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This is Chloe.

Yes. No. Maybe. by Lynn Ho

She just received an invitation from her best friend...

Chloe hasn’t replied yet though, because of...

hey Chloe! wanna accompany me to church tmr? it’ll be fun =) -Rachel


She is going to attend church.

A christian community will help Chloe grow to become a better person.

Bite Me.

Says who? She’ll be bored stiff there!

She will not be bored there. Churches have a variety of ministries and events for Chloe to be a part of.

Why do you have to be so


Are you mocking me in


Ministry of what? prudes?

ßå∫ç∂µ øœß†¡§

“Thou Shalt not bore the living daylights out of Chloe.”


You can bully me all you want but I’m still going to try my best to convince Chloe to attend Church.





Oh yeah?

Hell Hounds W...what are those?

Just thought they looked cool. Why do you have them?

oh and also, if you try to convince Chloe to attend church, I’ll set my hell hounds on you.

bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz

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hey Chloe! forgot to tell you that Parker Lum, the hottest guy in school, attends my church too. see you there ;) -Rachel

What time’s the service again?

Yes. No. Maybe.  
Yes. No. Maybe.  

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