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I4Trends by Sanjeeda Baig 2013 Media Kit

True Passion For Fashion: Sanjeeda Style

Sanjeeda’s collections are a combination of simple yet sexy, cool but daring, whimsical and seductive all integrated into one look. Sanjeeda’s unique pieces are made to enhance a woman’s body. Her immoveable individuality is inspired by her dreams, literally! She often dreams about a design, scribbles down her idea on a sketch pad, and then brings the design to reality. Her purpose is to create one of a kind designs for women who are both trendy and cultured. Sanjeeda believes women must have their own personal style and be confident in the clothes that they wear. Born in Pakistan, currently residing in Flordia, Sanjeeda’s designs represent a fusion of Western style and that of her Pakistan roots Sanjeeda is passionate about her designs and her enthusiasm is revealed in every precise cut , color, layer, and fabric used to make one of her signature pieces. She effortlessly blends her creative concepts together with glam, refinement and nuanced detail.

Her line “I4Trends”, is couture line is a mix of high fashion and sexy sophistication. An I4Trends woman is someone who admires Katherine Hepburn, and respects Greta Garbo. With I4Trends, Sanjeeda has developed her latest ensembles for Spring/Summer 2013, The Nautical Caprice Collection. This collection is a journey back to the classics with sleek, straight lines and nautical inspirations braved by flowy chiffons and feisty prints. Playful pinup bikinis, navy and goldtrimmed in stretch knit that contour stunningly to any body type add an extra va-va-voom are melded by shocks of bright, brilliant color that are balanced by timeless blacks and racy reds, making this collection a perfect summer musthave. Sanjeeda not only creates innovative designs, but also educates women on fashion. Her second love is writing, and she has written several articles about trends, styles & understanding one's body type. Sanjeeda energetically and passionately pushes boundaries with every creation- letting women’s aura shine through.

The Nautical Caprice Collection Spring/Summer 2013

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I4Trends Couture

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I4trends by sanjeeda baig media kit  
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