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The Magazine of the Lymington United Reformed Church MAY 2012


FROM OUR MINISTER Dear friends, I think that spring is my favourite time of year because there is so much hope and promise as nature is waking up in all its power and glory. Last month we celebrated the hope offered to us as Christians because of Easter and at the end of this month we shall be celebrating Pentecost, when we remember again God’s giving to us of his Holy Spirit, enabling us to live in his power. I hope you will be with us for that on Sunday 27th May. Back in March I took the opportunity of the Annual Church Meeting to express a few of my hopes for the forthcoming year at Lymington URC and I thought I would put them in writing here so that everyone can share them: Thank you for making me so welcome and aiding my integration into church and community. I am still learning how you currently do things and, as promised, will not rush in where angels fear to tread but I am beginning to develop a few thoughts regarding various areas of the church’s life. What goes on already is brilliant and will, I hope and pray, continue alongside things that we develop as time goes by. We are privileged to have a wonderful building and facilities but we need to be careful that these serve us in our primary mission as a Christian church and that we don’t let building projects rule us. So what is our primary mission? I believe it is composed of two elements: We ourselves are to be a worshipping community We are offering our Open Door to the wider community The pastorate profile asked your new minister to work on integrating these, which says to me that welcoming the wider community in needs to be more than providing buildings and coffee, it needs to seek to introduce them to the Christian faith.


We are about to restart meetings of Worship Group, which may well need to be separate from a new Mission and Outreach Group, in order for us to tackle these two issues more fully. I am also interested in starting a Bible Study group and would like us to consider replacing our pew Bibles, some of which are very tatty. My recommendation would be that we move from the Good News Bible to the New International Version. Regarding pastoral care, in time I want to visit as many of you as possible in your homes. The Elders and I are arranging a “Getting to know you” afternoon tea at 5pm on Saturday 9th June for those who may be encouraged to become church members – but why wait until then?! The Junior Church leaders and I have arranged a pizza evening at the manse in April for young people of secondary school age and older, to talk about what they want from church. When I was asked questions after preaching with a view, I was asked about encouraging young families/ children into church. My answer should have been, “you attract those for whom you put on activities” and generally what we do will attract older people rather than young families. Could we have run a holiday club this summer for instance (no one else appears to be doing that and I have experience of running them as long as I have a team around me)? Ruth White, our Synod Children’s and Youth Development Officer, is coming to Lymington on Sunday 22nd April to guide our thinking – please put the date in your diaries and plan to stay after church for a BYO lunch and discussion with her. Another date is 14th July, when the Olympic Torch Relay comes through Lymington. I am hoping we can tap into that and arrange some kind of event but there will be more on that after Jenny and I have been to Synod training about the Olympics.


The Elders will continue discussions about notice boards, the car park, the format of the ACM and other detailed matters that will come to Church Meeting as and when necessary – I want us to be open with each other as, in URC thinking, it is Church Meeting which has responsibility for decisions we make. May God continue to bless us as we seek to move forward with him, taking with us the hope of Easter and the power of Pentecost. Your friend and minister, Chris

SECRETARY'S NOTES MAY 2012 The Quakers are planning an Inter-Faith Meeting at the Hospital Outpatients' Dept. on the 6th at 3.00 p.m. People from several faiths have agreed to come. It will be a chance to talk to each other and listen to each other. It may allay some of the fears that people have about members of other faiths. It is something very new for us in Lymington and it would be good to see some of our folk there. Please prayerfully consider coming. The Salvation Army are celebrating being back in Lymington for 10 years on the 13th and we are invited to the Service at 3.00 p.m.. Again, I hope you will want to be part of those celebrations. There are guest bands and choirs so it will be a really, joyful, uplifting occasion. It is so good to have the Salvation Army worshipping in our Church and also helping us on a Saturday Coffee Morning from this month. Attending this important service will help to strengthen our relationship. On the 15th we have our Church Meeting at 7 p.m., one of the 2 occasions when we will meet during the week. This Meeting will include our Elders' Election and a block election of all Church Officers and representatives. We hope everyone will continue in the


posts they hold, but if you feel that you would like to call it a day, please let me know as soon as possible, before I get the lists out. Thanks. We hope there will be a good number of members at this meeting, as important decisions will be made. Lifts can be arranged if transport is a problem for you, ask your Elder or Pastoral Visitor for help. Please make every effort to come! Sandra

BASICS BANK . We are beginning the process of becoming a registered charity. The advantages are that it will remove any doubt that we are acting illegally having an income over ÂŁ5000; registration gives us authenticity and it qualifies us for claiming Gift Aid. We are just beginning to tackle the mountain of forms and other paper work. The ethos of the Basics Bank will remain Christian and this will be confirmed in the new Governing Document, which will replace our existing Constitution. Our Treasurer thinks that being registered will not be too much hassle! There will be annual returns to make which will include total income and expenditure, and changes in officers and area of operation. We will have to see how it all goes over the next few months

CHILDREN'S BIRTHDAYS 'Happy Birthday' greetings go, this month, to: Hannah Turberville who will be 12 on the 3rd Natalie Smith who will be 12 on the 20th Aaron Smith who will be 10 on the 21st We hope you all have a wonderful day


LYMINGTON URC DIARY EVERY WEDNESDAY the Prayer Group will meet in the Church from 9.15 a.m. until 10.00 a.m. Everyone welcome. COFFEE MORNINGS: EVERY MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, from 10.00 a.m.—12 noon, in the Open Door Café. Every Tuesday the Open Door Cafe proceeds support the Romans One Eleven Trust and local charities and groups. The Open Door Cafe will also open on Fridays and will be staffed by members of the Fellowship and Fundraising committee. EVERY SATURDAY, from 9.30 a.m.—11.30 a.m., in the hall. SUNDAY WORSHIP EVERY 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday afternoons Lymington Salvation Army services. The 2nd Sunday will be a service in the Sanctuary and the 4th will be a Cafe service. 6th:

10.15 a.m. 10.30 a.m. 3.00 p.m.

Elders’ Prayer Time in Vestry Worship including Communion led by Rev'd. Alan Stanyon Inter-Faith Meeting organised by the Quakers in Outpatients at Lymington Hospital


10.15 a.m. 10.30 a.m. 3.00 p.m.

Elders’ Prayer Time in Vestry Worship led by Mrs. Mary Ann Jardine 10th Anniversary Service of Lymington Salvation Army. All welcome


10.15 a.m. 10.30 a.m.

Elders’ Prayer Time in Vestry Worship led by Sandra Jackson



10.15 a.m. 10.30 a.m. 6.30 p.m.

Elders’ Prayer Time in Vestry Worship for Pentecost led by Rev'd. Chris Vivian Solent Mead Service

EVERY WEEK there will be Junior Church and coffee/tea after the service.

OTHER EVENTS EVERY FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH, New Forest Disability Information Service Outreach Session in the Open Door Café, 10am to 12noon, with Jean Reece (not on Bank Holidays though). EVERY THIRD TUESDAY OF THE MONTH, from 10.00 a.m.—12 noon, Carers’ Café in the Open Door Café. EVERY THIRD THURSDAY OF THE MONTH, Cruse Bereavement New Forest outreach in the Open Door Cafe 10am to 12noon. Death is a part of life, and grieving a natural process. Cruse is committed to breaking the stigma around grief and ensuring that everyone, no matter how old or young, can access the highest quality support following a bereavement. Trained Cruse Bereavement volunteers will be on hand in the Open Door Cafe to offer help. Tue 8th

7.00 p.m. Elders' Meeting

Fri 11th

12 noon

Basics Bank Committee Meeting in the Basics Bank 8.00 p.m. Forest Fire, the challenge to put God first. Brockenhurst College

Sat 12th 10.00 a.m., 11.45 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. Forest Fire, Brockenhurst College



Tue 15th 7.00 p.m. Church Meeting and Elders' Election Fri 18th

7.00 p.m. Christian Aid Fund Raising Event in Church

Mon 21st

7.30 p.m. United Prayer and Praise Fellowship meets in Church led by the River Of Life Church

Fri 25th

12 noon p.m.

Basics Bank Meeting re charity status in the Basics Bank Strawberry Tea at the Saqui's, Walhampton

CLOSING DATE FOR JUNE 'OPEN DOOR’: 13th MAY Free Wi Fi connection to the internet available in the Open Door Cafe, Balcony and Main Hall areas. Just ask for the required password!

CHURCH FAMILY NEWS As well as celebrating her twenty-first birthday, Hannah Bowell got engaged to boyfriend, Matt, in March. Congratulations to you both. Love and best wishes for your future together from us all.

THANKS Thank you for your generosity after the Compassion presentation at our Service on Mothering Sunday. The money collected at the service and donations later amounted to ÂŁ100 which was sent to Compassion. We received a receipt by return of post and information about where our money would be sent. It has gone to help at the Mulatsi Child Survival Programme at Bukiende, 16 km


southeast of Mbale in eastern Uganda. There are 52 mothers and 53 babies registered in the programme at the moment, it is growing at a healthy rate. If you would like to read more about the help that the programme gives, there is information at Church. Thank you again for your donations and interest. It would be wonderful to know if any children are now sponsored by members of our Church. There are still leaflets about Compassion's sponsorship scheme in Church.

DREAMS TO REALITY - IN INDIA! * Christian Aid fund-raising evening *

Friday 18th May

* 7pm * In the church * Slideshow and talk by Robert Ellis on his mission to eradicate polio * Light refreshments in the interval * Donations to Christian Aid


INVITATION Lymington Quaker Meeting warmly invite you to an Informal Gathering on Sunday May 6th at 3.00 p.m. in the Outpatient Foyer at Lymington New Forest Hospital.


We know it is important that all Faiths find opportunities to meet together to learn of each other and to share our desire for world peace. This is a new venture for Lymington and we look forward to welcoming you. We anticipate that we shall meet for about an hour and a half. Refreshments will be provided. If you have any enquiries please contact Jan Rimbault on 01590 677298 or .

TIME TO SMILE The pitfalls of Church Notice Boards:

On the gates of the Winnipeg Anglican Cathedral appear two notices: THE ANGLICAN CHURCH WELCOMES YOU THE PREMISES ARE PROTECTED BY GUARD DOGS

Seen on a church notice board in Cornwall: MORNING SERVICE 11 A.M.: MR PHILPOT EVENING SERVICE 6.30 P.M.: MR SPILIT


CHURCH INFORMATION Helena’s amended holiday dates are as follows; - Bank Holidays - Friday 11th May - Thursday 28th/Friday 29th July & Monday 2nd June - Friday 31st August - Monday 12th November Helena.

SERVIETTES We have now sourced a local supplier of serviettes at a reasonable price and we now have sufficient stock for use. They are white 2 ply and packs of 500 have been put in both kitchens. The remaining stock is in the storage area. Helena.

EMERGENCY CONTACT LIST For your information there is an "Emergency Contact List".............. in the main kitchen (by the till), cafe (in top right overhead cupboard), Vestry (stationery cupboard), boiler rooms and Basics Bank. It lists the emergency telephone numbers of all our utility suppliers together with those subcontractors who look after our alarms, lights, gas etc in case of an emergency. Helena.


FOR SOME FUN..............2011 FACTS & FIGURES!!!! I thought I would put in to perspective what the Church uses in a year - these are approximate figures only and yes, sadly, I recorded them!! What an anorak!! The Church used the following in 2011........... •



(22lbs) of





Traidcraft coffee! •

Over 5500 teabags!

25 jars of hot chocolate!

55kilos (121lbs) of sugar!

14L (24 pints) of diluted drinks!

36,000 hand towels!

A mixture of 144 loo rolls and the new jumbo rolls!

Using the photocopiers and printers we copied 25,000 pages!

15L (26 pints) of dishwasher and washing up liquids!

No wonder we all get tired catering for and accommodating all those who visit our Church and Open Door - but isn't our welcome great and definitely "God's Open Door at the centre of the community!! Helena.


Our Open Door...... By Kate Noon Many come to see us, pass through our “Open Door” for our famous tea and coffee, a chat and something more. We aim to give good service and provide a friendly smile and when it comes to friendship we go the extra mile. We love to see all people, whether rich or poor and hope they have much pleasure when they use our “Open Door”.

Lymington United Reformed Church

Open Door 14

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING MARCH 11, 2012 The following matters were resolved at the meeting: •

Following a unanimous vote, the meeting approved the additional expenditure for the completion of stage 1 of the garden project up to the present Garden Reserve Fund of £10,000. The meeting approved unanimously the cottage project which carries an estimated budget of £17,800 including VAT. Following an Elders’ recommendation, the meeting approved the allocation of the Tuesday morning coffee takings as follows: • £200 closing donation to the Good News Children's Home, Mombasa, • £400 to Osborne School in Nkondo, Uganda via the Romans 1-11 Trust, • £200 to First Opportunities, • £200 to Tools for Self Reliance and • £200 to the Hollies.

ADVANCE NOTICE The forecourt sales will start on Saturday 2nd June and run until Saturday 8th September and, unfortunately, once again, there will be NO Saturday morning car parking in the Church car park. There will be no sales on 23rd June and 14th July BUT there will be other events, so again, no parking.


Local Churches welcome you to join them for a short time of praise and worship in the setting of his creation..... and in whatever weather he chooses!

Time: 6pm Dates: (1st Sunday of each month) th

6 May 3rd June 1st July 5th August Venue: Horseshoe Bottom16

OPEN DOOR FELLOWSHIP AND FUNDRAISING Forthcoming events: The Fellowship and Fundraising Committee has a programme of events which we hope will receive your usual enthusiastic support: •

• • • •

Strawberry Tea at Jane Saqui’s 25th May Beach BBQ 16th June, chez Ann Webber BBQ at Cathy’s 5th August Cream teas Fridays throughout August Anniversary Lunch 21st October with guest speaker, Mr Alastair Read, Headmaster of Ballard School. Christmas tree festival, week commencing 5th December.

We are sorry to report that the Moore Blatch garden party will now not take place. This is apparently due to staff changes at Moore Blatch! PLEASE NOTE: This magazine is printed on paper from renewable sources out of our concern for the environment.




6th: Jenny Henderson 13th: David Bywater 20th: John Wiseman 27th: Mary Ann Jardine

Mary Ann Jardine Glenys Bradshaw Janice Perkins Kate Noon

STEWARDS SOUND SYSTEM 6th Mike and Norma Bell GC 13th Liz Griffiths and Steve Turberville PR 20th David and Ann Hooper WD 27th Peter and Jill Haslett MS COFFEE MORNING ROTAS Saturday 5th The Salvation Army 12th June Copperi 19th Ann Webber 26th Mary Ann Jardine

Sunday 6th Jenny Henderson 13th Ann Hooper 20th Kate Noon 27th Ann Longney



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