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Above: Mohammed’s apartment before and after renovation

Mohammed is a 46-year-old employee from the Harran al-Awamid district, located behind the Damascus International Airport. Mohammed is head of a very large family consisting of his wife and five children, his ill and disabled 78-year-old father, his 70-year-old mother, his sister who was sick with cancer (unfortunately, this sister passed away one month before the reporting date) and his brother's wife (a kindergarten teacher) and her five children. When the crisis reached his hometown, Mohammed fled with all fifteen family members to Qarahta. Finding adequate shelter for everyone proved to be very difficult with only two people working, and they found themselves moved from one inappropriate apartment to another. After three moves, the family settled in an unfinished building with other internally-displaced families. While there was a roof over their heads and walls, the building had no doors or windows, exposing the family to inclement weather and providing no privacy. There was also no source of water, so transporting enough water for them all took a lot of time and expense. Fortunately, Mohammed and his family were selected to benefit with private shelter upgrade through ADRA’s SASI project. Mohammed expressed his great gratitude for all the help they received through ADRA, which provided the family with stability. In addition to the new doors, windows and partitions, he was very happy with the toilet chair given to assist with the care of his sick father. His children now live in a calm and warm atmosphere. The water problem was also solved with a 1,000-liter tank installed to provide for the newlyupgraded toilet and WASH facilities. Mohammed goes to work with peace of mind, reassured that his family is safe and comfortable. Mohammed and his family thank ADRA Syria and the SASI donor for the help they provided! Below: Mohammed’s father and his new disability chair; New bathroom




Mohammed's story, sasi, qarahta, rural damascus  
Mohammed's story, sasi, qarahta, rural damascus