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“Freeze Your Love Moment” Bao

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Fine Jewelry Launch

Executive Summary Bao Bao   Wan   Fine   Jewelry,   the   world’s   famous   Chinese   Fine   Jewelry   brand,   is   going  to  launch  her  flagship  store  in  8th  May  2014  at  Mayfair,  London.  This  first   European   flagship   store   is   going   to   be   an   important   channel   to   show   BaoBao   Wan’s   latest   design,   get   connection   between   her   European   market   and   the   headquarter  in  Hong  Kong.     A   meticulously   planned   PR   approach   was   pursued   to   strategically   position   Bao   Bao  Wan  Fine  Jewelry  as  the  hot  favourite  of  London’s  glitterati,  in  the  lead  up  to   a  high-­‐octane  launch.   This   PR   flagship   store   launch   strategy   was   aimed   at   evoking   endless   enthusiasm   for   the   design   sensibilities   of   the   brand   as   well   as   drawing   attention   from   European   Fashion   industry   to   expand   the   global   market.   British   super   model   Cara   Delevingne   and   Jourdan   Dunn   showing   their   huge   interest   in   this   new   coming  brand  in  the  social  media.  

Situation Analysis In 2007,  BaoBao  Wan  launched  her  fine  jewelry  line,  Bao  Bao  Wan  Fine  Jewelry   after   completing   her   GIA   Graduate   Gemologist   degree   in   Hong   Kong.   Feminine,   powerful   and   culturally   poignant,   Wan   weaves   whimsical   tales   of   her   unconventional   upbringing   in   the   form   of   wearable   art.   Bao   Bao   Wan   Fine   Jewelry   starts   as   an   independent   brand.   The   designer   doesn't   belong   to   any   agency   or   organization.   She   could   do   whatever   she   wants.   The   jewelry   style   is   bold   exaggeration,   every   piece   of   jewelry   hidden   a   moment   of   a   nice   story   in   China.   As   the   brand   personality   traits   shows,   independent,   oriental   and   memorable  are  the  key  message  the  designer  wants  to  pass  on.   The  proposition  of  this  flagship  store  is  “freeze  your  love  moment”,  because  Wan   as   well   known   by   her   famous   design   tenet:   “For   jewelry   to   have   soul,   it   has   to   have  a  story…  Love  brings  jewelry  to  life”.   Launched  amid  a  globally  developed  fashion  industry,  Bao  Bao  Wan  Fine  Jewelry   can’t  only  limited  in  China,  Hong  Kong  or  even  if  in  France.  She  needs  a  clever,   creative   launch   strategy   to   ensure   an   impact   far   beyond   the   local   store   environment,  expand  her  global  market  and  develop  as  an  international  brand.   As   it   is   mentioned   before,   with   the   headquarter   store   based   in   Hong   Kong,   China’s   most   fashion   hub,   only   a   PR-­‐led   flagship   store   launched   strategy   would   deliver   the   impact   required,   which   is   quickly,   with   multiple   publics,   home   and   abroad.  

Given the   intense   competition   in   the   global   fashion   accessory   market,   a   strong   differentiated  approach  was  necessary  to  gain  quality,  sustainable,  diverse  media   attention  supported  by  direct  engagement  with  target  publics.  

Goals and Objectives Ø


Goals: •

Stake ‘freeze  your  love  moment’  design  idea  and  positioning  for  Bao   Bao  Wan  globally.  

Reinforce the   brand’s   premier   position   in   the   Europe   Fine   Jewelry   marketplace.  

Establish a   strong   foundation   for   Bao   Bao   Wan   Fine   Jewelry’s   retail   success.    

Position Bao   Bao   Wan   Fine   Jewelry   as   a   global   retail   visionary   by   achieving   high-­‐quality   interest   in   key   global   markets   and   coverage   across  UK  and  even  Europe’s  leading  Jewelry  store  in  launch  week.    

Objectives: •

Secure three   in-­‐depth   feature   articles   in   premium   business   and   industry  publications  within  three  months.    

Activate Bao   Bao   Wan’s   employee   base   in   UK   by   engaging   300   employees  prior  to  launch.    

Attract up   to   15   media   such   as   WWD,   the   Vogue,   and   the   Guardian   etc.  to  attend  the  launch  briefing.    

Achieve media   coverage   in   national   and   state   business,   fashion,   lifestyle,  jewelry,  retail,    and  celebrity  publications,  by  executing  the   12-­‐month  media  plan  on  schedule.    

Achieve 20   high-­‐quality   media   stories   (including   one   television   news)   within  two  weeks  of  the    launch  and  attract   at  least  120  guests  to  the   launch  event.    

Create sustainable  interest  by  increasing  store  traffic  by  10%  during   the  first  six  months.    

Target Publics Ø Media: specific yet  diverse  stores  were  the  primary  conduits  to  the  selected   consumer  and  industry  markets.  Creating  a  story  bank  of  media  angles,  rather   than  a  mass  approach,  enabled  sustainable,  relevant  media  coverage.   Ø Customers:   the   store   appeals   to   a   broad   range   of   customers,   tastes   and   budgets.   The   campaign   focused   on   those   closely   aligned   to   the   lead   store   features:   from   20-­‐50-­‐age   category,   mainly   aim   at   female   who   belongs   to   middle  and  upper  socioeconomic  class,  sports  enthusiasts  for  product-­‐testing   technologies.   These   types   of   consumer   with   higher   power   of   consumption   may   be   interested   in   those   kinds   of   customized   jewelries   to   manifest   their   personality  and  attitude.   Ø Employees: because   this   is   the   first   store   of   Bao   Bao   Wan   opens   in   UK,   therefore  there  needn’t  to  be  a  huge  work  team.  The  team  should  be  chosen   meticulously  so  that  makes  sure  everyone  is  elite.  These  50  employees  were   pivotal   as   brand   ambassadors   and   potential   store   employees,   creating   an   ‘instant’  word-­‐of-­‐mouth  network  for  this  brand.   Ø Celebrity: based   on   the   clients   of   Bao   Bao   Wan   in   Asia,   the   half   of   her   clients   is   celebrity.   She   provides   the   customize   service   to   create   products   for   different   celebrities.   Therefore,   this   special   customize   service   should   also   be   carried   on   as   before,   the   celebrities   and   fashion   bloggers   should   also   be   an   important  part  of  the  group  need  to  be  focused  on.   Ø Industry:  fashion,  jewelry  category  and  general  retail  representatives  were   sought  to  endorse  Bao  Bao  Wan’s  claims  as  the  ‘freeze  your  love  moment’,  and   to   credibly   position   of   Bao   Bao   Wan   as   a   pioneer   innovator   among   the   industry.      

Communication Strategy The campaign   strategy   is   underpinned   by   the   creative   and   sincere   design   concept   –   ‘freeze   your   love   moment’.   While   this   concept   embodied   the   first   campaign  goal,  delivering  on  it  was  key  to  achieving  all  three  goals.   The  approach  was  to  deliver  a  multi-­‐layered  yet  simple  launch  strategy  focused   on:   Ø The Legendary Background Of the Designer---Bao Bao Wan Bao   Bao   Wan   was   born   in   Beijing,   China.   Grandfather   is   the   legendary   Wan   Li,   former  Chairman  of  the  National  People’s  Congress.  Bao  Bao  Wan  spent  the  early   years   of   her   life   within   the   confines   of   the   city’s   Presidential   compound.   At   the   tender   age   of   15,   Bao   Bao’s   thirst   for   adventure   took   her   abroad   to   finish   her   schooling.   After   graduating   from   the   Master’s   School   in   Westchester,   N.Y.   She   was   accepted   at   the   prestigious   liberal   arts   college   Sarah   Lawrence   outside   of   Manhattan.   As   the   neighbor   of   Chairman   Mao,   the   first   president   of   People’s   Republic  of  China,  baobao  always  traveled  by  her  grandpa's  private  jet  when  she   was  a  child.  Moreover,  she  was  get  used  to  have  dinner  with  the  head  leaders  of   the  other  counrties  when  she  was  just  5  years  old.  At  the  same  time,  as  the  first   Chinese   debutante   was   invited   to   Le   Bal   des   débutantes   de   Paris,   she   life   was   always  represents  the  endless  infinite  news  value.   Ø Unparalleled Jewelry Style Most   of   Bao   Bao   Wan’s   designs   in   early   ages   are   inspired   by   the   elements   in   ancient   China.   Chinese   elements   are   ingrained   in   her   memory,   meanwhile,   the   brand   creation   concept   is   indeed   originated   from   emotion   and   memories,   the   designer   hope   jewelry   as   such   a   kind   of   media   can   preserve   those   evanescent   moments.   In   this   process,   there   must   be   a   lot   of   memories   and   emotions   are   associated   with   China.   As   her   latest   collection,   ancient   treasure   vases,   also   known  as  ‘Urns  of  Wisdom’,  inspire  China.  As  one  of  the  eight  auspicious  symbols   of  Buddhism,  they  represent  the  storage  and  the  satisfaction  of  material  desires,   and   is   vessels   of   joy   and   prosperity.   Her   design   is   the   symbol   of   the   combination   of  oriental  and  occidental.   Ø The First Flagship Store in UK Through  the  launch  Bao  Bao  Wan  sought  to  paint  a  picture  of  what  the  jewelry   industry   could   strive   to   be.   The   United   Kingdom   was   positioned   as   a   icon   of  

world fashion   indusrty,   with   Bao   Bao   Wan   drawing   on   the   experience   and   opinion   of   various   of   customers   and   more   than   300   employees   to   develop   a   globally   jewelry   brand.   Discussion   of   the   global   rollout   of   the   concept   helped   generate  media  interest  internationally.     Ø Credibility Bao   Bao   Wan   Fine   Jewelry   engaged   with   Poppy   can   Cara   Delevingne.   A   well-­‐known   British   fashionable   socialite   sister.   This   crucial   engagement   is   aiming   to   introduce   the   concept   and   publicly   confirm   Bao   Bao   Wan   Fine   Jewelry’s   leading   trend   with   its   ‘freeze   your   love   moment’   motion   among   the   fashion   jewelry   industry.   This   elevated   the   campaign   beyond   a   store   opening,   extending  media  coverage.     Ø Media-led A  media-­‐led  campaign  was  crucial  to  delivering  local,  national  and  international   exposure   for   the   store,   and   drive   traffic   in-­‐store.   A   12-­‐month   media   plan   developed   angles   for   global,   national,   business,   community,   fashion,   sports,   design,  tourism,  parenting,  elderly  and  HR,  retail  and  optical  vertical  media.                        

Implementation The method  of  this  PR  campaign  was  simple:  build  momentum  without  revealing   the   secret   in   pre-­‐launch   period;   create   a   major   launch   day   splash   on   multiple   fronts;  and  maintain  momentum  post-­‐launch.   Ø Pre-launch: • Internal   email   buzz   campaign:   Early   snippets   of   information   were   released  first  to  employees.  A  Golden  Ticket  Competition  sought  ideas  on   employees’   dream   jewelry   store,   with   the   best   ideas   rewarded   with   the   opportunity  to  attend  the  launch.     • Key   media   invitations:   Selective  information  previews  were  given  to  key   media   under   a   global   agreement.   And   send   them   a   creative   invitation   letter.  

Image-­‐1     • All   Media   lottery   program:   The  lottery  program  ‘teased’  journalists  with   a   mysterious   lottery   awards.   A   week   before   the   launch   day,   media   will   receive   by   courier   a   beautifully   Bao   Bao   Wan   Jewelry   box   with   a   small   piece   of   paper   inside,   Medias   just   need   to   write   down   their   names   plus   their  organization  and  bring  that  box  back  on  the  launch  day  put  it  into  a  

huge opaque   container,   Bao   Bao   Wan   will   pick   one   or   two   boxes   among   them  and  give  a  unique  prize  to  the  lucky  media(s).    


Ø Launch Week: • Internal launch:   Bao  Bao  Wan  first  unveiled  the  mystery  to  employees,   showcasing  their  ideas  in  action,  in-­‐store.  The  global  manager  community   was   briefed   to   support   the   celebrations,   reflecting   the   strategic   importance   of   the   concept   to   the   business.   Five   Golden   Ticket   winners   attended  the  cocktail  party  and  reported  back  to  all  the  Bao  Bao  Wan  Fine   Jewelry  stakeholders  as  ambassadors,  encouraging  employee  advocacy.     • Media   Focus:   the   chosen   media(s)   will   have   a   unique   extra   chance   to   interview  Bao  Bao  Wan  after  the  launch  and  before  the  cocktail  party.  The   briefing   will   be   focused   on   the   motion   ‘freeze   your   love   moment’,   with   Princess   Beatrice   and   British   super   model   sisters   Poppy   and   Cara   Delevingne.   Since   Bao   Bao   Wan   usually   hire   no   one   but   herself   for   endorsing  the  concept,  a  self-­‐telling  video  will  be  shown  during  the  launch   activity.   Guests   were   invited   to   try   the   latest   collection   on   and   experience   the  freeze  moment  by  Bao  Bao’s  love.  A  general  Q&A  section  will  be  open   to  all  medias  during  the  activities.  

• Cocktail party:   Celebrations   will   be   started   at   6pm   on   8th   of   May,   with   guests   including   celebrities,   fashion   bloggers,   designers   and   key   media   representatives   and   more.   The   event   replicated   a   theatrical   atmosphere,   successfully  showcasing  the  romantic  touching  store  design  and  product   range.    


Ø Post Launch: Six-­‐month media  plan  rollout:  keep  the  exposure  rate  on  the  key  media,  such  as   W  Magazine,  Vogue,  ELLE,  etc.  




Display Area:  



Details about  the  Display   ü

Window Display:  



! n a l Mu


Bao Bao Wan was regarded as Mulan when she studied abroad. “One day, I went to a video shop, a young girl stared at me”. “What’s up honey”? I asked, “Are…you…Mulan”? The cutie asked me carefully. “I was so surprised but feel a little bit proud. Because, I am such a typical Chinese”! ---Bao Bao Wan’s Interview of A Date with LuYu



In-­‐door Showcase:  


      Image-­‐13                                                                               Image-­‐14  




Evaluation The evaluation  should  be  built  on  a  four-­‐step  process,  reviewing:   Ø

Outputs (message, exposure  and  audience  reach)   •

Milestones achieved  (according  to  the  launch  activity  schedule)    

Media coverage:   opportunities   to   see;   key   messages;   positive   vs   negative  comments;  thematic  breakdown  of  stories.  

Social media   coverage,   using   a   specialist   department   to   identify   and   score  influential  sites    


Event attendance  

Customer panel/focus  groups  

Awareness (awareness,  understanding  and  response)   •

Response to  advertising    

Website hits;  E-­‐newsletter  and  orders  in  online  shop  (message  content   analysis  and  recall).  

• Ø



Requests for  information  

Acceptance (change in  awareness,  opinion  and/or  behaviour)   •

Sales figures,  revisit  weekly    

Feedback from  customer  focus  groups  

Benchmark study  (online)  

Action •

Audience participation  


Sales volume  

Reference Costantino, M.  (1998)  Fashion  Files:  Fashion  Marketing  and  PR.  BT  Batsford  Ltd   London.   Conti,   S.   (2014)   Bao   Bao   Wan   Debuts   in   Europe.   Available   at:­‐news/fashion-­‐scoops/bao-­‐bao-­‐wan-­‐debuts-­‐in-­‐e urope-­‐73  96670  (Accessed:  11  February  2014).   Sherman,   G.   and   Periman,   S.   (2010)   Fashion   Public   Relations.   Fairchild   Books   New  Y  ork.   Fashion.ifeng.   (2014)   Bao   Bao   Wan’s   Little   World.   Available   at:  (Accessed:  18  March  2014).   YouTube:   LOVEGOLD.   (2014)   Bao   Bao   Wan:   A   Touch   of   Humour   |   LoveGold.   Available  at:  (Accessed:  18   March  2014)                                

Appendix-I: Rationale This flagship store launch is about to promote the Chinese-based Fine Jewelry brand Bao Bao Wan Fine Jewelry in the Europe market. Based on the principle of Communication Paradigm, I need to play the role of the “Producer”, aiming to consider the crucial element of “Text” for the identified “Audience”. One of the most important reasons I choose Bao Bao Wan Fine Jewelry is her legendary background. Although it is also the part she doesn't want the media to focus on. However, as a newly brand which needs to expand a whole new market, despite of the excellent design itself, the designer’s story must be eye-catching as well. Moreover, back to her jewelry design, because of her special education experience, all of her design is about the combination of oriental and occidental. For instance, she used to talk about the Cross Necklace, one item of her “And the Little Ones” series. She described it with a totally different meaning. “ Many people loves cross as a decoration, however, they are not Christian, therefore, I created this tiny necklace based on the coalesce of cross in Christianity and ‘Shi Zi Jin Gang Chu’ in Buddhism (show as the attachment-1). It is not a symbol of religion, it is just a pure decoration of beauty.’’ I was deeply inspired by her words when I saw the interview, I found this brand should not only being famous in China, it must have a strong demand in UK and even Europe. London has one of the “Big Four” Fashion weeks, also be regarded as the wonderland for fashion people. However, different with the other three cities, London is famous for its alternative design concept and avant-garde status among the fashion industry. According to a survey, there must have one designer among ten people you met on the street. This special fashion industry environment gives Bao Bao Wan Fine Jewelry a perfect target basis to promote. For the brand personality and the target audience, according to Bao Bao Wan’s comment by herself, ”Every piece of my jewelry represents myself and a generation of Chinese women who are fragile yet very bold and crazy”, she told to Time Magazine, describing her collection as ‘feminine, impossible and loud’. Therefore, in the UK market, I still want to keep that brand personality so that the audiences can accept the original meaning of this brand. Furthermore, Bao Bao Wan is also famous for her customize products for the key clients. She used to design a wedding ring for Wang Xiaofei and Barbie Hsu (an outstanding young entrepreneur in catering industry and a famous Taiwanese celebrity). That ring was as the model of lots of girl’s dream wedding ring (show as attachment-2). Therefore, I am planning to carry on Bao Bao’s special service in UK. Although the brand target audience is mainly focus on the 20-50-age female and belongs to middle and upper socioeconomic class, it will also focus on the celebrities’ customize services. I use one quote from Bao Bao Wan’s design concept, “freeze your love moment” as the concept of this flagship store launch, aiming to express the amazing and breath-stopping design of Bao Bao Wan. Mayfair is an area of central London, by the east edge of Hyde Park, in the City of

Westminster. The district is now mainly commercial, with many former homes converted into offices for major corporations headquarters, embassies, and also hedge funds and real estate businesses. There remains a substantial quantity of residential property as well as some exclusive shopping and restaurants, as well as London's largest concentration of five star hotels. As I mentioned before, London has a special fashion taste for designers, Mayfair is also the basement for lots of fashion designers. This kind of environment is matches Bao Bao Wan’s marketing position completely. In addition, I set the launch day as the 8th of May; it is a neither too hot nor too cold season for guests wearing their gorgeous outfits. Besides, in Chinese custom, 8 is a quite lucky number, which stands for fortune and prosperity, thus, I make the launch day on 8th of May. On media engagement part, Vogue, ELLE, Hello Magazine and WWD etc. should be the most appropriate target traditional media. Due to the main purpose of those media is fit with Bao Bao Wan Fine Jewelry’s brand identity, and those media also own the largest part audiences among the fashion industry, Bao Bao Wan need to engage with them and make herself famous through those medias. On the other hand, Instagram and Facebook should be the main two parts in social media. Bao Bao Wan has already been very active on Instagram, she posts her design and daily life via this social media. Currently, she has already had 10,000 followers and on Instagram more than 9000 on Facebook, thus she should keep engaging with those people. Additionally, she hasn't run a Twitter neither for herself nor the brand. Therefore, this brand needs a twitter account to engage with the customers or communicate with its potential customers by using twitter. Originally I want to invite Princess  Beatrice as the most important guest on the launch day because of the partly same background and experiences as Bao Bao Wan. However, taken the consideration of the Royal issues, Poppy Delevingne is the best choice. She will be invited with her sister Cara Delevingne, who is the top super model in the fashion industry. This fashion sister is regarded as the symbol icon in the British fashion industry; they will come as one of the VIP guests on the launch day. Content analysis and observation are the main method I want to use for the evaluation. Those kinds of methods can collect the data and the feedbacks accurately. Last but not the least, the budget of this PR flagship launch activity is 30 million pounds. A brief budget form will be given as Appendix-II.

Attachment-1: Cross Jewelry

Attachment-2: Wedding Ring for Celebrity Baibie Hsu and Xiaofei Wang            

Appendix-II: Budget ACTIVITY



ALLOWANCE £ PRE-LAUNCH ACTIVITY Existing Internal Email Buzz Campaign


Key Media Invitations



budget (HR)

Including the posting Media Lottery Program


fee etc.

Launch Activities Existing Internal Launch


budget (HR) Using

Media Focus


Cocktail Party


Issues Management


translation service

Management only Existing

Media, competitor and public comments – monitoring





budget (Marketing)

Evaluation £5,000.00 Traditional and social media monitoring and evaluation (international). Monthly reports x 6 months Total Amount



Appendix-III: Press Release

Press Release    

6th May  2014  

Tel: China:   4001-­‐226-­‐226/Oversea:   +86-­‐4001-­‐226-­‐226  

BAO BAO   WAN   OPENS   ITS   FIRST   EUROPE   FLAGSHIP   STORE  IN  LONDON   Bao Bao Wan Fine Jewelry celebrates its seven years of unforgettable moments since been founded with the opening of the first Flagship Store on Mayfair, London. The new store will boast two floors of affordable luxury, making it the first BAO BAO WAN FINE JEWELRY Concept Store in the Europe. The official opening will take place on 8 May. The store is centrally located on one of the busiest commercial area in London. The opening is in line with BAO BAO WAN FINE JEWELRY’s strategy of focusing on branded image by upgrading the quality of not only products, but also services environment. The store is the first Concept Store launched in the UK as well as Europe. “London is the fashion capital of the world and our first Flagship Store on Mayfair will amplify our position in the market as a distinctive jewelry brand. I have wanted to open a BAO BAO WAN FINE JEWELRY Flagship store in London since I finished my jewelry courses in Hong Kong. I am quite happy to have been able to realize this dream. The store will allow us to offer an unrivalled customer experience and will be a major attraction for shoppers from across the globe”. Said by Bao Bao Wan, the designer for BAO BAO WAN FINE JEWELRY. The 200-square-metre store will decorate with black and red, the typical colour same as the BAO BAO WAN FINE JEWELRY online store. The exquisitely crafted jewelries display in the first floor are from the finest of materials, including black diamonds, Tahitian pearls and 18k pink gold, these charming pieces demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship. I find the fine jewellery pagoda designs particularly breathtaking, especially the Pagoda ring pictured below, which perfectly echoes the designers description of her work as "feminine, impossible and loud''. On the second floor, there are several separate rooms special for VIP clients or some other customers who have customize requests. The decoration enables a better opportunity to present products with enhanced lighting and display, whilst keeping the brand’s DNA.

Many authority media and famous celebrities show their high concern about this flagship store launch activity. On the occasion, Poppy and Cara Delevingne sisters and other fashion icons will be invited to the launch activity on 8th of May. About BAO BAO WAN FINE JEWELRY Bao Bao Wan Fine Jewelry was launched by Bao Bao Wan in 2007 after she completed her GIA Graduate Gemologist degree in Hong Kong. Feminine, powerful and culturally poignant, Wan weaves whimsical tales of her unconventional upbringing in the form of wearable art. “For jewelry to have soul, it has to have a story,” she says. “It brings jewelry to life.” She aims to design for the woman who can be casual, nonchalant but with lashings of irreverent glamour. All of her pieces are created with a special technique where 18K yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or black gold are oxidized, creating an extraordinary range of colours and depth. Some are adorned with diamonds and coloured diamonds, others are decorated with South Sea or Tahitian Pearls, Rubies, Emeralds or Kunzite. She also pays particular attention to the architecture of movement in her designs. In ancient China, it was believed that a woman's jewelry should move in harmony with each step she takes. CONTACT For more information, please contact: Lynn Zhu, Press Head Officer Mobile: 074 4995 5622 Email:

Flagship store launch final  
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