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To have inquiring, knowledgeable and confident lifelong learners

LEARNING TOGETHER: DEVELOPING A COMMUNITY OF LEARNERS Welcome to our school. Auckland Normal Intermediate (ANI) is an exciting place to learn! We offer an innovative curriculum, designed to explore the principles of personalised learning. This approach takes students’ ideas, interests and experiences as its starting point, and provides them with more responsibility for the direction and content of their learning. What will intermediate school be like your child may ask? Expect an increase in responsibility and accountability, for starters. There are also numerous other positive changes, opportunities and activities that your child will encounter at ANI. • • • • • • • •

The chance to meet and make new friends. The opportunity to try out for the school production, school sports teams, or gifted and talented programmes. The chance to belong to a variety of clubs and special interest groups. The opportunity to learn a foreign language for the first time. Having a variety of teachers with different teaching styles. Being treated more like an adult and developing independence. Having more say in what and how they learn. Participation in authentic learning experiences that include activities outside the classroom.

All these opportunities are a great way to progress learning, explore new interests, make friends, and, of course, have lots of fun. This prospectus is a quick reference guide to some of those opportunities. I welcome the chance to meet with you and discuss any topic not covered in our prospectus. Also visit to find out more. I look forward to being a part of your child’s learning journey. Jill Larson Principal


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Learning together : Developing a Community of Learners Who we are Our teachers Meet the team Learning to learn in the 21st century Raising achievement, transforming learning Beyond the classroom - kids in action A safe, nurturing and caring environment A fun and exciting place to learn After school classes Keeping connected - community partnerships Enrolment - what next? Enrolment process : In-Zone Enrolments Enrolment process : Out-of-Zone Enrolments Enrolment process : International Student Enrolments School uniform General (term dates, hours and contact details) School map

WHO WE ARE ANI is a two-year, co-educational school catering for students aged 11-13 years. Approximately 650 students currently attend our school. ANI is recognised as a leading Intermediate School in New Zealand with a strong focus on learning. Our aim is to provide quality education for all our students in a safe, caring and nurturing environment.

WHY ARE WE CALLED A “NORMAL” SCHOOL? Auckland Normal Intermediate School is associated with the University of Auckland, Faculty of Education, assisting with the training of future teachers. The term “normal school” originated in the early 19th century from the French, école normale. The French concept of “école normale” was to provide a model school with model classrooms to model teaching practices to its student teachers.


My teacher is inspirational; he makes learning fun and challenging!

Maddie, Student, Year 7

A GREAT LEARNING EXPERIENCE BEGINS WITH GREAT TEACHERS At ANI, we have a team of dedicated teaching professionals who are passionate about working with adolescents and understand the developmental uniqueness of this age group. Our experienced teachers have full and up-to-date knowledge of the curriculum and a deep understanding of current teaching and assessment strategies.

We understand your child comes to us with unique strengths, challenges, and needs, so our teachers maintain high expectations and hold a vision that your child will leave ANI able to:


• think creatively • identify and solve complex and meaningful problems • know their passions, strengths, and challenges • communicate and work well with others • lead healthy lives • be ethical and caring citizens of a diverse world

Above all, our teachers care and work to build quality relationships with their students. A good foundation for powerful learning!

The senior leadership team is proactive, always willing to help and all decisions are made with students in mind. Parent, 2010

MEET THE TEAM The senior leadership team, led by Principal Jill Larson, works closely together to guide the vision, direction and continual growth of the school.


Shane Devery – Deputy Principal

Jill Larson – Principal

Linda Dickey – Deputy Principal

Jonathan Hughes – Deputy Principal


LEARNING TO LEARN IN THE 21ST CENTURY ANI provides a range of learning opportunities to meet the broadening interests and developmental needs of your child as he/she moves towards adolescence.

CURRICULUM THAT IS RELEVANT, CHALLENGING, INTEGRATIVE AND EXPLORATORY Our curriculum encompasses academic, social, sporting and community orientated programmes.

At ANI we believe the curriculum should:

• encourage lifelong learning where students are active thinkers and constantly reflect • have high levels of achievement • be student centred • make connections with what students already know, and link to wider world aspirations • provide opportunities for students to engage collaboratively with teachers, peers and others as they learn • have key competencies integrated into it • enable students to apply new learning in a variety of contexts • incorporate e-learning to equip students with 21st century skills to meet the needs of our rapidly transforming world

Your child’s two years at Intermediate are a time for exploration of new subjects with the security of being attached to one class group.

Teachers take the following learning areas in their classrooms.

• English • Mathematics • Social Sciences

• Science • Health & Physical Education


Specialist Teachers teach the class group:

• Languages (Spanish and Japanese) • The Arts (Dance, Drama, Music & Visual Arts) • Technology • Science • Physical Education

ENRICHMENT, ENHANCEMENT & EXTENSION Your child will be provided with a range of educational opportunities to extend, enrich and enhance his/her learning throughout the year. Our options include:

• taking students out of regular classes for particular activities e.g. Mathex and Writing Group • providing all students with opportunities for “enrichment” e.g. Entrepreneurs Club and problem solving • introducing students to new subjects such as foreign languages • extension activities for students within regular classes

ANI offers two extension classes in both Year 7 and Year 8. Selection for these classes is determined by:


• teacher recommendation • assessment results • feedback from parents


RAISING ACHIEVEMENT, TRANSFORMING LEARNING We have a lot to celebrate at ANI in terms of results and academic performance. Our learners consistently achieve above the national norms in many areas of the curriculum but particularly in numeracy and literacy.

How do we help your child achieve their potential and know success?

• we encourage them to take responsibility for their learning • we empower them by teaching them how to learn • we motivate them by celebrating their success

Your child’s learning will be assessed throughout their time at ANI. We aim to keep you informed on their progress using a range of formal and informal reporting procedures including:


• written reports • student led conferences • parent-teacher-child interviews

• goal setting discussions • specialist reports

Ongoing parent-teacher communication is encouraged, and you are able to meet with teachers at any stage of the year to discuss your child’s progress or any other matters which may arise.

As Principal, my focus is clearly on raising student achievement. I am proud to say that our levels of achievement are well above the national norms. Students excel in a number of learning areas - particularly reading and mathematics. Jill Larson, Principal

BEYOND THE CLASSROOM – KIDS IN ACTION The happiest and most successful students at ANI are those who take advantage of the wide range of cultural and sporting opportunities made available to them.

EDUCATION OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM We believe that education outside the classroom (EOTC) is an integral part of the learning process. These programmes advance children’s personal and social development, while encouraging confidence and building self-esteem in an enjoyable outdoor setting. In Year 7 your child will participate in a week of outdoor pursuits including rock climbing, archery, bush skills and kayaking. Year 8 students attend an offsite camp for four days, where skills learnt in Year 7 are practised. These experiences take place early in the school year. We welcome and appreciate parental involvement.

Our class camp was a unique and challenging experience. I made new friends and got to know my class really well. James, Student, Year 8


SPORTS PROGRAMMES We believe sport plays a key role in the all round development of our students. Children benefit from participating in organised, competitive and non-competitive situations involving both teams and individuals. Organised sport is essential for promoting a strong sense of belonging, friendship and team spirit in our school.

Whole School Sporting Events

• Swimming Sports (Term 1) • Cross Country (Term 2) • Athletics (Term 4)

Interschool Sports Events ANI is a member of the Central Zone. We compete in 19 interschool events over the year, these are:


• Tennis • Softball • Swimming • Soccer • Table Tennis • Hockey • Netball

• Cricket • Orienteering • Rugby • Rugby League • Cross Country • Gymnastics • Squash

• Volleyball • Badminton • Golf • Touch Rugby • Athletics

Lunchtime Sporting Events These organised, competitive, round-robin events, such as Team Tactics or Dodgeball, are held during lunch breaks. Students from Year 7 or Year 8 are able to participate and represent their class.

Extra-Curricular Sport We Offer

Central Zone sport is good as you get to compete against other schools and kids your age. Sam, Student, Year 7

• Netball (Terms 2 and 3) • Basketball (Terms 2 and 3) • Cycling (Terms 2 and 3) • Water Polo (Terms 2, 3 and 4)

These teams play in local school/association events outside normal school hours.

ELECTIVE PROGRAMME In Term 3, we run a school-wide elective programme to promote physical activity throughout the school. The weather is not so reliable for outdoor sporting activities so many of the activities are held indoors and off site. The programme runs for five weeks and your child will be involved in one activity for this period. Sample activities include:

• Aerobics • Badminton • Dance • Golf

• Ice Skating • Indoor Soccer • Rock Climbing • Squash

• Table Tennis • Ten Pin Bowling • Pilates • Water Polo


A RICH AND VARIED CULTURAL LIFE Your child will be able to pursue creative and cultural experiences of his/her choice including dance, drama, music and Kapa Haka. Your child will have every chance to discover new interests, explore his/her preferences and develop potential he/she may never have recognised in themselves.

Here are some options your child might like to explore:

• Chess Group • Choir • Orchestra • Dance Group • Production • Y7 & Y8 Rock Bands • Student Council • Ukulele Club

• Chinese Group • Japanese Group • Spanish Group • Irish Group • Korean Group • Samoan Group • Kapa Haka

Joining Kapa Haka has been a fantastic new experience for me. I love performing waiata at school assemblies. Hannah, Student, Year 7


A SAFE, NUTURING AND CARING ENVIRONMENT We believe it is the right of every person to feel safe and supported at our school. Your child has the right to spend the school day free from the fear of bullying, harassment and intimidation.

If your child feels bullied there are a number of ways he/she can access support and help:

• Tell either a Teacher, Team Leader or Deputy Principal • Use peer mediation • Tell a parent who can in turn contact the Teacher, Team Leader or Deputy Principal • E-bully – an electronic and confidential message service on our intranet.

Peer Mediators: helping students resolve conflicts in peaceful ways Every year we invite a number of students to train as peer mediators. Mediators deal with minor disputes in the playground such as; name calling, friendship problems and exclusion. The programme has been very successful and we have noticed less incidences of playground bullying. It also empowers students as they take greater responsibility for resolving their own disputes.


Onsite Public Health Nurse Our Public Health Nurse visits the school on a fortnightly basis to provide health education and advice for our students. The Public Health Nurse also runs the immunisation programme at school. Students may be immunised against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and polio, and the HPV vaccine for cervical cancer. They also have their vision tested.

Peer mediators are good at helping you with your problems when you are feeling sad. Himesha, Student, Year 7


A FUN AND EXCITING PLACE TO LEARN Everything we do starts and finishes with supporting your children and their learning. This includes providing an environment that fosters a desire to learn.

What sets ANI apart?

OUR LEARNING ENVIRONMENT An inviting, supportive, and safe learning environment: We are an inviting, supportive, and safe place, a joyful community that promotes in-depth learning and enhances students’ physical and emotional well-being. Extension Classes: There are two top ability classes at Year 7 & Year 8. Selection for these classes is based on academic performance, test results, consultation with previous year’s teacher and feedback from parents. Highly skilled specialist teachers: With in-depth subject knowledge they provide integrated programmes in the curriculum areas of Science, Technology, The Arts, PE and Sports, Spanish and Japanese languages. Gifted & Talented Programme: This programme provides challenging hands-on experiences in a range of areas including academic, cultural, physical activity and leadership programmes.


Catering for individual learner differences: Our teachers cater for individual learner differences by tailoring their teaching so that learners of different abilities have the opportunity to learn at their own developmental level and at their own pace.

Overseas Cultural Exchanges: Your child will have the opportunity to go on an international exchange and build international friendships. We offer exchanges to Singapore and Japan with our sister schools. Positive Behaviour Management: A system of positive “Awards� operates at ANI. Students can earn academic, cultural, sporting and Principal badges. These are to be sewn on the left sleeve of the uniform jumper. Shields are gained when a student earns two badges in a specific field. A Premier Medal is awarded when a student has collected one of each type of shield.


Student Teachers: We are lucky to have student teachers frequently come to ANI and put into practice what they have learnt at University. They serve as role models and mentors to our students and bring fresh ideas to the classroom.

OUR PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT Our Location: The school is located in park-like grounds in Mt Eden, close to Mt Eden Village and five minutes from Auckland City, New Zealand’s largest and most dynamic city. We are lucky to have large playing fields, netball courts and easy access to tennis courts.

OUR FACILITIES Modern classes equipped with technology: All our classrooms have easy and ample access to technology including computers, interactive whiteboards, data show projectors, video and digital cameras. Swimming Pool: We believe the ability to swim and the development of survival swimming techniques are essential skills all New Zealanders should possess. Our 25 metre, 6 lane outdoor pool is a valued educational asset. Healthy Food Canteen: The canteen supplies a wide range of healthy food and drinks. Check out the menu online for further information.


After school classes ANI has a large after school programme for students, offering a number of government subsidised classes in music and leisure/recreation. Classes for Children Music classes are offered after school hours and tuition is given in Keyboard, Violin, Flute, Guitar, Clarinet, Trumpet, Drums, Saxophone, Recorder, Singing and Music Theory. Leisure and recreational classes are also offered after school hours each term. These include: Art, Basketball, Dance, Computers and Soccer. ANI also offers a number of adult English classes during the school day (from beginner to upper intermediate level). A detailed programme for all classes is available from the school office.


1pm – 5pm

CONTACT DETAILS Telephone: Fax: Email: Website:

(09) 630 1109 extn 709 (09) 630 1974



KEEPING CONNECTED – COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS At ANI we promote family involvement and take the initiative to develop home-school bonds. The involvement of family is linked to higher levels of student achievement and improved student behaviour so we think it’s important we stay connected. Website: Our website provides a wealth of information about our school. Check out the website regularly for latest news, photos and event information. KnowledgeNET: Our safe and secure online learning portal gives you a window into your child’s classroom. With access to learning resources, homework and an online portfolio you can easily keep connected with your child’s learning through the web. You will be provided with login information at the beginning of the year. Newsletters: Our regular school newsletter helps you keep in touch with school activities. It can be accessed through our website or we can email a copy to you. Parent & Community Surveys: The Board is committed to open communication and will seek your input on significant issues affecting the school. Parent Teacher Association (PTA): The PTA is a group of our parents (and teachers) who are keen to arrange school fundraising and social events. Funds raised help to provide additional resources for the school, ensuring our children have the best opportunity to learn and develop.

The PTA also acts as a link between school and home. Joining the committee is a great way to meet new friends through school, support your children, and truly feel involved in their school activities. Meetings are held approximately twice a term and details of upcoming meetings and events are listed on the website.


ENROLMENT – WHAT NEXT? Here are some answers to questions you might ask if you want to enrol your child at ANI. If you want more detailed information, contact the school enrolment manager or visit our school website.

WHAT IS THIS THAT I HEAR ABOUT ZONING? ANI has an enrolment scheme to limit the roll and prevent overcrowding. All students who live in-zone have an absolute right to enrol at our school. Visit the Ministry of Education website and search by your home address to see the schools in which you are eligible to enrol your child.

what if i live out of zone? If you find you live outside the home zone for ANI, then you are still entitled to apply for enrolment. Students who apply out-of-zone will be accepted in the following order of priority:

1. brothers and sisters of current students 2. brothers and sisters of former students 3. children of board employees 4. all other students.

If there are more applicants in priority groups 1-4 than there are places available, selection within the priority group must be by ballot. To find out further information on how the enrolment scheme operates and to understand your rights visit


Enrolment Process Step 2: Attend Parent Information Evening


In-Zone Enrolments Step 1: Complete Application Form Forms available from our website and sent to all contributing primary schools. Beginning Term 3


If considering sending your child to ANI in 2011. Evenings held at ANI and contributing schools. Please check website for further details.

Step 3: Open Day See firsthand what happens at ANI. Parents & students are welcome. 9.30am – 12.00 noon on Friday 13th of August

Step 5: Placement Tests Tests held at local schools for enrolled students. Check website for test dates. A test will also be held at ANI. 9am on Tuesday 9th of November.

Step 6: Attend Enrolment Confirmation Afternoon No appointment necessary. Please make sure you bring all necessary documentation as stated in your enrolment information pack. 3.30pm – 6.00pm 10th & 11th of November

Step 4: Enrolment Pack sent to Parents This will be posted upon receipt of application form.

Step 7: Orientation An orientation morning is held for all new students. 9.00am – 11.00am on Friday 19th of November

Step 2: Open Day




Out-of-Zone Enrolments

See firsthand what happens at ANI. Parents & students are welcome. 9.30am - 12.00 noon on Friday 13th of August

Step 3: Out of Zone Ballot Parents are notified of the ballot results by letter within 3 days of ballot. Successful applicants are requested to accept or decline the place within 3 days Wednesday 20th of October

Step 1: Complete Application Form

Step 4: Placement Tests

Forms available from our website and sent to all contributing primary schools. Beginning Term 3 Application closing date Friday 15th of October

Tests held at local schools for enrolled students.Check website for test dates. A test will also be held at ANI. 9am on Tuesday 9th of November

Step 5: Attend Enrolment Confirmation Afternoon Only if accepted. No appointment necessary. Please make sure you bring all necessary documentation as stated in your enrolment information pack. 3.30pm - 6.00pm 10th & 11th of November

Step 6: Orientation An orientation morning is held for all new students 9.00am – 11.00am on Friday 19th of November

For further information and to download enrolment forms please visit our website


Step 3: Parent/Caregiver/Agent Interview

International Student Enrolments We welcome enrolment applications from international students. At present there are students from around the world studying at our school. They come for a first class education and to take advantage of the many academic, cultural and sporting opportunities that Auckland Normal Intermediate has to offer.

Step 1: Complete Application Form Download forms from our website: and post back to the school. Step 2: School Issues Provisional Offer of Place Accompanying documents and invoice sent to applicant.


Once signed documents returned and fees paid interview takes place.

Step 4: Documents Finalised and Checked Passports of Parent, Caregiver and Student checked. Medical and travel insurance finalised. School can help organise insurance.

Step 5: Code of Practice Explained The Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students is explained to the Parent/Caregiver/Agent.

Step 8: Uniform and stationery pack organised. Support resources discussed with the student and family.

Step 9: Parent/Caregiver/Agent applies to Immigration for a Student Visa. Evidence of the application number to be given to the school within one week of the Offer of Place being issued.

Step 10: Class Placement This is at the discretion of the Principal. Student completes an English language assessment

Step 6: Offer of Place to confirm enrolment Receipt for fees issued.

Step 7: Orientation tour of the school.

For further information and to download enrolment forms please visit our website

SCHOOL UNIFORM Our easy wear unisex uniform includes: Girls a blue/navy monogrammed polo shirt (short and long sleeved available), a navy skort (skirt and culottes combined) and a wool jersey featuring the school monogram. Boys a blue/navy monogrammed polo shirt (short and long sleeved available), navy shorts and a wool jersey featuring the school monogram. Footwear is either black leather look shoes or sandals. Socks are white ankle length for girls and knee high black ones for boys. Girls also have the option of black tights. Sun hats (worn in Terms 1 and 4) are either bucket style or cap. PE Uniform includes dri-fit shorts and t-shirt. Sneakers are optional for PE lessons.  In wet weather students wear a monogrammed school rain jacket. During term time uniform supplies can be purchased from the school office.



TERM DATES 2011 Monday 31 January

Auckland Anniversary Day

Tuesday 1 February

Term 1 Begins

Friday 15 April

Term 1 Ends 106 half days

School begins: 8.45am Interval:

10.30 – 10.50am


12.30 – 1.25pm

End of School: 3.00pm

OFFICE HOURS Monday 2 May Monday 6 June Friday 15 July

Monday 1 August Friday 7 October

Term 2 Begins Queen’s Birthday Term 2 Ends 108 half days


Term 3 Begins

Auckland Normal Intermediate School Poronui St Mt Eden Auckland 1024

Term 3 Ends 100 half days

Monday 24 October

Labour Day

Tuesday 25 October

Term 4 Begins

Thursday 15 December

Monday to Friday:8:00am - 4.00pm

Term 4 Ends 76 half days Total: 390 half days

Telephone: (09) 630-1109 Fax: (09) 630-1974 Email: Website:

DENTAL CLINIC Telephone: (09) 630-0592


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CONTACT Auckland Normal Intermediate School Poronui St Mt Eden Auckland 1024 Telephone: (09) 630-1109 Fax: (09) 630-1974 Email: Website:


ANI Prospectus 2011

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