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Mr. Adel (pictured above with ADRA staff and grandchildren) , a 60-year-old internally-displaced person (IDP) from the town of Sbaina, located in the Southern Ghouta area of Damascus, tells his story. "I used to live in my spacious house in Sbaina with my family. I have a wife and had four boys who were all married with children. I was self-employed, working out of my car selling water. In 2011, after our town was subjected to the crisis, we were forced to leave our home, our lives and our memories. First, we went to Najha town and stayed for almost a year. Because of poor living conditions, we then moved to another house in Yarmouk Camp where we stayed for two years. Unfortunately, the camp was attacked and because we were suffering from the harsh conditions of the crisis, we preferred to leave the camp and once again try to find a safer place to live. We found a a tent-city on a barren piece of empty land for IDPs. If you can imagine, we stayed in that tent-city for almost 3 years. Finally, me, my wife, three of my sons, their wives and children, as well as the children of my fourth son and his wife who lost their lives in this conflict, came to this house in Harjelle where we have been for one year. While the house was an improvement over the tent, it had no doors, no windows and no sanitary facilities. ADRA helped finish our house and now we have again the stability we lost since the first years of the crisis, enjoying warmth and safety. Thank you, ADRA and the dedicated ADRA team for your support and the noble work you are doing!”

Adel’s house before and after rehabilitation


Adel's story, wasi, harjella, april 2018  
Adel's story, wasi, harjella, april 2018