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A Triumphant Day for PWD Sector Finally, the PWD sector won the battle against Mercury Drug Corporation and the other drugstores. This was announced to the general public on March 1, 2011 during the press conference conducted by AKBAYAN Representative Walden Bello and Social Services Committee Chair Cong. Arturo Robes. The signing of a Memorandum of Agreement was held on the same day at Batasan Pambansa, Quezon City duly signed by Cong. Bello, Cong. Robes, Members of the Social Services Committee and representatives of Mercury Drug Corporation, BIR and all PWD leaders of AKAP Pinoy as shown in the pictures. Congratulations to the PWD Sector!

A Triumphant Day for PWD Sector  

Mercury Drug and other drug stores to give 20% discount on medicines to PWDs