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Third Quarter, 2012

Lynnhurst Homeowner’s Associa3on

LHA BOARD OFFICERS TREVOR SELLE, Pres. 6524 N. Post Oak Rd. 691-1988

STACY CAMPBELL, VP 4805 W. Heidi Ct. 693-5551

SCOTT HUFFMAN, Treas. 4801 W. Woodway Dr. 689-1469

DE-DE GABBERT, Sec’ty. 6215 N. Post Oak Rd. 693-8180


CHUCK GABBERT 6708 N. Post Oak Rd. 692-6748

TIM HICKEY 6906 N. Camelot Rd. 683-3690

TOM MEAD 6510 N. Post Oak Rd. 693-6613

MOHAMED SALEM 6703 N. Post Oak Rd. 981-3170

WILMA SCHUBERT 6223 N. Talisman Terr. 363-5388

GREG SMITH 6403 N. Talisman Terr. 231-5290

Editor: Steve Hyland

Letter from the President Hello Lynnhurst residents! Well, summer 2012 is winding down. Luckily we have had a break from the intense heat, and it truly was great to be outside over the past week. I hope all of you had an opportunity to enjoy the weather. Now I just need to try and get my grass to grow back! I must say that I have been enjoying the neighborhood events this year. I would like to thank all of you who came to the 4th of July Parade, as well as the Ice Cream Social. It was great catching up with many of you who I don't have the opportunity to see on a regular basis. For those Help us keep our who missed the directory up to date! Ice Cream If we donʼt already have them, Social, we were visited by several City Council members including please provide your current phone Councilmen Ryan Spain, Eric Turner and Dan Irving, as well as City number and E-mail address to Treasurer (and former 5th District Councilman) Patrick Nichting. Steve Spain (693-3079) or Chuck Gabbert (692-6748). Members of Crimestoppers, local firemen and law enforcement officers made a presence as well. Segways and quadracycles were available to ride from World on Wheels as well as a Bouncer house from Fun on the Run. Upcoming events include the LHA Fall Garage Sale and the Lynnhurst Annual Picnic. The LHA Fall Garage Sale is Saturday September 15th from 8 am to 2 pm. We encourage our residents to take part in the LHA Fall Garage Sale, at no charge. In addition to the signs posted around the entrances to Lynnhurst, the LHA also runs an ad in the Peoria Journal Star, further publicizing the event. The Lynnhurst Annual Picnic will be held on Sunday September 23rd from 3:00-6:00 pm. The event will be located at 6524 N. Post Oak Rd. BBQ will be catered from Hickory River. There is no charge to participate and I encourage all of you to attend. For more up-to-date event information, I encourage you to go to the Lynnhurst Homeowner’s Association Facebook page at http:// Facebook gets better the more participation we have, so “like” us on Facebook! Trevor Selle

LHA 2012 EVENTS Open Board meetings at 6:45 pm every 2nd Monday of the month.


ANNUAL PICNIC Sun., Sept. 23



Meet  Your  Neighbor Martha O’Bryan

so you can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd... so what?

An   old  Roger  Miller  song   states,   “you  can’t  roller-­‐skate   in   a   buffalo  herd,  but  you  could  be  happy,  if  you’ve   a  mind  to”.     As  I  reflect   on  my  associaCon  with  Martha   O’Bryan   over  the   years,  that  silly   line  comes  to  mind.     Martha  has  experienced   more  than  her  share  of  setbacks  that  prevent  her  from  doing   everything   she’d  like,  but   I   know  no  more  upbeat,  energeCc   and  plesant  person  to  be  around. She  tells  her  story  with  a  sweet  smile  and  the  soI  voice  of   a   woman  from  Louisville.  She  and  Bernie  met  on  a  blind  date,   set  up  by  his  sister.    AIer  they   got   married,   he  went  off  to   Korea,  then  returned  to  southern  Indiana  to  finish  college  at   Indiana   University.     Bernie   began   his   lengthy   career   with   Simmons   MaNress   Company,   and   off   they   went   to   live   in   some  nine  ciCes!     First  to   Kenosha,   then   St.   Louis,   Peoria.     Next,   Des   Moines,   where   they   adopted   their   first   child,   Michael,  and  moved  that  week   to  Lubbock,   TX!    Michael  was   21  months   old  when  they   adopted  brother  Jim.    Back   to  St.   Louis  where  they  adopted  one  more:   their  daughter,  Kacey,   on  Bernie’s  39  birthday,  a  special  Cme  for  them  every  year. All   those   moves!     And   then   to   Davenport,   IA   where,   with   their   three  babies,  she  was  inspired  to  begin  selling   homes.     She  studied  and  got  her  realtor’s  license  quickly.    They  were   transferred  here,  which  is  when   we  first  met  Martha  in  the   late   winter   of   ’87,   when   we   were   being   transferred   back,   with  many   families,  to  Peoria.    She  was  given  our  name  to   help   us   relocate,   and   then   helped   many   others   of   us,   for   which  we  are  all  grateful.    Steve  and  I  have  dealt  with  many   realtors  in  our  married  life,   but   none  beNer  than  Martha.    In   addiCon   to   her   excellent   understanding   of   the   real   estate   business,   she  obviously  loved  working  with  people.     She  and   Bernie  lived   on   Post   Oak   at   that   Cme:   he  a   happy   district   manager   with  Simmons,  and   she   busy   with   her   real  estate   business.    Martha  esCmates  that   she  has  listed  and/or   sold  

by Merilynn Hyland photos by Steve Hyland

25%     of     the   houses       in   Lynnhurst! Martha     and   Bernie     were   v i s i C n g     o l d   friends   in   the   Quad   CiCes   one   winter  day,  when   they   slid   off   the   highway  on  some   black   ice.     They   were   iniCally   uninjured,   but   their  car  was   damaged.     While  waiCng  for  help  in  the  median,  POW!,  a  5th   wheel  truck/trailer  hit  the  same  icey  patch  and   smashed  into   them.     They   seemed  uninjured  at  the  Cme,  but  during   the   night  it  became  obvious   that  Bernie  had  been  hurt  and  was   hospitalized.    A  blood  clot  in  his  brain  produced  some  stroke-­‐ like   symptoms   that   he   dealt   with   heroically.     Then   there   were  issues  with  his  heart  and  a  subsequent  quadruple   by-­‐ pass,  and  eventually   a  pacemaker.    But  they  never  lost  their   sense  of  humor. One  night,  Martha  fell,  awkwardly,  in   her   bedroom,   and  was   unable  to  get  up.    The   paramedics   took   her   to   the  ER,  and   her  odyssey  as   a  quadriplegic  began.    Martha  was  intent  on   re-­‐invenCng   herself.    She  will  tell  you   it  was  tough,  but  not   terrible.     It  doesn’t   take  long  for   her  sweet  smile   to   return.     She  had  to  accept  the  fact  that  24/7  help  for  her  and   Bernie   was  going  to  be  their  life.   While  she  was  at  the  rehab  center  near  Chicago,   remodeling   began   on   their   home,   making   it   wheel-­‐chair  friendly.     She   came  home  and   took   up  her   role  as  wife   and   mother   and   grandmother   (and  now,  great-­‐grandmother!)    But,  of  course,   from  a  different  perspecCve. AIer  58  years  of   marriage,  sorrowfully,   Bernie   passed   away.     The   love   will   never   leave,   and   she   smiles,   with   sweet   memories  on  her  mind. Bridge   clubs   are  looked  forward  to,  and   they   take  place  at   her   house,   or   at   some   restaurants   that   can   accommodate   her   equipment,  or  at  a  friend’s  house   that  is  accessible.    She   enjoys   doing   crossword   puzzles   in   the   morning   with   her   breakfast,   before   the  day  gets  rolling.    Friends  drop  in.     She   loves   to   go   to   Mass   on   Sundays,   then   off   to   the   grocery   store.     Trips  take   place   in   a   special   van   with   a   liI   for   her   wheelchair.  The  van  was  a  special  giI  from  a  dear  friend.

Martha’s home has a beautiful deck overlooking the lake.

No,  you  may  not  be  able  to  roller  skate  in  a  buffalo  herd,  but   Martha  is  happy,  because  she  chooses  to  be!

Our firefighters, Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty and SpongeBob SquarePants, ail participated.

Another Festive 4th of July Parade !

by Steve Spain photos by Steve Hyland

A  hot  4th   of  July  didn't  keep  over  150  neighbors  from  aNending  our   annual  4th   of  July  Parade.    It's   become  one   of  our  more  popular  neighborhood  gatherings,   and   this  year   was  no   excepCon.     Kids   of   all  ages  decorated  their   bikes,  trikes,   wagons,  scooters,  pets,  and  golf  carts   in  patrioCc  colors.    Even   Uncle  Sam  and   Lady  Liberty  were  in  aNendance  thanks  to  Pan  and  Greg  Smith. This   year's   parade   Grand   Marshall   was   SpongeBob   SquarePants,   who   got   to   ride  in  Steve  and  Merilynn  Hyland's  spiffy  BMW  converCble. LongCme   Lynnhurst  resident  Jim  Street   graciously  donated  his   Cme  in  creaCng   beauCful  balloon  creaCons  for  all  the  kids.    Thanks  Jim! Of  course,    the  highlight  of  the   parade  is  always  the  appearance  of   the  Peoria   Firefighters.     Kids  love  genng  a  close  look  at   the   firetruck  and  enjoy  cooling  off   under  the  water  hoses  aIer  the  parade.    Thank  you  Peoria  Firefighters! And   finally,    thanks  to  Chuck  and   Lorna  Gabbert  for  hosCng  the  parade,  as  they   have  for  many  years.    Happy  Birthday  America!

Visit  Lynnhurst’s                acebook  page ‘Like  Us’  and  become  a  part  of  our  virtual  neighborhood.    You  can  find   us  at

time to clean out the ole’ castle!

Feel  free  to  post  pictures  and  share  stories.    Also,  look  for   announcements  about  neighborhood  events  and  meeCngs.

Stacey Campbell

 Congratula3ons      to the  winners  of  the          Lynnhurst

And  the  winners  are: Wilma  Shubert

Green  Thumb              award.

6223  N.  Talllisman

         The  efforts  of          these  people          improve  the          whole  neighborhood.

3  -­‐  6  pm, Sunday, Sept.  23rd

Kent  &  Lynne   Folkerts

Don  &  Phyllis   Crouch

4621  W.  Lynnhurst

6609  N.  Post  Oak

4810  Bridalwood

Paul  &  Sue  Mroz

Lynnhurst Fall Garage Sale

Bob  and  BeRy   Counce

8 - 2, Saturday, Sept. 15

6733  N.  Post  Oak

Join many of your neighbors and take advantage of the hordes who come looking to reward you with cash for taking your junk off your hands. - no charge to participate -


ni c i tP urs

nh n y L

Please be courteous to all and start your sale no earlier than 8:00 am.

     no charge

6524  N. Post  Oak  Rd. Catered  BBQ  -­‐  no  need  to  bring  anything.

Welcome,  Neighbors!!!  

by De-De Gabbert

The   Homeowners’  AssociaCon   and   Neighborhood   would   like   to   extend   a   warm   welcome   to   our   new   neighbors,   Marcus   and   Crystal   Slaughter   on  Knob  Oak  Drive.    Summer   is   a  great   Cme   in   Lynnhurst,   and   we   look  forward   to   seeing  our   new  neighbors  at   some  of  our  upcoming  fesCviCes.

Lynnhurst Homeowner’s Association


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".+#/,1!23! !


6524 N. Post Oak Rd.


Peoria, IL 61615

The Lynnhurst


3rd  Quarter,  2012