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Asthma & Allergy Center of Whatcom County My five-year-old son with asthma, who was in the ER one month ago, feels fine now, but has a cough with activity, and sometimes at night. Does he need daily medication? Your son likely has persistent rather than intermittent asthma and may need a daily controller medication for his optimal bronchial airflow. Cough is an important indicator for asthma. Airflow evaluation such as peak flow, FEV, or spirometry is important to determine if asthma could be present, even if there are no symptoms. What over-the-counter medications are useful in treating seasonal allergies? Non-prescription products that may be beneficial include NeilMed or NetiPot for nose airway irrigation. Eye rinses are also available. A name brand or generic antihistamine such as Claritan, Allegra or Zyrtec is recommended. An eye drop containing Ketotifen is often recommended. Nasalcrom used 2-4 times daily may be helpful. For moderate to severe allergy symptoms, prescription anti-inflammatory medication is usually needed.


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