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Your Health, Your Hospital ’13 MAR/APR

Update from your CEO

Leading Your Hospital Decatur County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) occupies a unique place among hospitals nationwide. I say this with confidence and it has been obvious to me since I came here two years ago this month. My perspective is drawn from having worked in several facilities across the country, first as a nurse and then in administration. Believe me, not everywhere offers the closeness of a family environment complemented with the technology and special recognitions expected in much larger facilities. We truly do offer the “quality care you want … close by.” Healthcare is changing and I’m making sure your Hospital is as well, with a goal of serving our communities even better. A number of initiatives are underway, some visible and others not as much so. It’s obvious to passersby, construction is progressing and it promises to have an impact on our patient experience in a positive way. This was one of the first items I saw needing to be resolved and we’re well on our way to our new medical surgical unit opening this fall with all private rooms. Next, we are in the midst of the capital campaign to assist with the current construction and the second phase of our


Healthcare is changing and I’m making sure your Hospital is as well. project. This will include a new cancer center and offer more convenient space for rehab services and once again provide additional patient privacy, comfort and convenience. We continue to meet the needs of the community and respond to special requests, while working toward our mission: “To advance the health and wellness of our community by providing high-value patientcentered care, leadership and education.” This publication is a result of conversations I’ve had around the county since I arrived and finding some residents to be surprised at our offerings. I hope you’ve enjoyed our first two issues of Your Health, Your Hospital and found them informative. We want to be sure you have the details you need as you choose a hospital to deliver your healthcare services and to advance your health. If you have any comments on this publication please be certain to let us know by contacting our marketing department at (812) 663-1228. Going forward I urge you to get involved with your Hospital in whatever way may be appropriate. Perhaps it’s donating to our capital campaign or agreeing to serve as a volunteer. Maybe it’s as simple as sending me a note listing your hopes and dreams for your Hospital. Whatever it might be, I sincerely value your involvement because, after all, it truly is about your health and your Hospital. Linda Simmons, FACHE President/CEO

Donate to our Reach Capital Campaign Visit phone or (812) 663-1220.

PATIENT TESTIMONIAL Lesson Learned: DCMH Brought Comfort Carol Boing chose to set up a screening mammogram at Decatur County Memorial Hospital and can now credit that simple decision with saving her life. Carol is a Greensburg native, a retired school teacher, a grandmother to three beautiful grandchildren (and another on the way), a loving wife and cancer survivor. In July 2012, Carol was diagnosed with cancer after a routine mammogram at DCMH’s Radiology Department. From that day forward, Carol knew her retirement would hold unexpected challenges, but having her care performed locally at DCMH’s Cancer Care helped make all the difference.

appointments and handling the phone calls really helped put her at ease through the process.

In conversation with Carol, she was asked to describe the moment she received the news that she had cancer. One would expect an answer of shock, fear or sadness, but Carol’s response included none of that. Only one word comes to mind to describe her answer, and ultimately our entire interview: selfless. She said when her family physician, Dr. Noel Mungcal called with the news, “I felt sorrier for him, having to deliver the news, than I felt for myself.” She went on to describe the process, emphasizing that the care Dr. Mungcal and his staff took from that point forward in scheduling all of her

Carol’s treatments were scheduled to last four hours, one day a week, every three weeks. She appreciated that they were set up at her convenience, and at each appointment, she was greeted with a smile and felt she could ask any questions to any of the staff at any time. Each treatment room at DCMH’s Cancer Care has a comfortable chair and TV to help the time go more quickly. However, Carol said, “When you’re receiving the care from such a friendly staff – one of whom, Peg Nieman, is a personal friend of mine for almost 40 years – you realize how short the time seems after a little chit-chat and steady conversation.”

Following extensive surgeries in Indianapolis, Carol was deemed cancer-free. When her Indianapolis physician asked where she would like to receive her chemotherapy and radiation treatments, she requested the care of our local Cancer Care team at DCMH. Carol felt comfortable getting the care from friends and neighbors, having known several of the Cancer Care staff members. “Not to mention,” she said, “the convenience of a five-minute drive was also nice!”

Carol and Dale Boing

Another thing that impressed Carol was the confidentiality. She said, “I know how small Greensburg is. I knew everyone would eventually know my situation, but the staff at DCMH kept my issue in the strictest confidence, and I was very pleased by that.” Finally, Carol added, “The outpouring of love and prayers from community members has been humbling, and the concern from my former students – heart-warming.” The personal care Carol has experienced through this journey makes the difficulties of fighting cancer much easier. Her initial choice to set up a screening mammogram at DCMH and her decision to receive cancer care at DCMH is why Carol Boing is cancer-free today!

Self Referrals, Innovation and Personalized Care If you or someone you know is experiencing painful or chronic wounds, don’t wait for a referral. Call our Wound Center. Amy Reynolds made the call to help save her life and received her wound care locally. A major surgery in Indianapolis left her with exposed and painful wounds and that’s when her physician suggested wound VAC (vacuum-assisted closure) and hyperbaric oxygen treatments. She made the call and is glad she chose the quality wound care close to home. For more information about our Wound Center, wound VAC therapy or hyperbaric oxygen treatments, please call or visit



720 N. Lincoln St. Greensburg, IN 47240 By appointment only DCMH Wound Center (812) 222-HEAL (4325)

Not All CT Scans Are Created Equal!


Why wouldn’t you want the best possible image the first time you have a CT (computed tomography) scan and avoid the inconvenience of reschedules, or even worse, a possible missed diagnosis? Many are surprised to learn that some of the best CT equipment in the state is located right here at DCMH, and that you can specifically request your CT to be done here. A CT scan allows physicians to obtain detailed internal images of organs not available by standard X-ray, because computers enhance and construct these special images. As a healthcare consumer, you need to understand the differences in CTs. A “slice” refers to one horizontal section of tissue. The more slices in the image, the more opportunity there is for detection of abnormalities and even cancers. DCMH has the only 128-slice, low-dose scanner within a 45-mile radius, optimizing the images and managing the radiation. In fact, many CTs, especially those of the mobile variety, offer much less quality in their images. In addition, the low-dose technology offered at DCMH exposes patients to less radiation because of the speed of the process and the special software that adapts to the size of the patient. A CT scan can help detect strokes and head injuries, locate fractures, help diagnose cancers and changes in various organs, examine the heart and coronary vessels, and much more. The DCMH CT scanner provides the advanced technology necessary to do any kind of exam according to the needs of the patient. The next time you or someone you know receives a CT order, make sure you choose the best. Ask for your CT to be conducted at your Hospital, DCMH. For more information on our CT scanner, visit or call our Radiology Department at (812) 663-1156.

MEET OUR PHYSICIAN Mahnee Dinsmore, MD Specialty: Obstetrics and Gynecology

Facility DCMH Women’s Care 955 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 96 Greensburg, IN 47240 (812) 222-CARE (2273)

Education and Training Education: Boston University School of Medicine Residency: York Hospital, York, Pennsylvania Mahnee Dinsmore is an experienced physician who appreciates the value of small town care. She is family-oriented, kind-hearted and enjoys helping others. She is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Mike Ray: Behind the Scenes No task is too big or small, for Mike Ray. As a maintenance tech, Mike has been helping to keep DCMH running efficiently for almost 22 years. He was born in Greensburg, but his life journey has taken him full circle. Mike grew up in Indianapolis and graduated from Manual High School. In 1969, he enlisted in the U.S. Army. When Mike was sent to Germany for the second time, he met his wife Gisela Mailander (Gish). When Mike ended his service, he returned with Gish. They were married on June 27, 1972. Prior to DCMH, Mike worked for BCA for 18 years, in construction for one and then came to DCMH in 1991. Mike and his wife have two children and two granddaughters. In his spare time Mike used to play and coach softball and enjoyed camping with his wife and family. Traveling is another one of Mike’s hobbies. In 2005 Mike returned to Germany to visit the highest peak in the German Alps, took a cruise in the Bahamas last May, fulfilling a dream of his wife’s, who is now wheelchair-bound after a tragic accident in 2006. When Mike was asked, “What is the best part of working here at DCMH?” he replied, “It’s a second family here. They [DCMH] took care of me, my wife and kids after the accident. All of the employees, doctors and community really pitched in and helped us out. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t know what I would have done.” Mike says he loves his job and the challenges it brings, from problem solving, troubleshooting equipment, to building new things, it allows him to be close to family and his wife, whom he spends every evening with at Morning Breeze. Mike’s courage, strength and determination to always carry on throughout all obstacles is what makes him an absolute benefit to have on the DCMH team. Mike helps maintain and keep DCMH a safe and smoothly operating facility for all patients and employees. DCMH is grateful for all his hard work and dedication.

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720 N. Lincoln Street Greensburg, IN 47240

Outpatient Clinic Provides Specialty Care, Close By A number of expert specialists visit the Decatur County Memorial Hospital Outpatient Clinic on a regular basis. This offers the convenience of visiting your specialist locally without having to make a trip to a metropolitan area, saving you the long drive and inconvenience of having care provided almost an hour away. DCMH partners with a variety of specialists to utilize the hospital, equipment and DCMH staff in serving community members in need. Listed below are descriptions and information for each of our outpatient specialties and providers:

Cardiology Heart Partners of Indiana – Offering cardiology and vascular services for patients of all ages and referrals for more specific assessments when necessary. Specialists: Drs. Aasar, Hamdan, Harlamert, Klein, MacPhail and Nam Franciscan Physician Network Indiana Heart Physicians – Specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart and vascular disease. Specialists: Drs. Daly, Moore, Paleru and Rao

Dermatology A branch of medicine dealing with the skin and its diseases. Specialists: Drs. Campbell-Johnson and Scherer

Gastroenterology/Hepatology The branch of medicine concerned with the structure, functions, diseases, and pathology of the stomach and intestines. Specialist: Dr. Ghabril

General Surgery General surgeons perform a vast array of procedures and surgeries. In addition, some physicians may conduct specialty surgeries and procedures at DCMH. Specialists: Drs. Albers, Geers and Welsh

Nephrology A branch of internal medicine and pediatrics dealing with the study of the function and diseases of the kidney. Specialists: Drs. Galla, Kant, Lee and Singh

Neurology/Sleep Disorders The scientific study of the nervous system with respect to its structure, functions and abnormalities. Specialist: Dr. Spenos


“TUSCANY AT TWILIGHT” The 2013 Hospital Foundation Gala event, “Tuscany at Twilight,” is the social event of the season and our major fundraising event of the year. It features dinner by Smith’s Row, a variety of entertainment and other fun activities. For more information, visit the event website at or phone (812) 663-1220. • Friday, April 12, 2013 • The Commons – Columbus • Doors open at 6 pm, Dinner served at 7 pm

Pulmonology Diagnosing and treating individuals with disease of the lungs and bronchial tubes.

A medical specialty dealing with the ear, nose and throat.

Specialists: Dr. Wilson and Shannon Bedja, FNP

Specialist: Dr. Stevens

Treatment of diseases and issues with the urological system.

Pediatric Specialty Clinics


Riley Hospital for Children conducts these two pediatric clinics at Decatur County Memorial Hospital.

Specialists: Drs. Pfaff and Scholbrock (physician referral required) and Dr. Jarvis

Dr. Caldwell – Pediatric Cardiology

The DCMH Outpatient Clinic is located on the second floor and easily accessible from the main Lincoln Street lobby elevators. Upon exit from the front of the elevators turn left and proceed down the ramp past the restrooms; the check-in window is on the left. DCMH Cardiology Outpatient Clinic can be found on the first floor, to the west of the Admitting booths.

Dr. Misseri – Pediatric Urology

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Diagnosing and treating problems with the musculoskeletal system such as carpal tunnel, low back pain, arthritis, activity injuries and others. Specialist: Dr. Negovetich

Where to Find Us

To schedule an appointment: (812) 663-1311.



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Your Health Your Hospital MarApr13  

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Your Health Your Hospital MarApr13  

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