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Social Media Topshop loves social media It’s a beautiful thing to be able to interact with customers and to listen to their opinions about the brand and products, advertise to the targeted audience for nearly nothing but have a chance to build up brand around a more intimate customer experience. Topshop is using social media in the right way during these years. The main target group of Topshop is young people and people who love fashion, especially British style. They have their own facebook page, twitter account. And they actively post all kinds of promotions and new collections in a very fashionable and attractive way. Topshop on Youtube, they post make up tutorials about new make up, dressing style. Those videos show how to make simple and beautiful looks with products from Topshop and provide the customers more information about how to use their products. Topshop send newsletters regularly to inform customers about the latest collection, sales, trends and fashion tips. Personally, I like this brand a lot, since Topshop is taking care of their target group and know what exactly the target groups want. There are so many things we could learn from Topshop to make the brand more vividly with customers and satisfied the needs and wants of customers.

Cheap Monday wins worst social media usage award. It’s not often that such a large and loved brand fails to embrace the business end of social media. Enter Cheap Monday. Their website appears to support Twitter, Facebook, Delicious and StumbleUpon, but only two of those four link you through to a proper function. When you click on Twitter, you are not brought to a Cheap Monday Twitter handle, but are brought to a Twitter page where a Cheap Monday tweet is pre-written in your feed. Cheap Monday is an excellent brand with pieces we want and price points we can actually afford; it is pity that the company is so behind on the social media trend.

Crossmedia Redbull use well of Crossmedia.

Redbull is an energy drink. And we can find it anywhere around the world. Redbull has its own TV sports show, hold different kinds of events, campaigns around the world. Recently, Red bull hold a new campaign which you can find the advertising at Schipol airport, called the Red Bull: Art of Can. Which offers a platform for anyone, regardless of age, who wants to explore his or her creative talent. Artists, students, grandparents and all those in-between are invited to submit their works of art. The Red Bull Art of Can is a true expression of one’s imagination, with little or no restrictions placed on the budding artist. Redbull have become a big world with music, sports, film, tv-show, creativity, gaming, dance. Red bull has the BPM player of APP on Iphone which is for people to make mix of music and play to be a DJ. We cannot say Redbull is only a drink. The truth is that Redbull build up its world with culture and experiences by all the different kinds of storytelling through all the media channels.

Red Bull: Art of Can

Community Building Running a community around my brand is essential for companies who want to keep good contacts with customers and get involved in the online conversation with all the people. Basically, it will start work with find my target group through existing social media like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube to get contacts with all the customers. There are three ways might be good to hold a community successfully. 1. Customer focus A community is all about individuals and their thinking and ideas should be taken care of. As a community who is responsible to run a community, he needs to listen what the customers is talking about, what they want. And of course, try to inform all the members though different social medial channels. It is important to let all the members and customers know where you are, who you are and what do you do. 2. Brand reputation The main reason to keep all the members stay in the community and attract more people is to create the brand reputation. We should hold regularly small prize for the members to encourage them continually to stay in the community and use word of mouth to spread the community by all the members who had good experience within the community and also the brand fans who always accept the brand to help to promote it. 3. Traffic Internet brings a lot of traffic. In order to have as much traffic as the community can, we should keep promote the community actively. And also, use the traditional communication media channels like Facebook, twitter, blog and any other forms to inform all the customers about the community. The good example of community could be Tripadvisor. is the world’s largest travel site that assists customers in gathering travel information, posting reviews and opinions of travel related content and engaging in interactive travel forums. The website services are free to users, who provide most of the content. This is available for different countries and languages. They have an interesting slogan ‘get the truth, then go’ that shows us clearly that the high trustiness and reputation they have. Since this website is made by the travels who shares their own experiences. All the commands on the website are made by the normal people around the world; this is a big reason that more and more people like to read the commands from previous visitors who are not for adverting or any economic use, purely for personal use. Now, Tripadvisor have its apps available for smart phones and also Ipad.


Transmedia storytelling Star Wars is a successful transmedia story There are so many things we can do with it. For instance, we can watch Star Wars in the theatre and on DVDs, play the Star Wars games, read the Star Wars novels and comic, listen to Star Wars soundtrack CDs, participate on Star Wars interactive websites, buy the toy of Star Wars and so on. The world of Star Wars is be extended by all these media channels and it have became a very successful story in all. So the story of Star Wars became a very strong concept with different way of storytelling and good use of different media. Star Wars co-create with other companies, such as work with Disney that you can see on their home page.


WOMM Heiniken is a master user of WOM Heiniken is a master user of WOM, especially videos. They produce different style of advertisements video. These videos are very interesting and fun to watch. Which have a big different with normal product advertising. People love to watch the advertising. You can easily find them if you search on Youbute. The videos like: Heineken The Entrance Heineken - Men With Talent One Million Heineken Hugs There are so many good videos they had and which made huge effect after. People talked about it and shared the video with others. Which make Heiniken became an interesting topic, and make people laugh when people having Heiniken bear. The experience of having a Heiniken bear has been transformed successful. The things we can learn from Heiniken are a lot. And the main thing is that to make a viral marketing and buzz marketing need to have a strong concept and message that can get all the attention from the audiences. For the project of Betaspace, we can try to produce a strong concept and message through media like a video, music, short film and any kinds of creative way to express ourselves. This concept and message have to attractive and interesting. Which makes people would like to join in, and the audience who likes our creative works will spread the concept of Betaspace out. Then the WOM marketing can be really worked out.

Workfield experience Creative Amsterdam 11-13 May!

I was so gald that I had chance to go to creative Amsterdam this year. Creative Amsterdam is an three days event of creative industry with creative companies and individuals. It is a very good opportunity for all the creative people to share experience and exchange ideas. I think I have learned a lot during the event and I met a lot of amazing people from creative industry. I joined few lectures. The speekers are from different working area in creative industry. Such as Photographer Pieter Henket who was photographer of the most famouse singer Lady Gaga and he achived a big success in NEW YORK. He showed us some works he did and shared his experience with creative industry and how he built up his working career. During the Animation lecture, the speaker worked with the film Ice Age 1-3 and Despicable Me which are my favorite films. I even watched the the clip he made which did not show in the movie. And I also met Duncan Stutterheim who is one of the founder of my dream company ID&T. All in all, this event is great and I really loved it! Hope you also had same feeling. If u still wanna to know more about it, please check their website.


Description of Persona Name: Frank Odijk Age: 39 Location: Amsterdam Social life:Frank is in an open relationship with his girlfriend and he has a 2 years old son. T Work life:He owns his own company of online media about creative industry. His works in He is member Board of Directors World Fashion Organization / World Fashion Council ( (WFW), member of European Fashion Council Fashion Promotion / Ethical Commission (E

events such as PICNIC/Creative Amsterdam, and also some fashion weeks. Personality:He is an easy going and open mind person. And he is also creative person. He love to to share experience with others and learn from others. He loves music and especially healing musi

They do not live together. nclude trade industry information services, creative consultant, and Internet productions. (WFO), member of Int. Committee World Fashion Week-World Fashion Awards

EFC). He is a light designer and he sells art pieces as well. He attends all kinds of creative

accept new things and he likes to make friends and he is good at using social network. He love ic.

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