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Award Winning Pinot Noir and Hospitality in McMinnville

Youngberg Hill wins awards...

Mother Nature takes all the credit. These days life is pretty good up on Youngberg Hill. Winemaker and grape grower Wayne Bailey likes getting up in the morning. His corner office is fifty acres large and his two dogs Holly and Dale are a couple of yes men. The wines are going great, people love staying at the vineyard inn and a recent university bird study determined that the Hill has an incredibly healthy biodiversity both in the vineyard and forest that surrounds the property. Yep, life is pretty good. Of course Wayne will tell you that he, his wife Nicolette and their three young girls have one place to put all of the credit. Mother Nature. Youngberg Hill is farmed organically, biodynamically, and sustainably. All of those things have everything to do with the Bailey family’s success and the popularity of their wines. People also have a lot to do with it and the Baileys are grateful for the large extended famlily of vineyard helpers, friends and harvest volunteers that help them get each year’s vintage into the bottle. As Wayne is fond of saying: “100% of what goes in the bottle, happens in the vineyard”. This year will be no exception.

Authentic wines come from a good place.

Oregon wine country is a special place. We’re proud of it and like to show people what what it’s like here at Yongberg Hill. It was a lot of fun making these videos so we hope you enjoy them. Just click on the play buttons and the Youtube player will appear.

Youngberg Hill Authentic Wines & Vineyard Inn

2012 Press Release

Whats new on the Hill? 2012 is shaping up to be a great year for Youngberg Hill Pinot Noir. Our bud break was three weeks earlier than last year and all of the buds opened within 24 hours. This is a good sign for a more typically-timed harvest, and a welcome relief from late fall losses of recent years caused by predatory starlings. Youngberg Hill Vineyard produces an average of 400 cases of vineyard block designate Pinot Noirs, evenly divided between the Jordan and Natasha Blocks. We also make 450 cases of Youngberg Hill Estate Pinot Noir, 170 cases of Aspen Block Pinot Gris and 125 cases of estate Pinot Blanc. Youngberg Hill is one of the most ideally situated vineyards in the Willamette Valley for growing Pinot Noir. The site features the distinct weather of the coastal foothills, as it is only 25 miles from the ocean. Our unique marine climate provides more rainfall than most of the valley, and more sunny days and cooler temperatures during the summer season than on the valley floor or sites further east. Planted in 1989 , the Natasha and Jordan block vines are 60% Pommard - 40% Wadenswil clones grown in Willakenzie and Steiwer soil types respectively. The combination of our unique marine terroir, ideal soil, slope and rootstock is complemented by fully organic farming and biodynamic vineyard practices. The Youngberg Hill vineyard produces very high quality grapes characterized by rich, intense black fruit flavors, earthy minerality and higher structure-building acidity. The resulting wines feature a lush signature complexity that defines both the site and our efforts. About Oregon Winemaker Wayne Bailey Wayne’s circuitous path to holistic farming started, ironically, on a farm. The son of an Iowa sharecropper, Wayne was raised to farm and loved tinkering with the machinery his father employed to be more efficient. He graduated from the University of Nebraska with a degree in mechanical engineering and began designing mechanical control systems for several high-tech industries. © 2012 Youngberg Hill

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Youngberg Hill Authentic Wines & Vineyard Inn

2012 Press Release pg.2

After going back to school to earn an MBA from the University of Chicago, Wayne began producing supply-chain management solutions for major beverage and food producers. An established consultant, he was invited to work at a new client’s winery in Burgundy for three months. Instead of returning to Chicago at the end of the contract, the farm boy in Wayne led him to choose to stay and work with the vignerons who grow Burgundy’s famed Pinot Noir grapes. While there, he found a connection to the farming families that hosted him and the daily work in their vineyards taught him the great value to be found in generations of traditional knowledge and practice. Today, as both a grape grower and winemaker, Wayne has come full circle. He has a new definition of farming that is all about quality, authenticity and kinship with his land. He takes a holistic approach to farming and is convinced that his daily footprints in the vineyard are the best fertilizer. A word from Wayne on going beyond BioDynamic   There are many buzz words associated with responsible wine grape growing; terms like sustainable, organic and biodynamic are often written about but vigneron Wayne Bailey is interested in telling the larger story of “holistic farming”.   “Over the years, the way we’ve worked our vineyard has evolved.  At first we strived to be organic and then to be certified LIVE sustainable and Salmon Safe.  Obtaining these certifications required us to follow responsible practices focused on the things not to do in the vineyard. “Engaging in biodynamic farming methods was the next step for us and along the way I realized that we needed to not just focus on the individual practices but also formulate our own unique holistic farming plan.   “Holistic farming allows us to care for the vineyard in a way that is both proactive and preventive at the same time.  We look at not only the health of the vines and our crop yield but have invited students from surrounding universities like Oregon State and George Fox to look at other indicators like insect and avian populations. “Instead of waiting for problems to emerge and treating the symptoms, we keep the focus on making the vineyard a healthy system every day, year round. “Each year we try to do more, and we see the results of that commitment in every glass.” - Wayne Bailey Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Youngberg HIll Vineyards. We invite you to come visit us when you next have the opportunity. © 2012 Youngberg Hill

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Youngberg Hill Authentic Wines & Vineyard Inn

2011 Aspen Pinot Gris

2011 Aspen Pinot Gris The Aspen Block consists of 5 estate acres planted in 2006. The 2011 vintage is the third vintage of wine from fruit on this block. Tasting Notes: Bright fruit aromatics range from grapefruit, mango, to apricot, leading to a flavor palate of lemon, grapefruit, apricot and tropical fruit. Its texture gives way to a wonderfully smooth and round finish that is easy to drink sitting out on the front deck. With a little higher acidity, it is very crisp with a soft, clean finish. Pairing Suggestions: This wine has excellent balance for drinking by itself at cool temperatures or with cheeses, bread, and a light virgin olive oil. Technical Information: Soil Type: Willakenzie Soil (blend of Marine Sedimentary and some Volcanic) Vines: 49/52 Clone on 3309 Root stock Age of Vine: 5 years old Acreage Total: 5 Case Production: 185 Alcohol: 11.5% PH: 3.20 Brix: 18.7 RS: .04, dry

Youngberg Hill Authentic Wines & Vineyard Inn

2011 Oregon Pinot Blanc

2011 Pinot Blanc The Pinot Blanc is produced from fruit sourced from Larkins Estate Vineyards in the Eola Hills. It consists of mature vines on owned root Clone 161. Tasting Notes: The aromatics begin with asian pear, grapefruit and lime citrus. The fruit flavors of lime, grapefruit, and citrus are distinct and crisp. It has a creaminess that makes the wine melt in your mouth and lingers. The rich, buttery, full flavors will keep you coming back for another sip. Pairing Suggestions: The 2011 vintage is a wonderful complement to food with a crab cake being my favorite. Technical Information: Soil Type: Jura Age of Vine: 13 years old Acreage Total: 3 Case Production: 125 cases Alcohol: 13.0% PH: 3.34 Brix: 22.1 RS: .07, dry

Youngberg Hill Authentic Wines & Vineyard Inn

2009 Estate Pinot Noir

2009 Estate Pinot Noir The Estate consists of barrels from both the Natasha and Jordan blocks. The vintage while easy to drink now, is still developing in the bottle and will drink now until 2015. Tasting Notes: Ruby red color. Aromas of bright cherry and raspberry share the stage with bramble berries and spice box. The palate is alive with tart cherry, cranberry, huckleberry, and sasparilla. Distinguished and approachable tannins linger for a lasting finish with slightly more acidity for balance. Pairing Suggestions: A classic Pinot to pair with chicken, baked salmon, and other light dishes. Technical Information: Soil Type: Willakenzie and Steiwer soils Vine: 40%Wadenswil and 60%Pommard Age of Vine: 23 years old Acreage Total: 11.1 Case Production: 412 Cases Alcohol: 13.9% PH: 3.5 Brix: 23.2 RS:0

Youngberg Hill Authentic Wines & Vineyard Inn

2008 Jordan Pinot Noir

2008 Jordan Pinot Noir The Jordan Block sits on 4 estate acres facing South East at a steeper slope than the Natasha and getting more benefit from the coastal breeze each afternoon. A wine with Burgundian character and substance, the fruit from this block is especially age worthy. This wine will be at its best from 2011 to 2025. Tasting Notes: Dark cherry, blackberries, currant and blue plum along with brown sugar, cassis, and hints of black pepper and smoke lead s to an elegant and opulent palate with flavors of rich blueberries fresh and mineral notes. The finish is lush with a full and round texture. Pairing Suggestions: A fuller bodied Pinot with nicely balanced acidity and tannins makes this wine very food friendly going magically with any red meat and wild mushroom dishes. Technical Information: Soil Type: Steiwer Vine: 60% Pommard and 40% Wadenswil Age of Vine: 21 years old Acreage Total: 4 Case Production: 461 cases Alcohol: 14% PH: 3.5 Brix: 23.8 RS: 0

Youngberg Hill Press Kit  

Press Kit and Wine tech sheet for Youngberg Hill Vineyards.

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