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L.i.f.e. ISSUE#4 MAY 2014

NEWSLETTER Lyn SIYA Founder of the L.I.F.E. Newsletter Dear Readers, In this May issue of the L.I.F.E. Newsletter one will be focusing on how we as a people are living this L.I.F.E. The recession is raging on, nation is rising up against nation and there is the proliferation of health issues around the world. So we ask these questions: How are you living? How are you coping with the myriad challenges in this L.I.F.E? Are you running and hiding from your situation? Are you beating the odds in your L.I.F.E.? L.I.F.E. is very precious and we need to go through it no matter how rugged the road might be. The L.I.F.E. team is introducing a new section entitled: ―For My Young Sisters‖ which will be dedicated to encouraging young women in the mode of what it means to be a woman and how this can add to them bringing an astounding level of productivity to their societies and communities. A health directory is also included for locals and visitors to Barbados who are living with or know of someone who has a particular health issue and may need some additional advice or assistance pertaining to their challenge. Thank you for your time, love and support in reading the L.I.F.E. Newsletter. Any queries and comments you may have can be emailed to:








REAL TALK (The case of Depression) L.I.F.E. as we know it has many ups and downs, falls and risings. Many of us are able to climb, jump or skip over our obstacles while others may get stuck in the ditch. However, where one may find themselves one must ask the following questions: Am I winning or losing the fight? Am I applying the Muhammad Ali method to my obstacles in life or am I being TKO’d (Technical knock out)? Depression according to the Longman Compact English dictionary is defined as a mental disorder marked by inactivity, difficulty in thinking and concentration which can exude sadness or dejection in an individual. Many of us at some point in time have had to deal with bouts of depression for many a life traveler knows that challenges and problems will arise. What caused You to go into a state of depression? Was it based on your race, sex, religion or sexual orientation? Was having a lack of monetary resources, love and support generating this state of despondency in You? Sometimes we as humans can be so inhumane to each other that it propagates mental and emotional anguish in those around us. These actions have been known to push many a person into mental hospitals or worse—suicide. When one is experiencing the ravishing effects of depression then help is a necessary requirement. There are some of us individuals out here who need to pull off the veil of judgment and help those that we can. Many tend to present a holier than thou attitude in the way they deal with individuals thus adding more wood to the fire, seriously that needs to stop. Society sometimes notoriously runs to put a plaster on sores but devoid of a solution to the root cause of the problem. We have people in churches, our homes and other areas of our environments who are masking depression with all types of antisocial and potentially harmful behavior. Let us all try to become our brothers and sisters’ keeper and watch out for the many faces of depression. Let us become a people that run to examine the root of the problem rather than applying the band-aid remedy thus enabling society to become a lot more progressive and functional for everyone to live in.

L.I. F.E.



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FOR MY YOUNG SISTERS I have always had a special place in my heart for women not because I am one myself but I have always admired the strength, love and perseverance that exudes from women like my mother and grandmother. Being a woman in society is never an easy task. There are so many demands, wishes and expectations that many sometimes falter under. Women have the ability to carry life within themselves for approximately nine (9) months. They have been endowed with the skills of nurturing and caring not only for their children but for those around them as well. As a young girl coming up many of us have been told that we need to be able to love ourselves first and foremost in order for that to be reciprocated to us by others. My young sisters in order to live up to the role of being a woman you must first know who you are and where you want to go. I personally have encountered women who are lost, scared and have no idea what their contribution to society should be. I want to encourage you my young sisters to be encouraged by love. Be encouraged by positive elements, be encouraged by your intelligence and your desirability not for your body but for your mind and the many goals, dreams and aspirations it holds. My young sisters you are more than just a pretty face, smile and body. You are a tower of strength, a beacon of knowledge and a carrier of life. Love yourself in a way that no man can and treat yourself like you deserve to be loved. Some of you have been told you are nothing, not beautiful, never going to make it but I want you sisters to know this: NEVER BELIEVE THE LIE. I want the next time you look into the mirror to say to yourself: (insert name here) ______________________ you are beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made, I love You. I want you to mean it and live it. Beauty is in you my sisters and beauty is You. I want you to start walking in that beauty. Shine bright like a diamond. If you didn’t know, Lyn loves you, keep your head up, I am here for You.



Poetic Corner:

by Lyn-Marie Blackman (JULY 2013) CARMINE

Carmine was determined to make it despite what others said She was told to vacate school cause she was perceived as a failure Carmine did not let that stop her from progressing She turned that negative into one gigantic victory Carmine’s story is one of sadness and hope Having ups and downs was all she ever knew Till one day she met a woman by the name of Ms. Preston It was then she realized she had to turn a new avenue She spent a few years in school pursuing a subject that was not her niche Carmine always wondered why she found out that fact so late There is a reason for everything she figured Now that she knows better she is no longer a victim She went to the library borrowed books and studied Until she was able to get back on her course once again She worked harder than before and amazed so many Letting all know that when Yahweh is in it, all is pretty She obtained the victory and now she is all smiles She loves her life and gives Yahweh the praise If she had allow the negatives to outweigh the positives, where would she be? Thank Yahweh she only listened to the awesome words of thee She now has run the race and won the prize The goal of becoming a professional and sophisticated young lady has arrived She now mentors, teaches and inspires young children to go for their goals Knowing once you can perceive it, you can achieve it.

L.I. F.E.

Health Directory Caribbean HIV&AIDS Alliance (CHAA) Barbados Country Office General HIV and AIDS Information and Service advice Tel: (1246)228-4306 /4205 Support Groups Ladymeade Reference Unit (LRU), Ladymeade Gardens Jemmotts Lane, St. Michael Tel: (1246) 437-8215 United Gays and Lesbians Against AIDS Barbados (UGLAAB) Vashti Inniss Empowerment Centre General HIV and AIDS Information and Service advice. Tel: (1246)426-3323 Queen Elizabeth Hospital HIV care and treatment including services to assist in the Prevention of Mother -to- Child transmission-(PMTCT) Tel: (1246)436-6450 The HIV Food Bank Nutrition Education, Nutrition Assessment and Food Assistance Tel: (1246) 467-9399, 467-9505 The Ladymeade Reference Unit Voluntary Counseling and Testing, HIV care and treatment including services to assist in the Prevention of Mother – to– Child transmission -(PMTCT). Tel :( 1246)417-2821 Barbados Cancer Society Tel: (1246) 436-8888 Barbados Family Planning Association Tel: (1246) 426-2027 Heart and Stroke Foundation of Barbados Tel: (1246) 437-3312 PAHO/WHO Office of Barbados and Eastern Caribbean Countries Tel: (1246) 426-3860 National HIV/AIDS Commission Tel: (1246) 310-1000

Designed by Lyn SIYA 2013

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A newsletter that tackles life's issues and advocates for positive change.

L i f e newsletter  

A newsletter that tackles life's issues and advocates for positive change.