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JEREMANA, RURAL DAMASCUS Aminah and her family in their newly-rehabilitated apartment

Aminah Al Hamad is a 33-year-old woman living in Shabaa, a village approximately 10km north of Damascus. The crisis started early in 2012 with signs of conflict spreading all over the country, and eventually to Aminah’s village. The situation became intense and dangerous, so Aminah was left with no choice but to leave to her parents’ home for two weeks until things calmed down. Without any warning, conflict broke out again, so Aminah decided to leave once again, but this time to the home of her husband’s parents in Quneitra, Rural Damascus where things were still peaceful, hoping everything would soon settle down in Shabaa. Tragically, when they returned, Aminah and her family found that their house had been looted. In June 2012, Aminah hoped that she would not have to leave her house again, however, the Syrian conflict was only getting worse. The family had to move to Kashkul in Jeramana, Rural Damascus. With the little funds they had, the family had to rent a house with no doors, windows, water or electricity. She claims, “We had to cover the windows with plastic sheets and use the blanket to cover the doors.” When ADRA Syria implemented the Integrated Emergency Project (IEP) in Jeremana, Aminah’s family was selected as beneficiaries. “When ADRA rehabilitated the house, it finally became habitable with doors, windows, and working facilities. We now have electricity and lights!” Aminah and her family are so happy and grateful for ADRA and they explained that their lives became a lot better and they are encouraged and inspired for the future now that they live in more comfort. New, functioning bathroom for Aminah and her family


Aminah's story, iep, jeremana, march 2018  
Aminah's story, iep, jeremana, march 2018