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CarrDorsh Family Dental Need a dental crown? CarrDorsch Family Dental gives you something to smile about. What is a dental crown and what purpose does it serve? A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap, used to completely cover a tooth. A dental crown is most often used for protecting a tooth when its ongoing health is at risk. What is the procedure like? Traditionally a two-appointment procedure, CarrDorsch Family Dental uses CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) technology to complete the procedure in just one appointment. Dental offices that don’t offer this technology require patients to attend two appointments for the procedure; a temporary crown is placed at the first appointment and patients return to have it removed and a permanent crown inserted. Tell me more about this technology. CAD/CAM expedites the creation of permanent crowns by allowing CarrDorsch Family Dental to create them in their office. The digital chairside impressioning system matches the exact shape and size of a patient’s existing tooth. What are the benefits of CAD/CAM? CAD/CAM saves patients time while offering an overall more enjoyable experience. The technology also allows CarrDorsch Family Dental to preserve more of a patient’s healthy, natural tooth structure.

Mathew Dorsch, DDS, owner of CarrDorsch Family Dental has been serving families in our community since 2008.


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Whatcom County Health Care Guide 2014