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Find Top Wellness Treatment Center at Lyfe Medical Wellness ======================================================================== NUTRITION CONSULTATION An one on one session with our nutritionist who will help you with your health concern through your nutrition and diet plan, whether you want to      

Manage your chronic diseases Manage your aches and pains Manage your digestion Manage your anxiety and depression Loose weight Increase energy and wellbeing.

PHYSIOTHERAPY Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function as of the effect of injury, illness or disability through movement, exercise and manual therapy, education and advise. Our physiotherapist will assess your health and injury problem and design the technique to fit individual requirement

CHI NEI TSANG ABDOMINAL MASSAGE Karn Thanadechaparn has been a Chi Nei Tsang (also known as Karsai Nei Tsang) healing practitioner for many years, rebalancing and recharging clients from around the world. With her compassionate and intuitive approach

HYPNOTHERAPY Sophie Dubus brings a strong sense of intuition and a range of healing practices to assist you with any transformations you may wish to make. Her goal is to empower you to attain new perspectives that reconnect you…

INTUITIVE ENERGY HEALING Having been blessed with a healing ability from a young age, Sophie has undertaken formal training as a Shamanic Healing Practitioner and Intuitive Healing Practitioner. Her ability to discern information comes both intuitively and from her spirit guides and covers many areas.

FLOAT THERAPY Float therapy is the perfect way to achieve deep relaxation for both your body and mind. Deep relaxation is achieved by allowing your body to the freedom to float weightlessly in a concentrated salt (magnesium) solution in a specially designed lightproof and sound proof room.

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Find Top Wellness Treatment Center at Lyfe Medical Wellness  

Find Top Wellness Treatment Center at Lyfe Medical Wellness