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Narrative and Ritual

Isokon Donkey

Umbra Challenge






Domestic Furniture

A & R Doors

Sarah Turner Open Studio

Strate Collaboration

Narrative and Ritual The Knitting Bowl was created as a way to ‘Knit your stress away�. The ritual is to help the user to de-stress and then when they are finish the lid can be put on and the knitting put away until needed again. The blanket is a continuous thing and is a way to turn stress into something quite comforting. The Knitting Bowl makes use of concrete to create the bowl, oak to make the lid and then a blue and green wool for the knitting.



Technical Information


• Bowl - made from concrete, to help ground the user when they are stressed/ anxious • Lid - made from oak, nice contrast with the concrete. Provides a warm feeling and comfort, also contains the knitting to hide contain the stress. • Knitting - continuious item, turning a not nice feeling into something that helps comforts the user. Final Objects

Isokon Donkey The relaxing donkey was designed for young professionals to encourage them to sit down, put their feet up and relax for a while after a busy day at work. The donkey makes use of CNC machining and made from 9mm plywood, 1.5mm areoply and 4mm grey industrial felt.

Technical Information


Modelling and Sketching

Umbra Challenge Over a 6 week period I collaborated with Dasha Tuzova to design a product for John Lewis and Umbra We designed a Multi Functional Side Table. The design is simple and minimalist. This product was designed to help with storage and organisation for young professionals who rent. This side table can be used both vertically and horizontally.

Technical Information

Renders and modelling


Upcycling Project These two framed art decor were made from cans and intended for creative people that like upcycling. After having done some experimental pieces of work as a group I created 2 framed art pieces. These were made of cut up pieces of soda cans then collages together in the shape of animals. There was also black wire put around them for the outline.


Experimenting with different materials

Sketching and Inspiration

Domestic Furniture This Cabinet Desk was designed for students that work from home that are on a budget. The product was designed to be part of Ikea’s Malm collection. As IKEA is an affordable brand this fitted the target market’s budget. The product fixes to the wall with 2 fixings so there would be minimal damage left which is very suitable for renting.

Technical Information

Renders and modelling

Renders and modelling


A&R Doors

Since 2012 I have been a team member of A & R Doors, which is a small family business, that manufactures, delivers and fits steel security and fire exit doors. During this time I have had experience in all aspects of making the door to going to sit to fit them.

Sarah Turner’s Open Studio

In October 2017, I had the opportunity to help out at Sarah Turner’s Open Studio. I was shown how to make origami flowers out of scrap paper, LED flowers from plastic bottles and Christmas Decoration made from scrap pieces of MDF on the laser machine. Over the two days people came in and I was able to show them how to do these different pieces.

Strate Collaboration 2018 In January 2018, I had the opportunity to take part in a collaboration with Strate Design School in Paris. During this time we were in a team with a student from Holland. We are further developing some of our initial designs to put one into production for night light in Nottingham.

Lynzi Ryans Product and Furniture Design 2nd year BA (Hons) Product and Furniture Design at Nottingham Trent University. First Year Grade: 2:1 Contact Details: Mobile: +44 7548 143797 Instagram: @lynziryans_designs Email: Skills:

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