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Spring Home & Garden

As both designer and builder, Mark Ouellette first created the pieces that would become his house out in the detached shop building. (Elisa Claassen/Lynden Tribune)

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this detached space another enjoyable living area.    “I built everything in here,” he says, pointing around the shop. Like the house, each tool has a purpose and a place.

   The small back yard focuses on a dog play space for his 14-year-old English setter, Chip. There will eventually be a barbecue fire pit as well.    This small version of a Northwest Craftsman style house uses black discreetly as an accent from the outside, from door to the inside, to unite dif-

ferent features and themes. Large red Adirondack chairs sit on the porch. Mortice-and-tenon joints connect at right angles. The exterior is stained Beachwood Gray. Four 3-by-6-foot windows, reminiscent of a grange or even a small church, rise within the cedar and Douglas fir.

   An immediate sense of peace settles upon the visitor stepping into the tranquil entry. Subdued light erases any emotion from the outside world. A cleverly concealed closet is to the right, sculptural artwork to the side and straight ahead. It’s much like a miniature art gallery. Each item has a

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Spring Home & Garden 2019  

Spring Home & Garden 2019