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who we are history In just a decade, Taylor’s Hoists has established itself as the UK’s premier operation and maintenance hoist brand serving the construction industry’s main players with vertical access. From brand creation to award winners and nominees in the UK’s leading construction industry awards, supplying hoists for the UK’s top principal contractors and subcontractors in just over 10 years – that’s the Taylor’s Hoists story. With unparalleled links to the market leading Alimak hoist product range, our product and service quality, professionalism and unique approach to customer service and safety has enabled us to reach great heights. Specialising in the hire and operation of the UK’s premier, most reliable range of construction hoists and with an unrivaled maintenance and on-site support services, we have grown and been awarded repeat business from our customers time and time again. Our wide range of single and twin hoist vertical height access solutions includes something for all projects and budgets – from reliable rack and pinion passenger/goods lifts and driverless systems to large tonnage beam and chain hoists. And we pride ourselves on being the first company in the country to stock the only environmentally friendly option – the strong, safe, lightweight and high speed Alimax

Scando 650. Working at height is a high risk industry. The safety of site users is of paramount concern to Taylor’s Hoists. Our engineers, service crew and staff have the knowledge and experience to make sure every hoist is operating safely and efficiently. And from our large-scale depot, workshop and offices just off the M11 (in the shadow of RAF Duxford) we offer first class customer service. We care and really listen to our clients’ needs – from consultation, through point of sale, with superior on-site support, in after sales care and in our unrivalled maintenance programs. No wonder that major brands like Mace, Lend Lease, Skanska, BAM, Carillion continue to specify Taylor’s Hoists on their major construction projects across the British Isles. WHY LYNDON INVESTED Our customers are increasingly looking for a seamlessly integrated service. Taylor’s was the perfect fit – determined to be the highest quality provider, using only the best machines and focused on safety and service. It’s a business we want to invest in and grow.

RISE TO THE TOP OCTOBER 2005 Taylor’s Hoists was created. We became the first company to only supply the latest models of the wold leading Alimak Hek Construction Hoists. February 2006 Taylor’s Hoists starts to gather pace & is awarded the renovation and build of the New Stock Exchange for Lend Lease and the Shell Building for Elliott Thomas Ltd. 2009 Taylor’s Hoists are awarded the Lend Lease - New Court Project where Lyndon’s Scaffolding and Taylor’s Hoists business partnership begins. Taylor’s Hoists & Lyndon Scaffolding were contracted by Lend Lease for vertical and site access on the prestigious project and worked closely together to create safe, intelligent access solutions. The hard working business ethos between the two companies is the same – a feeling of being part of a family, not just a firm. Taylor’s and Lyndon are developing a relationship and respect, paving the way forthe future –meeting on many projects where hoists and scaffold are supplied. April 2011 Taylor’s Hoists outgrow their current premises and relocate to modern facilities in rural Cambridgeshire –but close to trade links on the M11 corridor – with room to grow and offer more services. Links between existing work in London and the Sout develop with new business in the Midlands and North. 2013 Lyndon are awarded the Orchard Estate Project in Redbridge, supplying the scaffold on seven blocks of flats for energy saving panels to be installed & make full use of Taylor’s Hoists to supply vertical access on each of the seven buildings. 2015 Lyndon Scaffolidng CEO, Rob Lynch & Taylor’s Hoists John Self go into partnership with HATS (Hoist Access Tower Services) and provide the Common Tower access solution for the St James – Corniche Project. October 2016 Lyndon’s Scaffolding CEO Rob Lynch joins John Self with a part-ownership of the Rainsford Group & Taylor’s Hoists. APRIL 2017 A new era begins. Lyndon Scaffolding purchases 100% of the company to create a business offering a full range of access solutions. Taylor’s now has investment backing.


Our highest quality, ultra modern, eco friendly brand of hoists is the envy of our competitors. We offer hire services from as little as eight weeks upwards and provide the very best, most competitive vertical access solutions.


TOTAL ACCESS As part of Lyndon Scaffolding, Taylor’s now has access to the best scaffolding company in the UK. Working with Lyndon’s design team, Taylor’s can offer unique access solutions to overcome the most complex challenges faced on site.


Our in-house training is tailor made to meet the needs of our elite customers. The bespoke subject matter teaches our staff all they need to know about optimising our first class equipment to managing tricky site conditions safely.


Taylor’s Hoists customers are repeat customers. One clear reason for this is our unrivalled maintenance program, offering the very best servicing, keeping our customers’ hard working hoists in top condition: 24:7:365

BEST in the business Our mission at Taylor’s Hoists is to be the very best – offering the very best products and services. We believe we are the best in the business – eclipsing all others in the construction sector. What Makes Taylor’s Hoists the hoist supplier and not just another hoist supplier? Our level of commitment on every project stands out. Our staff do their very best for customers – no matter if you have one of the smallest machines or ten of the biggest; each customer is treated with the same level of dedication. We put ourselves in the client’s shoes and ask ourselves how we would want to be looked after, then deliver and exceed expectations. Talyor’s offer more than ‘just’ hoist equipment and hire services. We provide access solutions, backed by the UK’s most respected independent scaffolding firm, Lyndon Scaffolding PLC, who own the Taylor’s brand outright and share our passion to be market leaders – not just in access solutions, but in setting the

benchmark of quality and safety for all specialist contractors in the construction industry. Our fleet is modern, green and extremely well maintained and sets the standards on sites in our capital and beyond. At Taylor’s Hoists we have the best people with vast expertise in vertical height access, engineering solutions and design expertise. And with no expense spared in health and safety and training, we are future-proofing our levels of skill, quality, professionalism and dedication, which is reflected in the

accreditations we have achieved. We genuinely care; about our customers, our people, our equipment, our reputation, our industry... and YOUR hoists.

Their professional approach and ‘can-do’ attitude, towards the challenges presented to them, is what sets Taylor’s Hoists apart. Martin Childerhouse Project Director, Mace


Having worked with Taylor’s Hoists on our 107-109 Charing Cross Road site, I can highly recommend their services. Installation and removal of the hoist was executed efficiently, and RAMS completed throughout the project were very good, ensuring a safe site for the duration. Adam Field Senior Construction Manager, Mace

Taylor’s Hoists have installed and dismantled all of the hoists at Stoke Quay. Their behaviour whilst working on site has been excellent. The work they do is of a very high risk nature, and all those who have worked here on site have carried out their work with an excellent attitude towards safety. Thank you to Taylor’s Hoists for all your support over the past 18 months. Steve Smith Health & Safety Advisor, ISG

This was an exceptionally complicated project and we are indebted to the team at Taylor’s for helping us overcome the logistical challenges we faced. Peter Hall Senior Commercial Manager, Mace

LYNDON Scaffolding When the UK’s most respected, family-run scaffolding firm bought into the brand of the UK’s premier hoist business, a powerful synergy in the construction industry was created. Now owners of Taylor’s Hoists, Lyndon Scaffolding are bringing their five decades of quality, experience and skill to Taylor’s Hoists – creating a superb business and offering a first class vertical access solutions and scaffolding service together, sharing excellence brand values. Having worked on some of the largest and most prestigious scaffolding projects in the land, with 600+ operatives, £40+ million turnover, seven regional HQ’s, investing £4+ million a year in capital equipment and rated in the top 10 access providers in the country, the award-winning Lyndon business only serves to strengthen Taylor’s operations. Lyndon and Taylor’s might be new business, but they have worked together for almost a decade: It’s a winning combination and formula.

MACHINE PREP & Maintenance Setting us apart from the competition, Taylor’s Hoists offer the very best on-site and off-site maintenance servicing program, breakdown service and fleet logistics. At Taylor’s Hoists, our process of machine preparation is of the very highest standard possible. When we prepare a machine for a site, we don’t just service, we recondition, treating each machine with the respect it deserves. We understand what is expected from our hoists and the life a hoist has on site and we consistently thoroughly service our hoists, through a carefully constructed servicing program. Winding the clock back to order point, we start by selecting the appropriate machine that will be going to site, for each job: What this hoist is required for, what’s it doing and for how long. Once agreed, the machine is chosen. The machine is then stripped down to its core shell. The hoist is removed from its base surround, all is pressure washed free of grease and dirt, then brought in to the workshop where all mechanical parts are removed for inspection. Each component is then inspected for its serviceability. Only if it meets the required standard and tolerances is it repaired... or replaced.

Whilst the parts are removed, the cage is cleaned, serviced and prepared ready to be reassembled. And this unique method of preparation is carried out on all the other component parts that are required for the installation. The motor drive units are split down, cleaned, all parts are checked for serviceability, tolerances are checked and the drive unit is rebuilt. Once the cage, base enclosure and drive unit have all been serviced, they are all taken over to the test tower where the machine is built up with 12M of mast installed and the hoist is run up and down, checking the operation of the complete unit built as it will go out to site. If a component is changed after being passed on the test tower that may effect the running or operation of the machine out on site for our customers. In this scenario, the hoist goes back on to the test tower again, so that we can be confident how our machines will perform on site. This strict, audited process is carried out for every hoist at Taylor’s Hoists before being loaded

on to a modern transport system and carefully delivered to site, where it is expertly safely installed for successful, speedy and safe operation. Both Alimak and our esteemed clients report that the condition of our hoists are of the highest standards for a hire fleet in the industry. This is one reason why we work for the same customers again and again, on the Uk’s premier construction sites and with market leading contractors. And we offer the same level of service (and where infrequently necessary, high speed breakdown repair) on site: Our field engineers attend manufacturer training and are not only trained in the safe use of harnesses, but also the retrieval of someone in a harness if they fall and each team is supplied with a rescue kit that is taken to site and is in the hoist. In addition, all our field engineers are also EFAW (Emergency First Aid at Work), Traffic Marshall, Manual Handling and Trained Abrasive Wheel Trained. No stone is left un-turned to help us provide the very best product and customer service imaginable.

1st class SERVICE Taylor’s Hoists broad fleet of highest quality, ultra modern units is the envy of the vertical access industry – providing the safest, fastest, strongest hoists to the best brands in the construction sector. From a bespoke initial project analysis – whatever the size of job and hoist requirements – through hoist erection, unit training, maintenance and dismantling, we take away your worries and provide you with the right effective vertical access solutions from our awardwinning range of hoists on fleet. Our inspection and maintenance guidance makes sure our hoists on your site are fully safe – complying with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Regulations Act 1998 (LOLER) and HSE guidelines. And with hire periods from as little as eight weeks upwards, we offer a cost effective as well as quality, single or twin, passenger or goods hoist fleet service – from conception to completion. Our team of talented, highly qualified experts and hoist engineers offer the complete package to our clients up and down the country – from simple, short run hoists, to huge height, highly complex and difficult installations in built-up areas. Our experienced team have

amassed years of hands-on experience on all kinds of projects and we are renowned for our ability to solve complex installation problems. Safety is of paramount concern to us at Taylor’s Hoists on every job and we have a superb safety record and procedural set-up – helping to minimise the associated risks of working at height, for operatives, site workers and the general public. At Talyor’s Hoists, we go way beyond a straight hire solution. We can help your business ensure productivity, efficiency and ultimately, success on a construction project with our full service fleet, engineering support and access provision services. Our Efficient Fleet can operate up to a 3,200 Kg payload & speeds of 65 metres per minute & includes a hoist for every job: Morris Chain Hoists Alimak HEK Scando CM Alimak HEK SCando M Combi Alimak HEK Scando 650

TAYLOR’S HOISTS CONTACT 03333 448450 HEAD OFFICE Grange Farm, Grange Road Duxford, Cambridgeshire, B22 4WF

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In just a decade, Taylor’s Hoists has established itself as the UK’s premier operation and maintenance hoist brand serving the construction...