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Lyn Frontin DAN 464 Interview Questions

Aleah, Owner at Prestige Dance

1. What are your strategies for advertisement and where have you found to be the most effective places to advertise? Word of Mouth, tried newspapers and signs around town- but most effective is word of mouth. Worked at several studios and got a following.

2. In what way do you try to bring in new students? Offer a free trial class.

3. What have you found to be the best way of communication between your students and their families? Email. Has a studio software that she can email out to everyone- bulletin board

4. When planning and starting your business, what necessary resources did you have to consider such as studio space, musical equipment, flooring, mirror, bars etc.?

Most important: find a prominent location. High traffic. Shopping center- blank slate, no walls- able to draw out the layout of the studio. Entertainment flooring is the company of floors- wanted mirrors from gigantic barres are cheaper if you make them yourself- aluminum bars from lowes. Likes free standing barres- then little kids can look straight in the mirror. Buy a speaker and receiver.

5. Is there a designated person in charge of creating and maintaining the budget for your business?

Her father in law is her accountant- she keeps track of the money that comes in for tuition costumes etc- sends him the bank statement. Uses jackrabbit softwarekeeps up with everyones records- ppl can register online, can see fees they owe, can pay online.

6. What criteria are needed for applying teachers? Hires people with degrees- prefers a dance major- will consider with minor. Must do a demo class- see if they can dance- if someone does not have a degree, must have professional experience- nationally certified etc.

7. How is the salary of each employee determined? 1099- pay 25/hour, with degree 30/hour, 55-60/hour with ballet teacher- super professional. You get what you pay.

8. What qualifications do you look for in employees to determine this? education

9. Does your studio offer health insurance such as dental, 401K, sick/vacation leave and retirement options to employees? Nope

10. How do you handle extra rehearsal time including competitions, travel time to these locations, dress rehearsal and recitals with compensating your teachers? Trys to treat teachers the way she wants to be treated- pays for teachers hotel rooms- some of their meals, their gas- had students pay for a 20 fee for competitions. Told them ahead of time being that she was new. Tries to make up in different ways- pay for their dinner, add 50 to paycheck etc.

11. Are they placed in class strictly on age and skill level? Are there a maximum number of students allowed in one class at one time? Age is a guide, but skill level overrides it. Doesn’t hold anyone back due to ageplaced according to skill. Class numbers depend on size of studio and age of dancers. 3 year olds 8-10 students/room. Will try to make another class if they have enough students. Older girls around 15-20 per room.

12. What have you found to be the best way to set prices for tuition, registration fees, recital fees and costume prices? Search around from other studios and see what their prices are- don’t want to be lower, but don’t want to be higher. Met in the middle. Not most expensive, not cheapest. General registration fee, 25-30. Stage fee- 3 recital tix included, goes towards rental/props etc. Sell program ads- ads pay for the program. Extra $ goes to bonus for teachers.

13. How did you find this space? Find a lot of parking!!

14. Is this studio your main job or do you have to have another source of income? Main Job. FULL TIME JOB!! In morning does office work, emails, answers phone. Then choreographs, cutting music, then lesson plans, then solos, then classes. Plan 9.5 hours a day. Think about having children- don’t wait forever to open a studio.

15. How do you handle discipline? Has a two way mirror so parents can see in- they can clearly see if their child is being a problem. Makes them sit down first- then walks them right out the door to their parents- doesn’t tolerate it at all. If parent is not there- front desk person takes care of it and calls parents. Not babysitter- teacher. Counts to 3- usually works really good.

Dan 464 interview questionsaleah  
Dan 464 interview questionsaleah