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March 2014 March 18

Ever ice fished before? Ever wanted to ice fish? Here’s your chance! Madawaska Lake will be our destination for the day. Transportation, Ice traps, bait, auger and lake side lunch around camp fire are all included with fee. Participants are encouraged to bring folding lawn chairs, warm clothes and a blanket. Depart from the Caribou Wellness & Recreation Center at 9am and return by 3pm. $25.00 fee includes one day license for adults between the age of 18-69, or $20.00 fee includes lifetime license for fishing for anyone over the age of 70.(fees reflects Maine resident status). Copy of drivers license or Maine ID at time of registration to procure license. Inclement weather date of Wednesday, March 19, 2014.*

March 22-23

Spider Lake being one of our more popular overnight fall destinations, why not give it a late winter try? That’s what we thought and here are the details. Trip will depart from the Caribou Wellness & Recreation Center, Saturday at 7am, participants will arrive at Maccanamac Camps on Spider Lake and spend the balance of the day ice fishing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, or simply relaxing and enjoying the comradery of company in a nice warm cabin. Don’t have skis, snowshoes, or ice fishing equipment, let us take care of those details for you. $125.00, includes fishing license, food, lodging, transportation, and all necessary equipment. A detailed itinerary will be provided to all who register for event. Trip will return to the Caribou Wellness Center by 5pm, March 23, 2014. Copy of driver’s license or Maine ID at time of registration to procure license.*

March 25

Caribou is fortunate to have numerous places to recreate, one of them being the Caribou Country High School Ski Trails! Let’s hit the trails, join us for a snowshoeing adventure on some of the most beautiful trails in Caribou. Not only are these trails for skiing, but they are also home to some excellent snowshoe trails! The snowshoe trails parallel a stream making it a picturesque outing. What better way is there to cap a day off like this, how about a hot dog roast over an open fire at the warming hut adjacent to the snowshoe trails? $20.00 fee includes snowshoe rentals, trekking poles, hot dog roast and guided instruction. Trip will depart from the Caribou Wellness & Recreation Center at 10am where participants will be outfitted with equipment. Proper clothing footwear is highly recommended. Inclement weather date is Wednesday, March 26, 2014.*

March 29-30

We’ve all seen perfectly manicured ski trails, right? You know the ones, they have perfect tracks to put your skis in, and then that pretty corduroy snow that is always adjacent to it; but have you experienced the thrill of blazing your own trail? Join us for an overnight trip into Deboullie. Participants will be provided a complete gear list upon registration. Don’t think you own the necessary gear, no worries; we’ve got skis, snowshoes and adjustable trekking poles. Warm sleeping bags and sleeping pads are available locally to rent. Trip will be supported by snowmobile and tote sled making the approach less arduous. Participants will be required to carry day pack that contains necessary items to keep your body hydrated and nourished. Participants will also be required to carry first aid kit, headlamp, spare hat and gloves and warm jacket for when you stop. Sunday morning we will rise bright and early and if conditions and weather are appropriate we will attempt to climb Deboullie Mountain! Trip will return to the Caribou Wellness and Recreation Center by 5pm. Programs is restricted to participants in excellent shape and have had prior skiing experience. $60.00 fee includes ski, snowshoe rentals & trekking pole rentals, it also includes, dinner Saturday night, Breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Participants will be responsible for their own snacks.*

April 2014 April 1

And this is no April fool’s joke! You’re never too old to give cross country skiing a try….Cross Country skiing is a popular outdoor activity past time. Recently the Caribou Wellness & Recreation Center partnered with Wendy Bossie to help display this part of our history. While completing a follow up article to the display it was brought to our attention that area resident who have not had the opportunity to cross country ski in some time would love to give it a try again. Now that you know the reasoning behind this offering, let’s talk about the details….Caribou County Club is not only home to some great golf holes, but it is also home to some outstanding Nordic Ski Trails as well. These trails boast a wilderness experience right in our backyard; rabbits and song birds make these trails a unique Aroostook County experience. Trip will depart from the Caribou Wellness & Recreation Center, where participants will be outfitted with cross country skis, boots, and poles. Proper attire is a must. Trip will include a hot bowl of chowder and finger sandwiches on the trail. Rekindle your childhood winter memories around a fire in the woods. $20.00 fee includes equipment, transportation and lunch. Inclement weather date is Wednesday, April 2, 2014.*

April 8

Ever given much thought to how animals survive our long winters? Today will focus on this topic. Join us as we travel with Wildlife Biologist Rich Hoppe from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to some area deer yards. Participants will learn what it takes to manage such a delicate species. The afternoon we’ll visit an area greenhouse and invigorate our souls for the warm weather ahead and learn the tips and tricks from the pros about what it takes to get the upper hand advantage over our neighbor’s flowers and garden for the summer. Participants will be able to get their hands dirty by designing and planting their own outdoor flower pot. Later in the spring when the threat of frost has past, participants will be able to go back on their own and pick up their flower pot. Trip will depart from the Caribou Wellness and Recreation Center at 8:30am and return by 4:00pm. $30.00 includes a sit down lunch, outdoor planter and transportation. Inclement weather date is Thursday, April 10, 2014.*

April 15

Who doesn’t love the sweet smells of maple syrup as it’s being evaporated off during the process of making maple syrup. Warm days and cools night are the perfect ingredient for making that delicacy that we love to pour over pancakes, waffles and french toast. Maple syrup production has come a long ways from the days of horses crisscrossing the maple syrup trees and “syrupers” pouring the maple sap into a large collection devise. Travel with us and learn about the new techniques being used to collect sap and turning into syrup. Though Aroostook County is not nearly as famous as Vermont is in the production of syrup, we can lay claim to several significant syrup producers’ right in our backyards. Trip will depart from the Caribou Wellness and recreation Center at 9:30am and return by 3:30pm. Trip will include a visit to two maple syrup producers with a sit down lunch in between. $30.00 fee includes transportation and sit down lunch. Inclement weather date is Thursday, April 17, 2014.*

* All outings must have a minimum of 6 participants within (2) weeks of the actual program, if by the deadline the minimum required of participants is met, the registration will remain open. Absolutely no refunds within 48 hours of scheduled trip. There will be a 50% penalty for any cancellations made within two weeks and up to 48 hours of the scheduled trip.

TIOAS Spring 2014