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Caleb’s Elizabethtown Adventure

By: Jessica Lynde

I finally got my brother to let me babysit my favorite nephew. He is really growing up fast and I don’t want to miss it because I am at college.

So I brough him to me. Just one day where we can spend time together and I can remind him why I am his favorite Aunt.

I just wanted to change his diaper before we set off on our big day around campus.

As soon as I turned around he was gone! I knew he learned how to crawl but not this fast. Now I have to run all around campus trying to find him!

I finally spotted him in the grass with a new friend. Who knew that at eight months he will be a ladies man?

I swept him up into my arms and we were off to visit some of the academic buildings.

Just my luck, the elevator doors opens and he was gone. Esbenshade is a big building and he is a small baby.

I didn’t realize how fast this kid can move. Once I got back to the elevator and rounded the corner I finally found him. I have to be more careful with him. Our next stop was the library.

I wanted to show Caleb all of our various books. He only was interested in the ones he could reach.

I stood up to pick out a book on a higher shelf and then I turned around the baby was gone again!

I got on my hands and knees hoping to find him just around the corner.

He was in the other room reading the books his mom left for him. Not realizing he is giving me a heartattack with every disapperance.

Once I found him I tried to get him to crawl to me. Instead I got the “you’re not my mom” look.

Finally I got him to come towards me crawling at full speed.

I was so proud of him, gave him a kiss and decided to take him outside into the dell.

Caleb was pretty tired from running all aound campus but I figured he would want to play.

I sat him down and started to bounce him on my lap.

Caleb wasn’t happy which meant it was time to go home. I love this little boy but he is no fun when he is cranky. Today was suppose to be for us to spend time together but it felt more like hide and seek.

Caleb's Elizabethtown Adventure  

My nephew playing hide and seek around my college campus

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