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INSPIRE Top business and thought leaders from around the world are invited to share their knowledge with the delegates about the chosen forum theme. This section of the day is delivered through short and powerful talks and aims to inspire delegates and help to form their opinions for the rest of the day.

ENGAGE Our partner organizations engage with the youth delegates to give new perspectives on issues relating to the forum theme through workshops, conversations and idea generation spaces. Youth and business are able to interact, exchange opinions and understand what is being done in the world already to address the question of the day.

ACT The youth delegates take their learning and insights from the day into a space where they are able to co-create ideas and solutions with their peers and experts in the room. The aim is to switch their ideas into actions that each stakeholder can take forward to contribute to the theme of the day, resulting in commitments and projects that organizations and stakeholders can support.

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YouthSpeak Forum Hong Kong - Sponsorship Package  

YouthSpeak Forum Hong Kong - Sponsorship Package  

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