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arch 4010 | ecomod XS house


arch 3020 | marfa hotel


arch 3010 | icp


arch 3010 | photography display


arch 3230 | building + climate


arch 5800 | vicenza study abroad


arch 5760 | drawing + sketching resume


dia gr ammat ic paint ing *watercolor painting produced by me.

proje ct 1

ecom o d xs h ou se

the design generated from this studio was part of a larger collaborative process known as the ecoMOD project in which students in the studio work with students from the uva school of engineering and applied sciences to design, build, and evaluate sustainable, pre-fabricated houses. this particular studio focused on designing ‘extra small’ accessory dwelling units (adu’s) in urban areas that can be sited in a typical backyard. emphasis was placed on design towards the elderly and the aging population. the lantern is a studio house merely 13’ wide, meant to fit in narrow sites and small enough to fit on the back of a truck. the lantern attempts to bring light into the house in three core instances, demarcated by three rectangular prisms of glass., each of which carve out interior space and give these to the outside world. * work on this project was done in collaboration with Shehzeen Cassum unless otherwise indicated

plan per s pect i ve lanterns (outdoor spaces) .1 outdoor storage/mech. room .2 bedroom .3 living/dining room .4 kitchen .5 *drawing produced by me through rhino, maxwell, photoshop, and illustrator.

1 1 2

5 3



study m o d e ls

arch 4010 | eco mod XS house

ex terior per spec ti v e 1

ex terior per spe c t i v e 2

arch 4010 | eco mod XS house *above renderings produced by me through rhino, maxwell, illustrator, and photoshop.

Thinsulate, double insulating, translucent curtains that touch the floor Sliding glass windows-can be fully opened for an unhibited connection to nature and framed views

SIPS (Structural insulation panels for high thermal insulation)

Wooden slats on an exterior track

ax on of w all with s lid ing p a r t it io n

shor t sec tion per s p e c t i v e

long s ect ion per s pect i ve

arch 4010 | eco mod XS house

interior per spec ti v e 1 w it h b a t hr o o m la nt e r n

int erior per s pect i ve 2

arch 4010 | eco mod XS house *interior rendering produced by me through rhino, maxwell, and photoshop.

s tudy m odel | v aria t io n 1

f inal model | s cale: 3 /4 � = 1 ’

arch 4010 | eco mod XS house

sited in remote marfa, this building was designed to function as a hotel, restaurant, and spa to weary travelers and locals. principle elements of design revolved around the idea of incorporating the outside surroundings into the building, simply for the magnificent views available and the opportunity to experience a usually foreign desert environment. exterior spaces are absorbed by the building through the use of overhanging roofs that connect one interior space to another and that make up the hallways between guest rooms. three buildings comprise the complex, allocating each program to separate buildings and therefore encouraging outdoor circulation. pitched roofs and expansive glazed windows immerse the visitor with exterior views.

p r o j e ct 2 marfa hot el

f inal model | s cale: 1 /8 � = 1 ’

arch 3020 | marfa hot el

r endering of hotel p la c e d in s it e

gr ound f loor plan lobby .1 meeting + office rooms .2 guest rooms .3 sun room .4 restaurant .5 veranda .6 reflective pool .7



7 4 2

3 3


13 bas ement f loor plan


innkeeper’s residence .9 guest rooms .10 exercise room .11 massage rooms .12 pools (frigidarium, tepidarium, +caldarium) .13

11 12



arch 3020 | marfa hot el

hand-dr afted sec tion a xo no m e t r ic




7 6 5 4 3 2




wall to roof 10. steel brackets with web stiffeners and through bolts 11. 3x12 timber beam 12. purlin 13. sheet metal roof covering

9 6 8


roof junction 1. 3x12 timber beam 2. gutter with down pipes 3. lining plate 4. thermal insulation 5. purlin 6. timber boarding 7. sheet metal roof covering

jamb at aperture 8. 4x4 timber beam 9. sloping sill

7 6 5 4 3 2


aperture 1. 2x12 timber joist 2. plywood subfloor 3. exterior wood paneling 4. interior wood paneling 5. hardwood sill sloped to drain 6. desiccant to absorb any residual moisture in the air space 7. 1/2� thick insulated glass

s ect ion det ails, aut ocad

arch 3020 | marfa hot el

designed to serve as a place of study and of the display of photography, this ICP would be the second of its kind in new york city. it is located along the gowanus canal in brooklyn, an area that is itself experiencing a regrowth in economic, urban, and park redevelopment. among these new developments is the incorporation of a boardwalk along the canal, something that is mirrored within the design of this building as a gallery space that wraps itself up, down, and around the programmatic needs of ICP. this wrapping is intended to weave the two different programs of the building together, creating points of intersection between public spaces of viewing and more private areas of study and learning.

c onc e ptual r ende r ing o f g a lle r y s p a c e

study m odels

p r o j e ct 3

internat ional center of photography

ex t erior per s pect i ve

arch 3010 | ICP

int erior r enderings | max w ell + rhino + phot os hop

arch 3010 | ICP

shor t sec tion per s p e c t i v e a t nig ht

long s ect ion per s pect i ve

arch 3010 | ICP

p r oj e ct 4

photogra phy dis pla y

the design of this photography display was largely inspired by the works of ralph eugene meatyard, particularly of his zen series in which emphasis was placed on the parts as a component of a whole, intense meditation/study, and on a singular focus captured by the camera amidst a background of unfocused images. the idea of motion is another influential theme that dictated the form of this structure, particularly in geometry and the arrangement of individual pieces that, when offset, can imply and encourage a movement through the display. it is designed to fit within a classroom or gallery space and could be easily assembled and disassembled by two people.

phys ical model


sec tion study ing t he e nt r a nc e o f lig ht

the drawings here result from a design prompt that requested a studio apartment located on the first floor of a new york city apartment building. the studio would face south and should take advantage of all available conditions to create a comfortable living and working space while relying on natural ventilation and lighting as much as possible.

p r o j e ct 5

building + cl i mat e

the use of photovoltaic panels on the louvre maximizes the amount of sunlight that can be harnessed and used to supply energy for the apartment. a smal fire or fan above the room draws air upwards at an even faster rate, taking full advantage of the stack effect. wind that enters through open windows help cool the space. warm air rises and leaves the space by the venturi principle, moving towards areas with low pressure from areas of high pressure.

the use of a labyrinthine concrete base allows hot air to cool as it travels through the floor slab before entering the building.

vent ilat ion s t udy

arch 3230 | building + cl imat e

project 6

v i c e n z a stu d y abr oad

arch 5800 | vicenza st udy ab roa d

arch 5800 | vicenza st udy ab roa d

project 7

dr a w i n g + sk e tch i n g

arch 5760 | drawing + sketc hing


University of Virginia, School of Architecture – Charlottesville, VA. | B.S. Architecture, Minor in Architectural History – May 2011 Overall G.P.A: (3.60/4.0) | Major GPA: (3.65/4.0) Dean’s List: Spring 2008, Spring 2010, Fall 2010 Vicenza Program – Vicenza, Italy | Study Abroad – May 20-June 25, 2010 Centreville High School – Valedictorian WORK EXPERIENCE

Extern | Maryann Thompson Architects – Boston, MA (January 2011) Assisted in the development of a physical site model that would serve a project based on Martha’s Vineyard and proposed preliminary schematic designs for the building. Also had the opportunity to shadow the principal architect and survey current job sites. Intern | Focus Architecture – Arlington, VA (July - August 2010) Worked primarily with the construction documents of a preschool, utilizing CAD as a means of editing and drawing architectural details. Surveyed and documented project sites to be used for further design development by the firm. Intern | Paramita Abirama Istasadhya,PT – Jakarta, Indonesia (July 2009) Assisted the senior designer to render and design interior and exterior perspectives of two projects. Also worked with the director to survey job sites and understand the organization of an architectural firm. TEACHING E X PERIENCE

ARCH 1020: Lessons in Making | Spring 2011, Teaching Assistant Currently working with Professor Sanda Iliescu in teaching fundamental concepts of design through the planning and leading of weekly discussions ARCH 1010 : Lessons of the Lawn | Fall 2010, Teaching Assistant Worked with Professor Peter Waldman in planning and leading weekly discussions on Thomas Jefferson’s architectural innovations at the University of Virginia. Assistant Teacher | Montessori of Chantilly – Chantilly, VA (May-June 2008, Summer 2006) Assisted the lead teacher in implementing the daily program and preparing a good learning environment for students ages three to five. ACTIVITIES

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)| Fall 2009- current, Secretary Grace Christian Fellowship (GCF)|Spring 2010, Fall 2010, Outreach Coordinator SKILLS

Proficient in AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Rhinoceros, Microstation, Sketchup, + Microsoft Office Skilled in hand-drafting, sketching, physical modeling Fluent in English, Proficient in Indonesian



A compilation of work from my education at the University of Virginia (2007-2011).