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Hearing Health Clinic I have extreme difficulty hearing on the phone with my hearing aids. How can I hear better on the phone? Technology of hearing aids has advanced in a way that makes them wirelessly compatible with telephones, both with landline and cell phones. For landlines, many manufacturers offer a portable phone option that wirelessly streams telephone calls directly through the hearing aids. All you have to do is hold the telephone and talk as you normally would. What’s even better is that it works as a normal phone for everyone in the household, even those with normal hearing or who do not wear hearing aids. There are also accessory devices that allow you to wirelessly use your cell phone with your hearing aids, without even having to raise the phone to your ear. They often can be used to stream many audio sources as well, such as MP3 players, computers, etc. I have tinnitus and been told there is nothing that can be done except to live with it. It is very bothersome and makes it difficult for me to sleep. Is it true that nothing can be done? Fortunately, there are treatment options for relief of tinnitus. However, many physicians and primary care providers are unaware that treatment is available. Advancements in research and technology have opened the door in understanding tinnitus and have provided ways to treat tinnitus successfully. We begin by evaluating and categorizing your tinnitus. This is done through careful questionnaires and one-on-one questioning from one of our audiologists. We determine the severity of your tinnitus, how the tinnitus is affecting your quality of life and what coping strategies you may be using. We will then perform a diagnostic audiogram (hearing test) to determine if any hearing loss is present, to what degree and determine if a medical referral is necessary. Once this is complete, we will spend time educating you about the causes and theories of tinnitus, as well as discussing which parts of the brain are involved in tinnitus perception and how the brain affects the way we react to tinnitus. Lastly, we will put together an individualized tinnitus management plan tailored to your needs.

St. Francis of Bellingham What is your staffing? You can easily see our staffing. We post the nursing staffing in the front hallway, outlining the number of nurses and nursing assistants in the building for the day. We also have a large therapy department and robust support from Social Services, Recreation Therapy, Culinary Services, Housekeeping, Laundry, Maintenance and Administration. What is the turn-over or retention rate of your staff? We have many long-term employees across a variety of professions. Most of our Leadership Team members have been here for more than ten years, as have many of our Therapists, nurses, and caregivers. We have a strong team focused on our Mission: To Enhance the Lives of Those We Serve.


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Whatcom County Health Care Guide 2014