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Twilight Players Hold Auditions for Spring Musical "Company"

Health and Safety Committee Votes Not to Change Pet Policy; Bertolino "Dissapointed" Samantha VanSchoick Editor-in-Chief The Health and Safety Committee has recommended not altering the current pet policy at Lyndon State College. President Joe Bertolino asked the committee to reconsider the current pet policy to allow dogs to be on campus. Last Fall Bertolino “relaxed” the policy on a trial basis when he adopted his dog, which students named Willoughby-Vail. However, after considering the issue, the committee voted 4-2 not to change the current policy. “I was disappointed. I think that I had hoped that the committee would be able to find some middle ground,” Bertolino said. Nick Russo, Vermont State Student Trustee, was one of the two members of the committee who voted yes to changing the policy. He too had hoped to find middle ground. “The two of us who voted yes, we wanted to change the policy to make it not necessarily what Dr. Joe wanted, but to try and find some middle ground and say, ‘Look, if people want to bring their dogs on campus, we’ll allow that, but it’s a privilege not a right, and if you violate the safeguards we have in place to keep those dogs from causing harm or discomfort to others, that privilege goes away.’” Though the current policy states that no animals should be allowed in campus buildings, some staff members have been bringing their dogs to work for years with no repercussions. “One of the big problems with the

old policy was that there was no teeth to enforce it, and that was one of the issues George Hacking (Director of Public Safety) brought up,” explained Russo. “[Hacking] had spoken with the people who had violated the policy in the past and they continued to violate it; there’s no way to stop them.” Russo had hoped the committee could find a solution to the problem by altering the policy. “Even if we didn’t change it to something too far towards having dogs, we still wanted to make the policy work, because the current policy didn’t,” he said. Though Bertolino has the authority to override the committee’s recommendation, he will not. “I’m going to be respect the decision of the committee,” said Bertolino. “I’m not going to turn around and say, ‘Thanks, but no thanks, I don’t think that’s right.’” Bertolino looks at the recommendation as a learning experience. “This is a good lesson for Joe. As the new president, I genuinely and honestly didn’t think that this was going to become the issue that it became,” he said. So why was the change such a big issue? Russo believes it was the idea of dogs in campus buildings. “Members of the committee couldn’t get over the idea that dogs would be in the buildings, and that was really the big sticking point,” he said. Members of the committee who voted yes either declined to comment or could not be reached in time for publication.

Photo by Bryan Barber

Electronic Journalism Arts major Jacqueline Laviolette performs her audition song at tryouts on Wednesday night in the Alexander Twilight Theater.

Courtesy Photo

The new shuttle was purchased with $30,000 of the Student Activity Fee. It will now be taking students to popular destinations such as Burke Mountain and Littleton, NH for shopping.

has even made designated drop-off Shuttle Takes LSC Students Where They Want To Be “Burke and pick-up parking spots for our shuttle Hannah Frigon Critic Staff The Campus Activity Board is looking for student drivers to drive a new shuttle bus that will take students off-campus throughout the week to destinations such as Burke Mountain and Littleton, New Hampshire. The Ski and Ride Club and The Outing Club currently operate a shuttle on Tuesdays and Fridays that takes students to Burke Mountain. The new shuttle bus will allow students to get to the mountain on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Weston Miller, a senior Mountain Recreation Management major at Lyndon State College, thinks the shuttle busses are a great way to connect to people on campus. “The Ski & Ride aims to connect many

people who share the same interests,” said Miller. The club creates events and activities that surround the culture of Ski and Ride and winter sports. Miller said that they like to “support local companies and business like Burke Mountain, opposed to other larger tourist resorts.” Miller came to LSC in the spring of 2011. He always wanted to get involved with Ski & Ride but had no vehicle, which was a problem for the mountain hungry boarder. He liked the idea of a shuttle program, so the Ski & Ride Club sat down with Jamie Struck, who is the adventure program coordinator, to split the cost of the shuttle program with Outing. “We ran all the numbers to see how many times a week we could go to the mountain,” Miller said.

vans.” Miller went on to say that being social probably helped him find rides to the mountain when he needed one, but he doesn’t want those who may be shy to miss out on such exciting activities like skiing and snowboarding. He extends the invitation that the, “Ski and Ride Club is looking to share with others and that their events are group oriented with good intentions.” Brian Matineau, Resident Hall Director of Wheelock and Student Activities Coordinator, said that the Shuttle Program is a “great opportunity to get students off campus.” Matineau said “this is a great chance for students who don’t have cars, and to also get out the word on what SALC does

for the students.” Lastly, Matineau said that this is a good opportunity for work study students to have a job. Eligible students are 21 with a valid drivers license and clean driving record. The Student Shuttle leaves from the Wheelock parking lot at 8:30a.m. 4:00p.m. Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Saturday it runs to Burke Mountain and Littleton twice for each location and on Sunday it runs twice to Burke and once to Littleton. This isn’t just for snowboarding and skiing; it is also a chance for students to get off-campus to get groceries, shop, or just go off-campus to hang out with friends. The Ski and Ride Club, Outing Club, SGA and CAB encourage every student to take a part in this beneficial service.

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3-Day Weather Forecast Courtesy of the National Weather Service


11 -6

Cloudy, 20% chance of snow before 4PM.

BULLETIN PUBLIC SAFETY BLOTTER 1/19-1/28 1/19 Rita Bole Center – Under age drinking “How I Met Your Mother” . 1/22 Stonehenge Parking Lot – Behavior That Endangers Self or Others “Joey” 1/22 Whitelaw – Possession of Prohibited Items Fire Safety Violation Drug Possession “Three’s Company” 1/24 Poland – Guest Policy Violation “Full House” 1/25 Whitelaw - Lounge Furniture in Dorm Room “Home Improvement” 1/25 Stevens Dining Hall – Fire Alarm “Saved By the Bell” 1/25 Bookstore – Attempted Theft “Arrested Development” 1/28 Wheelock – Failure to Comply with Directions “Charles In Charge”



16 8

Cloudy, afternoon winds at 6mph.


26 15

Cloudy, 50% chance of snow.

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Tues. Feb 5 – Jesse Crofton, Victory Orchard – Hornets Nest – 7PM Fri. Feb 1 – Electric Sorcery - The Hub – Johnson, VT – 9PM Fri. Feb 1 – Serotheft – Phat Kats Tavern – Lyndonville, VT – 9PM Fri. Feb 1 – Open Mic Night @ Catamount Arts – St. Johnsbury, VT – 7PM Mon. Feb 4 – Open Mic Night @ The Grindstone Café – Lyndonville, VT – 5PM Thurs. Feb. 7 – The Summit of Thieves – Red Square Burlington, VT – 7PM


February 1, 2013

Bedbugs Kicked Out of Bayley Greg Besso Critic Staff Bedbugs were found in the Bayley residence hall during the winter break. On January 17, 2013, Director of Residential Life Erin Rossetti sent an email to all of the residents of Bayley notifying them of the infestation. Adjacent rooms were tested, and the result was that the bugs were confined to only one room. “That room has since been treated by professionals and the area has been cleared,” Rossetti said in an email. When the bedbugs struck, the students in the room were the first to notice. One of them spoke to Melissa Nelson, residence hall director of Arnold and Bayley. “What happened was we were contacted by someone who had a concern that there may be some sort of bug in their room. We had the on-duty RHD go over and look,” Nelson said. Nelson described what the Department of Residential Life had found. “There were casings, not live bugs, and what looked like a bug that had been kind of stepped on. So from there we wanted to make sure that we were covering all of our bases and called in someone to inspect the area.” The Department of Residential Life took immediate action to address the problem. Residence Hall Director of the Rita Bole Complex, Erin Rossetti, explained the

The Critic, Page 3

Ten Questions With Brett Santo

process of inspecting a room for the bugs. “When we believe that there are bedbugs, we bring in an expert to confirm that they are, in fact, bedbugs,” she said. After an inspection by a professional service, it was determined that “the little casings we found in the bed sheet, in the corner, were in fact bedbugs,” Nelson said. The extermination process required several preventative measures, including sealing off the perimeter of the room ensuring that anything in the room wouldn’t have the chance to leave. The furniture in the room also had to be inspected. “They also treated the mattresses in the affected room just to make sure they were getting everything they needed,” Nelson said. Rossetti elaborated on the financial impact of the inspection. “To call in an expert and have them search the area and

Brett Santo, President Bertolino’s newest assistant.

Wesley Hatch Critic Staff

inspect the area is actually free. It would be the cost of the cost of the extermination and

This would have to be a person from

1. Where were you born and how did you

recent history, Randy Pausch, a professor at

cost something in the end if needed,” she

end up at Lyndon State College?

Carnegie Mellon. He gave a talk called the


I was born in Long Island, New York. The extermination itself cost 900

dollars, Rossetti said via email. Nelson, and potentially many other residents, have reason to be relieved. “I think we were lucky that it didn’t spread past that one room,” she said.

“We cannot change the cards we’re dealt,

love the city. After visiting President Joe,

just how we play the hand.”

who I met at Queens College, at LSC with

7. What is your favorite spot in the whole

some friends, I applied for the position of


President’s Office Assistant.

Photo by Morgan Forester

There will be a variety of events and activities to participate in throughout, including custom airbrushed hats and the Mr. Lyndon pageant. President Joe Bertolino welcomed the SGA and representatives back to campus and introduced his new assistant, Brett Santo, who will be helping Assistant Darcie Miles. During his update, VSC Student Trustee, Nick Russo, confronted Bertolino about the recent vote from the Health and Safety Committee to ban dogs on campus. Bertolino was surprised that the issue of the campus dog policy was being so thoroughly discussed and responded by saying that he will take the committee’s vote into perspective but he will “maintain the status quo for the time being,” noting that he has bigger issues at hand. SGA Treasurer, Julie Austin, presented the new paperless billing forms for club use as well as the new system for club budgeting.

Can I pick a spot that I haven’t been to

2. How have you been adjusting to the

before? Because there is a spot that I want

weather in the NEK?

to visit between Brazil and Argentina called

Actually, I’ve always loved the cold. I

Iguazu Falls. Waterfalls are my favorite spots

can breathe deep the freezing air and it’s

and Iguazu Falls is this amazing place with a

great. Seeing -20 was pretty cool, I think the

whole collection of falls that runs for miles

first time I’ve ever seen negative degrees.

and miles.

3. If you could only bring 1 book, 1

8. What do you like to do with your free

album, and 1 movie to a deserted island,


First, I would have to bring an album

Campus Activities Board talk about Winter Weekend.

Last Lecture, which he wrote into a book.

[It came to a point where] I didn’t grow to

what would you bring?

Sodexo General Manager, Joey McClain presented new options for Stevens Dining Hall. If there is a certain kind of food you want to see in the dining hall, or a recipe you want to submit for them to make, McClain encourages everyone to turn in their ideas along with 100 signatures from students supporting that idea. These ideas and recipes will make their way to a dining hall table near you. RHDs Melissa Nelson and Brian Martineau discussed the upcoming Leadership Conference, Feb. 9, and encouraged all SGA Representatives to host their own workshops during the conference. The workshops could be fun, team-building exercises, or exploring helpful techniques to be a better leader, and everything in between. CAB presented their event, Winter Week, which will run from Feb. 4 to Feb. 8.

coln, and Gandhi?

the product that they’re using that would

What Happened At SGA?

Morgan Forester Managing Editor

Facebook Photo

I enjoy mobile DJing and I’ve brought all my equipment so maybe I can do some-

from The Fray. “Scars & Stories” is the best.

thing for you guys. I also enjoy cooking.

My favorite film of all time is Catch

9. Do you believe in telling white lies?

Me If You Can. For a book, I would have to bring my

If a person should hear the truth, if it’s a criticism of them, you should be forward

copy of The Hobbit and The Lord of The

with them. You should be as honest as

Rings, a quadrilogy bound book.


4. Mac of PC?

10. What does your job entail?

Mac, I’m a Mac guy, though I don’t like the iPhone. 5. Would you consider yourself a realist, an optimist, or a pessimist? Where is the line between pragmatic notions and pessimism? I usually try to consider myself an optimist. I always try to

Besides the badge that says President’s Office Assistant, I actually report to Darcie Miles. I am also known as the Social Events Coordinator. I’ll be coordinating the graduating seniors’ dinners. I helped coordinate all the Resident Life Town Hall Meetings.

find the best in things. I was brought up

Darcie delegates some scheduling tasks and

that way by my mother.

other office jobs to me. I am also the T.A.

6. Who do you admire in history, besides

for President Joe’s Fundamentals of Leader-

the often chosen MLK Jr, Abraham Lin-

ship class.


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February 1, 2013

LSC Prez Joe Bertolino A Letter From Betty Ford, Autographs from Neil Diamond, Elton John, and Barbara Streisand and Faculty & Staff Artwork are just a few objects that line the walls of Dr. Joe’s Crib Peter Nute Copy Editor and Samantha VanSchoick Editor-in-Chief

Illustration and Photos by Samantha VanSchoick

“Hi everyone, welcome!” said Bertolino as he opened the door to the Lyndon State College President’s House .

Clockwise from top left to bottom: (1)“The Brown Room“ is a serious room for makin’ money. (2)“I’ve never tried it, but Red 50,” said Bertolino as he held his bottle of vino. (3) An autographed poster from the Broadway musical “Hairspray.”(4) “My favorite food, Eggos.” (5) “Here we have the important things,” said Bertolino. “Cannolis and soda.”

When you walk into Lyndon State College President Joe Bertolino’s crib, you enter an area of the house that is rarely used by the good doctor. “I actually don’t use the downstairs. I rarely use it,” Bertolino says. “The whole downstairs is public space that I use for events.” The first floor of Bertolino’s crib was designed by a committee of students, faculty, and staff. Darci Miles was in charge of the committee. The first room, equipped with an essential Vermont-esque fireplace, is called The Brown Room, “because it’s, well, brown,” says Bertolino. The Brown Room is also designated as a serious room by the president. “For serious conversations, like if I’m asking someone for money. I’m hoping to utilize this room a lot more in the future.” The walls are decorated with artwork on loan from various LSC faculty and staff. The downstairs kitchen is another room rarely used by the president. So neglected, in fact, that Bertolino has “no idea how old the milk is.” The cabinets and drawers are filled with college china. “I don’t use this kitchen at all. The only people that use the kitchen are Sodexo

and the RA’s when they came up to do a function,” says Bertolino. “Daniel Weiner, I’ll mention his name because he’ll be very excited, made his potato knishes. It was very exciting.” From the kitchen, Bertolino stops near the foyer where he used the colors “green and yellowish” to represent LSC. The dining room is mainly used for events, and the layout of the room changes all the time. Along one wall is the “Lyndon State College Cabinet” filled with items from the bookstore. The decorations in the room are from Homegoods, and the plants are all from White’s Market. Bertolino’s crib also has a guest room on the ground floor “for anyone who wants to stay.” The room has its own bathroom and television. “Since I’ve been here, I’ve had probably about thirty guests,” says Bertolino. Upstairs is the president’s chill pad where he spends time sitting on the couch in front of the TV watching some of his favorite shows such as “Big Bang Theory”, “Game of Thrones” and “American Horror Story.” But the room is not only a lounge space, but a room where the doctor gets a lot of his work done, often with his dog Willoughby at his side. “I usually have a bone in one hand that she’s chewing and my other hand is usually on the laptop.”

SPORTS Men’s Basketball Shooting for Playoffs

The Critic, Page 5

February 1, 2013

Tightly Knitted NAC Have Hornets In Fourth

Dan Weiner Critic Staff

The Men’s Basketball team is on pace to do what it did two years ago, and seed highly in the North Atlantic Conference. Even without the offensive firepower of Howard Lyles this semester, Coach Joe Krupinski and the rest of the Hornets team have still found ways to win. “We’ve become a bit of a different team without [Lyles]”, said Krupinski. “However, we’re making up for [his loss] in different ways.” One of those ways was Devon Rollins, a freshman who got his first start of the season last weekend against New England College.  He scored 13 points, but propelled the Hornets in the first half, lighting up from behind the arc three times, en route to a 91-71 Lyndon victory. “Coming into the game, I knew I had a big opprotunity to step up,” said Rollins.  “The team helped me get fired up, and got me open [from the three point line].”

Devyn Baranauskas shot 5-8 from the

field and scored a team high 16 points, and Jason Gray got his 9th double-double of the season. Senior guard Jose Fortunato, who dished seven assists, talked about the team’s most explosive offensive performance of the year.  «We were moving the ball more than we usually do [against NEC],» said Fortunato. «We›re a better team when we move the ball around.» The Hornets [9-9] [8-4 NAC] next game is an in-conference away matchup with Johnson State [7-11] [5-7 NAC] this Saturday.  Sophomore Guard Patrick Dunn thinks the team has what it takes to beat the Badgers on their home court.  “We just have to be competitive from the start,” said Dunn. “We have to come out with a lot of energy and execute.”  The Hornets currently sit fourth in the NAC, but with six games left in-conference, anything is up for grabs.

Senior forward Jason Gray puts up a shot in traffic.

Sophomore guard Devyn Baranaukas dribbles by a defender.

team to their first Super Bowl appearance

can remain disciplined in their reads, the

since 2000. The tough running of Ray Rice

Ravens have the ability to slow down the

complements the other half of the Ravens

multidimensional 49ers rushing attack

offensive attack. Rice leads all playoff rush-

and disrupt Kaepernick’s mastery of the

ers with 247 yards. In this matchup, the

read-option. Much like their counterparts,

Ravens will be up against a fast, disciplined,

the Ravens have two highly praised safeties

hard-hitting 49ers defense, which ranked

of their own in Ed Reed and Bernard

number three in total defense during the

Pollard. Both players will be relied upon

regular season. With a combination of pro

to excel in their primary roles to contain

bowlers at both the safety position (Dashon

Kaepernick and the 49ers offense. Reed

Goldson, Donte Whitner) and linebacker

will have to do what he does best: play

positions (Patrick Willis, NaVorro Bow-

“centerfield,” and keep everything in front

man), the 49ers may have the perfect

of him. Bernard Pollard must step up in

formula for containing Flacco, Rice, and

the run game and lay big hits on whoever

the Ravens offense. Their two experienced

has the ball. If the Ravens show up early

safeties will play an important role in

and set the tone with a hard-hitting, disci-

keeping Ravens big playmakers like Torrey

plined performance they will give them-

Smith and Anquan Boldin from getting

selves a chance to pull off the upset.

“on-top” of the defense. Aldon Smith and his 19.5 sacks (three shy of the single season all-time record) will be putting the pressure

Super Bowl XLVII Preview

Dustin’s Take: Critic Sports Column career (Ray Lewis), it’s the matchups on the

Photos by Bryan Barber

X-Factors: Baltimore Ravens Running Back, Ber-

on Flacco, who isn’t known for evading the

nard Pierce - Throughout the second half

pass rush very well. With all that being said,

of the season, Pierce has shown the ability

I see the 49ers controlling this game with

to come in and adequately spell starting

the all-around solid play of their defensive

running back Ray Rice. Look for Pierce to


play a big role in the outcome of the game

49ers Offense vs. Ravens Defense:

with his change of pace style and fresh legs.

After taking over in week 11 for an injured

San Francisco 49ers Tight End, Ver-

Alex Smith, second-year quarterback Colin

non Davis - With all the attention being

Kaepernick went 7-2 and became one of

paid to the rushing game of the 49ers, Da-

the most feared quarterbacks in the NFL.

vis will have a chance to sneak out at tight

His rare ability to run (415 yards) and pass

end and make big plays all game. Davis

(1,737 yards) makes him difficult to prepare

not only presents himself as a massive tar-

square off against the AFC’s Baltimore

Flacco, the Ravens signal caller, has been on

to play against. The Ravens will have their

get (6’3”), but can also run after the catch

Ravens in Super Bowl XLV11 on Sunday,

top of his game this postseason. He boasts

hands full with the read option, where

with his unique speed (4.38 40-yard dash).

a TD/INT ratio of eight to zero. Known

Kaepernick can either hand the ball off to

for having one of the strongest arms in the

the running back, or keep it himself and

league, Flacco has come up with big play

hit the edge with his spectacular speed. If

after big play this postseason, leading his

star linebackers Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs

Dustin Naiss Critic Columnist NFC Champion the San Francisco 49ers

February 3, at 6:00 p.m. Aside from the media-hyped storylines, including a brother vs. brother (Jim and John) coaching matchup, and the final game of an NFL icon’s

field that present the best discussion topics leading up to the game. Matchups: Ravens Offense vs. 49ers Defense: Joe

Prediction: Baltimore Ravens- 19 San Francisco 49ers- 27


February 1, 2013

The Critic, Page 6

Explosive Offense Launches Men’s Hockey Defeats Colby-Sawyer, WPI in Final Homestand

Corey Wells Sports Editor

“That was a truly unforgettable moment.”

The Lyndon State College Men’s Club Hockey Team found new life over their first weekend back from winter break, winning two out of three games.

Patten, who led the charge with two goals and an assist, said it was a total team victory.

The Hornet’s opened their three game weekend on Friday, Jan. 25 at home against Colby-Sawyer (0-4-1) with a 15-7 victory. Then on Saturday Lyndon State battled past Worcester Polytechnic Institute (2-7) with a 3-2 win. Saturday’s game marked the last home game for the Hornets this season. On Sunday the team travelled to Norwich (36), but fell short in a 5-2 loss. The Hornet’s matchup against Colby-Sawyer was the first game the team had played since Dec. 8, a 5-4 loss to Daniel Webster College (8-2). Even with the layoff, LSC showed no signs of rust on the offensive side of the puck, dominating Colby-Sawyer with 15 goals. Senior forward Tim Patten continued his stellar season by putting up six goals and four assists. Senior forward Tyler Eckhardt and sophomore forward Jason Pelkey also played major roles in the team’s blowout victory. Eckhardt scored three goals along with two assists and Pelkey contributed two goals and an assist. Senior goaltender Mario Viola was pleased with the outcome of the team’s first game returning from break. “Colby-Sawyer was a great way to come back and get everyone back in the swing of things,” Viola said. Pelkey felt the huge victory propelled them in the right direction. “We really wanted to get a jump over Colby-Sawyer to get a little motivation going into the following games,” Pelkey said. LSC played its Senior Game the next day against WPI. In dramatic fashion the Hornets were able to pull away with a onegoal victory thanks to Patten’s goal early in the third period and the team’s tough defense. Viola, who saved 44 shots in his final home game as a Hornet, believed the key moment in the game was when sophomore defender Sean Dillon left with an injury after sacrificing his body to block a slap shot. “I think that is when our team said ‘okay boys time to step up,’” Viola said. “Sean just put his body on the line for us now we have to finish the job.” In the end Viola could not have asked for a better last game at LSC. “There is no better feeling in sports than winning your senior game,” he said.

“It was a great feeling,” Patten said. “Having the whole team pull together for us seniors and help us win our last game.” The final matchup of the weekend was a rematch against Norwich. Earlier in the season the Hornets defeated Norwich 5-1. This time they were unable to overcome their fatigue from the previous two games and fell 5-2. “The Norwich game was a tough one,” Viola said. “It was our third game in three days and considering that we played a great game. Some bounces didn’t go our way, but we never quit and that says a lot.” With only two games left in the season the team is hoping to come away with two victories to put them in a position to make the playoffs. Lyndon will travel to the University of Massachusetts-Lowell (7-2) on Saturday, Feb. 10 for a 3:30 P.M. faceoff. There they will try to avenge a 7-2 defeat they suffered on Nov. 10. On Sunday they will play in Springfield (3-2-1) at 1 P.M. Their Nov. 16 matchup against Springfield ended in a 3-3 tie.

Sophomore Sean Dillon skates with the puck.

Photo by Bryan Barber

What’s the Buzz?

Men’s Club Hockey Top Points Achievers



Men’s Basketball

Total Points

Women’s Basketball















Timothy Patten




U-Maine Farmington



Tyler Eckhardt







Christian Henault







New England College



Chris Martin




Lyndon St.



Maine Maritime



Jason Pelkey










Matt Drew









Kevin Kelleher




Johnson St.



U-Maine Farmington








Maine Maritime


Demetri Papathanasiou








Lyndon St.

Patrick Keeley

Green Mountain







Green Mountain

Casey Bourque


New England College

Johnson St.



Results from the past week: Friday 1/25 W 15-7 over Colby-Sawyer Saturday 1/26 W 3-2 over Worcester Polytechnic Institute Sunday 1/27 L 5-2 to Norwich

Results from the past week: Saturday 1/26 W 91-71 over New England College

This week’s matches: This week’s matches: Saturday 2/2 @ Johnson St. 1:00 P.M. Saturday 2/2 @ University of Masschusetts-Lowell 3:30 P.M. Tuesday 2/5 @ Middlebury 7:30 P.M. Sunday 2/3 @ Springfield College 1:00 P.M.

Results from the past week: Saturday 1/26 L 69-52 to New England College Thursday 1/31 L 76-53 to Dartmouth This weeks matches: Saturday 2/2 @Johnson St. 3:00 P.M. Tuesday 2/5 @ Middlebury 5:30 P.M.


February 1, 2013

Taste of Home: Chicken Tortellini Soup Morgan Forester Managing Editor

The Critic, Page 7

Music Notes: Femi Kuti & The Positive Force Bring Culture and Novelty to Vermont Hunter Covill Critic Columnist Femi Kuti & The Positive Force played a spectacular set for students and the community on Sunday, January 27th in the Alexander Twilight Theatre. The group, which has been active for three decades, is based out of Nigeria and blends Afro-beat rhythms with funk, reggae, alternative, and fusion. Their sound utilized syncopation, harmony, and the explorative styles of jazz.

Welcome back to campus! Or maybe


that should read, “Welcome to the frigid

1/2-pound boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into 3/4-inch cubes 1/2 c. sliced carrots 1/2 c. sliced celery 1/2 c. chopped onion 1 1/2 c. water 1 c. chicken broth 1 c. refrigerated cheese tortellini 1 c. fresh spinach leaves

north.” Yes, it is January in the Northeast Kingdom, and that means sub-zero temperatures are fairly normal. Also normal are the colds and flus that everyone catches from the frosty weather, which then spread throughout campus. Doesn’t sound like a fun way to start the semester, does it? Well, if you’re tired of Ramen and want a hot meal that doesn’t require bundling in multiple layers of hoodies and coats just to walk to the Dining Hall, take this recipe for a spin. Yes, it is another crockpot recipe, but the beauty of the crockpot is being able to leave it on for eight hours and have a home cooked meal when you get back from class, or sleeping, or whatever it is you decided to do that day.

Directions: 1. Place chicken and vegetables in the crockpot. 2. Pour the water and broth over the chicken and vegetables. Cover.  3. Cook 6-8 hours on LOW.

Fronted by the virtuosic Femi Kuti - son of Afro-beat legend Fela Kuti - the ten-piece band provided a continuous wall of sound for the crowd of 500+. Kuti’s stage presence is unmatched by almost any performer of recent generations. Kuti delivered his politically aware lyrics in a vanguard pentameter, and remained perpetually ambulant. His energy was only matched by his vivaciously gyrating dancers. The instrumentation of this group was very refreshing. Femi himself is a gifted multi-instrumentalist and held down saxophone, trumpet, synthesizer, and vocal duties. The rhythm section was outfitted by a bass, and two percussionists:

one on a traditional rock kit, and the other on a kit outfitted with congas, bongos, and various alternative percussion. The skilled three-piece horn section expanded the band’s capabilities and was utilized often to add multiple voices to the melody. The guitarist was inarguably one of the most talented musicians in the group, aside from Kuti himself. His call and response work with Kuti made for an incredibly engaging experience. Kuti and company performed non-stop with little audience banter for roughly two hours, and after being called back for an encore, they provided the same infectious energy for another hour. This was impressive, considering Lyndon State College was the last stop on their United States tour before their return to Nigeria. I consider myself lucky to have been part of the experience. I would like to extend a big thanks to Kingdom County Productions, Johnson State College, volunteers, and Femi Kuti & The Positive Force. If you’d like to hear them for yourself go to:

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4. Stir in tortellini. Cover and cook for 20 minutes longer on HIGH, or until tortellini are tender. Add spinach 1 minute before cooking is completed. This recipe makes about four servings and is great with a side of hearty bread or a roll to dip in the broth. Enjoy!

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February 1, 2013


Ask Hugh Jass

Dear Faking It,

To Ask Gemma your question, email her at: Dear Gemma, I have an issue I’d like to bring to your attention. I’m not exactly the most outgoing girl at Lyndon. I wasn’t a high school cheerleader, or the girl that everyone wanted to hang out with. I’m not attractive, and I’ve never had a serious boyfriend before. However, for the past two years, I’ve been lying about my identity on Facebook. I have an account with the few friends I managed to make in high school, and some family members, but I also made a separate account where I faked my name and put a picture of a beautiful girl who resembles nothing of me. I then logged-in and added some random people (mostly hot guys) and ended up flirting with a lot of them; more than I have in my entire life. The only problem is, now I’ve had a few of them say they want to meet me in person. How do I go about resolving this issue? Please help! Sincerely, Faking It

You’ve got a lot on your plate. You’ve developed a second life that is a complete lie. At first, these little exaggerations might have helped you feel more confident, but pretty soon, these lies will become unmanageable for you to handle. Because you have been lying for two whole years, it will be a slow process of getting your real life back, but eventually you will be able to be yourself again, rather than the person you are pretending to be from behind your computer screen. I would suggest calling a trustworthy friend that won’t “judge” you. Make plans to hang out outside of the house so your computer won’t distract you. Also, having daily sessions with a doctor or therapist can help you boost your self-confidence, allowing you to build up the courage to talk to hot guys in real life instead on the Internet. To seek help here on campus, The Brown House is open Monday-Friday from 8am to 4pm. Their health and counseling services can be reached by calling (802) 626-6440. Once you use these suggestions to finally feel happier about your life, my advice would be to deactivate your fake Facebook account. Instead, just use your real one with your own friends and some guys whom you might potentially be interested in. Remember, honesty is the best policy. If you aren’t honest with yourself, how can you be honest with others? I know this may sound corny, but remember: you are beautiful no matter what anyone says. Hope this helps! -Gemma

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The Critic’s Weekly Sex Advice Column

Dear Mr. Long Distance, There are many people who end their relationship once there becomes a considerable distance between the two people, but some people, like in your case, stay together and make it work. One of the first things you can do is set up Skype dates, where the two of you can chat through a webcam. This isn’t as

If you would like to submit a question, email: Hugh Jass, My girlfriend graduated from Lyndon in December. She got a job and had to move away, so we’re doing a long distance relationship right now. We didn’t want to end it when she left the area, so we are still together. How can we make this work?

good as seeing her in person, but you will get to see her and hear her voice. If you are both interested, you could even have cyber sex. It won’t be as pleasurable as real sex, and it will probably be more awkward, but it can work. Phone calls and phone sex are also great substitutes if you don’t have a webcam. Depending on how far this longdistance actually is, maybe you could drive to wherever she is and visit for a weekend. A college break is also a great time to see your girlfriend! I hope this helps you out. Stay safe!


Your friend,

Mr. Long Distance

Hugh Jass

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Volume 59.13  

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