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February 13, 2012


Valentine’s Day is coming up. If you would like to bring cards for other students you are more than welcome to as long as you bring a card for each member of our class.


UPCOMING DATES: Tuesday, February 14!

*Parent Team Meeting

Thursday, February 15!

*Basketball game at Egremont

Thursday, February 15!

*Word Study assessment

Friday, February 17!

*No school for kids

Monday, February 20!

*No school

Tuesday, February 21!

*Parent Ed Workshop

We will have a word study assessment this Thursday. Just a reminder that it is important for your child to know how to spell each word and the meaning of each word but it is also important for them to understand the rules of the sort. Part of the assessment is explaining the sort. This means that each student must write out the rules that are associated with each sort. Let me know if you have any questions about this. New words will come home on Tuesday since we are not in school on Monday.


Our first trip was a huge success! One of the employees of Agoura Hills Senior Retreat said she hasn’t seen the residents that happy in such a long time! They were also so impressed with the student behavior. I am so proud.

CAPTAIN’S CORNER I observe Brooklyn. I observe little Madison playing jump rope with Aswaria and Sekai. I observe Prianna riding a mini bike with Jodi. I observe Phoenix chasing Xen.I observe Logan talking to me , Alana, Mario, Medina and Willow. I observe chirpy children playing, I observe NVLA by: Taliiya Flemming

Taliiya is the class captain this week.

Newsletter 2-13-12  

Newsletter 2-13-12