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The Winchester and Romsey Churches conducted a quieter closing worship, challenging us with Jesus’ Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20 and we closed with 'You shall go out with joy’. It was a good day, a lively one!. It was great to catch up with old friends and acquaintances and meet new people and be part, for a while, of the wider Church.

FLOWER PROVISION NOTES 1. Please put your name on the date you require flowers. 2. If you wish to arrange the flowers please put 'A' after your name. If you want the flowers arranged for you please talk to Pauline about colour, etc. 3. Easter etc., funded by donations given for general or specific use. 4. All flowers are left in the church for one week on the dais, followed by one week in the porch. 5. Flower money is recorded in one book with an 'IN/OUT' system which the Treasurer checks and signs each month. At 14/02/2001 the balance is £100—04. This money covers:-Oasis -Candles -Birthday Cards and Stamps (which Pam Butler sends out on Birthdays to all the congregation). -Flowers or Plants for the sick etc. (as advised by the Pastoral Team. Other referrals may come from the Prayer Group.) Note: The cards and paper are in the flower cupboard so that anyone can buy flowers, take a card and paper, and claim the cost of flowers from Pauline. -Easter, Christmas, Harvest are covered by donation or from the fund. 6. There are no flowers in the Open Door Cafe or in the main hall as the risk of spillage and constant moving of tables make it impractical Flowers can be organised for special occasions, e.g. Cream Teas, Weddings, Funerals. 7. At the moment Shelagh Richardson, Ann Hooper, Susan Rolls and I are available for arranging and possibly Janet Taylor if asked. 13

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