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retailer kit Let Modern Dog compliment your image and increase your profits! Here’s how:

Retail Program: IN-STORE COPIES Multiple copies of Modern Dog are available to you for just $2.00 each (plus shipping,* minimum order of 10). These copies may be sold at a suggested retail price of $4.95. It’s a great way to add value to your business and keep your customers coming back for more. * Shipping charges as follows: 10 copies - $10; 15 copies - $13; 20 copies - $17; 30 copies - $20; 40 copies - $25; 50 copies - $30

Benefits for you... * *

60% profit on single copy sales ($4.95 - $2.00 = $2.95 profit/copy) Hassle-free: send in your order and we do the rest! (Order form attached)

Modern Dog is the quarterly lifestyle magazine for urban dogs and their companions. For the Love of Dog… Modern Dog

Modern Dog 202-343 Railway St., Vancouver, BC V6A 1A4 Phone: (866) 734-3131 Fax: (866) 734-3031 website:

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Program 2:


IN-STORE COPIES Please provide the following information. Minimum order of 10 magazines required. Company Name:





Phone Number:

Fax Number:

Zip Code:

Email Address: Contact Person:


Start with: Spring


Please send me



magazines at $2.00 each + shipping charges*

Minimum order 10 copies. Please note shipping charges apply.

Payment Information

all orders must be paid by credit card before shipment.

I would like the above order automatically sent every issue. Charged quarterly. One-time order. Charged once. Name: Phone Number: Visa


Card Number:

Expiry Date:

Authorized Signature: *Shipping charges as follows: 10 copies - $10; 15 copies - $13; 20 copies - $17; 30 copies - $20; 40 copies - $25; 50 copies - $30

No refunds or returns on unsold issues.

Fax this order to (866) 734-3031 Phone: (866) 734-3131 US Retailer Kit


Your order will be processed within 7 days.

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