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2011 is the International Year of Forests. This gives us reason to learn about and encourage the sustainable development of forests the world over. Be A Detective... Can you spot the people in each month’s illustration who are trying to preserve the forests and wildlife? The answers are on the final page of the calendar.

Illustrated and Designed by Alice Fraser

International Decades

International Years

United Nations Literacy Decade 2003-2012

International Year of Forests 2011

Second International Decade of the World’s Indigenous People 2005-2015

Year of the Solar System 2010-2011

United Nations International Decade for Water Action: Water for Life 2005-2015

International Year of Chemistry 2011

26. Yabun 2011 26. Australia Day 27. International Holocaust Remembrance Day 28. Data Protection Day

International Year of Youth 2010-2011

28. Term One starts - NSW

United Nations Decade for Deserts and the Fight against Desertification 2010-2020

World Veterinary Year 2011

31. Term One starts - NZ

Year of the Bat 2011

United Nations Decade for Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014

International Year for People of African Descent 2011

31. Premier’s Be Active Challenge starts - SA

United Nations Decade of Recovery and Sustainable Development of the Affected Regions 2006-2016

31. Term One starts - SA, WA

31. Premier’s Reading Challenge starts - SA

1. New Year’s Day 1. Public Domain Day 3. New Year’s Day Publilc Holiday

Second United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty 2008-2017

15. Wikipedia Day

Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020

23. Australia’s Healthy Weight Week

16. World Religion Day

24. Term One starts - QLD, NT

1. Premier’s Reading Challenge starts - NSW

7. Premier’s Summer Reading Challenge finishes - WA

15. Term One starts - TAS

1. Term One starts - VIC

8. Vasant Panchami (Hinduism)

1. Premier’s Reading Challenge starts - VIC

8. Nirvana Day (Buddhism)

21. International Mother Language Day

8. Safer Internet Day

28. Last Day of Summer

2. World Wetlands Day

14. Random Acts of Kindness Week

3. Chinese New Year: Year of the Rabbit 2011

14. Library Lovers Day

4. Term One starts - ACT

14. St. Valentine’s Day

15. Galileo’s Birthday

6. Waitangi Day - NZ

1. Australian Women’s History Month

15. Catholic Education Week - VIC

1. First Day of Autumn

15. Ides of March

23. World Meteorological Day

2. World Maths Day

16. Ride2School Day

24. World TB Day

3. Girl’s Day - Japan

17. St. Patrick’s Day

4. World Day of Prayer

18. Holi Mahotsav

24. National Close the Gap Day

4. Schools Clean Up Day

19. Cultural Diversity Week - VIC

6. International Children’s Day of Broadcasting

20. Autumn Equinox

6. Clean Up Australia Day 6. World Glaucoma Week 6. National Seaweek 7. Labour Day - WA 8. Shrove Tuesday/ Pancake Tuesday 8. International Women’s Day

20. National Playgroup Week 20. Sun-Earth Day

9. Ash Wednesday 10. Children’s Vision Day

20. World Storytelling Day

13. Coeliac Awareness Week 21. World Poetry Day 21. World Down 14. Adelaide Cup Public Syndrome Day Holiday - SA 14. Commonwealth Day

21. World Forestry Day

14. Labour Day (8 hour day) - TAS

21. World Home Economics Day

14. International Pi Day 14. International Brain Awareness Week

21. Harmony Day 21. International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

14. Canberra Day - ACT

22. World Water Day

26. Earth Hour 2011 27. World Theatre Day

1. April Fool’s Day 1. National Youth Week

15. Creativity and Innovation Week

1. Term One ends - NT

18. World Heritage Day

2. International Childrens’ Book Day

19. Term One ends WA

2. National Trust Heritage Festival - NSW

19. Pesach (Passover)

3. Daylight Savings ends ACT, NSW, SA, TAS, VIC 4. International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action

22. Good Friday 22. Orthodox Holy Friday

22. Earth Day 23. World Book and Copyright Day 24. Orthodox Easter Sunday 24. Easter Sunday

27. Term Two starts VIC, NSW, QLD 27. International Guide Dog Day 28. Pay It Forward Day 29. International Dance Day

25. Easter Monday 26. Anzac Day

7. World Health Day 8. Term One ends NSW, VIC 11. Term Two starts - NT 15. Global Youth Service Day 15. Term One ends New Zealand 15. Term One ends ACT, QLD, SA

1. RSS Awareness Day

8. Mother’s Day

1. About Time 2011

9. National Volunteer Week

1. Fit4fun Month - QLD

10. Vesak/Wesak Buddha Day

1. Jelly Baby Month

10. National Literacy and Numeracy Testing 2011

1. Information Awareness Month 1. Mother Goose Day 1. Australian Dance Week

12. International Nurses Day 15. International Day of Families

1. May Day

16. Food Allergy Awareness Week

2. Labour Day - QLD

16. Black and White Day

2. May Day - NT

16. National Career Development Week

2. Term Two starts ACT, SA 2. Term Two starts - NZ 3. World Asthma Day 3. World Press Freedom Day

26. Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

23. World Turtle Day

27. National Reconciliation Week

23. Australian Library and Information Week 24. Escargot Day 25. National Simultaneous Storytime 25. African Liberation Day 26. Australian Schools National Sorry Day

28. National Day of Thanksgiving 29. International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers 31. Last Day of Autumn 31. World No Tobacco Day

26. National Sorry Day

17. World Information Society Day 18. International Museum Day 20. Walk Safely To School Day 20. National Mathematics Day

5. Term two starts - WA

21. Loud Shirt Day

5. Boy’s Day - Japan

21. World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

7. Fair Trade Fortnight

22. Kidney Health Awareness Week

8. World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day

1. Foundation Day - WA 1. First Day of Winter 3. Term One ends - TAS

13. International Men’s Health Week 14. World Blood Donor Day

3. Mabo Day

17. World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

5. World Environment Day

19. Drug Action Week

6. Foundation Day Public Holiday - WA

20. World Refugee Day

6. Queensland Day

24. Red Nose Day 26. International Day in Support of Victims of Torture 26. International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

20. Term Two starts - TAS

8. World Oceans Day

21. Winter Solstice (Southern Hemisphere)

10. Barunga Festival - NT

21. World Music Day

12. World Day Against Child Labour

23. United Nations Public Service Day

13. Queen’s Birthday Holiday (exc WA)

24. Term Two ends - NT, QLD

1. Tartan Day - Australia 1. Coming of the Light Festival 1. Territory Day - NT 1. Term Two ends NSW, VIC 2. International Day of Cooperatives 3. NAIDOC Week 8. Term Two ends ACT, SA, WA 9. Constitution Day 11. World Population Day 11. Term Three starts - QLD 14. Bastille Day 15. Term Two ends - NZ 18. Term Three starts NSW, VIC 18. Wee Week 18. National Farm Safety Week 24. National Stress Down Day 25. Term Three starts - ACT, NT, SA, WA 28. Australian National Chemistry Quiz 28. World Hepatitis Day 29. System Adminstrator Appreciation Day 29. Family History Week 29. Schools Tree Day 31. National Tree Day

1. National Healthy Bones Week 1. Beginning of Ramadan 1. Horses’ Birthday 1. World Breast Feeding Week 1. Term Three starts - NZ 1. Picnic Day - NT 1. National Homeless Persons’ Week 1. Bank Holiday - NSW 1. Education Week - NSW 4. National Aboriginal and Islander Children’s Day 5. Garma Festival

18. Australian Science Olympiads: National Qualifying Exam for Biology 18. Vietnam Veterans’ Day 19. Children’s Book of the Year Awards Announcement 19. 40 Hour Famine 20. International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend 20. Children’s Book Week 21. Hearing Awareness Week

5. Jeans for Genes Day

22. Keep Australia Beautiful Week

6. Hiroshima Day

22. Freedom Day - NT

7. International Friendship Day

26. Daffodil Day

8. Mary MacKillop’s Day 9. International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

28. National Literacy and Numeracy Week 31. Last Day of Winter

12. International Youth Day 13. International Left-Handers’ Day 13. National Science Week 15. RSPCA Cupcake Day 15. Brain Injury Awareness Week 15. Australian Science Olympiads: National Qualifying Exam for Physics 17. Australian Science Olympiads: National Qualifying Exam for Chemistry

1. Wattle Day

4. Father’s Day

1. National Biodiversity Month

5. Landcare Week

1. Premier’s Reading Challenge ends - NSW 1. First day of Spring 2. Premier’s Reading Challenge ends - VIC 2. Term Two ends - TAS

16. Clean Up the World Weekend

21. International Day of Peace

7. Indigenous Literacy Day

16. International Day for the Protection of the Ozone Layer

22. World Car Free day

7. National Threatened Species Day

16. Term Three ends - QLD

23. Term Three ends NSW, VIC

17. Software Freedom Day

25. World Heart Day

8. International Literacy Day

17. Australian Citizenship Day

3. History Week - NSW

9. Premier’s Reading Challenge ends - SA

3. Fred Hollows Foundation Day

11. National Bilby Day

18. World Water Monitoring Day

13. Roald Dahl Day

19. Talk Like a Pirate Day

15. International Day of Democracy

19. Term Three starts - TAS

3. Australian National Flag Day 4. National Child Protection Week

21. ENO Tree Planting Day

23. Spring Equinox

27. World Tourism Day 28. Queen’s Birthday - WA 28. World School Milk Day 30. Premier’s Be Active Challenge ends - SA 30. Term Three ends ACT, NT, SA. WA

20. World Stastistics Day 22. Children’s Week Australia 23. World Mission Day 24. United Nations Day 24. International School Library Day 12. International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction 13. World Sight Day 15. Blog Action Day

25. Term Four starts - NZ 26. UNICEF Day for Change 26. Diwali Hindu Festival 26. Universal Children’s Day

3. Labour Day ACT, NSW, SA

15. World Rural Women’s Day

28. World Teachers’ Day (Australia)

3. World Habitat Day

16. National Nutrition Week

31. Halloween

4. World Space Week

16. World Food Day

1. Zootober

4. World Animal Day

16. Anti Poverty Week

1. International Walk to School Month

5. World Teachers’ Day

17. Open Access Week

6. Melbourne International Arts Festival

17. Term Four starts ACT, SA, WA

7. Term Three ends - NZ

17. Sock It To Suicide Week

2. International Day of Non-Violence

9. International English Spelling Day

17. International Day for Eradication of Poverty

2. Daylight Saving starts ACT, NSW, SA, TAS, VIC

9. World Post Day

1. International School Library Month

3. Term Four starts - QLD

10. World Mental Health Day 10. Term Four starts NSW, NT, VIC

1. Melbourne Cup Day 3. Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels Day

13. National Psychology Week 14. World Diabetes Day

5. Guy Fawkes Day (Bonfire Night)

16. International Day for Tolerance

6. Australia’s Kindness Day

19. World Toilet Day

6. Grandparents Day - QLD 6. National Adoption Awareness Week 7. National Recycling Week 10. World Usability Day 11. Remembrance Day

20. Social Inclusion Week 21. World Hello Day 25. Buy Nothing Day 25. International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women 26. A-Hijra/Muharram (Islamic New Year) 30. Computer Security Day 30. Last Day of Spring

1. First Day of Summer 1. World AIDS Day 2. International Day for the Abolition of Slavery 3. Eureka Day 3. International Day of Persons with Disability

20. International Human Solidarity Day 20. School Year ends - NSW 20. School Year ends - NZ 21. School Year ends ACT, TAS 22. School Year ends - VIC

5. International Volunteer Day

22. Summer Solstice (Southern Hemisphere)

5. Ashura (Islam)

25. Christmas Day

5. National Coastcare Week

26. Boxing Day All states except SA

6. St. Nicholas’ Day

28. Proclamation Day - SA

7. Civil Aviation Day 9. School Year ends - QLD 10. International Human Rights Day 13. St Lucia Day 16. School Year ends NT, SA, WA 18. International Migrants Day

Here are the answers to what the people are doing in each month’s illustration to help protect and preserve our forests and wildlife.



Palm Tree forests in Borneo are being cut down to produce Palm Oil. These forests are home to the Orangutans who face extinction if this continues. The little boy is using Olive Oil as an alternative to Palm Oil in his cooking. The girl is protesting against Palm Oil to help her Orangutan friends in their plight for survival.

The man at the front of the boat is snapping his companion’s fishing rod, stopping him from catching any fish. Fishing can deplete marine life, destroying aquatic eco-systems. This in turn impacts negatively on forests, as their water sources can become tarnished, or even destroyed all together.

September The rock-climbers are being very respectful to the forest and animals by simply looking and not disturbing.


The tradesman and politician are happily agreeing on the closure Butterflies are bright little contrib- The people here are complying of the factory. Factories create utors to the ecosystem; playing a with the Keep Out signs of the and emit pollution into the envivital role in a forest’s wellbeing. Wildlife Sanctuary. This is imronment, contributing to harmA healthy butterfly presence can portant in preserving the forests ful green-house gas production. increase the number of plant and wildlife within Sanctuaries, Trees take in their surroundings species in a forest, which enriches as some are specifically designed and if there is pollution among diversity and vegetation growth. to help re-introduce animals and them then they get sick and die. Butterflies pollinate flowers and plants of threatened species bred The animals and girl are protesthold essential nutritious value in in captivity into the wild. These ing in support of the closure of the food-chain. The boy in the species of plants animals will then the factory and celebrating in upper left corner is snapping his have a greater chance of increas- jubilation of their win for the net and setting the butterflies ing numbers in a healthy, poacher environment. free to be happy and help the and tree logger free environment. November forest. July In India, they celebrate life and March The people (and the snake!) are forests’ positive contribution to Insects are the ‘glue’ that hold clearing the rubbish and litter the environment and their susforests together. They aerate from the forest. This will make for tainability with the Vanamahotthe soil and their droppings act a cleaner and healthier environsava Festival (the festival of the as fertilizer to help trees and ment, allowing the forest and trees). Here the school children other plants grow. They burrow wildlife to thrive. Human litter are planting a tree to signify the through the soil to provide water strangles the environment, makcreation of life and continuation channels to plants to again help ing animals and plants sick, often of forest life. The other people them grow. They are the ‘cleankilling them. Always put your are celebrating and joyous. ers’ of the environment; feeding rubbish in the bin - it’s easy! on almost everything, to ensure December August the decomposition of materials Here two young kids are planting that are harmful to the environTree loggers devastate forests a tree. It grows with sun and rain. ment if left. The boy is simply by cutting down trees for their The large tree on the far right looking at all the insects here, wood and other extracts. This shows the layers of a tree’s bark so as not to harm or disturb the destroys animal habitats, often and the important jobs it does insects hard at work to help the killing them. This contributes to for the tree to help it survive. forest. the creation of threatened and You can plant a tree and watch it extinct animal and plant species. April grow too! Here, the birds are protecting Here, the man is alerting hunttheir homes’ by protesting and ers not to set traps that harm disrupting the loggers. animals. The animals are helping too! Traps hurt and kill animals, which is cruel and inhumane. Poachers devastate animal species and forests, as forests need animals to help maintain their wellbeing.



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