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If we were able to capture segments of conversations that pass us as we navigate through our day and get a quick glimpse of people as they move on to their destination we could construct an interpretation of this environment that reflects our day-to-day casual interactions.


In semester one, I went out and recorded conversations from three Wellington locations, these were Cuba Street, Waterfront and Courtenay Place. I used motion graphics as a means of form to present the overheard conversations. Following this, in semester two I decided that by using graphic design the conversations are recontextualized to my own interpretations. My initial styles were hand drawn, this gave it a sense of pureness and genuineness – because conversations are not planned or scheduled I wanted my design to portray this. However, doing this still alters it to my interpretations because it was illustrations drawn by me. Also, because it was hand drawn it was more illustration than graphic design and it wasn’t getting the look I wanted. Hence, I opted for a digital style done in Illustrator CS5 and the designs turned out just the way I want it to look. I wanted a simple design which was dynamic, bold, bright and funky which broke the rules; the opposite of conservative design so to speak. I chose bright colours and used symbolic imagery to portray the conversation snippets which I had collected through recording. For example, the quote “What is that? It looks like something out of a movie” I used the patterns of a popcorn container.


Although I had recorded a lot of footage, most of the conversations in my collection weren’t full or didn’t say much in terms of content. This would be a problem for the user as it would not interest them enough and they wouldn’t know what the conversations were about. Because my aim is to get people of Wellington to be more aware of their surroundings, I wanted conversations that have enough content and content which can relate to other Wellingtonians. So, I went out again to record a lot more – I did get some good conversations, however, for 4 hours of footage I was still not getting enough of the conversations I wanted. This was because of reasons such as the ‘fear of the camera’ - people would stop talking once they see the camera or even a microphone which meant I only had half a conversation. Thus, I decided to take down notes instead and this turned out great. I got a lot of very interesting conversations in a reasonable amount of time which gave me more time to design and produce. I then chose 50 conversation snippets. After I had chosen 50 conversations, I started to design and refine my work as I progressed. The result was 50 148x148mm square cards which all had different conversation snippets from the busy locations of Wellington; Cuba Street, the Waterfront and Courtenay Place. Each one had their own symbolic imagery or graphic to portray and illustrate the conversation snippet. As well as this, by applying the conversations to badges it brings in the concept of the user taking the conversations back onto the streets of Wellington.


Throughout the progression of my major project I have learnt that I was a person of too many ideas and this can hinder me from progressing further. After realising this, I had to tell myself to make an informed decision and stick with it all the way through. So that’s what I did and I worked a lot faster because of it. After the decision was made to create square cards, my designing went smoothly and I was finally able to design it to the style I wanted. I very thoroughly enjoyed designing the pieces of cards; I researched a lot on style and colours and learnt a great deal. This is very good for me as I do not major in Graphic design but I would like a graphic design career so learning as much as I can through this project was important to me. I also sought advice from graphic design tutors and this furthered my knowledge. The style is a cross between graphic design and illustration which says a lot in the type of career I would like to work in. In the future I am hoping to have my own store producing a range of crafts, novelties, graphic/illustration prints, etc. Earlier in the year a graduate told me to “enjoy the year but work hard, but remember to enjoy it” so that is what I have been trying to do throughout my major project, and it has helped me through the rough times of the project. I worked very hard on this project and put in a lot of effort but I always remembered to enjoy it since this is what I want to do, it’s not a ‘job’ but my passion and sometimes people forget that.


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