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OUR MISSION IS CLEAR: TO CREATE THE TOOLS OF TODAY TO HELP YOU SOLVE THE CHALLENGES OF TOMORROW. lyfeclub offers a collection of everyday products and services for individuals, families and businesses. Our innovative products help you quickly and easily solve the challenges life presents - such as dealing with legal issues - so that you can stay focused on what matters to you.

“We are changing the way legal services are provided” - Michael J. Symons, Founder


PERSONAL & FAMILY A range of products that provide simple solutions for your everyday legal needs.

Nobody can predict when they’re going to be hit with unexpected legal fees. That’s why lyfeclub Legal Aid provides you with all the resources possible so that in the event of needing legal help you can quickly get access to a team of legal experts for advice and assistance. It’s peace of mind, at a low monthly cost.

Why choose Legal Aid? Can you imagine speaking to a lawyer, without having to worry about how much it is costing you? There are situations everyday that you might need to talk to a lawyer about - from serious situations such as an employment dispute to simple cases such as needing advice after being sold faulty goods. With lyfeclub Legal Aid you will receive advice 24/7 and it is completely confidential. Moreover, because we pay for your lawyers’ time, they are here to help you. Legal expenses can be hard to swallow. As a Legal Aid member, not only will you receive a discount when you do need to take any case further - but you’ll also be able to book an initial consultation to find out your chances of success as part of your subscription.

The benefits: • 24/7 Legal Helpline

• 25% Off Legal Fees

• Contract Review

• Annual Legal Check-Up

• Case by Case Support: - Education Appeals - Contested Probate - Personal Injury - Clinical Negligence

- Care Home Claims - Employment Dispute Services - Family Law (Divorce) - Conveyancing Services

lyfeclub Legal Docs makes it fast and easy for anybody to write professional legal documents from Wills to Tenancy Agreements from the comfort of their own home for just a low monthly fee.

Why choose Legal Docs? Many people do not have the documents they need to cover themselves in life - from a will to power of attorney letters for elderly relatives. Legal Docs solves this by providing you with an easy to use solution for all your legal documents. Writing any document could not be easier: just answer a series of questions and your legal document writes itself. Once complete, you have your own bespoke document and the same level of reassurance that you would get from going to a law firm. Case closed.

The benefits: • All documents are kept up-to-date with the law

• Securely stored and easy to update your documents

• 100’s of documents available across the following categories: - Building Work - Divorce - Motoring - Powers of Attorney - Landlords - Probate - Buying & Selling

- Wills - Identity Theft & Credit Improvement - Personal Finance - Prenuptials & Living Together - Workplace

• Upgrade to Legal Docs + and a lawyer will review your document to ensure you have answered the questions correctly

Which service is for me? Legal Aid and Legal Docs each solve a unique purpose. Buy them together and you will have everything you need at a special price... £9.99 per month minimum 12 months

£9.99 per month minimum 12 months Upgrade for document review:

£19.99 per month minimum 12 months

The Complete Solution Legal Aid + Legal Docs Everything you need to protect you and your family’s legal needs.

Buy together for £17.50 per month* *minimum 12 months

Learn how our products solve everyday legal problems by watching the videos on our youtube channel:


BUSINESS We provide legal and marketing solutions so that you can focus on growing your business.


Legal The law is an important part of day to day business - from agreeing new deals with suppliers to employing your next recruit. A company that is not careful with its legal matters is often a company that can find itself in a precarious position in the future. Whether it arises as a result of documents missing key terms of business or gramatical errors removing the meaning from an important clause - it could have been easily prevented.

Why choose Legal for Business? Legal for Business gives you all the tools to ensure your company’s legal documents comply with the law. We makes the process of drafting legal documents fast and easy, providing you with our revolutionary legal docs technology and ensuring documents serve their purpose by getting a team of lawyers to review them when you finish drafting. Once complete, you have your own bespoke documents and the same level of reassurance that you would get from going to a law firm. You will also have access to a business legal helpline where you can contact our team of lawyers about any legal query. All of the above for a low monthly fee.

The benefits: • Legal Docs - write any legal document in minutes by just answering a series of questions

• Document Review - send finished documents for review to a team of solicitors

• 100’s of documents available across the following categories: - Business start-up - E-commerce - Health & Safety - Purchase & Sales Agreements

- Debts & Debt Recovery - Employment - Intellectual Property - Property

• The helpline - get expert advice by a qualified legal team on any business legal issue.


Academy The Academy teaches you how to maximise the exposure your business currently receives through social media marketing. A course to take you from social media fundamentals through to advanced social strategies that are designed to convert fans into customers. The Academy was formulated, designed and written by experienced digital marketing experts providing you with direct access to teachings from those within the industry.

Why choose The Academy? Every business strives for more customers. Social Media has presented millions of companies, both small and large, with a new way to market themselves and deliver a return on investment. Debunking the many myths surrounding social media is incredibly difficult. Many companies do not know what to post nor when. The Academy is a course designed to teach you firstly how to grow your fan base and then convert these fans into loyal customers.

The benefits: • Over 5 hours of HD lessons • Resources to help you implement your learnings. • Lessons available on The Academy mobile apps for Android & iPhone/iPad

• Regular Hangout Seminars/Videos discussing new Social Strategies • Full support on hand while you take the course from help documents through to the Q&A via the Help Desk

Which service is for me? Whether it is your marketing or legal needs that need sorting, we’ve got the right product for your business....



1-5 employees

£30 + VAT

6-10 employees

£60 + VAT

11-15 employees

£96 + VAT

16+ employees

£120 + VAT

minimum 12 month subscription



£650 + VAT one off fee

JOIN US Would you like to be part of an innovative and exciting opportunity? lyfeclub is a whole new way of starting your own business.

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