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ANNUAL DINNER Saturday, January 12, 2019


grateful that we did not seem to have any problems on Halloween.

It has been such a pleasure to be your president this year. My goal this year was and continues to be to make Lynnhurst a more welcoming and safe community. I have been truly inspired and humbled by everyone who has volunteered at our events this year, and those that have gone out of your way to help others in our neighborhood. You all make me proud to call Lynnhurst home!

Another thing we have to be thankful for here in Lynnhurst are the bright fall colors that really light up our neighborhood. While all the raking and blowing can be tedious, the colors are beautiful and worthwhile. As the days get shorter and air colder, it means winter is not far away and with that brings many new and exciting things about our neighborhood. Please remember to be courteous to neighbors and shovel your portion of the sidewalk. I hope everyone would agree that the $45 annual dues provide a ton of value by allowing us to continue to make our events more engaging and fun for all ages. There are always ways we can improve, so please invest in our community by bringing your ideas to the monthly meetings, volunteer at our events, and continue to fund the efforts of the HOA. We are looking forward to another great year in 2019!

As we enter into this season of thankfulness, I am thankful for many things, which include each of you and the generous spirit that Lynnhurst embodies. I was incredibly impressed with each of you and your enthusiasm on Halloween. Not only did we have a great turn out of houses that participated, but many of you also provided a non-food item for kids. Each of you made Halloween enjoyable for all the kids who went trick or treating. I’m also

I hope to see all of you at our annual banquet on January 12 th.

Christina Rose


CHRISTINA ROSE 6206 N. Suffolk Dr. (630) 677-2006




6708 N. Post Oak Rd. (309) 692-6748

6206 N. Suffolk Dr. (309) 657-5529

Vice President




6215 N. Post Oak Rd. (309) 693-8180


6700 N. Suffolk Dr. (309) 540-9296

Newsle&er Editor: Steve


6503 N. Post Oak Rd. (309) 693-2363

Hyland 0


6233 N. Post Oak Rd. (309) 693-3079 You are welcome to join us at 6:45 pm every 2nd Monday of the month at the Hardee’s restaurant in the Willow Knolls Shopping Center.

2 Meet Your Neighbor

Ric & Fiona McDaniel … ... after 27 years still appreciating Lynnhurst by

Robyn Speciale

he McDaniel’s hospitality is immediately felt over tradi6onal pastry and tasty coffee offered. Residents for 27 years, Ric and Fiona praise Lynnhurst as a ‘liAle haven’ in Peoria. Fiona went out of her way to send a note to our Prez, expressing gra6tude for the Board’s efforts and specifically Chris6na’s enthusiasm. They complimented their great neighbors, District 150 for providing their children an excellent educa6on, the beau6fully landscaped yards, mature trees, and the convenience of Peoria’s locale. The McDaniel’s hearOelt passion, reminiscing the life they ar6culate they’ve been ‘blessed to have’ is tangible.

Fiona’s convic6on regarding the poli6cal situa6on on immigra6on is rooted in her family’s history. Her father, a patriot of his homeland, foresaw the opportuni6es in America would provide advancements in his career as an engineer and for his family. Fiona conveyed personal disappointment in the lack of compassion toward those desiring what her father sought years ago. She believes most seek ci6zenship with favorable mo6ves to both benefit and contribute in America. Ric shared he and Fiona upheld her father’s legacy by building a strong family with their own children and grandchildren.

They’re both re6red, Ric from 31 years at Caterpillar Marke6ng where he worked as a Program Manager (toy and scale model) the last 15 years, and Fiona as a legal secretary for 30 plus years at law firms in Aurora, Bloomington, and Peoria. Ric graduated from ISU with a BS in Educa6on/English, while Fiona worked and earned her, ‘PHT – Pu\ng Hubby Through.’

Exploring their future, they’re torn over the decision to leave Lynnhurst and the Peoria area. Fiona stated, “I love that our community has a lot to offer for a town its size!” Their children are both married and well established. With their daughter and four children living in Colorado, and their son and his two children in Chicago, they don’t mind the drive to be with family. The grandchildren’s events and ac6vi6es are aAended, “As much as possible.”

Fiona’s family emigrated from Scotland and moved to Illinois in 1966 where she met Ric at the newly built high school in Batavia. He dis6nctly remembers the longhaired young lady he observed down the hall, ‘looking lost.’ He was immediately smiAen, but admits her Sco\sh accent was a clincher. Before they married in 1972, Fiona and a girlfriend hitchhiked through Europe, even into Turkey and Afghanistan. Recalling her bold adventure, (without access to communica6on) Ric’s face displayed his past concern over the con6nual ques6on that plagued his mind, “Where is she!”

Ric recently underwent knee replacement and back surgery to fulfill their desire to travel. They’re char6ng the na6onal parks out west and Italy as sites to, “Travel while we can,” Ric said. Fiona enjoys walking the neighborhood, reading, live music, and local theater. Ric busies himself bicycling, feeding his birds, reading fic6on, and suppor6ng the Chicago Cubs. Mee6ng the McDaniels is a reminder of the special people that make our neighborhood excep6onal.

They believe technology is the most significant change in their life6me. Fiona recalls working on a typewriter with carbon and onion skin paper, and Ric remembers using telex, and sharing one landline phone in the workplace. They enjoy the advancement of personal communica6ons and being readily informed, but agree it doesn’t all qualify as daily, “Breaking news.”



Garbage Collec9on Changes Coming Effec6ve January 7th, the City of Peoria is making some garbage pickup changes. One of the major ones is to change the weekly collec6on schedule, though Lynnhurst is not affected (s6ll collected on Tuesday). Other changes include: • yard waste dates extended… now March 15th to December 15th. • residents are encouraged to use their own containers for yard waste.

acebook As a reminder, Facebook is maintained by volunteers who work to approve pos6ngs in a 6mely manner. The communicated concerns of our residents are important, but please keep language family-friendly and use an informa6ve tone.

As usual, the collec6on will be delayed one day if its normal scheduled day falls on or aker New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. For full details, visit

Lynnhurst Annual Dinner 6 pm, Saturday, Jan. 12th, 2019

Come and join us for an informal get-together. • pizza & soft drinks, compliments of your LHA Board. • review 2018 neighborhood status. • discuss potential events for 2019. • determine Board members for 2019. • enjoy camaraderie with fellow Lynnhurst residents. Just the way we like it… a fun neighborhood Halloween with no problems.

Willow Knolls Shopping Center

Welcome new Neighbors!! The Lynnhurst Homeowners’ Associa6on and neighborhood would like to extend a warm welcome to our new neighbors: • Amanda & Mike Dudley, Post Oak Rd. • Marilyn & Lawson Giles, Post Oak Rd. • Jaci Packard, Broyhill Ct. • Wendy & Perry Thuente, Woodway Rd. If you have any ques6ons or concerns, feel free to contact any Board member.

Hope to see you at some events!

Gardeners Wanted! Do you like to garden? Is your landscaping

a monument to horticulture? Do you

struggle with plants but aspire to green

thumbery? Join me in starting a Lynnhurst

Garden Club! I envision a monthly social /

educational event where we can meet and share

tips, camaraderie, and maybe plants! Planned

launch in early 2019. If you are interested, please email me with a day of the week that works best for you to meet. Laura Hertz, Master Gardener-in-training


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4th Quarter, 2018

Betcha can’t wait!

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Lynnhurst Gazette 2019 Q4

Lynnhurst Gazette 2019 Q4  

Lynnhurst Gazette 2019 Q4