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Calling all Potential Leaders!

February 2014

Come to a FAAR Forward event to explore roles in the association. By Suzanne Brady, ABR, CRB The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) invites members who are interested in becoming a future FAAR leader or want to participate in committees to the FAAR Forward event on February 27 at 9 am at FAAR.

Managers and brokers are urged to attend and bring agents in their offices who might be interested. Email the names of attendees to Suzanne Brady, smbrady@mris. com. She can answer any questions regarding the event or leadership roles. FAAR Leadership Development Committee (LDC) was created last year but its formal launch is 2014. The LDC is composed of members of the Board of Directors, the

Executive Committee and FAAR Past Presidents with the President, President-Elect and most recent Past President leading the group. The Committee’s focus is to:

1. Identify FAAR members who have leadership potential and/or want to get involved in committee activities. 2. Provide guidance and opportunities to committees and the Board of Directors to cultivate current and future leaders/ volunteers of the Association. 3. To create criteria for recruiting potential leaders and to nurture and encourage those on a leadership path.

Better communication drives re-structuring of FAAR committees

By Pat Breme, RCE, CIPS Chief Executive Director In order to generate better Professional Development, Member communication and an Outreach and Community Service. understanding of what each FAAR The diversity of the committee gives committee does the committees members an opportunity to select have been grouped into the a committee that best suits their following overarching categoriesskill and interests. Please consider

joining a committee. Contact a Committee Chair for more details about the work of the Committee. Give back to the local community of REALTORSÂŽ. Continued on pg. 22

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Calling all Potential Leaders!


Better communication drives re-structuring of FAAR Committees




NAR adds hurtle to claiming REALTOR® Emeritus status


Foundation Update


FAAR Hosts Series of Meetings on Impact of Military Installations to the Region


Fee to file an Ethics Complaint? NO!


FAAR Welcomes 2014 Leadership Team


2014 General Assembly Session Kicks Off


2014 RECA Designations and Certifications


2014 FAAR Groups and Committees, Chairs and Vice- Chairs, Staff Liaisons


RPAC: What’s all the fuss about?


2013, busy and productive


FAAR Members…Let’s Meetup!


NAR Field Guides




Debbie Irwin, ABR, GRI 2014 President

Welcome to a new year in real estate filled with new opportunities! FAAR leadership and staff are focused on maximizing our efforts to help you be profitable and professional. We have great education lined up, some excellent RPAC events, a noteworthy speaker scheduled for the fall trade show, and many more events planned for the year.

FAAR continues to grow in membership and in ideas. This year we are streamlining our committees and some events through three super groups, Member Outreach, Community Service, and Professional Development. These groups are helping to avoid overlap in staff efforts, volunteer time, and budget. I already see great progress with the committees combining efforts to maximize results. In addition, we have a newly formed Leadership Development Committee (LDC) comprised of our past leadership.

We are also ramping up for Strategic Planning this fall. This is a turning point in FAAR’s livelihood with new ideas, new problems, new solutions, and new leaders. Very exciting times! “What about me?” you ask. How can FAAR help you be profitable? Education is key to knowing how to do your job and do it well. Have goals, create a plan, work wisely, be efficient, and stick to it! And know your contract! If you need help with any of this, contact our Education Director Barbara Castillo. She can weave the material you need into our 2014 curriculum. It’s up to you to reach your goals, but you don’t need to be alone. There are several Member Outreach groups which may suit your needs. Would you like to keep the money you earn and help your client maximize the profit on their property? Then learn more about RPAC. Don’t miss out on REALTOR® Day-on-the-Hill,

Wednesday, February 12, 2014. Invest your time and visit our local legislators on their turf in Richmond. They know we are coming, and that they will hear what is important to REALTORS® and property owners. Sometimes we lobby and sometimes we simply thank them for their support. There will be different RPAC events throughout the year, and you can always reach out to Kim McClellan, our Government Affairs Director (GAD) for more information. And be sure to watch for the Taste of Virginia, coming soon! This is just a snippet of what is to come this year. I look forward to serving as your President this year, and I am excited knowing all of the offerings being planned for us as members of the Fredericksburg Area Association of REALTORS®!



NAR adds hurtle to claiming REALTOR® Emeritus status By Pat Breme, RCE, CIPS Chief Executive Director Previous to the November NAR convention all a member had to do to reach the REALTOR® Emeritus status was to be a member in good standing of a REALTOR® association for 40 years. That all changed with a vote by the Board of Directors. A criterion was added, so now a member must serve for at least one year on a local, state or national committee sometime during the 40 years. No service, no recognition from NAR and therefore the NAR dues will not be waived. For members who are eligible over the next five years and have not served on a Committee*, it is important ATTAINEES for 2014

Ann Black, GRI, CRB, ABR, SRES 1st Choice Better Homes & Land 01/01/1974 Thelma C. Cheadle, GRI Service Realty 08/01/1974 Arthur Chiavaroli Landmarc Real Estate 01/01/1974 Arlene Gettlin, CRS,GRI Coldwell Banker Elite 04/01/1974 Michael T. Lee D & B Realty 01/18/1974 Kathy Rice, GRI, CRS RE/MAX Super Center 01/01/1974 John T. Simpson, CRB Prudential/Simpson & Associates, REALTORS® 01/01/1974

to get on a FAAR, VAR or NAR Committee. The names of those coming into the zone from 2014- 2019 are listed below. Go to page 22 of this publication and look over what Committee might be of interest. Call the Chair to join the group.

After 2019 only service on a NAR committee will be acceptable. Appointments to NAR committees are difficult to get and the application has to be reviewed and endorsed by VAR. Currently, both FAAR and the Virginia Association of REALTORS® waive their ATTAINEES FOR 2015 J.M. Wood Johnson & Glazebrook 07/15/1975


portion of the dues. Both will have to decide whether they will continue the practice regardless of the NAR criteria. Hypothetically, the state or FAAR could establish its own REALTOR® Emeritus status and forgive VAR/FAAR dues portion of the entire bill. Stay tuned. Neither association has made a decision, yet. *Serving on the Board of Directors also counts.

Alex Long, IV, CCIM,ALC Weichert, REALTORS® 11/01/1978

Harrison M. Simpson, CRB,CRS,GRI Prudential Simpson & Associates, ATTAINEES FOR 2016 REALTORS® 01/01/1978 John S. Cheadle, GRI,GAA Service Realty ATTAINEES FOR 2019 01/01/1976 Frank A. Franco Gayle Elliott Park Hill Properties, Inc. Coldwell Banker Elite 01/01/1979 01/01/1976 Christian Kaila, GAA ATTAINEES FOR 2017 Exit Professional Real Estate 08/01/1979 None Beverly A. Mabbitt ATTAINEES FOR 2018 Century 21 AdVenture Redwood 08/01/1979 Phyllis M. Clark, GRI Century 21 AdVenture Redwood Patsy Thompson, GRI, CRB, CRS 09/01/1978 Rappahannock Properties, Inc. 01/19/1979 Betty M. Jasmund, GRI Coldwell Banker Elite 01/01/1978


A Year of Giving: Fredericksburg REALTORS® Foundation Update By Carolyn Liddell, President

When I took over as President of the Fredericksburg REALTORS® Foundation, my goal was to expand understanding of the Foundation among FAAR members and to give away as much money as possible to deserving housing charities throughout our region. As I look back at 2013, I think we accomplished our goals and made a significant impact on our community. Throughout all of 2013, the Foundation raised nearly $10,000 in funds from members of FAAR. That is quite an accomplishment! These funds were raised at various

Foundation events including Bingo, Les Miserables at Riverside Dinner Theater, the Silent Auction, and the Installation. We are looking to do even more in 2014. An even more impressive number is how much money the Foundation granted out in 2013: a grand total of $14,100! This amount included some funds carried over from the previous year and every penny went to worthy causes across the Fredericksburg region. The Foundation gave money to Habitat for Humanity, the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank, the Thurman Brisben Center, Hope House, Micah Ecumenical Ministries,

Empowerhouse, and the Central Virginia Housing Coalition. All of these charities provided vital services for families and individuals in need. With our increased fundraising efforts in 2014, the Foundation will do even more good but we can’t do it without the help of our FAAR members. Help support this good work by playing a hand of Bingo, bidding on a great item at the Silent Auction, or buying a raffle ticket at the next FAAR event. With your support, we can make an even greater impact in 2014!


FAAR Hosts Series of Meetings on Impact of Military Installations to the Region By Kim McClellan, Government Affairs Director With the support of an NAR Smart Growth grant and sponsors NSWC Federal Credit Union and M&T Bank, FAAR hosted a series of meetings with area military bases to discuss land use planning and learn more about base operations.

Naval Support Facility Dahlgren

Captain Nette, commander of Naval Support Facility Dahlgren, provided FAAR members with information about base operations and the current status of the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS). Dahlgren has a stable workforce with a relatively small military footprint. Most employees at Dahlgren are civilian contractors, and of their 7,500 population, about 2,500 of those employees are contractors and not direct government employees. Money is slowing down due to sequestration, especially to the warfare center, but Captain Nette did not expect any major reductions in manpower at the base in the near future. There is not much that is done at Dahlgren that can be easily replicated elsewhere. Dahlgren has a $477 million civilian payroll, and clearly has a large impact on the economy of the local area. While there are not an overwhelming amount of noise complaints coming into the base, encroachment of the base’s mission is a concern. Dahlgren tests weapons systems and fires ordnance downriver at varying times throughout the year. This mission is key to the base and if it were to be constrained due to encroachment by

development, that could have a negative impact on the base.

The base is currently undergoing a Joint Land Use Study in cooperation with surrounding counties and localities to help create a series of recommendations to ensure that the base can continue to operate successfully and the communities can still grow and thrive. Public hearings will be held on the JLUS and REALTORSÂŽ are encouraged to attend and give their perspective.

Marine Corps Base Quantico

Marine Corps Base Quantico has a long history training warriors in the U.S. military and originally located in Stafford because of its rural location and cheap land. Much has changed around Quantico since it located here prior to World War I, but its mission remains the same. Quantico houses Officer Candidate School, The Basic School, weapons training, infantry courses, embassy security, and Marine Corps University among many other things. Quantico is also home to the helicopter unit for the President as well as many non-Marine tenants like the FBI, DEA, Military Defense Investigative Agencies, the Marine Corps Museum, and the Town of Quantico. There are 7,000 Marines on any given time at the base along with 11,000 civilian employees plus families and contractors. In 2011, the total economic impact of Quantico was $5.9 billion. The base is always concerned about encroachment from both within and outside the


fence line. With so many tenant commands, land and space are at a premium. Radio frequency, light pollution, and competition for air space are concerns of the base. Fauquier and Prince William counties have good buffers adjacent to the base but residential development in Stafford County comes right up to the fence line in many areas.

The JLUS Study Partners have released a final report of recommendations for consideration by the local jurisdictions. There are many interesting recommendations in the report but of the greatest interest to the real estate industry are the recommendations centered on noise and disclosure. The report

recommends that a noise study be conducted, a noise overlay zone be implemented, and that disclosures are triggered within the noise zone. These are long-term recommendations and it will be up to the jurisdictions to decide how to proceed. FAAR will continue to engage the JLUS partners and local government to make sure the voice of real estate is heard if these recommendations are adopted.

Fort A.P. Hill

Commander Peter Dargle shared information about Fort A.P. Hill with FAAR members in midNovember. Commander Dargle presented a lot of information that meeting participants were not familiar with such as the fact that Navy Seal units do land-based training at Fort A.P. Hill. The base also hosts night vision research, can support any weapons system in the military and serves as the


contingency operations location for many military functions in the event of a major disaster. The base is 76,000 acres total and encompasses 25% of Caroline County. Noise is an issue for Fort A.P. Hill especially when the Explosive Ordnance Removal (EOD) School opened up in 2012. Fort A.P. Hill has recommended as part of the Joint Land Use Study that a unified disclosure statement about the installation be made part of the real estate transaction process and that the localities develop a military district overlay. The base would like areas that are incompatible with development to be placed in that overlay district. REALTORSŽ are concerned with the possible impacts to property values and difficulty with resale for existing homes already in the overlay district and are also concerned about the potential impact to undeveloped land in that district. There are many questions about this potential recommendation and the Commander said it’s important that REALTORSŽ remain engaged in the JLUS process to let those concerns be heard and addressed.

Why Choose RGS Title, LLC? We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the needs of our clients with impeccable service and industry expertise. We are more than just a title company, we are a title partner. RGS Title Fredericksburg 2015 Plank Road Fredericksburg VA 22401 T: 540-372-4100 F: 540-372-4114

RGS Title Stafford 45 Doc Stone Road Stafford VA 22556 T: 540-288-1747 F: 540-288-1797

BRANCH MANAGER Alicia Thompson


Fee to file an Ethics Complaint? NO!


By Pat Breme, RCE, CIPS Chief Executive Director Let me start off by dispelling a misconception regarding filing an ethics complaint with FAAR. THERE IS NO FEE, however, members must complete a form, attach a narrative detailing the situation and file within 180 days of the occurrence or knowledge of the occurrence. Additionally, there is no fee if the complaint is processed through the Citation System. The mediation process has no fee. There are, however, fees for the followingA $250 Processing Fee is imposed on a member who is found in violation of an Article of the Code. A Broker who requests an arbitration and the responding broker are levied a $350 Filing Fee. The party who prevails is refunded the Filing Fee. Appealing an Ethics Hearing Decision- $250 Requesting a Procedural Review$250 Dispute Resolution Fee- $250 from the primary parties

The fees are not a revenue source to FAAR because there is a great deal of staff time involved in the administration of each service- scheduling and attendance at meetings, paperwork, research/procedure compliance, communications, etc.

What happened to the golden rule?

Pathways to Professionalism- Do unto others… Created by the National Association of REALTORS®, Pathways to Professionalism is a useful, common sense guide to simple courtesy. For example,

- Never allow buyers to enter listed property unaccompanied. - Respond to other agents’ calls, faxes, and e-mails promptly and courteously.

Some describe filing an ethics complaint as ratting out, snitching, and view the whole process as unsavory. For the Complainant, time is spent on writing a narrative, citing Articles and gathering information. From the Respondent’s The Law of the REALTOR® point of view, time is spent on world… The Code of Ethics gathering documents to defend his The Code of Ethics is a REALTOR’S® or her motives and actions. When a complaint is sent to FAAR, compass for professional behavior. a Grievance Committee meeting is It is composed of 17 Articles convened to examine the complaint covering duties to clients and to see if it has been properly filed. customers, the public and to REALTORS®. The Code goes beyond The Committee does not review the information from the Respondent. common sense niceties to what The Grievance Committee bases REALTORS® pledge to abide by its decision on the facts of the in their business activities. For Complaint and the final question REALTORS®, it is the law! asked is, “If the facts alleged in the complaint were taken as true The short sale/foreclosure market on their face, is it possible that and the economic downturn a violation of the Code of Ethics spawned many transaction occurred?” difficulties, odd scenarios, and In most cases the Complaint is stress. The Code has been twisted, moved on to a hearing because the misinterpreted and in some cases, answer is usually, yes. Why doesn’t ignored altogether. the Grievance Committee look at the Respondent’s view of the Observing unprofessional situation? behavior…Filing an ethics complaint- Is it really snitching? Continued on pg. 12 , Member Resources, under Professional Standards to findCode of Ethics Ethics Complaint Form- #E1 Outline of Procedure for Ethics Hearing Request & Agreement to Arbitrate- #A-1 Response and Agreement to Arbitrate- #A-4 Outline of Procedure for Arbitration Hearing #A-10 Request for Mediation, Option 1 2011 Citation System Brochure Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of the Code of Ethics’ 100-Year History


Our Name Says It All.



Hotel & Conference Center

Complimentary breakfast • Complimentary wireless Internet • Ample free parking Surrounded by restaurants, entertainment and shopping in the heart of Central Park Workout room • Business center • Night club with live entertainment on weekends All rooms have balconies or walk-outs • Two restaurants 540/786-8321 • 800/682-1049 • 2801 Plank Road • Fredericksburg, Virginia •

When a group has both sides presented it is too easy to draw conclusions and determine outcomes.

That is not the role of the Grievance Committee. It acts like a Grand Jury and only looks at the complaint’s viability. It can also dismiss a complaint.

The Citation System

With the adoption of the Citation System, the Grievance Committee may decide a complaint fits the criteria and will ask the Respondent whether he or she wants the issue to proceed to a hearing or, without admitting guilt, pay a fine and/or attend mandatory education for the alleged violation. The program only covers certain Articles of the Code- 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 12. The fines range from $150 to $500. Complaints coming from other participating Associations- PWAR, DAAR, NVAR, BRAR and GPAAR, will be treated in the same way as outlined. Is it like getting a traffic ticket? Yes. The Respondent accepting the fine avoids an uncomfortable and time consuming hearing process. The Complainant is satisfied because justice is served by drawing attention to unprofessional behavior.

Where’s my commission?

Another service the REALTOR® Association offers is arbitration of contractual disputes. Most often disputes are over commissionswho was the procuring cause of the sale? This is a broker-to-broker issue but the agents who are party to the transaction are involved and usually testify at the hearing. There are no cookie cutter answers to

an arbitration involving procuring cause. The answer to “who did the work” question is colored by many things, such as, client behavior, lapses in service, lack of communication between all parties, etc. Some disagreements can be resolved and the formal process averted if brokers are willing to agree to a resolution.

Mediation, a reasonable compromise

The National Association of REALTORS® urges its members to use the mediation process. FAAR offers mediation to the parties after the Grievance Committee has determined an issue is an arbitral matter or has determined that an ethics complaint needs to advance to a hearing. Both parties must agree to come to the table to try to resolve the matter. If mediation fails or one party declines the offer to mediate, the case moves on to the hearing process.

The hearing

Due process is the goal of the hearing because both sides have an opportunity to present their case, call their witnesses, and cross-examine. Only after both the Complainant and Respondent have their say does a panel of peers decide whether a violation has occurred. It is a fair process and much is disclosed during the process. The truth usually rises to the surface. If an agent is found in violation the panel serves a disciplinary action ranging from taking a class on a particular subject to expulsion from the Association. The Association cannot take a license away, that is the responsibility of the Virginia Real Estate Board, who by the way


has its own complaint process independent of whatever action the Association takes.

Broker to broker problem solving

Often unprofessional activities or commission disputes are resolved if brokers take it upon themselves to communicate with each other. Often problems don’t have to become formal complaint requests for arbitration or worse, not addressed at all, if brokers step in and resolve issues.

Ignoring the problems

Unprofessional behavior ultimately harms everyone in the business. The public, who may be a victim, is observing the behavior and forming negative opinions about REALTORS® in general. If warranted, use the professional standards services of the Association but always be mindful of the standards of the REALTORS® pledge themselves to observe. I PLEDGE MYSELF TO PROTECT THE INDIVIDUAL RIGHT OF REAL ESTATE OWNERSHIP AND TO WIDEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO ENJOY IT; TO BE HONORABLE AND HONEST IN ALL DEALINGS; TO SEEK TO BETTER REPRESENT MY CLIENTS BY BUILDING MY KNOWLEDGE AND COMPETENCE; TO ACT HONESTLY TOWARDS ALL IN THE SPIRIT OF THE GOLDEN RULE; TO SERVE WELL MY COMMUNITY, AND THROUGH IT MY COUNTRY; TO OBSERVE THE REALTORS'® CODE OF ETHICS AND TO CONFORM MY CONDUCT TO ITS LOFTY IDEALS.



FAAR Welcomes 2014 Leadership Team FAAR welcomed the 2014 leadership team and honored its members at the annual Changing of the Guard Installation Dinner held on December 10, 2013 at the Old Silk Mill in downtown Fredericksburg.

Incoming President Debbie Irwin and her leadership team were installed by Claire ForcierRowe, 2011 FAAR President and Managing Broker with Coldwell Banker Elite in Massaponax. Irwin has served for several years on the FAAR Board of Directors and will focus on helping members build their real estate business during her year in office.

Several awards were also given out, including:

Affiliate of the Year:

Phillip Blake of MBH Settlement Group was the recipient of this year’s Affiliate of the Year Award. Phillip is known for his attention to detail and willingness to help during the entire settlement

process. Phillip is actively engaged at FAAR participating in many classes, briefings, and new agent training sessions. In addition, Phillip has strong ties to the community serving as president of Spotsylvania Little League and coaching two area sports teams.

President’s Award

Debbie Irwin was the recipient of this year’s President’s Award for her assistance to Suzanne Brady during her term as President.

REALTOR® Emeritus

Jim Smith, Century 21 AdVenture Redwood Mary Williams, Williams Realty

Good Neighbor Award

Michelle Wilson, Century 21 New Millennium Michelle has been a tireless supporter of the Greater Fredericksburg Habitat for Humanity’s Ride Virginia and for

FAAR’s annual Cereal Drive that benefits local food banks.

Kevin Breen, Coldwell Banker Elite Kevin is a founding member of the Fredericksburg Area Running Club. Kevin provides financial support for the club’s races by purchasing prizes for race winners so that all of the race proceeds can be donated to charity.

Hall of Fame Award

Claire Forcier-Rowe, Coldwell Banker Elite Claire has dedicated significant personal time and financial resources to supporting the REALTOR® family at all levels. She is very active at the FAAR level, having served on numerous committees, the Board of Directors, and as a Foundation Governor. She is also actively engaged at the state association serving on the Board of Directors and currently serves on a committee at the national association and is a NAR Leadership Academy graduate. Continued on pg. 15

Silver Circle Awards This award is presented to members who have attained 25 years of continuous membership in FAAR. Joining the Silver Circle in 2013: Diane E. Kelso, Dove Real Estate Margaret C. Bailey Sun Realty of Fredericksburg Samantha Bailey Century 21 AdVenture Redwood William J. Blount Lake Anna Island Realty Inc. Victoria Clark Jennings Preferred Realty LLC William E. Culbertson William E. Culbertson Real Estate, LLC David G. Jones, GRI, CRS Century 21 AdVenture Redwood Carol H. Manns Pitts & Manns Realty

Ruth E. Manzano Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc Valerie Moss Coldwell Banker Elite William Paule, Jr. Coldwell Banker Elite Susan D. Reid, ABR Century 21 New Millennium Stafford Robert R. Rochon Rochon Realty, Inc. Peter Romani Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc

The 2014 FAAR Leadership team: President Debbie Irwin, Coldwell Banker Elite President-Elect Brooke Miller, Long & Foster, Inc.

Vice President Christine Singhass, Realty World Select

Secretary Jorge Robert, Coldwell Banker Elite Treasurer Linda Fosdick, Dockside Realty

Directors Bob Mercurio, Long and Foster, Inc. Karin Whitley, Coldwell Banker Elite

Arlene Mason, Coldwell Banker Carriage House Paddy Osborne, Coldwell Banker Carriage House Mark Geslock, Keller Williams Superior Realty Erin Newbill, Coldwell Banker Elite

Immediate Past President Suzanne Brady, Century 21 AdVenture Redwood, will join the 2014 Leadership Team on the Board of Directors.


2014 General Assembly Session Kicks Off, Don’t Miss REALTOR® Day on the Hill! challenges presented by property owners associations.

The 2014 General Assembly session officially began on January 8, 2014. This year features a long session for the legislature along with a new administration. REALTORS® have a robust agenda for consideration. FAAR members will join REALTORS® from across the state on February 12, 2014 to advocate for these issues at REALTOR® Day on the Hill.

2014 VAR Legislative Agenda

First-Time Homebuyers Savings Plan: There was broad support for this piece of legislation in 2013, but a few details needed to be worked out with the banking community. The new bill allows savings plans to be established for first-time homebuyers to help cover qualified expenses such as down payment, closing costs, and associated fees. The growth on these accounts is not taxed. Landlord Tenant: There are several measures aimed at protecting both tenants and property managers.

POA/Condo Act: This bill will help address the annual

Vested Rights: This bill strives to protect homeowners and their property by requiring local governments to recognize and comply with existing vested rights laws.

Criminal Accusations Against Real Estate Licensees: This bill would require an attorney who files a lawsuit against a REALTOR® for false advertising but who has not been convicted of such a crime to pay reasonable attorneys fees for defending the false allegation.


FAAR will also be providing VISA gift cards for those carpooling down to Richmond for Day on the Hill. To be eligible to receive the $40 gift card to defray the cost of gas and parking, each driver must take at least 3 other individuals and sign up with GAD, Kim McClellan, in advance. Please email kmcclellan@ if you plan on carpooling or if you need to find additional riders.

Day on the Hill

REALTORS® will descend on Capitol Square on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 to make their voices heard during the legislative process. Register for the conference and Day on the Hill activities at www. Attendees must register and pay for at least the one-day option if attending the legislative briefing, lunch or guest speaker. If attendees only want to attend Day on the Hill meetings with legislators, registration is not required but please email kmcclellan@ to receive the schedule of visits.

Leaving the business for retirment… Enjoy new adventures. Thank you for being a member of FAAR. Century 21 AdVenture Redwood Catherine Welch Irving Grimes Pat Bodolosky Aquia Realty JD Moore MACDOC Realty Christine Melcho Grenn Realty Carl Grenn




2014 RECA Designations and Certifications No need to travel far, just come to FAAR!

February 19, from 8:00 – 5:00 GRI #411 live in the classroom with Donna Austin. GRI #411, “Successful SettlementManaging the Transaction” is a required course to earn the GRI designation, and offers 6 hours of CE-elective or 2 hours of PL. This class will help agents avoid the angry, anxious, exhausted looks at and after the closing table. Attend this course for tools for managing the transaction, including how to organize and communicate for the best possible closing results.

February 20, from 8:00 – 5:00 e-PRO certification with Matthew Rathbun. e-PRO® is a revolutionary training program presented entirely online to certify real estate agents and brokers as Internet Professionals. The National Association of REALTORS is the first major trade group to offer certification for online professionalism. e-PRO® is not just about technology - it's about how agents can leverage their most powerful asset, people-

skills, into doing more business on the Internet. e-PRO® provides: Exhaustive Internet Training Unique Competitive Advantage Professional Distinction

March 7, 2014 from 8:00 -5:00 Military Relocation Certification (MRP) with instructor Arleen Roberts. The goal of Military Relocation Professional Certification Core Course is to educate real estate professionals about working with current and former military service members to find the housing solutions that best suit their needs—as sellers or buyers-and take full advantage of military benefits and support. Students will learn how to provide the real estate services—at any stage in the service member’s military career— that meet the needs of this niche market and win future referrals!

March 18 and 19 from 8:00 – 5:00 the ABR core class with Donna Austin! The Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) designation is designed for real estate buyer agents who focus on working directly with buyer-clients. ABR graduates gain: • Valuable real estate education that elevates your skills and knowledge in the eyes of home buyers. • Ongoing specialized information, programs and updates that help agents stay on top of the issues and trends in successfully representing home buyers. • Access to REBAC membersonly marketing tools and resources, which provide an additional competitive edge.

FAAR Congratulates Sherry Bailey for her appointment to the Stafford County Planning Commission!



2014 FAAR Groups and Committees, Chairs and Vice- Chairs, Staff Liaisons Education Committee (RECA) Karin Whitley (C) Coldwell Banker Elite – Southpoint Sandi Sheehan (VC) Sheeselz Realty LLC

Barbara Castillo Staff Liaison

Government/ Legislative Committee Claire Forcier-Rowe (C) Coldwell Banker Elite – Southpoint Juli Mock (VC) Realty World Select

Kim McClellan Staff Liaison

RPAC Committee

Claire Forcier-Rowe (C) Coldwell Banker Elite – Southpoint. Sha Williams- Hinnant (VC) 1st Choice Homes & Land

Kim McClellan Staff Liaison

Grievance Committee Dave Moberly (C) Dockside Realty Alicia Angstadt (VC) Angstadt Real Estate Pat Breme Staff Liaison

Professional Standards Committee Betty Jasmund (C) Coldwell Banker Elite – Stafford Lynn Lenahan (VC) 1st Choice Better Homes & Land Pat Breme Staff Liaison

Public Relations Committee Erin Newbill (C) Coldwell Banker Elite- Southpoint

Ruth Dodson (VC) Coldwell Banker Elite- Southpoint Lynn Desena Staff Liaison

Technology Committee

Paddy Osborne (C) Coldwell Banker Carriage House Realty Lynn Desena Staff Liaison

Century 21 AdVenture Redwood Chip Taylor (VC) Century 21 Battlefield

Pat Breme Staff Liaison

MBN Committee

Sabrina Anderson (C) Coldwell Banker Carriage House Lauren Truchsess (VC) Century 21 New Millennium

Lori Hillard-Wehr Staff Liaison

Multicultural Committee

Elsa Rake (C) Century 21 AdVenture- RedwoodStafford Young Cameron (VC) 1st Choice Better Homes & Land Barbara Castillo Staff Liaison

Member Outreach Group

Property Management Committee

Chip Taylor (C) Century 21 Battlefield

Jo Anne Green (C) Military Plus Property Management

Leadership Development Committee

Kim McClellan Staff Liaison

Suzanne Brady (VC) Century 21 AdVenture Redwood

Suzanne Brady (C)

Judith Graham (VC) REMAX Allegiance

Continued on pg. 23


Special Functions Committee Sharon Shade (C) RE/MAX Allegiance

Mary Beth Rich (VC) Century 21 New Millennium Lynn Desena Staff Liaison

YPN Committee

Josh Phares (C) Century21 New Millennium

Laura Fangman (VC) Nest Realty Group

Barbara Castillo Staff Liaison

Community Service Group

Brooke Miller Long and Foster- Inc. Claire Forcier-Rowe Coldwell Banker Elite- Southpoint

Community Outreach Committee Jeanette Brown (C) REMAX Allegiance

Melissa Stewart (VC) Coldwell Banker Elite- King George Barbara Castillo Staff Liaison

Foundation (Officers selected by Governors – pending) Carolyn Liddell (President) Sun Realty Cindy LeBrun (Treasurer) Coldwell Banker Elite

Mary Beth Rich (Secretary) Century 21 New Millennium

Kim McClellan Staff Liaison

Other groups-

Fredericksburg Area Housing Alliance- partnership with Central Virginia Housing Coalition Meetups- informal member gatherings




RPAC: What’s all the fuss about? By Claire Forcier-Rowe, Government Affairs Committee Chair and Sha Williams-Hinnant, Government Affairs Committee Vice-Chair RPAC stands for the REALTORS® Political Action Committee and it’s something that we talk about a lot. The importance of investing in RPAC is a common refrain at FAAR events but a lot of you are probably thinking, “What’s the big deal about RPAC? Why do I have to invest?” That is a great question and one that we don’t do enough to answer.

ance rate increases. The fight continues on, but REALTORS® have the support of many Members of the Congress and NAR is hopeful that the worst of the increases will be delayed until a better compromise can be developed.

At the state level, the transportation bill was a major victory for citizens of the Commonwealth. After many Investing in RPAC is the best way years of advocating for transportafor us to protect and promote our tion reform, VAR was an integral business at all levels of government. player in supporting Governor RPAC dollars in local races help McDonnell’s transportation bill and elect business-friendly candidates bringing about a positive change who understand the value of the that will help all Virginians. While real estate market. Legislators sup- the bill wasn’t perfect, it was a good ported by RPAC dollars carry bills compromise that enabled the state in the General Assembly that bring to take a step forward in the battle greater professionalism to the real against gridlock. The voice of the estate industry and help protect REALTOR® community was heard consumers. One voice can often get loud and clear in Richmond and lost in the din, but REALTORS® are helped make the idea of reform a 30,000 voices strong in the Comreality. monwealth of Virginia and we give to RPAC so that REALTORS® voices At the local level, FAAR has brought rise above the rest. a sharp focus on our local military installations and how we interact So what kind of issues are we talkwith them. There are many elected ing about? There were many issues officials who FAAR has worked in 2013 that elected officials had hard to establish good relationships a direct impact on. At the federal with that are willing to listen to level, the changes to the National concerns about potential disclosure Flood Insurance Program caused requirements for military installaconcern for many homeowners and tions. RPAC is an integral tool for REALTORS® throughout the counREALTOR® associations to use at try. NAR issued a Call for Action all levels of government to elect and called on our friends in the U.S. and support candidates who will in Congress to help delay flood insurturn support us. Our jobs would be

much harder if we didn’t have RPAC in our corner as a silent insurance policy against harmful government regulation. This year we have several events planned to educate and encourage our members to be investors in RPAC. While we may not always agree on all political topics, we do agree on one, our real estate business! We will continue to support and lead our industry forward on legislative issues and ensure that we have the ability to do business here in Virginia as REALTORS®. We hope to see you at our events and that you take the time to educate yourself on the value of your REALTORS® Political Action Committee! We are here to answer questions or if you have a desire to get involved, please join our committee.

Invest in RPAC not only for today, but for your business tomorrow!


A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO FAAR’S 2014 MAJOR RPAC INVESTORS! Suzy Stone: $2,500* Claire Forcier-Rowe: $2,500* Alicia Angstadt: $1,000 Dave Moberly: $1,000 Pat Breme: $1,000 Drew Fristoe: $380 Suzanne Brady: $280 Linda Fosdick: $280 Dawn Josemans: $250 Mary Beth Rich: $250

Want to join this distinguished list of FAAR members? Make your contribution of $250 or more today!






Michele Freemyers, Principal Leggett, Simon, Freemyers and Lyon, Counsel

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2013, busy and productive By Pat Breme, RCE, CIPS Chief Executive Director

• The Member Outreach Task Force spawned the successful Meetup program which hosted several events. • Leadership Development Committee (includes the Nominating Committee) was created to take on various activities including evaluating the Board Evaluation feedback, seeking new leaders. • FAAR attended a Pinnacle session in May and another in November. Those attending, President Suzanne Brady, President- Elect Debbie Irwin and CEO Pat Breme, will bring the Pinnacle concepts to the strategic planning scheduled in 2014. The signature product of the May meeting was crafting a FAAR Strategic Intent. At the November meeting the program concentrated on customizing member services and products, “touching” the member with personalized customer service. • A new Investment Policy and a Professional Standards Manual was crafted and the Policy Manual revamped. • The Member Lounge was launched and FAAR hosted a very successful Member Appreciation Month (March). • The new website was launched and staff worked through many technical issues. • FAAR is soliciting VAR Issues Mobilization funds to cover the fee of Chips Dicks who will assist FAAR in researching a land use issue. RPAC funds were solicited for three local candidates. • The Public Relations video was

posted at the website and members are welcome to request a copy. Those options were chosen over mass distribution of a DVD. The video was shown at the trade show and October Home Show. • Three meetings, each featuring a different military base were

• •

• •

held. The committee voted not to form a FAAR PAC. A second Murder Mystery was hosted. AMP partners increased from 12 to 27. FAAR sponsored a scavenger hunt in downtown Fredericksburg for the VLA class and Melanie Thompson hosted a dinner in her home. Two of the students are FAAR membersArlene Mason and Drew Fristoe. Claire Forcier-Rowe graduated from NAR’s Leadership Academy, one of just two from Virginia. The FAAR’s Hoppin’ Confer-

ence and Trade Show won great reviews and was a profitable event. The Halloween Mixer and the Installation changed venue to the Old Silk Mill. • RECA had a banner year, exceeding its income budget and expanding its instructor base. • The office visits continued and

as before are very appreciated by the agents. • Created a location at the website where managers can retrieve flyers for in-house promoting of FAAR events.

2014, more value added plans

• Continue to tweak the new website. • Explore a mobile app. • Add more video clips to member communications • Reformulate the Broker

• • • • • • • • • •

Update; rotate RECA and Legisla- • Establish an annual calendar of tive Updates with regular FAAR Property Management Forum Update quarterly meetings Create editable flyer for companies to brand to promote FAAR RECA events Solicit feedback from the member- • Host an introductory CCIM ship to prepare for the fall strateclass. (Held January 16) gic planning. • Begin new series- “What’s Hot” Urge the creation of other meet- • Expand Lunch and Learns- 10 ups for different member interest. classes per year Host a 2nd membership Apprecia- • Add a GRI- total of 2 live and 3 tion Month; add CE classes VTC Add commercial stats to quarterly • Offer the Military Relocation RBI report certification Feature a keynote speaker at the • Create a class taught by comTrade Show mercial agents for residential Host RPAC fundraiser- “Taste of agents Virginia” and a RPAC breakfast event Host a Regional Transportation Summit Establish a Speakers Bureau Host Governmental Affairs sponsored road shows like the one held at Lake Anna on specific issue in a locality

FAAR Update


The Update has a new look in 2014. It will still be sent out every week but with a different focus for each week of the month. Week one of the month will feature general FAAR news, week two focuses on legislative and policy issues, week three will be for brokers only, and week four will feature education classes and news. Every update will have a calendar of events and links to registration.


FAAR Members…Let’s Meetup! By Chip Taylor The New Year is off to a fast start chuck full of business opportunities! We hope you’ll take some time in 2014 to relax and join us for one of our monthly Meetup’s. What’s Meetup you ask? Meetup –Real Talk (FAAR) is a casual networking group focused on having a little fun, sharing tips and business information, learning and meeting other members of FAAR and affiliates. The great thing about Meetup is you can come to all of them or just one. It’s great if you can register in advance but you’re always welcome at the door. A typical Meetup is centered on a theme, many times a game. In 2013 we held Speed Networking, Jeopardy, Show and Tell and Pictionary

nights. Our January Meetup was a wild success and had a hilarious Family Feud theme. Meetup’s are really an opportunity to have a little fun, learn a nugget or two and meet new people. It’s designed to be very inclusive and we have everyone there from brand new agents to experienced pros. Our next Meetup will focus on building solid, long lasting relationships with your clients. It will be held on February 20th from 4:30-6:30, location to be announced soon. Future dates are March 20th, April 24th

and May 22nd with rotating locations at fabulous Fredericksburg area venues. Learn more about Meetup by going to Facebook and

searching for Meetup – Real Talk (FAAR), like our page and you’ll automatically receive information on coming Meetup’s for 2014.

Field Guides NAR has already done the research on numerous topics to enhance member marketing, expertise Take advantage of the research that NAR’s already done for REALTORSŽ. Field Guides are onestop resource packages on dozens of subjects of interest to members. Within each guide there are links to articles, books, websites, statistics, and other material on each subject. Look for Field Guides about: Go to General Topics Real Estate Brokerage Topics Sales & Marketing Topics Residential Real Estate

Commercial-Investment Real Estate International Real Estate Appraisal & Property Values Associations & Leadership

Legal, Legislative & Liability Issues Land Use Issues Technology Topics


FAAR 2014 Events—Save the Date!






July TBD

REALTOR® Family Day

July TBD

FAAR Blood Drive FAAR Office

February 5

REALTORS® Foundation Bingo Foundation Fundraiser, FAAR Office

February 12

REALTORS® Day on the Hill

February TBD

FAAR Blood Drive FAAR Office


(Membership Appreciation Month)

March 6


Conference & Trade Show Fredericksburg Expo Center

RPAC “Taste of Virginia Reception”

September 19

Homeless Shelter Dinner Thurman Brisben Center

March 13

FAAR Member Networking Event Splitsville/Muvico


March 20

Homeless Shelter Dinner Thurman Brisben Center

APRIL April 17

April 22

April 26

Cereal Drive FAAR Member Offices

October 28

Halloween Mixer FAAR Office

NOVEMBER Awards Lunch & Foundation Silent Auction, November TBD Fredericksburg Hospitality House & Conference Center Transportation Summit

RideVA 2013 Poker Run Benefiting Habitat for Humanity


October 1-24

Secret Santa Sign-Up


Secret Santa Drop-off

December 11

Installation Dinner

December 13 & 14 Candlelight Tour

RPAC Breakfast

IMPORTANT NOTE: Other events and/or dates and times may be added or changed throughout the year. Please check for up-todate information.


February 2/11/2014

















GRI # 411






March 03/03/14-04/14/14

Street Smarts






CE/PL Agency











































April 4/8/2014



CE/PL Agency

























July 7/16/2014




Please note schedule is subject to change.


March is for Members- Free Activities


Members truly are the heart of FAAR and there will be a whole month of opportunities to take advantage of to maximize your FAAR membership and have some fun. There will be educational opportunities to help strengthen your business, networking opportunities to meet other agents, and a chance to learn more about FAAR’s Affiliate Marketing Partners, the businesses you work with everyday that help support our Association. The best part is that the whole month of activities and opportunities is FREE for FAAR members! Details coming soon!



FAAR is pleased to announce its

2013 Affiliate Marketing Partners


and commends them for committing to support the association’s REALTOR® members. For quality real estate related services, contact any of the AMP partners listed below:

EMERALD PARTNERS: NSWC FEDERAL C & F MORTGAGE CREDIT UNION Brian Whetzel Lisa Santiago 540/548-8855 540/644-8190 bwhetzel@ NSWC FEDERAL C & F MORTGAGE CREDIT UNION Tracy Bray Stephanie Lyles 540/548-8855 540/361-2212 tbray@cfmortgagegroup. com

RUBY PARTNERS: CONNORS PEST CONTROL Michelle Mullins 540/548-4844 FIDELITY BANK MORTGAGE Philip King 540/785-3333

GEORGE MASON MORTGAGE Tracy Atkinson 703/898-5331 STA TITLE Sonia Kuppert 540/368-5501

SAPPHIRE PARTNERS: M & T BANK Peter Habib 540/847-3200

M & T BANK Cheryl Myers 540/273-0100


GOLD PARTNERS: LEGACY Barbara Bartz 540/899-2222 RGS TITLE Alicia Thompson 540/372-4100 EKKO TITLE Michele R. Freemyers 540/899-1992 MBH SETTLEMENT GROUP Phillip Blake 540/373-1300 CSI COMPLETE HOME INSPECTIONS Barry Robinson 866/996-4274 RT. 3 SIMPLY STORAGE Cindi Smith 540/548-0520 WELLS FARGO Brian Brooks 540/785-3301 SUNTRUST MORTGAGE Tracy Atkinson 703/580-7862

BAYFIELD HOME LOANS Tanner Mulvihill 540/318 - 6108 MRIS Destiny Slawson 301/838-4652 THE PNC FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP Jim Martino 540/899-3253 MOORE’S BALLOON DÉCOR Stacy Moore 540/361-4742 EVER BANK Nick Bohn 540/907-5627 HOSPITALITY HOUSE Bonnie Martin 540/786-8321 x7112 NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Melanie Parker 800/531-7174 ext. 21122

THE FREE LANCE–STAR Bill Smith 540/374-5470 ALLEGRA DESIGN PRINT AND SIGN Jeffery Haperin For information on becoming 540/891-1885 a FAAR Affiliate Marketing Partner Contact Lynn DeSena, FAAR Marketing Director, 540/373-7711 or HDBROS Dan Clifton Fredericksburg Area Association of REALTORS® 540/840-0788 2050 Gordon W. Shelton Blvd., Fredericksburg, VA 22401 540/373-7711, Fax: 540/736-0301 • 7578060.


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Real Estate Career Academy is proud to offer all 30 hours of the new mandatory post-licensing education. RECA will be offering this new curriculum in a convenient 4 day seminar format six times in 2014: FEB 4,6,11,13 APR 8,10,15,17 JUN 3,5,10,12 AUG 5,7,12,14 OCT 7,9,14,16 DEC 2,4, 9,11 Not sure what classes you need? Contact Barbara at for a consultation.

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