over the past year and a half we have been working hard to transform the way we provide our services. In part, the aim of this is to meet the financial challenges that all NHS organisations face, but also to achieve this in a way which will improve the experience and outcomes of people who use our services. We have managed our money well so we can take our time to get things right and transform services over the next three years. While we improve our services we want to minimise the impact on our staff.

What do we hope to achieve?

Our simple aim for transforming our services is to make sure people have a positive experience of using our services and achieve their goals for improving their health and lives. When we developed our Trust strategy we found that people wanted us to treat them as a whole person with physical as well as mental health needs; to support them towards recovery; to provide care that is safe; to make sure they had a say as well as a positive experience of their care and support; and to work closely with other organisations.

How will we shape people’s journey through our services?

We have looked at different options for improving our services and we have decided to reshape them along the lines of 08 Imagine Issue 1

a single care pathway. Put simply, this is an approach which maps people’s journeys through our services, keeping the things that add value and getting rid of the things which don’t. For example, we have found that currently one person may have lots of different assessments at different points in their journey. They told us they don’t want to have to keep repeating their story; and staff have told us that it takes up valuable time, which could be better used offering support.

disciplinary teams from three localitiesLeeds South, Leeds East, North East and Leeds West, North West:










What are the benefits for people using services? We are already seeing the benefits as we transform our services and here are some examples: • A focus on recovery – hope and optimism for the future with the individual in control • Clear goal-setting and regular review of progress against these goals • Fewer assessments and referrals between services • Combined care services including health and social care • No age barriers • Including things which are important to everyone – such as housing, vocation, employment, finances and physical health.

What will the changes look like? We will have a newly shaped community service from June 2012. We have developed a new community model for Leeds which will be run by multi-

This new service will also integrate the functions of the Mental Health Intermediate Care Teams, Acute Community Services and Adult Home Based Treatment. The service will be available to adults of all ages.


We decided that the most appropriate way was for the Trust to align our boundaries to those used by adult social care and district nursing teams. The GP practices located within those boundaries would form the caseloads for each locality. This option maximises the benefits and minimises disruption for people who use our services. In addition to the locality services there will be a number of additional services which will operate across the city. City wide services include: • • • •

Assertive Outreach Team / Community Forensic Team Memory Service and Younger People with Dementia Team – managed as a city wide service, but aligned to each of the localities Care Home Team Learning Disability Complex Multiple Impairment Team.

Single point of access (June 2012)

The single point of access means that all referrals to us will be received by one team and passed to the most appropriate service quickly and efficiently. This will make referring to us easier for GPs and other services. It will make it quicker for people who use our services to be seen by the most appropriate service for their needs.

Inpatient services (September 2012)

We are currently reviewing our in patient services to identify each step in the journey for people who use our services. Once this has been completed, the inpatient services teams will work to identify how these services can be improved.

Specialist and York and North Yorkshire services (March 2013)

We are currently planning the transformation of some of our specialist services and services in York and North Yorkshire. This is due to begin in September 2012 and we expect the changes to these services to be agreed and in place from March 2013.

Imagine Issue 1 09

What’s your Goal? Campaign 2012 Interested in our What’s your Goal campaign? Here’s how to get involved…

Yorkshire Dales and Walk the York walls. Donating your time and energy can be just as helpful as donating funds. Help us to raise funds by holding your own fundraising activities or events. Here are just a few examples of big and small activities that you could get involved in: auction, disco, football match, quiz night, sponsored cycle, sponsored swim and coffee mornings.

Some events that have already taken place include a zumbathon and sponsored walks such as the Pen-y-ghent hike in the 10 Imagine Issue 1

You can do it!

You can help us make a difference in improving health and improving lives in the year of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games! David Stone

Whether it’s setting yourself a goal, helping us raise money through fundraising, volunteering your time or taking part in an event, we want you to get involved. There are several different ways that you can do this, one is by taking part in one of our great events this year. We are holding a variety of exciting events throughout 2012, giving you a chance to get involved in our campaign, whether it’s setting yourself a fitness goal that you’d like to achieve or helping to raise funds. You can download an iPhone app FREE to help you keep your goals on track: just go to the apple app store.

symbolically connect us together.

setting goals is good for our mental health and wellbeing and we are more likely to achieve our goals if we write them down. Our campaign also sees us embark on our own personal goal, which is to get at least 12,000 people setting a goal for themselves in 2012.

Keith Woodhouse

One person who has already been involved in our fundraising campaign is Keith Woodhouse, one of our non-executive directors. Keith recently embarked on a sponsored mountain trek. It was one of Keith’s personal goals that he wanted to achieve, and we’re very pleased to say that he successfully reached the top of Mount Anconcagua, the highest mountain on the American continent. Keith has raised over £500 in sponsorship for our campaign and is delighted to have achieved one of his own personal goals whilst helping raise money to help the people who use our services.

We want to create a sense of togetherness by connecting each of these individual goals to one big goal. We love being creative and we’re asking people to represent their personal goal on an individual triangle of material (using anything from a fabric pen to knitting). We’ll connect each triangle together to create one enormous piece of record breaking bunting that will physically and

Whether you’d like to hold your own sponsorship event to help us raise money or whether you’d like to find out more information about how you can be involved in one of our events we’d love to hear from you! Also to find out more about our What’s your Goal? campaign, please contact our Fundraising Team on: Tel: (0113) 30 55976. Email:

Part of our campaign is focused around goal setting. There is lots of evidence that Imagine Issue 1 11

Competition A chance to win The UK Outdoor Fitness Group offers the very best in outdoor & bootcamp training at affordable prices, only £25 for unlimited sessions every month. We aim to get fit, tone up, lose weight and meet new people whilst having fun in parks across Leeds. You are being trained by some of the best personal trainers in the business with the highest qualifications and many years of experience in the sporting industries and team sports. Our sessions cater for all levels of fitness, from absolute beginners to advanced fitness fanatics. Regardless of your fitness level we can guarantee you quick results whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get stronger or improve your overall general fitness/health. Plus your first session is free to see if you like it! Our bootcamps are designed to burn maximum calories in minimum time (about 12 Imagine Issue 1

twice as many calories as traditional fitness classes). However you will do this whilst also having fun as we incorporate games & races into the sessions so the time will fly by. Cardio & resistance exercises are included. Unlike many bootcamps we use the very latest in equipment including ViPR, TRX, Kettlebells & Boxing pads/gloves, which means there is plenty of variation without the worry of repetitiveness. In fact no session will ever be same, so you will not get bored. Membership is set up via a standing order and we have NHS discounts of up to 25% which can be seen on NHSONLINE. Logon today to find out more about our sessions. For the chance to win a two month membership (classes outdoors and indoors*) for two people worth £100 please answer the following questions: What levels of fitness does UK Outdoor Fitness cater for? A Only athletes B Only beginners C Everyone from beginners to advanced Entries will be entered into a draw and chosen at random. Email your answer to

‘Your Stories’ Our new recovery magazine This month also sees the launch of the ‘Your Stories’ magazine, a magazine focused around hope and recovery.

Your Stories Issue 1- May 201


We’ve had some fantastic contributions from people who have used our services and shared their stories of recovery with us. At Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust we have strongly supported the Time to Change campaign, the most ambitious programme to end discrimination faced by people who experience mental health problems. The aim of ‘Your Stories’ is to get people talking about mental health and recovery and to end stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health.

My proudest sucess is beating my illness

Pg 4

The healing powers of the ar ts, faith and laughter

Pg 15

Work & education helped my recover y Pg 13

My independan ce by Lisa Cromac k Pg 19

Tricia Thorpe, Time to Change project worker for Leeds shared her story with us. She said: “I try to encourage other people to look at goals in their lives. You can achieve your goals, just take it slowly. Recovery is different for everybody. When you’re in recovery, it could be a completely different scenario to another individual. I like to encourage people to look at where they want to go with their life and help them achieve some of their goals but to remember if you don’t achieve your goals straight away, not to beat yourself up about it. You might achieve it next week or next year, it might not be the time yet.” ‘Your Stories’ will be published twice a year, with the next edition due out in October. If you would like to volunteer your story for the next edition please contact the Communications Team on 0113 305 55982 or

*membership does not include Bokwa or Pilates Imagine Issue 1 13

Trust news Celebrating achievements YCED win Beat award

The work of the Yorkshire Centre for Eating Disorders (YCED) has been nationally recognised for its work with a win at the 2012 Beat (formerly Eating Disorder Association UK) awards.


Nominated for the Clinical Team of the Year award by people who have accessed treatment at the service, YCED stood out from the 60 applications to take the title on the evening. Alongside the service user, Ruth Gloyne and Monica Wilson from the YCED team attended the ceremony on Saturday 17 March to accept the award. Ruth, said: “I’m very proud of the team and the work we do and it’s even better that someone we have helped on their journey put us forward for the nomination.” Susan Ringwood, chief executive at BEAT, said: “We’re delighted to be giving the YCED this well deserved award. That they have been nominated by a patient demonstrates the quality of care and support they give to individuals to help them beat their eating disorder.”

14 Imagine Issue 1

Going beyond: Star Wards

Ward 2 at Bootham Park Hospital has successfully been given the ‘Full Monty’ award by Star Wards. The award highlights the team’s outstanding effort to implement 75 ideas for improving the daily experiences and treatment outcomes of the male inpatients on the ward. Led by Cecile Gimarangan, the project was driven by several members of team including Michelle Welbourn, Jo Leslie and Sylvia Graves. Ideas implemented by the team included having activities planned for each week and a personal recovery file for service users to take on discharge. Speaking of the achievement, Cecile said: “Improving our patients’ daily experience was always at the forefront of the teams minds so we’re very proud to have reached our end goal and receive the recognition the award brings.”

Leading the way with York University

Staff from across York mental health services have recently completed a leadership module in conjunction with York University after the content was developed by Ward 2 manager at Bootham Park Hospital, Sylvia Graves alongside Lorna Starr, York University clinical leadership lecturer. Those participating in the course, ranging from staff nurses to team managers, learnt skills that will help them increase their motivation, knowing they can make improvements that will benefit staff and service users. Jeff Whiley, service manager at Bootham Park Hospital said: “I have seen evidence of the students using tools, knowledge, skills that they have picked up on the course to implement some changes within their team that they had been struggling with previously.”

New mission statement for SSLS

Ward 2 Staff

Marion Janner, director of Star Wards (pictured far left) presented the team with the award. More details about the award can be found at

The Leeds Specialised Supported Living Service (SSLS) recently held a three-day information and consultation event with the aim of finding out what staff and the people they support think about the service and how it should be developed. Those attending the event were given the opportunity to vote for the services new mission statement, which will be “support for who you are, support for who you want to be.”

Frank Griffiths

Guests attending the event and seeing the launch of the ‘All about me’ booklet included the Trust’s chair, Frank Griffiths. The booklet gathers useful information about the person being supported, including their ideas about how they would like their individual support to develop in the future.

Excellence for York ECT

Congratulations to the team at the York Electro Convulsive Therapy Service (ECT), who have been accredited as excellent in the recent review by ECTAS (ECT Accreditation Service of the Royal College of Psychiatrists). The team would like to thank all nursing and medical staff for their valued contributions in achieving this accolade.

ECT Team

Imagine Issue 1 15

The Leeds Carers Service offers support to relatives, friends or anyone who is supporting a person who is experiencing mental health difficulties. We are a carer led service and, through listening to carers, we have developed a service to try and meet their individual needs. As part of the Leeds Carers Charter, all carers are entitled to an assessment of their needs and through this process we help carers to access

the support that is right for them at that time. This may include signposting to other appropriate services. The Carers Team have developed an information advice and support line, which is covered from 8am - 5pm weekdays (24 hour voicemail). Carers can contact us to request oneoff support or to request an assigned carers worker. The team runs carers’ groups across the city and works in partnership with other organisations to provide training and social events, and to try and meet the diverse needs of carers in Leeds. We offer telephone support to carers who live outside the city, but who are caring for someone who

lives in Leeds. Carers Connections offers education courses for carers, and covers various subjects including wellbeing, life skills and information about mental ill health. Courses are held either in a group setting or individually over the telephone, at times to suit the carer. We recently piloted a counselling service, specifically for carers, and have now received funding to develop this further, working other carers organisations and a local college.


Mental Health Carers Team

Our Services Supporting carers

st i v e F

Love Arts is a festival that focuses on a common goal: exploring the relationship between arts, mental health & wellbeing. It is a month long festival that will take place in Leeds during October 2012. We are also in the process of organising sister events to take place in York.

Last year the Carers Team received 676 referrals to the service.The majority of carers who had been referred were contacted within five working days. Most of the help that we offered was giving information and advice, followed by providing emotional support. If you would like to become a member or just find out more please contact Steve Taylor, Carers Team manager on 0113 295 2477 or at James Rhodes

16 Imagine Issue 1

Love Arts Back for 2012 Our aim is to get as many people involved in this festival as possible, whether you are volunteering, exhibiting or would simply like to attend an event, please don’t hesitate to get involved. Love Arts festival needs you! Submit an idea

Volunteering We have a wide variety of opportunities for volunteers during the festival. Whether you have previous experience of volunteering or just have an interest in mental health, wellbeing and its connections to the arts, this could be a great opportunity for you. We are looking for people with a keen interest and passion in these areas, who are able to spare time to volunteer at some of our events.

We are seeking proposals for workshops, performances and activities to form part of our festival programme. It may be that you already have an event planned during this period. If your event links to the theme please contact us for inclusion in the programme. To express your Ruby Wax interest in being part of our Love Arts We have opportunities for festival, please contact volunteers to help run events us on this email address: and engage with the public. Please get in touch with us at: loveartsleeds.volunteer@ To be included in our to express your festival programme, all interest in being involved, or expressions of interest need for any enquires and further to be submitted to us by information. Sunday 15 July 2012. Imagine Issue 1 17

Raising Funds Latest news Our Trust supports people across the community to improve health and wellbeing. As an NHS foundation trust we are committed to giving the best possible care that we can, but there are things that we would like to provide, that go above and beyond day-to-day healthcare services. We would like your help to support people during their stay in hospital, during their recovery journey and towards a better life. Our first fundraising event, Bring on the Talent, organised by Kate Ward was a fantastic success. Talking about the event, Kate said: “I Guy Musson have arranged and participated in a few fundraising events for the Trust over the past few years and had been trying to think of an original way to generate charitable funds this year. Instantly I thought of my colleagues that I knew were in bands and began thinking about hosting a talent show with different acts that were all linked to the organisation. With the help of the Communications Team, the idea of Bring on the Talent was born. The night was a resounding success, with a mixture of different talents providing an electric atmosphere. All thanks to the support of everyone who was involved.” 18 Imagine Issue 1

Our next success was our first ever zumbathon that took place on Sunday 29 April at the Northern Ballet in Leeds. Zumba is one of the most popular fitness classes around at the moment as not only is it good for your body and mind, it’s great fun too! Over 40 people took part in the three hour challenge which has helped to raise over £1,000! Many thanks go to our three instructors that kept everyone dancing for the whole session. Keith Woodhouse, non-executive director, led a group of walkers on a hike across Peny-ghent on Sunday 13 May for the first walk of the Yorkshire Peak Challenge. The next challenge was to tackle Whernside on 10 June, details to follow in next issue. Email to take part in future walks. If you’d like to find out information about how you can get involved or take part in an event then please contact our fundraising team on: Tel: (0113) 30 55976. Email: If you’d like to donate through JustGiving please visit leedsnhs/ and we thank you in advance for your generosity.

Do you know someone who goes beyond the call of duty? Is there someone in your team whose values and behaviours you aspire to? Do you want to highlight their contribution to your team? Why not nominate them for a Star Award? Open to all staff and volunteers, the Star Award will be presented each month to an individual or team, as decided by the reward scheme panel. Deadline for nominations: last day of the month. Nomination forms or further details can be found at: under working for the trust section on staffnet or picked up from Trust HQ, St Mary’s House or Bootham Park Hospital HR Department. Monthly winners receive £100 of high street vouchers, a framed certificate and an invite to the Trust’s annual awards. Please submit nominations to

Imagine Issue 1 19

Membership & Elections Join our Trust

To sign up please visit or contact the membership team on 0113 305 5900.

There was an overwhelming response in both the number of candidates and the number of people voting, so thank you to everyone that has been involved in the elections and made it a great success.

Jennifer Roper Leeds North West

Andrew Marran Elmet & Rothwell

Grace Mangwanya Leeds East

Barry Tebb Rest of England & Wales

Graham Purdy York Outer

Alec Hudson Morley & Outwood

Keith Wilson Leeds North-East

Sharron Plews Leeds West

Amit Bhagwat Leeds Central

Colin Rhodes Selby & Ainsty

Andrew Bottomley Leeds

Bill Boland Leeds

Annie Dransfield Leeds

Janette Howlett Leeds

Julia Raven York & Selby

Jonathan Butler Leeds

Pamela Dolan Leeds

Andy Parker Leeds

Tricia Thorpe Leeds

Ann Shuter Leeds L.D*

Maria Trainer Leeds

Roy Goddard York & Selby

Fiona Walker York & Selby


Sign up and sign your friends and family up too. The more members we have the stronger our voice becomes.

Congratulations to those joining the council for the first time as well as those returning to continue the great work that has been done to date.

Dr Mahesh Jayaram Leeds

Jonathan King Leeds

Heather Simspon Leeds

Non Clinical

• Be involved as much or as little as you like, you decide upon your level of involvement • Vote in the governor elections or stand to be a governor yourself • Have a say about the provision of services • Receive our membership magazine every quarter. This will keep you informed about what is going on in and around the Trust • Benefit from NHS Discounts • Attend workshops to find out more about mental health and learning disabilities related illnesses like memory loss and dementia or eating disorders ….and remember it is free.


By becoming a member you can help to fight against stigma. You can:

Pamela Morris Leeds & *Y&NY

Paul Cockcroft Leeds & *Y&NY


Mental health is more common than people realise, it affects one in four people. Join us and help us tackle one of the nation’s last lingering taboos.

The latest round of elections for our Council of Governors has taken place and we’re pleased to announce the successful candidates that have been elected.

Carer Leeds

We are working alongside ‘Time to Change’, the national campaign to end mental health discrimination.

Service User

We at Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust are working hard to raise awareness around mental health and learning disabilities.

Election 2012 The results

*Learning Disability

Steven Wright Leeds

Mark Willis *Y&NY

*York and North Yorkshire

To contact our governors, please email 20 Imagine Issue 1

Imagine Issue 1 21

Events Diary June to July




There are plenty of events going on throughout this year. Here are some of the events coming up Sunday 24 June – Olympic Torch Relay event, Inkwell, Leeds

Board of Directors, Friday 29 June, 9.30am start

Join the Trust at Inkwell as the Olympic Torch goes past en route to London

The meeting will take place at the Carriageworks in Leeds and everyone is welcome to attend. If you can’t make it and wish to put a question forward to the board, email communications.lypft@



To see all the events that the Trust are involved in head to the events section on www. leedsandyorkpft.’

Thursday 5 July Rounders @ Roundhay

Tuesday 10 July Everything you need to know about…

LYPFT will host an inter NHS rounders match at Roundhay Park from 6pm onwards. Contact for more details.

The latest session will be held at Leeds City Musuem. Check out www. for the latest details and how to book

The Leeds Time to Change team will be at the Kirkstall Festival to spread the word about the latest campaigns and how to get involved in the World Record attempt for longest line of bunting

Leeds Pride, Sunday 5 August, 12pm to 5pm

Paralympics Torch Relay, Saturday 25 August

Chapeltown Carnival, Monday 27 August, 12pm to 5pm

The annual event will take place on Briggate in Leeds city centre.

Ahead of the Paralympics opening on 29 August, Flame Festivals will take place across the country with events happening in Leeds and York over the bank holiday weekend.

The membership team will be at the carnival to raise awareness of our What’s your Goal? campaign as well as encouraging people to sign up to be a member of the Trust.


22 Imagine Issue 1




Saturday 14 July Kirkstall Festival



Contacts Directory Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) is a confidential and free service to guide you through the different services available at Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Monday - Friday (9am-5pm) Freephone: 0800 0525 790 E-mail: Samaritans 08457 90 90 90 24 hours, seven days a week Confidential and non-judgemental emotional support whenever you need someone to talk to. NHS Direct 0845 4647 Available 24 hours, seven days a week NHS Direct provides advice and information about health and the NHS so that people are better able to care for themselves and their families. The service aims to provide clinical advice to support self-care and appropriate self-referral to NHS services, as well as access to more general advice and information.

Drinkline 0800 917 8282 Available 24 hours, seven days a week. Drinkline is a national alcohol helpline providing counselling, support, advice and information. Beating Eating Disorders Adult Helpline 0845 634 1414 Available Mon – Fri 10:30am – 8:30pm and Sat 1:00pm – 4:00pm. Closed on Sundays. Adult helpline for UK residents who wish to talk about eating disorders and obtain information about help available in their locality for themselves, their friends, or their relatives. Learning Disability Helpline 0808 808 1111 Available 9am - 5pm The helpline provides information and advice on learning disability issues to callers including people with learning disabilities, their families and carers, and professionals working in the field.

24 Hour National Domestic Violence Helpline 0808 2000 247, Available 24hrs Run in partnership between Women’s Aid and Refuge. To offer support, help and information to women who are experiencing, or who have experienced, domestic violence. Imagine Issue 1 23


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We need you to break a world record We want to get people talking about mental health and wellbeing, whilst making bunting. Bringing together local people and communities towards a common goal in the year of the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Improving health and lives in the year of London 2012


Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust magazine for staff and members. June 2012

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