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This will be used as a teaching unit. Early American Female Playwrights and the theme of oppression. An essay of the theme of oppression through the years will encourage the students to explore what oppression is and how it relates to women. We will explore Trifles and Machinal. Videos of Trifles and Machinal are available with leading questions on each play. The plays are both available in Drama Projects a text we use in school. We begin junior year reading Trifles, a one-act play that seems to capture the minds of the students and engages their creative and mental juices to explore the plight of women. I will ask students to retrieve videos and answer the questions under each link when we are reading each individual play.

About Machinal-current play on Broadway. Allowing students to realize that a play written in 1928 is still relevant in today’s 21 st century.

Graphic from current media on Machinal. Students will be able to interpret that Machinal means machine in French, and it has to do with the mechanized lives we can sometimes lead.

Short essay on the oppression of women to introduce a historical prospective on womens oppression.

Two lesson plans

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