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Are your single property websites generating the leads like you would like them to? If not, you need the call capture capabilities of our property websites with mobile phone technologies. Contact me and lets create your account today.

MARKETING SYSTEM FEATURES A complete professional property website "Texting for" property info with call capture Mobile phone website included Complete HD dynamic virtual tour created

The industry leader now offers single property websites with mobile phone website capabilities, including text messaging with call capture! Anyone can text your property ID to our system and receive property information and the URL to your mobile phone website... and their phone number is captured.

Unlimited HD pictures and HD Panoramic pics A complete showings feedback system Quick and fast online printing of flyers One-Click classified postings to Craig's List Feeds to popular classified real estate sites Easy to use online browser control panel

TeamPrimary Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc TeamPrimary Office: 860-783-5345

Quality CUSTOM PVC sign riders in full color 24 hour access to all marketing information Sell more, List more, Earn more!



Real Estate Agent/Loan Originator Single Property Agreement Dear Marketing Partner:

Regulation X Sec. 3500.14 Prohibition against kickbacks and unearned fees.

In order to maintain compliance with Regulation X Sec. 3500.14, we are required to share the expense of using the single property website for the intention of online marketing of homes. This online service is recognized as a “thing of value” and therefore requires the sharing of fees. Splat Group is hosting the domain/website for the purpose of marketing real estate agent’s listings. We require a nominal payment of $20.00 per quarter for the use of this co-branding tool. To ensure accurate documentation of the transfer of shared costs, please complete the following short form and fax immediately to 1-866-907-0668. After faxing, please mail a signed copy of the short form and a check made out to The Splat Group LLC to: Primary Residential Mortgage 63 East Center Road, 3rd Floor Manchester, CT 06040 By participating in the single-property website program, there is not an expectation, either written or implied, that this mutual relationship will be required to refer clients for settlement services. We must receive the completed form and payment within two weeks of the establishment of your account or we will be forced to delete your account. This will protect all parties involved and ensure compliance with Regulation X, Sec. 3500.14. Sincerely,

_____________________________ Loan Officer

Realtor/Agent Name:___________________________________

Company Name: _____________________________

Mailing Address:________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Email Address: ____________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________ Mobile Number: _______________________ By completing this form and remitting your Quarterly fee of $20.00, you are agreeing to terms set forth in the ePropertySites Services Terms of Use. ( X) Check here that you have read and understood the ePropertySites Terms of Use) Included is a (check one) ______check _______money order ___________Marketing Receipts for $20.00 per quarter, made payable to The Splat Group LLC.

________________________________________ Agent Signature

____________________________________ Loan Officer

Do Not Write Below This Line _____________________________________________________________________________________________

For Personnel Use Only __________Date Received

E-properties Set-up Form Administrator of e-property: Please check**

First time Set-up


Loan Officer Name:


Realtor Name:


Company Name:






Zip Code:


Cell Number:


Office Phone:




Craig's List

Yes Or No



Agreement Signed



Photo e-mailed to Michelle:



Logo e-mailed to Michelle:


Check(20.00 Per Quarter)

Make check payable to Splat Group LLC

Date Submitted:_____________

**Please make sure all boxes are checked before submitting Business Card Stickers (how many pages) Properties G-Numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Marketing for Realtors  

E-Property sites to assist Realtors with marketing their listings!

Marketing for Realtors  

E-Property sites to assist Realtors with marketing their listings!