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central pasco association of REALTORS®

An Association Created by REALTORS® for REALTORS® In the 21st CENTURY

PRESIDENT Ed Anderson Action 100 Realty PRESIDENT-ELECT Toby Caroline Sun ‘N Fun Realty VICE PRESIDENT Deborah Catterton Charles Rutenberg Realty SECRETARY Deborah Farmer Starlight Realty TREASURER Alex Koumiss StarLight Realty PAST PRESIDENT Patsy Peterman Seagrass Realty DIRECTOR Tonya Bouvette Prudential Tropical DIRECTOR Vicki Derbes Prudential Tropical Realty DIRECTOR Lynn Mooney SouthShore Homes & Properties DIRECTOR Pete Rundel Action 100 Realty

CPAR WANTS YOU! (AND REALLY NEEDS YOU TOO!) It’s that time of year again for CPAR . . . and we need your help. We are looking for a few good men and women to assist CPAR to continue growing and making this the best REALTOR® ASSOCIATION in the State of Florida! AND we can do just that because the ground work has already been laid out - - - we just have to keep the momentum going! If you can give CPAR a little of your time once a month, your Association can reach heights we all know are reachable. The Nominating Committee will be calling all of our REALTORS® asking you to serve as a Director or an Officer of CPAR on the 2014 Board. Toby Caroline will be our new President and she has a wonderful game plan in the hopper for next year . . . but she can’t do it alone. Patsy Peterman, Chairman of Nominating Committee Alex Koumis & Deborah Catterton, Nominating Committee


DIRECTOR Gerald Collings SouthShore Homes & Properties BUSINESS PARTNER LIAISON Lynne Tonte National Property Inspections


CALENDAR AS OF MARCH-DECEMBER 2013 MARCH 2013 26 Fusion Training Classes (3 per day) Centurion Financial Group; Wesley Chapel 27 CPAR New Member Orientation 11 AM to 12:30 PM - Meadow Pointe II Clubhouse; Wesley Chapel APRIL 2013 2 Mixer 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM - Prime Bar; Wiregrass Mall; Wesley Chapel 4 CPAR New Member Orientation 1 PM at CPAR Office - Conference Room 11 GMM at Pebble Creek Golf & Country Club 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM Mercedes Gonzalez-Hale, Attorney 16 Fusion Training Classes (3 per day) 9 AM to 11 AM; 12 Noon to 2 PM; 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM Centurion Financial Group; Wesley Chapel 18 First Time Buyers Assistance - Jan Muhrlin 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM - Meadow Pointe II Clubhouse ?? Education Seminar – Social Networking 11 AM to 12:30 PM N- Meadow Pointe II Clubhouse MAY 2013 2 New Member Orientation 1 PM at CPAR Office - Conference Room 9 GMM at Pebble Creek Golf & Country Club 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM Speaker: Margy Grant, Florida Realtors VP & General Counsel 13-18 NAR Mid-Year Legislative Meetings - Washington, DC 21 Fusion Training Classes (3 per day) 9 AM to 11 AM; 12 Noon to 2 PM; 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM Centurion Financial Group; Wesley Chapel 22 Speaker: Christine B. Cooper - Cooper Financial Services Meadow Pointe II Clubhouse - Wesley Chapel 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM JUNE 2013 4 Mixer 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at GrillSmith in Wesley Chapel 5 The 2013 District 6 Technology Expo 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Cocktails 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM 4050 Dana Shores Dr., Tampa (near Tampa Airport) 11 CPAR New Member Orientation 1 PM at CPAR Office - Conference Room 13 GMM at Pebble Creek Golf & Country Club 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM Speaker: Joe Flynn - Landy Insurance • E & O Insurance 18 Speaker: Kim Dickey - Building Buyer Commitments Meadow Pointe II Clubhouse - Wesley Chapel 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

JULY 2013 2 CPAR New Member Orientation 1 PM at CPAR Office - Conference Room 11 GMM at Pebble Creek Golf & Country Club * 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM Richard Gehring/ Planning and Development Administrator along with Melanie Kendrick/Senior Planner - Economic Development. AUGUST 2013 1 CPAR New Member Orientation 1 PM at CPAR Office - Conference Room 6 Mixer 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM Location TBD 8 GMM at Pebble Creek Golf & Country Club * 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM is networking, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM is the meeting FUNG SHUI for Realtors® with Steve Kodad Author and Teacher on the science called Feng Shui SEPTEMBER 2013 5 CPAR New Member Orientation 1 PM at CPAR Office – Conference Room 12 GMM at Pebble Creek Golf & Country Club 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM Business Partners Fair & Chinese Auction OCTOBER 2013 1 Mixer 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM Location TBD 3 CPAR New Member Orientation 1 PM at CPAR Office – Conference Room 10 GMM at Pebble Creek Golf & Country Club * 11:30 AM ~ 12:00 PM networking, 12:00 PM ~ 1:00 PM Meeting Speaker: Judge Edward C. La Rose , Governor Jeb Bush appointed Judge La Rose to the second District Court of Appeals, and he began serving as a member of the court in February 2005 NOVEMBER 2013 3 Installation & Awards Banquet Emerald Greens Country Club 5:30 PM Dinner at 6:15 7 CPAR New Member Orientation 1 PM at CPAR Office – Conference Room 8 -11 NAR REALTORS Conference & Expo San Francisco, CA. DECEMBER 2013 5 CPAR New Member Orientation 1 PM at CPAR Office – Conference Room 12 GMM Christmas Party & Gift Exchange Pebble Creek Golf & Country Club 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM

* GMM MEETING Cost: $15.00 Advance Reservations ~ $20.00 without Reservations

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Why Agents Don’t Answer Their Phones... Don’t they Want to Move Their Listings?

This is it! You believe you have just found the perfect home for your customer and you are pretty excited about it! BUT…… You need the answer to a couple of questions, so you pick up the phone, dial the number and get voicemail. You leave a message, hoping for a quick response. After about an hour, you call again, hoping THIS time you will get a live person on the other end of the line. No such luck.

6. Agents who will not answer their phones except Monday through Friday, 10 am – 4 pm.

Worse still, the voicemail box is now full and cannot accept any messages.

1. Agents do not answer their phones.

You send a text. Wait half an hour. No response. So, you call the office number you have and you get an automated answering system which gives you many options which are of no use, no option to speak with a live person and finally, you get the “dial by name directory”. Once you get to the correct extension, you get to leave another message. And wait. You look at the clock. It’s approaching 5 pm and it’s Friday afternoon. You would really like to set up a showing over the weekend and you are becoming just a bit anxious. If you can’t get through, your customer may lose the opportunity for this home because you KNOW you will not be able to connect with anyone to set up the appointment on a Saturday morning. Does this happen to you? How do you get people to call back? More importantly, WHY don’t AGENTS answer their phones or call back? Don’t they want to move their listings? Top Ten Communication Problems: 10. Some agents just “ignore” their phones because the calls disrupt other things they are doing. Then they will “reason” that it’s after hours and too late to return the call by the time they even look at their missed calls. 9. Many agents do not work from the office and many brokerages don’t have an office staff or require agent desk time to answer incoming calls. 8. Part time agents cannot answer their phones for real estate calls while they are at their “regular” jobs, but then don’t want to spend their “personal time” returning calls. 7. Agents rely on technology (call centers, MLS show button, etc. as their sole means of connecting with other agents. Not all questions can be answered by standard listing information or a call center.

5. Agents do not respond to texts. (Some don’t know how to text) 4. Agents do not call back. 3. Agents never clear out voicemail, so the box is perpetually full. 2. Agents do not listen to their voicemail. Result: Two customers (at least) have not been served to the best and highest standards of our industry. The question is….are YOU one of “those” agents? How much business are YOU losing? Not only from not answering or returning calls from other agents, but from potential customers? There is only ONE way to fix this problem. Answer your phone every time, if you can. Sometimes, it’s not possible, especially if you are sitting in the dentist’s chair or are in the shower. DO listen to your voicemail and return calls in a prompt and timely fashion, even if it’s “after hours” or on the weekend, whether it’s another agent or a customer. While it is important to maintain balance, keep in mind, taking a few minutes away from your kid’s birthday party while everyone is eating pizza to return a call won’t make or break the enjoyment of the event, but it could result in a sale or a new customer. You can even return the call just to let them know you only have five minutes, but can call them back in a couple of hours when you can give them your full and undivided attention. Just make sure that you DO make that call back when you say you will. Remember, customers are more likely to need Realtors® during non-traditional business hours. This means early mornings, evenings, weekends and sometimes even holidays. It may not be what you expected or planned on when you became a Realtor®, but it’s just one of the brutal facts of the business. Your customers work during “working” hours, which means you have to work when they are available. When I entered the Real Estate business in 1992, I did so with the understanding that it was a seven day a week affair and I would be getting calls at all hours of the day and evening. I still do. Being a real estate professional is not a job; it is not a career; IT IS a lifestyle.

Ed Anderson

Florida Realtor’s Annual AE Symposium

AE Corner

A few weeks ago, I attended the Florida Realtor’s® annual AE Symposium in Cocoa Beach, FL. The weather outside was horrendous, thanks to tropical storm Andrea, but inside it was an atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie. This year’s theme focused on “Association Management – Explore the Possibilities”. We were privileged to hear so many wonderful speakers, participate in round table discussions and network and share ideas with other AE’s across the state. Our key speakers were Patti Wood whose topic was “Dealing with Difficult People” and Adorna Carroll who spoke to us about the relationship with our “Volunteer Leaders”. Both of them were extremely informative and entertaining. We also heard from representatives from Corelogic, RPAC, IMAPP, Metro Market Trends, MFRMLS, Navica, Point2, Sentrilock, Supra and many of the FR departments. In addition, we had the opportunity to interact with them and have many of our questions answered. It was a very full 3 days and well worth our time to attend.

ATTENTION All Brokers As a broker, it is your responsibility to notify your local board when the status changes for one of your agents. This includes all changes reported to DBPR (new agent, inactive agent, etc. This especially applies when an agent leaves your firm as this could result in billing issues for your office with MFRMLS.

Simply send an email to or fax the information to 813.712.2865.

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Everyone has the problem of home listings that just won’t sell. Here’s a proven ancient Asian method thousands of years old that will help you “stage” your listings with Selling Energy! Steve Kodad is the owner and creator of a very unique home staging company by the name of The Feng Shui Cure. Steve has written 2 books on the techniques he uses with selling homes quickly using Feng Shui. He is currently finishing his 3rd book titled: The Ultimate Book for Selling a Home Using Feng Shui (Inexpensive Techniques, Tricks, and Tips for a Fast Sale). He has trained hundreds of real estate agents, home stagers, and homeowners in these techniques throughout the southeast. Steve is a former Realtor®, a certified home stager, and a Certified Feng Shui Professional. He has been a member of the International feng Shui Guild (IFSG) for 9 years. He lives in Bradenton with his wife Gwen. His website is www. Steve evaluates homes in southwest Florida for real estate agents and homeowners. CPAR is bringing this program to our members FREE OF CHARGE.

August 8th at Pebble Creek Country Club 10050 Regents Park Drive, New Tampa, 33647. 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM is networking, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM is the meeting. Cost is $15.00 with reservation and $20.00 without reservation includes lunch.

CPAR affiliated


CPAR Business Partner sponsored Mixers are held the first Tuesday of every other month. LYNNE TONTE

June’s Mixer at GrillSmith was another successful event for CPAR. Over 30 people attended and enjoyed great appetizers while enjoying informative one on one conversations and the sharing of business. We met a few new members and also talked to prospective ones for CPAR. Congratulations to Christine Cooper, the winner of the $50.00 cash door prize. Our next After Hours Mixer will be on August 6th at 5:30 to be held at Quail Hollow Golf and Country Club. Please remember that our General Luncheon meeting in September is our Chinese Auction and Trade Show. We want to see all of the Business Partners attend. We ask for Business Partners and Realtors® to bring in items to be raffled off to benefit CPAR.

Don’t Forget


The Brightest and Best Making a Difference for You!

Deborah Farmer PMN, ePRO

Broker/Owner • 813.310.0444

Ruth Peeples Account Executive cell 813-240-4277

GMM SPOTLIGHT Joe Flynn with Landy Insurance for Professionals was CPAR’s speaker for the June meeting. Joe discussed the importance of E & O Insurance (errors and ommissions) and how most brokerages are underinsured. Each claim to defend yourself could be in excess of $80,000. The public perceives the Realtors® as having deep pockets (although  most of us are just like everyone else and making a living.) Even as an individual agent /independent contractor, you need to make sure your E & O coverage extends back to the beginning.  Did you know that if you leave a brokerage, your E & O insurance cancels with that Broker and if you are sued from a former client, you may not be covered unless you have Tail Insurance. What is that? A provision found within a claims-made policy that permits an insured to report claims that are made against

JOE FLYNN - June Speaker the insured after a policy has expired or been canceled, if the wrongful act that gave rise to the claim took place during the expired/canceled policy. Joe stated that we should always document all issues as they happen, put the date and all information in writing. He also stated that we should never recommend someone to our customers/clients, always suggest if you must and give three names.  Now ask yourself do you have enough insurance being an independent contractor?

Call Joe for more information

Office # 800-336-5422 Cell #      413-537-7823

CPAR...always learning


First American Title gave CPAR a gift today. For two hours, First American’s State Manager, Kim Dickey, a National Sales Trainer, empowered the attendees with techniques to turn buyer suspects, into prospects and then into customers. In addition, she gave us powerful and doable ideas to go out and earn new listings. If you weren’t there, you missed the opportunity to build your sales skills and the confidence necessary to help more people.

OOPS :-(

Our Oversight: Sorry we didn’t mention Sun ‘N Fun Realty as a sponsor of the 2013 Community Spotlight Expo of the Pasco County Chamber of Commerce in the April eNews.

Lou Molnar, Broker (813 484-5211 How Can We Help You? Wesley Chapel (813) 973-2240 Land O’Lakes (813) 996-4747

JUNE 18TH CPAR Educational Session with Kim Dickey

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Member Count: Primary: 163 Secondary: 31 New Realtor® Members Action 100 Realty

Jessica Kingsborough Bay Vista Realty

Bernard Rupp Charles Rutenberg Realty

David Hart Theresa “Terry” Murphy Coldwell Banker Action Realty

Terry J. Kelley Georgette Velez New Business Partners D & D Pressure Washing

Doug Drozd 1st National Bank of Pasco

Tina Potter and Angela Miller


Lynn Mooney, Broker Margie Bradley, Sales Associate Gerald Collings, Sales Associate Tiffany Languedoc, Sales Associate Helen Williams, Broker Associate

email • 813.641.2204 • 800.482.5015 • 813.501.1400 FAX

Dorsey Sawicki Agent/Principal

Since 1992

27642 Cashford Cir., Suite 101 • Wesley Chapel, FL 33544 813.333.1807 (P) • 813.936.4765 (F) • 813.453.8425 (C) One Stop Shopping for Insurance • Income Tax Prep • Notary Public

6 Power Tips for Making Your Listings Go Viral

by Jovan Hackley

Back in 96’ Bill Gates said “Content is King” and the phrase rang out around the world. If I could, I’d edit BIll’s statement to say “COMPELLING” content is king — and this is especially true when it comes to listing marketing. Today, effective property marketing is about more than blindly alerting the masses that there’s a listing for sale. If you really want your listings to cut through the clutter and reach the most motivated prospects, you have to do everything in your power to make them viral (a.k.a. shared by lots of people repeatedly online). Here are six ways to “infect” your followers, friends, and fans with your for sale listings and get their help in spreading the word to close the deal faster: 1) Go Photo Crazy Pictures are worth a thousand words…and quite a few shares. If you really want your listings to go viral and reach more potential buyers, you need to have 8 or more high-quality photos that catch buyers’ eyes. When you’re out shooting online property photos, remember how we started this chat – compelling content is king. That means you need to look for the quirky, special, and high-value add ons that separate your listings from the rest. 2) Sell the Story When you’re listing the home, one of the questions you need to ask your sellers is, “What makes this house so great?” Every listing has a story, and sharing that tale can be a great way to generate local and social press while giving potential buyers more reasons to connect. For inspiration on how to blog and share a listing’s story, check out the Trulia’s Luxe Blog. To get the fodder you need to blog and share the good on your listings, download Trulia’s Listing Survey for New Seller Clients. Get your clients to fill this out and they’ll practically write the shares, blogs, and listing description for you. 3) Stick Your Social Street Team On It When I visit a restaurant’s website, I expect to see glowing statements about its service and cuisine. Honestly, most of the time I overlook them and head straight for the menu to make my own eval. But, when I see a five-star Yelp review from a friend that says I have to try the truffle cheesecake, I know I have to make a trip. Why? No, it’s not (only) because I’m a cheesecake fiend. Like 88.1 percent of Internet users, I view the Internet and my social networks as a sources of information while I’m shopping. As an agent, you can use this trend to help sell your listings. When you first sit down with sellers, talk to them about a plan for sharing their for sale listings with their networks via e-mail, Facebook, and any other way they connect with people.



Chances are your sellers aren’t alone in wanting their home to sell for top dollar and fast. Other vested parties, like co-workers, parents, or even neighbors, can make great members of your “Social Street Team” that helps market the listing to an audience of buyers you may not be able to reach otherwise. One quick idea for leveraging your seller’s social networks Consider inviting your sellers’ friends, family, and neighbors to a special secret Facebook group where you post marketing materials and regular updates they can use to help market the property online. 4) Make Your Showings Social Now, adding your open house to Trulia gets you a photo promotion in Trulia’s search results. To start using this feature now, visit The common-sense genius of planting a yard sign should also be applied online. Today with tools like Facebook Events, FourSquare Checkins, and Trulia’s Upcoming Open Houses, it’s easy to let buyers know your listing is for sale and open for viewing. Unfortunately, too many agents overlook these easy opportunities to connect with motivated buyers. 5) Farm Followers What if you could reverse how property searches work? What if you could go out and find qualified buyer prospects instead of waiting for them to stumble across your listing? Well, the truth is you can. Finding serious buyers online isn’t as hard as you would think. Here are two easy free ideas for finding the buyers online who are a good fit for your seller’s listing: • Saved Twitter Searches-Most Twitter management tools, like Hoote suite and Tweetdeck, offer you the ability to save search criteria you can revisit from time to time. Setting up a saved twitter search for key words like “House Hunt” and “your area” can be an easy way to farm leads from your follower networks. • Trulia Voices Alerts–Every day on Trulia Voices prospects are posing real estate questions that signal they’re serious house hunters. That’s why every agent should follow their neighborhood on Trulia. As a follower, you’ll get real time alerts when questions are posted and e-mails that help you answer fast. 6) Create a Larger Conversation The last tip for getting your listings shared virally: Don’t shut up. _ There’s a lot of social noise happening. If you really want to get your listing noticed you have to share it repeatedly and find new ways to tell the listing’s story. Just make sure it’s not the only thing you’re sharing; that’ll get you ignored in the end.

May 9th meeting with Florida Realtors® Attorney Margy Grant

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After Hours Networking “Inspecting the world, one home at a time!”

America’s Premier Inspection Service Experience our Service, Integrity and Professionalism

Call 813.973.2004

Fred Tonte


Lynne Tonte


or email:

• Residential • Commercial • Insurance Inspections • 203k Consultants

George E. Cooper NMLS#367456 Phone: 813-996-6100 Fax: 813-996-6117 Residential Mortgages –– all kinds, including 203K, HARP, and Purchase Reverse Mortgages. Thinking outside the box! “Loan Simple –– Your Florida Mortgage Advantage

Seating is Limited Please R.S.V.P. to Sponsored by Fred & Lynne Tonte 813.973.2004

CPAR had a wonderful May meeting featuring Margy Grant, Esq., CAR, RCE/Vice President and General Counsel for Florida Realtors®. Her information is geared to protect us as brokers and agents. A few things she covered: (1) Getty Images is on the hunt for real estate agents “borrowing” photos that are copyrighted and using them in MLS, social media, websites, etc. They will catch you and they will fine you. (2) CraigsList. People are taking listings and modifying them, especially rental properties. (3) Don’t advertise other brokerage listings on your media unless you have permission (4) Escrow accounts are the #1 red flag for FREC and DPR audits, Keep up your escrow accounts. Some of these infractions can be Felonies and will terminate your real estate license (5) Set up Google alerts for your name and your company (for brokers). Anytime you are mentioned, you will be flagged and emailed for notification. It is a free service. (6) Keep your files for at least 5 years. (7) Discussed the story of the agent in Tampa who was flagged by Fair Housing for a listing on his IDX website that wasn’t his listing but was a Fair Housing violation. We are fortunate to have Margy come meet with us annually. You need to attend these meetings to stay up to date on your industry. By Deborah Catterton, CPAR Vice President Charles Rutenburg

With eKey, your Smartphone is the Key... Do you have a Smartphone? Want to carry just one device? DID YOU KNOW… CPARthat hasyou a limited supply of Smartphone adapters (Fob 3). can access your SUPRA account information online?

Upgrade toview turnpin your Smartphone yourcodes lockbox key! Follow theseNOW steps to numbers, lockboxinto shackle and lockbox CBS codes (needed by non-realtors that need to access your listings with FIRST download the free eKey ‘app’: inspectors, appraisers, etc): their keys—ie: iPhone – Select ‘App Store’ icon, select Search and search for Supra eKEY, select the app, & tap Install Go  to Android – Select ‘Market’ icon, select Search and search for Supra eKEY, select the “SupraWEB, app, & tap InstallLogin for Real Estate Agents” box in the Click on the  BlackBerry – Select ‘App World’ icon, select Search and search for Supra eKEY, upper right corner of the screen. select the app & tap install 

1. 2.

3. If this is the first time you have logged in to SupraWEB, you will need to

Call 813.406.6081 toYour schedule first register. user an IDappointment. would be your NRDS number (the same number

you use to login to MFRMLS).

Please bringyou with you: 4. Now will be able to see all of your account information.  

Bring BOTH ActiveKEY& Smartphone Payment for the fob is by check or credit card

To view Lockbox information (shackle code, CBS code, or listing * Visit for more details on eKeys. number, if assigned): 1. Click on the “Listings” tab at the top. 2. Click on “Keyboxes” under “Quick Links” on the left of the page. NOTE: Lockboxes are listed by Serial number. If your lockbox is assigned to a listing, that information is also available.

OFFICE ADDRESS: 27642 Cashford Circle, Suite 110, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544 • Phone: 813-406-6081 • Fax: 813-712-2865 •

WANT TO BE A REALTOR IN THE KNOW? WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE MOVING TO PASCO COUNTY?? Come & Hear Richard Gehring Planning and Development Administrator AND Melanie Kendrick Senior Planner ~Economic Development Speaking on: Long Range Planning for Pasco County Thursday July 11, 2013 Pebble Creek Country Club 10050 Regents Park Drive New Tampa, 33647 11:30AM ~ 1:30 PM 11:30 AM ~ 12:00 PM Registration 12:00 PM ~ 1:30 PM Meeting ~Reservations~ Internet: Call: 813-406-6081 $15.00 Advance Reservations ~ $20.00 without Reservations Sponsor by: Class Act Inspections & Hillsborough Title OFFICE ADDRESS: 27642 Cashford Circle, Suite 110, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544 • Phone: 813-406-6081 • Fax: 813-712-2865 •


Powerful Reasons to Register For Full Convention...Now!

1. Guarantee your seat! See the Property Brothers LIVE!

The HGTV stars will lead our General Session August 16. (1 comp ticket with FULL convention registration. After July 15, if seats are still available, tickets can be purchased. $35 for members. $50 for non-members. This event WILL sell out!)

2. More than 35 education session (several for CE credit). Learn more to earn more and do it all under one roof.

3. Two days in the Trade Expo. More than 150 industry experts and exhibitors will be on hand to rock your business world and make you stronger than ever.

4. Two days in the Solution Center (Inside the Trade

Expo). See custom presentations of products and services designed specifically for Realtors®!

5. 1 comp ticket to “A Night In Chicago!” (You WON’T miss the

ultimate Chicago Tribute Band . . . if you register for FULL convention now. 1 comp ticket with FULL convention registration. Additional tickets can be purchased by any attendee for $30)

6. Access to an online library of audio recordings of most of the education session. (Available after convention)



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COST ONLY $30 PER AD or $150 for annual commitment CONTACT Deborah Farmer TODAY For Ad Placement ~ 813-310-0444

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