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6 Power Tips for Making Your Listings Go Viral

by Jovan Hackley

Back in 96’ Bill Gates said “Content is King” and the phrase rang out around the world. If I could, I’d edit BIll’s statement to say “COMPELLING” content is king — and this is especially true when it comes to listing marketing. Today, effective property marketing is about more than blindly alerting the masses that there’s a listing for sale. If you really want your listings to cut through the clutter and reach the most motivated prospects, you have to do everything in your power to make them viral (a.k.a. shared by lots of people repeatedly online). Here are six ways to “infect” your followers, friends, and fans with your for sale listings and get their help in spreading the word to close the deal faster: 1) Go Photo Crazy Pictures are worth a thousand words…and quite a few shares. If you really want your listings to go viral and reach more potential buyers, you need to have 8 or more high-quality photos that catch buyers’ eyes. When you’re out shooting online property photos, remember how we started this chat – compelling content is king. That means you need to look for the quirky, special, and high-value add ons that separate your listings from the rest. 2) Sell the Story When you’re listing the home, one of the questions you need to ask your sellers is, “What makes this house so great?” Every listing has a story, and sharing that tale can be a great way to generate local and social press while giving potential buyers more reasons to connect. For inspiration on how to blog and share a listing’s story, check out the Trulia’s Luxe Blog. To get the fodder you need to blog and share the good on your listings, download Trulia’s Listing Survey for New Seller Clients. Get your clients to fill this out and they’ll practically write the shares, blogs, and listing description for you. 3) Stick Your Social Street Team On It When I visit a restaurant’s website, I expect to see glowing statements about its service and cuisine. Honestly, most of the time I overlook them and head straight for the menu to make my own eval. But, when I see a five-star Yelp review from a friend that says I have to try the truffle cheesecake, I know I have to make a trip. Why? No, it’s not (only) because I’m a cheesecake fiend. Like 88.1 percent of Internet users, I view the Internet and my social networks as a sources of information while I’m shopping. As an agent, you can use this trend to help sell your listings. When you first sit down with sellers, talk to them about a plan for sharing their for sale listings with their networks via e-mail, Facebook, and any other way they connect with people.



Chances are your sellers aren’t alone in wanting their home to sell for top dollar and fast. Other vested parties, like co-workers, parents, or even neighbors, can make great members of your “Social Street Team” that helps market the listing to an audience of buyers you may not be able to reach otherwise. One quick idea for leveraging your seller’s social networks Consider inviting your sellers’ friends, family, and neighbors to a special secret Facebook group where you post marketing materials and regular updates they can use to help market the property online. 4) Make Your Showings Social Now, adding your open house to Trulia gets you a photo promotion in Trulia’s search results. To start using this feature now, visit The common-sense genius of planting a yard sign should also be applied online. Today with tools like Facebook Events, FourSquare Checkins, and Trulia’s Upcoming Open Houses, it’s easy to let buyers know your listing is for sale and open for viewing. Unfortunately, too many agents overlook these easy opportunities to connect with motivated buyers. 5) Farm Followers What if you could reverse how property searches work? What if you could go out and find qualified buyer prospects instead of waiting for them to stumble across your listing? Well, the truth is you can. Finding serious buyers online isn’t as hard as you would think. Here are two easy free ideas for finding the buyers online who are a good fit for your seller’s listing: • Saved Twitter Searches-Most Twitter management tools, like Hoote suite and Tweetdeck, offer you the ability to save search criteria you can revisit from time to time. Setting up a saved twitter search for key words like “House Hunt” and “your area” can be an easy way to farm leads from your follower networks. • Trulia Voices Alerts–Every day on Trulia Voices prospects are posing real estate questions that signal they’re serious house hunters. That’s why every agent should follow their neighborhood on Trulia. As a follower, you’ll get real time alerts when questions are posted and e-mails that help you answer fast. 6) Create a Larger Conversation The last tip for getting your listings shared virally: Don’t shut up. _ There’s a lot of social noise happening. If you really want to get your listing noticed you have to share it repeatedly and find new ways to tell the listing’s story. Just make sure it’s not the only thing you’re sharing; that’ll get you ignored in the end.

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