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What is an Equipment Rental Store? An equipment rental store is a shop where you can rent out equipment, power tools, garden tools, construction equipment, propane refills and even delicate equipment used for instrumentation and handling materials. Think of a rental store as your one-stop-shop for all your rental needs. It is practical to just rent equipment instead of purchasing them if you are just going to use them for a single project. Even contractors use rental store equipment and tools so they can save up on operating costs. There are many types of equipment and tools that you can rent out in a rental store, here are some of the most popular ones: Aerial lifts – are needed to lift heavy objects in many types of industries. Manlifts, articulated booms, material lifts and scissor lifts are just some of the most common types. Air compressors – choose from portable diesel after cooled compressors and water& oil separators. Carpentry tools – needed for home or business projects and constructions like several types and brand of drills, extension cords, sanders, grinders, routers, different sizes of power saws, impact wrenches, nibblers and many more. Cleaning equipment – for home, business and industrial cleaning like wet and dry vacuums and heavy duty power washers. Concrete – these are equipment to work with concrete like breakers, grinders and cutoffs saws. Electrical – you can also rent out varying types of cables, automatic transfer switches, transformers, distribution panels, breaker disconnects, loadbanks and many more . Excavators – large heavy duty equipment to be used for industrial and environmental projects. Lighting and generators – you may also rent out portable generators of varying capacities and portable lighting systems. Instrumentations – delicate measuring instruments used for many types of industries like calibration instruments, electrical test instruments, pressure test instruments, recording instruments, temperature instruments, humidity instruments and many other instruments used for general testing. Ladders – all kinds and heights of ladders made for any type of industry are available for rent. Moving equipment – storage containers, conveyors, dollies and even trailers are available to rent out. Painting equipment - portable sprayers, scaffolding, ladders and compressors will make your project easier. Plumbing – these are equipment to repair various plumbing problems and to install plumbing equipment as well like pipe cutters, sewer snakes and pipe thawing units. Pumps – all kinds of pumps which have different capacities like diaphragm pumps, centrifugal

pumps, fire pumps, hoses, fuel pumps, fuel transfer pumps, test pumps and many more. Safety - you must always consider safety as the utmost factor in any project. You can rent out hard hats, goggles, belts, face shields, body harnesses, lanyards, fire extinguishers, heat exposure monitors, gas detectors and first aid kits. Welding – these are equipment used for welding purposes like welding helmets, cutters, flow meters, torches, hoses, ovens, safety outfits and engine driven or electric welding equipment. Different rental stores have different policies on their rentals. Visit the nearest rental store to find high quality equipment for the least price for your project today.

What Is An Equipment Rental Store  

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