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MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT OF CULION STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS FUND : GENERAL For the Quarter Ended June 30' 2012 June 30.2012 Cash Flows from Operating Activities Cash Inflows: Share from Internal Revenue Collections

Collection from Taxes Receipts from Sale of Goods and Services Interest Income Other Receiots

Total Cash Inflows Cash Outflows



372.246.74 34.868,573.15


Palments to To suppliers/Creditors To employees Interest Expenses Other Disbursement

Total Cash Oufflows Net Cash Provided bv (Jsed ln)

t0,952,692.15 16,900,559.03 1.031.769.95 28.885.021.13


Cash Flows from Investing Activities Cash Inllows: Sale of Properf, Plant and Equipment Froru National Agency -Grants

Total Cash Inflows Cash Oufflows: Puchase of Property, PImt md Equpment md Public Inlrastructues

Purchase of Debt Securities of Other Entities To Tranfer of Funds from GF-TF

Total Cash Oudlows Net Cash Provided bv (Jsed In )

1,684,495.69 1.500.000.00 3,184,495.69 (3.184.495.69)

Cash Flows from Financing Activities Cash lnflorvs: Issuance of Debt Securities From Cash Borrowed from Other Funds Total Cash Inflows Cash Outflows:

Retirement{Redemption of Debt Securities PaS.ment of Cash Borrowed from Other Funds Par.tnent of Loan Amorrization

Total Cash Oudlows Net Cash Provided bv (Used In ) Net Cash Provided bv (Used In ) Cash at the Besinninq of the Year Cash at the End of the Period

1,947,722.87 1.947.722.87

$.947.122.87) 851,333.46 6-144.120.87 6,995,754.33

Certified True and Correct:

Municipal Accountant


Statement of Cash Flows-GF June 2012