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Lyn Frontin DAN 464 Interview Questions Chasta- Stage Door Dance

1. What are your strategies for advertisement and where have you found to be the most effective places to advertise? Grassroots Efforts, community partnerships, local magazines, client incentive program, social media.

2. In what way do you try to bring in new students? All of the above. We also allow all students to take a complimentary trial class.

3. What have you found to be the best way of communication between your students and their families? Email/Facebook/Website

4. When planning and starting your business, what necessary resources did you have to consider such as studio space, musical equipment, flooring, mirror, bars etc.? We had to consider all of this and had to define a way for the products to fit our studio’s culture.

5. How did you go about making these choices? Compared prices, did it ourselves when the option was available, took time to determine the best options.

6. Is there a designated person in charge of creating and maintaining the budget for your business? Yes. Myself, the Owner & Willis, our Business Manager.

7. What criteria are needed for applying teachers? Background, experience, nurturing mentality, professionalism, passion for dance, and a commitment to our studio’s culture.

8. How is the salary of each employee determined?

Salary is based on experience, length of time with the company, and annual performance evaluations

9. What qualifications do you look for in employees to determine this?

See above.

10. Does your studio offer health insurance such as dental, 401K, sick/vacation leave and retirement options to employees? We currently do not offer health benefits to our current employees outside of the owners, but we do offer paid sick/vacation leave to salaried employees.

11. How do you handle extra rehearsal time including competitions, travel time to these locations, dress rehearsal and recitals with compensating your teachers? We pay an in-studio rehearsal rate for rehearsal hours, and we offer bonuses for additional events that our instructors choose to attend

12. Are they placed in class strictly on age and skill level? Are there a maximum number of students allowed in one class at one time? Yes they are placed based by age and skill. 12 students are the max for Little Stars, 14 for Twinkle Tots/KinderSparklers, and 16 for other classes. If a class has 8 or more students, it will have an assistant.

13. What have you found to be the best way to set prices for tuition, registration fees, recital fees and costume prices?

Take cost into account and compare with current trends of other studios.

14. How did you find this space? It was an empty building when we found it, and they upfitted it to our needs.

15. Is this studio your main job or do you have to have another source of income? The studio is my main job.

16. How do you handle discipline? We have a detailed discipline policy that is consistent across all classes and instructors. It is listed on our website and handed out to everyone that registers for the season.

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