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2012 Camp Counselors and Staff Co-Heads

Katarina Makmuri

Vincent Chang

Group A

George So

Jackie Hwang

Holly Chen

Group B

Kevin Hsu

Monica Chenglo

Tyler Chuang

Group C

Ben Chang

Steph Shih

Joanna Chen

Group D

Derek Lin

Tiffany Yu

Group E

Daniel Chung

Jan Young

Group F

Jon Chen

Denise Wong

Group G

Andrew Chen

Cynthia Su

Group H

Johnny Chang

Michelle Lee

Group I

Charlie Chiau

Able Hsu

Group J

Brendan Lin

Rosette Su


Stephen Su

Chris Chang

Alice Chou

Roy Yeh

Charles Tseng

Summer Chen

Ryan Chen

Jay Chen

Christine Song

Neal Wang

Ben Su

Connie Chung

Brian Lin

James Tseng

Chris Wu

Jenny Lee

Jonathan Kao

Tiffany Chiang

HoChie Tsai

Karen Feng

Nathan Chu

Christina Yu

Eric Wu

Chun-Hui Wang

2012 TACL-SF Board President

Steve Su

Vice President

Christina Yu


Tiff Yu


Tiff Chiang


TACL-LYF’s mission is to deepen Taiwanese American youths’ understanding of their unique cultural heritage, to cultivate their leadership and communication skills, and to connect them with other Taiwanese Americans.

Last Name Chen Ikehara Beusee Wu Ling Chen Chen Chen Ge Chiou Chu Hsu Angela Chang Chang Chen Chen Chen Chen Chen Cheng Chu Ho Huang Huang Huang Huang Katherine Kuo Lee Li Lim Lin Lin Lin Lin Lu Lu Lu Neo Neo Pan Pan Shen Shen Shiang Sun Sun Tang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wong Wu Wu Wu Chou Liao Li Chenglo Hsueh Su Tung Tung Yeh Chen Chen Chou Chou Wu Wu Chiu Ju Ju Lee Li Li Pai Walker Walker Wang Chang Hsu Lee Lee

First Name Thomas Theodore Charlie Byron Oscar Natalie Joyce Leona Cathy Darrel Brian Aileen Wang Vivian Winny Anthony Antony Ella Natalie Samantha Richard Christopher Roy Daniel Ethan Evelyn Lisa Chen Bryan Jessica Sean Wallace Aaron Brian Frances Julia Angela Maya Jamie Christie William Jonathan Justin Michael Owen Emily Julia Vincent Bryan Alex Faye Jayde Jennifer John Shirby Darren Alvina Laurence Winston Maxwell Erin Stephanie Patrick Eric Tyler Abel Thomas Allan Caitlin Jared Eugene Leon Jonathan Stephanie Ethan Richard Steffie Tiffany Katheryn Madalyn Jennifer Jeremy Rachel Jonathan Hannah Wendy Jennifer Robyn

Parent Name Grace Chen Ming Ikehara Angela Beusee Yaru Chen Ester Yen Eileen Chen Cleo Chiang Cleo Chiang Vicky Gong Ivy Sheng Shichung Chu Ling Hsu Daisy Chou Eno Eno Emily & Prakoon Minghuey Wu Jing Chen Alex Chen Emily & Prakoon Kehsin Tu Mei Kuo Kunming Ho Sylvia Chang Peijen Hsu Peijen Hsu Angie Minghuey Wu Yea-Lian Huang Jeany Chen Wen Lirng Hsueh Daphne Hung-Hsu Lin Hung-Hsu Lin Lielong Hsue Yi-wen Kuo Louisa Chang Po Jen Lu Po-Jen Lu Jui Li Wang Jui Li Wang David Pan David Pan Daisy Chou Frank Shen Christine Wu Jasmine Lin Jasmine Lin Tony & Tracy Tang Patricia Lin Shally Chen Shally Chen Iris & Chi Wang Shirley Wang Shirley Wang May Tsoi Steve Wu Steve Wu Joyce Huang Yuo-Ling Chou Sandy Hsu Mutan Li Richard Chenglo Chaoping Lien Yung Su David Tung David Tung Michelle Yeh Stephanie Li Stephanie Li William Chou William Chou Ming Wu Ming Wu Karen Chiu Wade & Suling Ju Wade & Suling Ju Elie Lai Ingrid Ingrid Li Eric Pai Maureen Cassidy Maureen Cassidy Kevin David Chang Lichiu Hsu LingKuo Lee Charles Lee


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Parent email

TACL-LYF 2012 Camp Schedule Time










09:00 - 09:30

Clinic Signups & Announcements

Calistenics & Announcements


Pack Up & Free Time

09:30 - 10:00



08:00 - 08:30 AM 08:30 - 09:00

Family Goodbyes HQ

10:00 - 10:30 10:30 - 11:00

Rotating Workshop 1

Rotating Workshop 2

Universal Workshop




11:00 - 11:30

Closing Ceremony

11:30 - 12:00 PM 12:00 - 12:30 12:30 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:30 01:30 - 02:00 02:00 - 02:30

Check-In Starts HQ

Free Time

Free Time



Performing Arts Clinics

Food and Science Clinics



03:30 - 04:00

05:00 - 05:30

Camp Intro

Family Introduction

Food Relay




07:00 - 07:30 07:30 - 08:00

Small Group Icebreakers & Campsite Tour


Sports Clinic HQ

09:00 - 09:30


Rotating Workshop 3

Free Time

Skit Prep/ Free Time



Group Spirit Time! HQ

08:00 - 08:30 08:30 - 09:00

Arts and Culture Clinics

Fun in the Sun


06:30 - 07:00

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Skit Prep/ Free Time


Big Group Icebreakers

Campfire Free Time

Skit Prep


Skit Prep

Skit Night HQ



09:30 - 10:00

Free Time Night Market

10:00 - 10:30 10:30 - 11:00 11:00 - 11:30 11:30 - 12:00 12:00 +

Light Snack Picnic Benches


05:30 - 06:00 06:00 - 06:30


Camp Photo

04:00 - 04:30 04:30 - 05:00



02:30 - 03:00 03:00 - 03:30

Small Group Goodbyes & Parent’s Program vHQ



Skit Prep/ Free Time Dance HQ

Free Time & Get Ready for Bed

Free Time & Get Ready for Bed

Free Time & Get Ready for Bed

Lights Out

Lights Out

Lights Out

Lights Out

See you next year!

To Enhance Your Program at Camp: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Areas for football, basketball, soccer Volleyball court Picnic Area Hiking Trails Rhododendron Garden Horseshoes Tetherball Large Dance Area & raised Stage Bird-watching Ping Pong Flora-fauna High & Low Ropes Course — call Director for details

Nearby: Monterey Bay Aquarium Santa Cruz Boardwalk Art Galleries Beach/Fishing/Surfing Golf Courses

Dear Campers, Counselors, and Staff, We’ve had such fun running camp this year… and it’s all thanks to you J.

Campers To all of our darling campers, we’re so impressed with how much you’ve accomplished during this short week. First of all, this batch of skits was the best we’ve ever seen. Everyone was so well-rehearsed, and the scripts were so clever. And everybody repped their group so well, from A to J. And finally, we’ve never seen such quality of TACL mail. Each and every one of you made the effort to reach out and make new friends. On our end, we loved seeing veteran campers and getting to know new campers. We love you so much!

Counselors Counselors, you’ve done an amazing job this year. We don’t know if it was the campers or you who kept the energy so high and the activities so successful, but camp just worked this year. Many of you stepped up to lead new camp activities, which made this year’s programming fresh, fun, and exciting.

Staff Dear LYF support, you made everyone’s lives so much easier during camp. You exceeded our expectations. We rarely had to worry about logistical failures, and when you weren’t busy cleaning up after someone else’s mess, you were interacting with and getting to know the campers on such a level that you were heavily featured throughout their all-important skits. We have to give special thanks to Christina, our staff head, for being so on top of everything that was going on. And we’d love to see you all back next year either as counselors or staff. Team staff team!

Poop & Unicorns <3,

Vincent Chang and Katarina Makmuri

ABT (Amazingly Brilliant Team) aka. JJJAAAWBEHG ;) Since day one, we, as your amazing counselors—George, Holly, and Jackie—already knew that you guys were something special. From our very first meeting, we had a blast creating our group name (ABT) and even created a secret name – JJJAAAWBEHG (that’s called an acronym)! Hahahaha! :D Each and every one of you have exceeded our expectations as first time campers, and were absolutely phenomenal in energy level and enthusiasm. Thanks for being such Awesome Brilliant Turtles! We couldn’t have asked for more amazing Avocado Broccoli Tomatoes! AAAAAAAttendence! Alex Wang Alex, Alex, Alex! You are a natural born leader! Your enthusiasm in contributing your ideas to Group A is always appreciated— especially during the Photo Scavenger Hunt and the Amazing Race. Good job finding the recycling bin! ;) Additionally, it’s amazing how much you know about movies too. Very impressive. Also, during the campfire, we noticed that you let Winston lay his head on your shoulder, probably because he was tired. What a wonderful friend you are! You have a heart of gold and always want to do the right thing. And one more thing: You are the best Bob Sponge that ever existed. Your energy in our Group A skit was unparalleled! GREAT JOB, Star of the Show! ;) Anthony Chen Hi Anthony! What an incredible kid you are! Always helpful, always considerate, and always caring. During the Tower Tycoon Workshop, it was amazing that you came up with “the base should be a triangle!” idea. That is an incredibly smart concept—an idea that adult smart engineers know. So great job! Additionally, we love how you are engaged in Group A activities and how into the Amazing Race you were! WAHOO! You’re also an incredibly sweet boy and will go far in life. Definitely keep in touch with us! Also, you’re an AWESOME Land of the Dance judge! We hope you had a great time at camp, and see you next year! J Antony Chen Oh dear Antony! Group A wouldn’t be the same without you! You’re an incredibly kind person who is also very smart! You’re an introspective thinker and very patient as well. During our group activities, you are often observing, and when you’re sure you have something meaningful to say, then you say it. That’s really great! J During the Amazing Race, you were also very adept at memorizing all the facts. We were all impressed by your memorization skills. Additionally, we could also tell that you had a great time listening to George’s stories about the Washington Tacoma Bridge and the others. Also, great acting on being one of the Land of the Dance judges! WHOO! J Brian Lin Brian, our awesome Brian! First of all, us counselors want to say that we love the headlight that you wear around your head. It’s very unique! Also, we notice that you have a great leadership potential, because during group activities, you ask questions that are very much “leadership-type” questions. Additionally, we’ve heard from others that you are also very patient—for example, you wait on other campers when they’re coming out of the cabin before moving onward. That’s amazing. Boot camp was also quite a challenge, yeah? J Hopefully, your legs are not feeling sore anymore. And for our Group A skit, what an energetic Land of the Dance judge you are! Keep up that inquisitive energy, and always be yourself. You’re perfect, just the way you are! Evelyn Huang To our lovely Evelyn—wow, where to start? You have a special talent for art, our dear girl! We love how you drew Bob Sponge, Oh Honey Bear, The Golden Toilet, and Harry Potty in your own cartoon style. Also, the flowers and different block letters that you drew were also incredible. Always keep up with your art and have fun with it! Playing cats cradle and playing Slide with Julia was also fun, huh? J Great job on drawing the story-board for our skit too. Also, your cartwheels are amazing! WHOO! Last but not least, never stop being the amazing kind, loving, compassionate, helpful, considerate girl that you are. P.S. We love your red jacket! We will miss you so much! Ahh! <3 We love you! Jayde Wang Our darling Jayde! You, my dear girl, are beautiful inside and out, with a beautiful smile and a heart of goodness. You always have a kind smile on your face, and always want to help out others. We still remember that one time where you gave Holly ice cream during lunch. We also noticed that you shared your blanket with other girls during campfire, and you also clean up your dining table area without being asked. How wonderfully thoughtful of you! We also hope you had a great performance at your dance recital—we really wish we could’ve saw it! This camp was a great growing experience for you as a first time camper and we hope we’ll see you next year at camp! J Go ABT! We also all love your TACL Letter SO MUCH!! <3 Julia Sun – Julia! What an amazingly sweet girl you are. You even managed to make great friends in Group B. Yay for being a social butterfly! We hope you had many wonderful memories at camp—we remember a lot of great times with you! For example, we remember you walking back to our cabin from the dance with one arm in each jacket with Evelyn! Hopefully, you had fun making the friendship bracelets at the Arts and Crafts workshop as well. J We also love your fuzzy jacket! Oh, and you’re AMAZING at cartwheeling and gymnastics! We hope you come back next year and we love you so much! Yay Julia! Winston Wu WINSTON! WINSTON! WINSTON! AHH!! You are the most enthusiastic boy we have ever met! Your absolute willingness to help is beyond incredible and we can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for Group A and for the ones you care about. You’re a

an awesome friend! You were the Greek Hulk, you volunteered for eating the bug, you were the Chubby Bunny at campfire, and The Situation (in the Photo Scavenger Hunt). Wow! You have super creative ideas, listens closely to others, is very sharing, caring, always says hi, super friendly, and considerate. We also remember how you love “intense” movies and things that give you a thrill. You’re going to grow up to be an amazing person and remember always keep learning. Keep it up, Oh Honey Bear! ;) You’re an AMAZING actor! <3 Wahoo! Everyone in ABT, we love you SOOOOOOO much! <3 Let’s keep in touch!! Avengers Born Taiwanese forever! George, Holly, Jackie (Your 2012 Group A counselors)


Bustin' Beavers!    

We are super lucky to have all of you in our group this year! You are all so full of energy and enthusiasm which helps keep us counselors up after (almost) sleepless nights. The way you all came together to tackle the tower building workshop and group skit was incredible. We are so proud of how you well you are able to focus for campers your age. We cannot believe that camp is over already and we loved every moment we spent with you.  


Cathy - You are such a sweet and positive force in our group. You played a big part in developing our group identity. The way you were able to keep the Bustin' Beavers focused during skit prep was nothing short of amazing. You did it in such a way that kept everyone working without confronting anyone. On top of all that you also took the initiative to represent our group to the whole camp when we were presenting our flag. Your natural ability to lead helped the Bustin' Beavers accomplish so much during camp this year. Thank you for making such an awesome group page and helping us out with guiding the group. We really appreciate the way you share all of your talents and resources.  


Hannah - We loved your good natured approach to all the camp activities. We know that sometimes the clinics or workshops can be tough, but you always had a smile and a willingness to participate. Monica loves the planner you bought for her during night market. It shows how much you care and are willing to share. You did an excellent job participating in skit preparation by taking very detailed notes. Those notes made it very easy to keep track of all of our roles and ideas, making skit prep very productive. Thanks for consistently busing the tables after each meal. It shows how much you care and that you are willing to do what needs to be done. The beavers you drew on our flag are rockin' and we never new Bustin' Beavers could ever look so good.  


Jon - Great job playing a cop for our group skit. It's clear from the ideas that you give during discussion and skit prep that you've put a lot of thought into what you say. Your observations during workshops really help move the group forward towards completing our goals. The way you took initiative during the scavenger hunt was very exciting. We were in awe of how committed you were to helping the Bustin' Beavers win when you got yourself soaking wet. We're very happy that you bonded wit the other campers.  


Jared - You are a serious trooper. The first night of camp you got a bloody nose and kept playing the sporks relay. Your dedication and enthusiasm kept flowing throughout the entire time at camp. Skit prep was full of your imaginative ideas that made everyone laugh. Also, you have a willingness to express yourself with a smile. It's great to hear your awesome ideas, especially during the Hidden Talents workshop. Even as our tower started to lean during the tower tycoon workshop, you never gave up and kept cheering the Bustin' Beavers on.  


Jack - It's been a tremendous journey having you in our group! We are glad you enjoyed camp. Specifically your countless efforts to share your ideas. We all believe in you and will always be rooting for you. It was a treat to learn about your favorite super heroes and fun riddles with you. Also, your eagerness to speak up for yourself is something notable about you. You'll go far with many improvements we all make along the way in LYF (haha, get it?) keep in touch and can't wait to see where life takes you.   By the way, the spider web portal is 3 feet away from the base of the tree.  


Robyn - You are one amazing dancer. The Michael Jackson poses you pulled off during the dance and group photos were awesome! You're very good at understanding what we as counselors need from the campers and are able to help the campers stay focused. We love your warm and considerate personality. You helped the group out a by always making sure our tables are clean after dinner and being an excellent listener.  


Ted - The Hulk! You are incredibly intelligent and clever camper. You're a strong and modest leader, able to direct the group towards a common goal. You're also able to work with many different types of people, using each of their skills to the maximum. This is arguably one of the most important skills any leader should have. You helped us tremendously with the skit prep by combining the other campers' ideas and leading skit rehearsal. On top of that you were able to combine the ideas of the group into a single tower design for the tower tycoon workshop. Make sure to check out Carl Sagan.  


Tommy - Oooooh, Honey Bear! You are an amazing bundle of energy that always makes us laugh and jive. Speaking of which, your dance moves are rockin'. We love how you fearlessly try new things and can develop ideas to new levels. Your charm and adorableness unifies the group and makes everything more fun. The zoo in your pockets ( sharks and snakes, oh my!) ensure that there is always something fun to do. You are wise beyond your years, making some very positive influences during group discussions. For instance, during the Hidden Talents workshop, you mentioned your passion for designing and building museums and other cool things.  


You are all incredibly talented leaders, each with different style of leadership. We wish you the best, and cannot wait to see you all next year.  


Love,   Monica Kevin Tyler  

C-Fan… NOMNOMNOM We couldn’t have asked for a better group than the one we had in C-Fan. Initially, we were kind of awkward, but we became closeknit and awesome (kind of like C Fan itself). It’d be hard to find a group that had more energy, talent, and hilarious wit amongst its members. For instance during the point system, we managed to jump from last place on Friday to second place on Saturday. The strength and enthusiasm of the group is unstoppable. Camp flew by way too fast, but we’ll always remember the good times we had together as a group. It’s been real, and I hope you all enjoyed camp as much as we enjoyed having you as our campers.

Natalie Chen

It’s impossible for us (Ben in particular) to keep pace with your energy, especially in the morning. You demonstrated some mad leadership skills during the Amazing Race workshop. It’s great how you always lead the group into great discussions and try to get everyone to participate together. You’re a very upbeat, friendly person, with the ability to reach out to just about anyone, and you brought a lot of life to our small group. Ben apologizes for being so lifeless some of the time, but we think you helped balance him out. With your passion and leadership skills, you’ll make an excellent counselor in the future. If you decide to take that One Direction, we hope you’ll have the good fortune of having a camper like yourself. Samantha Chen You are right, candy does equal great ideas. You were also right when you said, “If you’re not weird, then you really are.” We love how you always wanted to get the group together to work on the skit, and it turned out amazingly :) Don’t give up on your crush so easily! Remember, you are amazing and he might be shy too! You can always use Facebook to stalk him and if he does not have one, you can always stalk us :P Or you can follow Carly Rae Jepsen’s advice to give the guy your number and hope he’ll call you. You have awesome enthusiasm and passion for camp. It’s amazing how quickly your brain can absorb information. We loved your idea with the slits in the building. It was such an innovative way to support the structure and the end product was the best out of the whole camp. Hope you have a great tie-dye shirt and when it gets worn out, make sure to change it into a headband so you will always remember how amazing camp was this year :) Ethan Huang/Mr. FBI You’re a talented and well-rounded bro, and that really shined through during our time at camp. Even with no shoes, you still seemed to make buckets at will during basketball. Your baseball skills and profound thoughts wowed us from the start, and you were a champion for staying with us through the Amazing Race workshop (in spite of the food relay/your injured ankle), as well as for representing Group C in the Chubby Bunny activity (and holding your own against older campers). You said you were a closing pitcher, but that you preferred starting. Maybe when you make it to the pros, you can dabble in both, like John Smoltz (he’s an oldschool guy, but he’s a legit beast, just like you). Aside from your athletic gifts, you’ve got some real musical skills as well. We know you secretly like to sing, because we all heard your killer voice during the campfire. You’re a serious thinker, maybe even a little...too serious at times :O But we love how you think before you put things in motion, and how you aren’t afraid to voice what’s on your mind. We’ll miss your unique personality, and we wish you the best in the future. Bryan Kuo Time and time again, you showed how clever your ideas were. We believed that your idea of sticking straws on the very top of the building during the building block workshop was amazing. Doing so probably brought us up to the top three highest structures. The building even closely resembled Taipei 101 and that was worth some extra points right there. With more time, you could have helped the group get an even taller building. You’re a happy kid with a great attitude, and you always brought positive energy to the group. I, Ben, hope I didn’t scare you too much with my game face, but the game you all brought to our skit was scary good. We really enjoyed getting the chance to have you in our group, and we hope you’ll come see us again next year. Tiffany Lee We think it’s awesome that you do cool activities like kayaking and fishing. You had some very insightful things to say during our group discussions, but speak up a little so we can hear just how insightful they are. Thanks for your attention to detail during the Amazing Race workshop. You also showed great leadership in getting our skit rolling, and maybe there’s a future counselor in you. At least, that’s what we thought after you came up with using the strings to connect the straws together during the bridge building activity. You and Wallace had a great tag team going on with the rope situation for tower building. In addition to all that good stuff, you’re very aware of everything and you’ve got a strong sense of what needs to be done to get the group together. During the building blocks workshop, you mentioned how you liked being a follower better than the leader. But with all the wonderful plans you have, you were an awesome leader in the activity. Take care, or take us kayaking/fishing, and teach us! Wallace Lim

We appreciate your initiative in representing group C with the SpongeBob dance during the skit. You’ve got mad swag and you’re not afraid to perform or speak in front of a large crowd. Ben wishes he had your swag/dance skills, but those are things he’ll probably just have to live without. You and Tiffany made a great team effort in roping the tower. Also, nice delicate touch with placing the eggs on the tower as well. If Jackie Chan finds the Fountain of Youth, comes out of retirement, and turns to the dark side, we’ll definitely call on you and your boss martial arts talents. If you don’t feel like starring in that movie, we’ll ask you to help us come up with the script, because you have great ideas and the ability to plan ahead. Angela Lu Candy! Candy! Candy!! Don’t be shy about voicing your ideas and opinions. We want to hear more of your lovely voice. Thanks for directing our group to the correct locations during the Amazing Race workshop. You were also a champ in sponge tag! Hope you enjoyed it and didn’t mind the wetness! you’re a very talented girl, and your design on the group page was pretty legit. You always took an active role in group activities. We saw you grooving to Cynthia’s dance clinic, and you definitely have the “moves like Jagger/swagger”. We really appreciate the commitment and guidance you offered to the group, as you helped steer the new campers in the right direction. We also wanted to thank you for helping us clean the dining room table when most of our group had already left. You’re a very responsible girl who cares about other campers, especially when our cabin was locked (why was it locked :( ). Take care, and don’t be a stranger if you run into us next year. Vincent Sun It’s a shame we didn’t have more time together. You were pretty shy at first, but you slowly started opening up to the group. You did a great job memorizing the last Taiwan train stop, and you just had a knack for coming through for us in clutch situations. That man of mystery business you’ve got going on is pretty awesome, and we know your mind is full of creative, thoughtful, amazing ideas. We love your smile, your pearly white teeth, your awesome brown jacket, and your passion for video games. You’re a great dude, and more awesome than you give yourself credit for. Thanks for finding our group members and lost counselors whenever they went missing (Ben apologizes for sneaking off to play basketball so much). You’re such a kind brother for saving candy to give to your sister. We look forward to seeing you and your sister next year, and don’t hesitate to come say hi if you see any of us. Bryan Tang You have an amazing singing voice! You’ll be an instant lady’s man soon enough (though it can be argued that you already are). Future American Idol winner? No doubt. Your Asian accent (as the shopkeeper) made the skit even more hilarious and awesome. Great job gently placing three eggs in our tower. It was your confidence and security that made the tower not fall! Your idea for the base worked out...for a bit...jkjk. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts even though it may be hard to describe them to others. You’re a hilarious and awesome person, and you made us laugh/smile so many times with your carefree dancing, singing, and jokes. We’ll miss you a lot, and if we see you at camp next year, it’ll be a real pleasure. Remember: Xian xi shou cai chi xi fan (First, wash your hands, then eat congee)! Thanks again, for being a COOL, CREATIVE, and COOPERATIVE Group C! Hope y’all have a wonderful summer and watch out for C-MONSTERS!

Your CHILL, CALM, CANDY GODS, C-FAN COUNSELORS, Ben Chang, Joanna Chen, and Steph Shih

Group D- Disappearing Dumplings We had an amazing time with you all for these five days. We are impressed with your wit- as shown through your skit, group name, group cheer and roll call. We love your energy, your enthusiasm and effort for all the activities (including the ones you did not enjoy as much), and most of all, your respect for one another. Your insightful comments in discussions, and the way you all tried to make sure each member was included our conversations showed the great friendship you have. You all worked through differences in leadership styles and opposing viewpoints to create a skit that had the whole camp roaring on the floor in laughter. You guys are awesome. Steffie We’re so proud of you! We noticed that you’ve really opened up to our group as the week progressed, and that you proactively volunteered to be in the skit and performed in Cynthia’s dance clinic. By the way, you played your role in the skit fantastically- “Shut up, I’m reading!” Also, Tiffany really likes it when you tell her stories. You’ve definitely become more of a team player, and we’re glad to have you in our group. Also, can you blow more giant bubbles for us? You were amazing at that. Faye We enjoyed seeing you grow to be more outspoken during the course of this camp. Although you may have been shy at first to voice your opinion, when you did we were really happy to see you do so. During Alice's workshop, you confidently told your audience about the solutions we had brainstormed and it was amazing seeing you describe our discussion so well. Also, we noticed that you were a very observant person; during the Amazing Race workshop, you found Summer when we did not even see her. Then, you proceeded to do your best to call everybody else back, which we greatly appreciated. Besides that though, we took note of your dance skills and we saw how well you moved to the beat during the dance; definitely keep it up!  

Maya During the course of this entire camp, we noticed that you were always doing your best to help us during all the activities we went through as a group. Even though you may not have thought much of these small gestures, they made a huge difference to us as well as our group. From waiting for us slow counselors to catch up with you energetic campers during Holly's Amazing Race workshop, to always remembering to wipe down the table after mealtimes, you always had a strong sense of what needed to be done. This assisted the counselors enormously because that level of sensitivity to the needs of your group-mates and us saved lots of time and effort that otherwise might have needed to be expended. it was also amazing to see you act so well in front of all the campers during skit night; your lines came out clear and coherent, and it was a pleasure to see you convey such a warm feeling to the crowd.  

Tyler Dis your bench? You are great at improv and regaled both our workshop group and the entire camp with your wit and quick thinking. We noticed that you seem to be very confident when you are leading the group, and you have the capacity to think about others. For example, in the Self-Confidence Workshop, you pointed out that some people in our group hadn’t spoken much, and you wanted to give them the opportunity to speak. During the Towers workshop- you were quick to realize that a triangle base was the most stable way, and you were able to guide our group to do that. Keep it up the awesomeness and keep protecting your park bench! Also, we’d like to see your photography skills next year!


Richard – Please keep playing your piano! We’re impressed that you took your sheet music to the Amazing Race Workshop so you could bring it directly to the lunch afterwards to play piano. We also love how you’re interested in hot chocolate powder, and how you made those thousand-year-eggs taste better by sprinkling hot chocolate powder on it- how creative! We can tell you’re resourceful and think outside of the box- not many groups realized that you could use the glue bottle itself, as well as the scissors and tape dispenser. You were also very enthusiastic about the workshops, especially the Amazing Race Workshop- you were always one of the first ones at the clue and memorized everything. Also, keep nurturing that mad scientist in you- we love that you’re interested in science.


Leon Even though this was your first time at camp, you were always proactive during discussions and all our activities involving our small group. We remember that during Alice's Self-Confidence workshop, Alice actually had to tell you to let others have a chance at answering her questions because you had a response to almost every single one of them! It was also enjoyable seeing you take the big step in really getting everybody into memorizing the paragraphs of information during the Amazing Race workshop, because your drive to find the clues and beat the challenges inspired the others to follow along quickly. Not only that, but during these few days you really communicated with us clearly about how you felt about certain activities; for instance, we felt like you conveyed the skit concisely to us after we had missed skit practice with you guys due to counselor skit rehearsal. Lastly, your sense of humor was very unique and it was funny listening to you respond to us (e.g. when you told us you though counselors "made out" after hours each day).   Darren –

We’re so glad that we discovered your hidden talent of expertly drawing cars. We noticed your Lamborghini drawing on the first day when we played the Pictionary-type game, but we didn’t realize exactly how deep your artistic ability and your car knowledge were until the Hidden Talents Workshop. You’re also a great team player- you’re observant and take a step back to consider whether speaking up (such as during the Confidence Workshop discussion) or being quiet (such as during the Towers workshop) was best for the group. You were also a fantastic cop with great lines during the skit.


Aaron Straight from the beginning we realized you were outgoing and that you had the proper motivation to complete the activities on time and to realize what steps we needed to take in order to reach our goals. This we observed when you lead the making of our flag, which turned out to very special to all of us as our names were all in our respective dumplings. Furthermore, we found the more daring side of you when we did the photo scavenger hunt. Like your peers told you already, you truly were a man for being able to sacrifice your own pride for the sake of your teammates. Furthermore, you were able to voice your opinion on different subject matters without being afraid of judgment, which we believed nurtured stronger bonds with everybody else in our group.

Go Dumplings! Derek and Tiffany  

E-Crew, Please Stand Up, Let’s Show Everybody Just What’s Up We love you guys! Even if you guys don’t win in the points system, you’ll always be #1 in our hearts. You guys are basically the craziest bunch of kids we’ve ever met, but in the best way possible. It’s like your inhibition switches got turned off – you’re never afraid to say or do whatever’s on your mind. Also, every single one of you are candyholics. Even if we brought a truckload of candy to camp, it probably wouldn’t have been enough for you guys, and we seriously have no idea how you can fit so much candy in your bodies. Aside from that, each of you are incredibly special in your own way, and without you, our group would never have been as good as it was this year. Aileen Hi there, Miss Most Likely to Become Head Counselor. It’s only been four days, but you have been an amazing asset to our group. You’ve volunteered and stepped up so many times, and on top of that, you listen really well and are receptive to everything – that’s an incredibly tough combination of traits for anyone to have. We love your active participation in all the camp activities and even though you are sore half of the time either because of boot camp or running around for relays, we are really proud that you don’t let that stop you. We hope you come back and try to become head counselor in the future! Also, go try a pazookie at BJ’s: you will love them! Alvina You give so many hugs, it’s like you belong in Hug LYF…but we’re so grateful that you’re in our group instead! You’re always so joyful, cheery, and playful – it makes it really fun to be around you. No matter what we are doing, you are always giggling. We want to thank you for your constant support. You are an amazing team player. Additionally, when you go into high school, we want you to start an Asian squat club because you are just so pro at it (Daniel is jealous). We hope you had the best year of camp ever! Come back, pleaseeee! Daniel Why. Are. You. So. Cute. Everything about you is super adorable, from the giant frog to the way everyone knows you as the Rubik’s cube kid to how people in our group call you Little D. We love all the stories you tell us in between or even during our activities. You tell them with so much energy and enthusiasm that we are so captivated by it. Our hearts melt every time you grab us by the arm to tell us something new. Honestly, every time another group asks us to trade you to them, we realize more and more that you’re such an important part of our group. Thanks for all your contributions in the camp activities and we hope that you stay adorable forever! Darrel We never told you but you remind us of a mad scientist because you have bed hair that defies gravity. However, you are not mad at all because you are super sweet, just like all the cakes and tiramisu you make. One day, if you ever open up a bakery, give us a call please, we will support you no matter what. Thanks so much for your leadership in our group discussions. You always stepped up when it was needed, without any hesitation. Although you think that you would be the first to die if our group was to ever participate in a real life hunger games, we believe that you are capable of being the last one standing.  

Eric We’re so honored to be able to write the first ever newsletter letter to the next Jeremy Lin! Can’t wait to receive autographed basketballs in the mail! How in the world did you not freeze to death? You were wearing shorts the entire time even when we thought it was freezing cold out. We’ve also noticed that you’re really great at keeping people on track, whether it be pointing out how many pictures are left in the photo scavenger hunt, or how much time there might be left in a particular workshop. Great job, and keep up with the great work! Please don’t forget us when you’re all rich and famous playing for the Golden State Warriors.  

Joyce – Our little Ballerina, stop freaking Daniel out with that crazy flexibility of yours. You’re not supposed to be able to touch your toe to your head!! You and Alvina are both always so cheerful and playful. Sometimes, you would laugh so much that we would have no idea what you were saying. We would also like to point out that you did an amazing job in the skit. Your Asian accent added a very nice touch, it was hilarious as well. Thanks for being such a vital member of the group – you may have some outrageous side stories, but you always manage to pull it together when it’s needed the most. Natalie Shout-out to our Candy Girl! If you were a superhero, your superpower would be annoying people to death by constantly asking for candy. Quite the unconventional talent, haha. No matter what, you always find happiness and humor in any situation – we can’t think of a time when you weren’t smiling or giggling. Thanks for always taking notes for us and directing a lot of the skit prep. Not only would you take notes, you would repeat the notes to everyone to make sure that everyone was on the same page. It’s something that not many people do that we really appreciate from you. Next year we’ll buy lots of candy just for you!  

Owen Dear Boy Prodigy, we play a game called What Can’t Owen Do? And every time, you amaze us with your many talents. Honestly, when we’re talking with other counselors about you, they always point out some new ability that you’re amazing at that we had no clue about. The group page looks amazing (and E-vengers is super clever), and you contributed so much to the skit. Your intelligence is off the charts – we’re almost twice your age, and half the time, we’re too dumb to understand what you’re talking about. We know that one day, you’ll go on to something amazing in whatever you do, because you can pretty much do anything you want!

William – Thanks for being the Hulk by wearing green every day for four days straight - you solved that Survey Says question so easily. Way to think proactively! You’re so energetic…we always see you running from place to place, and when we were running around the campsite during the Amazing Race, you were always at the front of the pack. Go you! One question, why didn’t you want to dance with Jan or Jessica during the dance? Maybe you just have too many girls gunning for you that you have to reject a few? This is probably because you’re “too adorable,” in the words of both Jan and Jessica. So, please stay adorable!

WE LAVA YOU!!! Please stay crazy, and always remember: 我們是第一名!!


Love you forever, Jan & Daniel

To the team that was on fire,

You win the hunger games in our hearts. Every day was a FIERY ADVENTURE with you guys. The amazing part is that most of you have never been to camp before and you had the most heart warming skit. Vincent wasn’t even sure if anyone could top that! We are “ FIRE IN THE HOLE” proud OF YOU GUYS! We would seriously take an arrow to the knee for you guys. Through all your ups and downs with your jelly legs, WE DID IT TEAM FIRE! WE VOLUNTEER TO BE YOUR COUNSELORS NEXT YEAR! If not, the odds will be whoever’s favor if they get you guys. WE THINK TEAM FIRE IS ON FIREEEEEE! CALL US, MAYBE? FACEBOOK US, MAYBE? CALL AND FACEBOOK US MAYBE? Ella – We’ve waited 5 days to say this, but honestly, we really wanted to say….. “ UNDER MY UMBRELLA, ELLA,ELLA, EY,EY,EY!” . We love how you always are so willing to sing to us and you’re so confident about your beautiful voice! That’s DEFINITELY what makes you beautiful . Also, we LOVE how you always put in your full effort into everything you do. You have fantastic leadership skills! Not only do you initiate leadership, but you also are always willing to listen. With your fierceness and passion in everything you do as well as all the cool insights you always offer to us, we could see you leading the free world one day. Also, YOU ARE THE CHUBBY BUNNY MASTER TO US! We’re so proud on how many marshmallows you can fit in your mouth. Hope you come back to be the SUPER CHUBBY BUNNY MASTER! Stephanie Girlie, YOU ARE OUR SUPER STAR GYMNAST! You’re the coolest little jump monster in the world. We could see you being on tv as the BEST OLYMPIC GYMNAST EVER! You are filled with so much high energy that it magically transfers to us and gives us energy! WE LOVE IT! Not only that, but you are always so selfless and willing to help everyone. Jon loves how you willingly massaged him when he was tired and poured a cup of water in his name when he was gone. Even when no one was around, you took the time to bus the tables and that was awesome! We love how you always are so understanding in every situation that you’re in and always know what to do, especially in the towers workshop. Remember, Fox on the head is a party on the head!   Rachel HEY GIRLIE! YOU NEED TO GIVE DENISE YOUR TUMBLR URL SO WE CAN CHAT MORE ABOUT TUMBLR! Jon and Denise SUPER love how you’re so great with direction, especially in the Amazing Race workshop. NOT ONLY THAT, BUT YOU LOVE ONE DIRECTION! HAHA.HAH.We also love your beautiful voice, especially when you sang in the skit. It blew us all away, EVEN JAMES! All of us hope that one day when you sing Vanessa Carlton songs, One direction songs, or Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me maybe, that you think of us.We also laugh about how you have so many cool jokes and sayings in your back pocket. Especially the one where you said, “We found dove in a soapless place.” Even with your hilarious personality, you always seem to drive things forward with your smart ideas, especially during skit prep and team name building. TEAM FIRE!!!  

Caitlin – You are in power!! We love how you always keep everything moving with your focus and drive to reach the goal. With all of your cool ideas like all the little details you thought of in the skit and prepared-ness when it comes to skit practice, YOU ARE ALWAYS ON TOP EVERYTHING! ITS AMAZING AND SUPER PRODUCTIVE. You are the nyan cat life support of our group. Also, Jon wants to thank you for guarding him while he was in the women’s bathroom haha. You’re super responsible and you always try to include everyone. Thank you for making our lives A LOT easier. P.S WE LOVE YOUR SINGING!!!!! CharlieYou are the solid, quiet rock foundation of the group. We totally take back making fun of your MONSTER MEALS BECAUSE YOU ABSOLUTELY NEEDED THEM FOR DEALING WITH US . We can never overlook the fact that you’re an AMAZING SPORT and you never get offended at anything. We love how many super cool ideas you always show us and how great your intuition is. Your independence is something to be admired and your excellent intuition is something to be jealous of. Hey, by the way, what’s 45+10 x200 -125 equal too? We bet you already know you super fast mathematician, you. REMEMBER, PARTY FOX ON YOUR HEAD! RoyWe first thought your loudness was going to be an issue, but you showed us that it is a gift instead You unite us with your voice. You do our group proud and represent our group amazingly well, especially in worskshops. Not only do you have everyone’s attention, but you had them cheering about something as little as approaching a teacher. We were so proud of you. Also , thank you for being so welcoming, especially to new comers like Lisa. We love how you took the time to get to know her individually with Jon when she first came in. Not only are you considerate, but you listen very closely as well. This trait get you far ANYWHERE. LaurenceYou are the sleep master. We hope you got a better nights sleep as we completely ran you into the ground and we apologize. We know you have lots of ideas and you focus it on the right places. We know that you want to be a videogame designer in the future with all the strategy games that you play. Don’t ever give up, even when you think people don’t listen to you. Someone will realize how cool and how genius you really are. Keep it up Laurence! Keep Communicating! Your moves on the dance floor are ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING. You really know how to wow a crowd too. Jon wishes he went to campfire so he could see how much you enjoyed it! LisaYou’re amazing at fitting in so quickly. It seemed like you were always here from the start. You are the butter queen. Denise resigns her position and grants it to you! You will never be fat to us.Jon is glad that you were extremely patient in the dry ice clinic. Not only were you patient in that, but you were patient in EVERY workshop you were put in. You were so innovative, especially how you thought of rolling newspaper for structural support on your tower( I bet you didn’t even think we noticed, BUT WE DID!). We are so grateful we have you as a camper. We’re super sorry for making you run up hill though for the scavenger hunt.


Dear Gao-Hsiung Gangsters, Andrew: You are the second group of underclass high school students I’ve had in my years of being a counselor for TACL-LYF. To be honest, you’re one of, if not the, group that I’m most fond of. I have always enjoyed watching the younger people grow older and mature throughout the years at camp. I have enjoyed listening and hearing the concerns and interests that younger people have. I’m honestly sad that I didn’t get to spend more time to just hang with you all and learn all of you on a deeper level. I hope you all will keep in touch and will continue to come back to camp. In your faces, I see brilliant future possibilities. In Abel, I see a possible scientist who likes to use his imagination and inquisitiveness to come to new methods of understanding of the world. In Brian, I see a very happy person, due to your chill attitude. In Chris, I see a possible leader, maybe a politician, due to your take-charge attitude. In Emily, I see a world-class entrepreneur or athlete due to your unflappable nature. In Erin, I see an artistic phenom do to your affinity for photography. In Jamie, I see a wonderful story teller due to your creative mind. In John, I see an engineer who will create the next revolutionary product. In Julia, I see an entrepreneur due to the love of getting things done and being very adaptable. I guess I’m not saying what I see is what you will be. What I’m saying is I see much potential in you all. As you hit high school, my only advice to give is the following: dream big, don’t let others tell you to give up on your goals, experience new things, and keep an open-mind. 8Cynthia: This camp has passed by too fast for me and I wish I could have spent more time with all of you. As a group, you have made me proud with how wonderfully you worked together – surpassing any other group I’ve been a counselor for. You all take into consideration the feelings, ideas, and strengths of everyone in the group; and have used them very well throughout this camp. I love that you have sooo much pride and enthusiasm in the Gaohsiung Gangsters and I wish that were the case every camp, because it makes camp that much more fun for you and for us counselors. I look forward to keeping in touch with you and seeing you back at camp year after year. Abel Taking care of you was a fun experience. You’re full of energy and jubilant. You have an inquisitive mind and are always on the go, trying to learn a new thing. You have the ability to make the older kids laugh with your jokes, which by the way are very diverse (e.g. puns, anti-jokes, non-sequitors, etc.). You always offer your ideas at will and help keep the energy of the group up. We are not bothered by the constant stream of questions that you had. Aare glad to patiently answer them all assuming I can understand them. Brian You always seem to have a smile on your face. You don’t seem to let things faze you when you’re under duress. You kept on eating the bah-tzang even though you dropped it in the dirt and didn’t have to finish it. We love that you don’t quit or give up; you just keep on going at your own pace. This attitude will take you far in life.


Chris You’re a very competitive person. That attribute will help you later in life when faced with a challenging situation. From sports, to school, to handling projects, you can use the competitive nature to bulldoze your adversaries over. However, do realize this attribute is a double-edged sword. We have been in those shoes before and have had to learn when to use that part of ourselves as an aid and when to shelve it to restrain ourselves. You’ll probably have to do the same fine-tuning, but we look forward to you growing into a great guy.


Emily Thank you for following the rules and listening to us. You are a near model-perfect camper. Honestly, we would really love to have you again as a camper in order to reduce the need to split attention among the campers, hahahah (even though you’re unlikely to make it, next year L ). Anyway, you’re so quiet, but we’re onto your inner awesomeness. Hopefully, we can see you growing into being an assertive leader. Perhaps being a camp counselor/teaching assistant will provide you the experience to become one!


Erin We hope camp surpassed your expectations. We remember you not being very happy on the first day of being dropped off at camp. You were withdrawn and pretty cynical. However, at the end of camp, you were mostly grins. You got to have fun with newfound friends, get scared by ghost stories, and hang with people of a similar background (since you’re a noticeable minority in your hometown). Hopefully you’ll be back for next year!


Jamie We were very impressed with you constantly stepping up and taking charge of the group this entire Camp. You’ve shown us a very considerate and able leader. You’re very vocal and take initiative on the tasks and assignments you do. We see a very bright future for you as a leader for any team you work with. Your cheerful demeanor and awesome attitude makes you an affable person. Please don’t change these parts of you. We would be very sad if you did!

John You are an incredibly thorough thinker, for example, the furnace showed you thought about personal safety on a deep level. We were surprised by your role in the group skit, specifically how comfortable you were with taking acting roles that involved characters way outside the boundaries of norm in society. We’d love to peel back your quiet layers more and see more of the awesome person you are.


Julia Hey, we loved your hat! You’re very easy to spot in a crowd of campers, hahahah. But we like how it also showed the selfconfidence you have to carry a style that isn’t with the majority of people. Keep that value of self up there. You’ll face many things in your high school years that may cause you to question your ability to tackle the challenges you’ll face in life. Please also keep that spunk that comes out at surprising times! We love getting those moments! J Your counselors, Andrew & Cynthia


HUG LYF!! You guys were clearly the awesomest group out of all of camp! When we first met you guys, we thought, “Oh no! What a mischievous group of teenaged campers.” Of course this ended up being true, but we wouldn’t have chosen any other group. You guys show enthusiasm and energy that outmatched even the most experienced campers. Our camp cheer was the cutest thing ever! Love with a bit of bad-assery. We loved how you all had a very insightful side, and contributed meaningful thoughts to our discussions and workshops, but also had a very playful and whimsical side that showed itself with outlandishly inappropriate ideas and beautifully crafted puns. We had so much fun playing icebreakers with you all and belting terrible pop songs at campfire! We honestly enjoyed every second we spent with you guys. Even this newly-implemented extra day of camp wasn’t long enough. Eugene Chou Hey there, Mr. Super-talented-at-everything. Let’s list a few of your talents (which you insist you don’t have, but really you do and should share with everyone): running, ping pong, long jump, piano, math, drawing, chubby bunny, being charming (for sponsors), and extremely funny one-liners. You were super helpful with your Taiwanese knowledge and Taiwanese tastes (such as that thousand-year egg, which you spit out and cleansed with candy). We love that along with having all these talents, you are also very humble as well and try to avoid showing off. But it’s not a bad thing to be confident in your own abilities! You definitely have the potential to shine. Wendy Hsu Your constant fashion statements make you a really fun and unique person to be around and talk to. It’s really cool that you’re interested in eclectic things like earmuffs and international music. Thanks for your contributions to the group, like the really cute flag and group page sketches. We loved your valuable input in workshops; they really progressed our discussions. Best of luck in starting a JTASA branch at school. The fact that you want to take this initiative means that we fulfilled our duty of making you a leader, right?


Richard Ju You would definitely be the winner of our Hunger Games. You are very observant and really smart, so you should definitely use your voice to communicate your opinions and views. It’s also good practice and a good experience to work with other people‘s ideas. We’ve heard that you are also quite the ladies’ man, which was confirmed by your passing on playing card games to chat with girls. As counselors, we feel so fortunate to have seen you grow so much as a person since the year you first came to camp. You seem to be a much stronger individual now, and really believe in your own skills and observations.


Jennifer Lee Thanks for being such a great camper! Your strong leadership skills really helped our group push forward in workshops, our photo scavenger hunt, and various other camp activities. You have a really lovely singing voice; hopefully you’d be open to sharing more of it with us in the future. Without you, we wouldn’t have been nearly as cohesive and productive. You have so many great ideas as well as the skills to execute them. We’re not sure why you all chose Michael as future head counselor—we feel that you’d be an amazing role model.


Madalyn Li OH YEAAAAH! Thanks for being such a trooper through skit night, even though you were losing your voice, although one could argue that it made your manly dude voice even better. Kool-Aid should totally hire you and your beautiful impersonation. You are such a fun person to be around, galloping everywhere and throwing Fohnny puns all over the place. You really contributed a lot to our group, always keeping the energy high and making us laugh. By the way, you look way better in your cardigan than Michael does.


Sean Li It’s too bad we didn’t go with your triangle / pentagon base idea for the Tower Tycoon workshop because we just discovered that apparently triangles are the most stable shape. That’s okay though, we’re all winners. We really appreciated your serious contributions during workshops—it was a little surprising to see your insightful side, and we loved it. You’re an incredibly silly person, and your unique personality leads to some really interesting conversations.


Stephanie Li We’re so happy we got to have you in our group, especially for your first time at camp. We hope we made your debut TACL-LYF camp experience memorable and meaningful! Even amongst many camp veterans, you were able to jump right in and really connect with the group. We loved that you spoke up a lot in the workshops and went along with our ridiculous camp traditions. Thanks so much for the smiles (both from the past week and the will); they’re super sweet and we definitely love(d) them.


Michael Shen BAD MICHAEL! BAD! NO! DOWN! You is crazy, and has too much energy. You have a special unconventional talent for making very normal things a little off and creepy. But even though you like to purposely invoke the awkward terrible joke groan from people, we know you don’t mean any harm. Underneath your layers of silly pick-up lines though, you really do have a considerate personality. Johnny would like to take you up on your breakfast-in-bed offer sometime.


Jonathan Wu You are seriously the sweetest and most thoughtful camper we’ve ever met. You not only helped your friends and fellow campers, but helped solve any problems you saw laying around. It was really nice of you to help out the kitchen staff when she dropped cups on the ground. We saw that you have a lot of leadership skills within you, and it clearly showed itself during the Tower Tycoon workshop and various other activities throughout camp. Don’t be afraid to express your own opinion because of not wanting to contradict others; we know you have the ability to succeed. Your input is very valuable, especially when you feel so much compassion for others. You are SUPER CUTE!! Thanks for an amazing year at camp. Group H was such a great team to be a part of, even though we’re a rusty / newbie counselor pair. Even after leaving camp, never forget to HUG LYF! <3 Michelle and Johnny

“I” is proud to be who “I” are

As camp comes to an end, it's inevitable for us (charlie and Able) to feel sad that we have to face the reality of leaving you guys tomorrow and return to our regular lives. However, that doesn't mean that our connections and experiences end at 12:00 pm when you leave the camp site. Our camp is special in our eyes to us individually with our own reasons, and we hope you will eventually find your own as time goes on. In our experiences, camp continues to live on throughout the year in many forms, which will evolve into many other forms. In our experiences, we have built lasting relationships and very close bonds together, leaving camp as a place to update our distant friends with our lives and continue to grow together, and share this LYF together. The world is brutal out there, and it's great that for us personally, that we have had the opportunity to share our time with you. You guys have enriched our lives whether you know it or not, we (charlie and able) would really like to thank you guys, for having such a great time at camp. We're really glad we played “Never have I ever.....” we really bonded a lot after that!


Dear Jeremy We know that being a first timer is always hard in any situation, especially with our packed schedule making everyone jump in head first. You started out pretty quiet, but opened up pretty quickly. We did hope to see a bit more participation in our activities, and put yourself out there a little more. We really want you to know, that this is a very safe environment, and we won't judge you, your ideas, or anything. Our goal is make this a place where you can be yourself, the type of person you want to be, without any pressure, and hopefully by experiencing that, you can find things that will help you with your challenges that you may face on a regular basis. We do really thank you and appreciate your participation with camp activities, and contributing to the awesome lyrics in our cheer. We really hope that you can come back ,and join our big family of life. We hope to see you year after year, and watch you grow and change into the person you want top become. Hope you come back next year and have an awesome summer. Keep up the water polo!!


Dear Shirby We got more and more intrigued with you as camp went on, and for us that is always one of the most exciting things for us to see as counselors. It was either we didn't ask the right questions or the right interactions, that resulted in not getting the opportunity to hear your voice and your opinions more. We know that being a first time camper can be challenging, not knowing the people, the counselors, and constantly challenging your comfort zone from workshop to workshop, clinic to clinic, campers and counselors to campers and counselors. We really appreciated your opinion and great point you brought up during our discussions, we wish we heard more of you though, as you had very good points. We remember a very important discussion session when you mentioned the article you read, that the men actually experience those social constrictions such as in ballet. Super important point and highlighting the differences. We hope that you enjoyed having you at camp, we are curious what will happen next several years. Keep running and training, if you enjoy it definitely don't stop it!


Dear Christie: When we first met, we knew you were a very sweet girl right away. However, honestly, it was hard to read what exactly it is that you were thinking. As camp went on, we learned quite a few facts about you, and watching your interactions with your surroundings slowly improve. We noticed that toward the end of camp, when we talked to you, your responses were very assertive and had tons of ideas. We wish we got to talk to you more during this camp, as we could tell that there's a lot on of thoughts going in your head. When you did speak, we noticed a very soft yet confident tone in it. It was immediately clear to us that you're very humble while knowing exactly what was going on. We really appreciated that part of you as that is rare to find in people. Discovering that you're just a bad ass at origami and paper art, while at the same time come up with very strategically thought out plans on the universal workshop, really impressed us, especially charlie. Please keep up the things you enjoy, and with the hidden talent workshop's goal of helping you realize hidden talents, these skills will come in handy. There's a thing we believe, is that passion truly produces a superior result in anything, and seeing talent and skills in campers like you, truly amazes us deep down, and resonates with us and our passion for camp. You opened up more during the end of camp, and we were both really happy to see that. Maybe it was because of the camp, we'd like to think that it was us, but really, it was a choice that you made given the environment you were in. We were just very happy to witness the change in just a few days, and it was a moment for us. Thanks for always knowing where to be, and helping us round up the group, and handling things without us mentioning. We love your attention to detail. Cross members for structural stability! (charlie engineering nerd mega <3<3<3).


Dear Leona We really enjoyed your enthusiasm with our group spirit through out camp, and always being the first the person to grab paper and pen to initiate the plans, especially during the universal workshop. We're really fortunate to have you in our group. You're always very cheerful with a big smile looking forward to the next cheer, next event, and what we're doing next. Watching you open up more and more each day put us more and more at ease, and you presenting yourself more and more in a leadership and execution role, simply making things happen. We felt that over time you bonded with the guys well, and saw lot more interaction with them as a team. You seem very comfortable with yourself, and it seemed to us that you didn't have any fear, which speaks confidence by itself. Thank you for sharing your drumming instructor story, I feel that there's a huge opportunity for you to change some history, because if you have passion for the art, and able to provide and share that with other people that are denied the opportunities usually, that would be a miraculous feat.


DearEthan We're super impressed with your dancing, and also your insights during our workshops. Thank you for sharing your experiences, and the attention you gave us. I know that as we glanced around during discussions, we were able to look into your eyes, and could see not just some intensity, but focus, and we truly thank you for giving us that attention. It makes us feel that the things we're sharing or trying to bring out to you guys, are worthwhile and actually mean something. We really enjoy your wittiness that pops up unexpectedly, and great at improvisation. Your comment on the differences between tolerating someone, and accepting someone, was extremely valuable and insightful which means a lot to us and hopefully to other campers as well. Either way, we can see that you have a very good head on your shoulders, and truly believe that whatever you do, you will succeed. Please keep up with your passions, and dancing. We will battle you again next year, because watching you continue to practice and stick with what you love, it inspires us to pickup what we've left in the dust due to life getting in the way sometimes. That continues to help us remember the joy, that we had, while watching you enjoying the moment on the floor, living it up. Props B-boy. Also, for winning the big group ice breaker.


Dear Allan: We have to say we are super impressed with the way you deliver information. You have a way of speaking to people and keeping them engaged, and focused, which is an amazing skill. We know our eyes were glued on you while you were presenting on stage during alice's insecurity workshop. We noticed a common point you've brought up multiple times, is that you truly believe about believing in yourself and doing what you want. That is a concept usually foreign to someone at your age, and by the way you talk about it, it seems to us that you've figured it out. Something that took us to figure it out and realize. Everytime we hear about you talk about your focus, our hearts resonate because that concept, that part of you that wants to embrace who you are, is a key to ultimate happiness, at least that's what we think. Sorry you had to miss the group photo, it just won't look and feel complete without you, as you're a core member of group I. We were really happen to also see you step up during the tower workshop, your voice carries a strength, which will be key in becoming a leader. Being convincing and confident in what you believe.


Dear Byron: We were super excited (charlie more) when we got our rosters and saw your name on the list. You've always been a cheerful, active, funny, instigator (in a good way). However, at the same time, can be very focused and have balls to man up and just do it. MAD PROPS to eating the thousand-year-old-egg for our group. You are truly a trooper, and taking it for the team. Winner of chubby bunny also. You have a kind heart and really care about people, thanks for the massages as we're writing this letter to our fellow teammates. Having you in our group, and seeing how much you've grown in the past few years, and becoming who you are today, really has amazed us. Thank you, for helping me(charlie: I thank you madly) eat the watermelon while I was about to burst. Taking on the challenges while helping others constantly, is a valuable characteristic and very rare as well. It's a pleasure to have had the opportunity to be your counselor this year, and watching you step onto the floor, battle, dance, and just being yourself, oozing confidence. It's just really a pleasure, watching you in our group, seeing your interactions and how you affect your surroundings. Awesome.


Dear Chris: Dude, we have to say thank you to you for staying up and helping us lead the writeups for the news letter. Not only that, by coming up with cool ideas, and initiating the brainstormings while not being afraid to voice your own opinions. We know you're an old timer camper, but watching you step up on every occasion, really excites us, and can't wait to see who you become down the road. You're definitely a leader, if not now, you're at least an instigator (in a good way) because someone has to make things happen. Your comments and jokes have made group very cheerful and fun, and just shows your extremely positive personality. One other thing, was that we really appreciate you giving the stuffed animals to everyone, an act of kindness and looking out for others. That really shines. We really enjoyed the massive group break dancing we did during the dance, hanging with you is always fun because you were always down to do anything for the greater good, and you see fun in many things. It was a pleasure to have you in our group!


Dear Patrick: When we think about a leader, we think about people who can take charge, be creative, get people's attention, and make them laugh to keep moral. You are a leader in our book. You took charge in many opportunities during camp, helping our group figure out what to do. You're super familiar with camp, and I know you and chris both were disappointed in not being with your friends in group J, however, you were able to include our existing group, and make our group super awesome. We couldn't have done it without you. We hope you come back as a counselor someday. Thanks for always keeping others in mind as well and helping out, like helping Staff bringing food up to feed the winning group breakfast in bed. Looking forward to working with you in the future, as we can't wait to see what much more you've become year after year, and what you will bring to the table, to enrich the lives of more people around you.


MAN, THAT WAS A GREAT CAMP. #JOLO. We might have started a little slow, but slow and steady wins the race. And that turtle gets to eat breakfast in bed Cary. The other kids be jelly. We like to think that through this camp, #jolo developed from an acronym that doesn’t quite make sense into a group identity. From the trials and tribulations of organizing campwide activities to joking around while thinking about how the future is the present and the present is the past and how we will all end up in the future-future, we hope everyone had as awesome of a time as we did as a family. In future camp years we can always remember, JOLO!!! (#jolo only lives once). Love you, Brendan and Rosette Angela We’re so glad you made it to camp! From what we saw this weekend, you got to experience an awesome camp that you wouldn’t ever find in Taiwan, and you really threw yourself into everything you did. We got to see a little of your passion for volleyball, dancing, letter decorating, and trying to learn English. You should just move to America so you can hang out with us and become a counselor and go to camp every year.  We were so glad to get to know you, and now we know the secret to your heart. Om nom nom nom nom! Jennifer Gurl, you need to lay off the S. You’ve got all the other campers hooked on the stuff too. Remember – hugs, not jrugs. We love to see your positive energy; when you have the will you can really get stuff done and lead people. Don’t be afraid to hold the bull horn. Use it to your advantage... you’ll realize that this power trip is way better than the S. With great power comes great responsibility. We’re looking forward to your next year’s fun in the sun. Jessica Hello, future head counselor! Thanks for being our awesome narrator during the skit. You proved the concept that when you laugh, the whole world laughs with you (during Tyler’s workshop as well). We love how you’re always one of the first to answer discussion questions and volunteer to do odd jobs, as well as leading the group during planning sessions. Thanks for being our group’s glue and keeping everyone in check. You’re always looking out for everyone and building up the team. Katheryn We admire how you always bring positive and vibrant energy to the group. You are the most formidable dua ka tseng we have encountered in all of our years. We love doing all activities with you: surviving workshops, concocting camp drama stories and last but not least, stuffing our faces. We know that eating can sometimes be a source of conflict for you, but just think of these words: <insert meaningful part of One Direction song here>. Save the rice krispie! Eric Awesome lead in the skit, dude. Now you are wise beyond your years… since you’re from the future. Too bad people in the future can’t remember skit lines. We hope that you and Tommy have a wonderful life together. Your piano skills have touched our hearts and transported us to different times and locations. Next year when you are counselor you should have upped your piggyback giving skills since we’re sure you’ll be doing a lot of them for the little’uns. Unless you want to bust your face some more… Anyhoo, you’re a man of many hidden talents that we know will carry you far. Good luck at school next year and remember: JOLO. Jonathan We’re so glad you made it back to camp this year. Thanks for powering through your bum ankle to participate in all of the camp activities. You’re a true team player. You even got through skit night with after taking a lightsaber to the knee. Great job playing the antagonist, by the way. Sorry you didn’t get the girl. We suggest you build a time machine to fix the past. That is, if you want your happily ever after with Tommy too. We were so glad to get you know you a little bit more and know that future is bright for you, young padawan. Go bears! Max You are a giant teddy bear. You always give out your smiles for free and we appreciate all your contributions to the group. While your wet hugs were nice, we did not appreciate them as much as your warm hugs. Thanks for contributing quite a lot during the tower building workshop; we hope you had a good experience being a leader, even if your builders did mix tape and glue. Hope this last year’s experience as a camper was a fulfilling and memorable one. By the way, Vincent wants the air back in his lungs. Tommy We are so glad you were in the right group this year so we didn’t have to continually find you all the time. You were truly meant to be a #jolo (although we’re not quite certain what that exactly means but we’re sure it is true). We can’t believe this is your last year as a camper, but believe us when we say: this is just the beginning of greatness. You will have more opportunities to be in skits where you can develop into your “true” self. Thanks for contributing to the group; whenever you do do it, it is with enthusiasm and it’s (almost) always a great idea. Heh, we said doo doo.

This or That 1. Vincent


or Kat?


2. Peeta


vs Gale?


3. Plants


vs Zombies?


4. Diablo 3


or hot gf/bf?


5. Loki


or Thor?


6. Peter Griffin


or Chicken?


7. Thunder


or Heat?


8. Marvel


or DC?


9. raw bittermelon


or cilantro?


10. Call


or not call? maybe?


11. Legos


or Kinex?


12. shaved ice


or bahtzang?


13. Honey bear


or gummy bear?


14. Aang


or Korra?


15. small group


or families


16. Man


vs Wild?


17. Guitar


or Ukulele?


18. Winter Olympics


or Summer Olympics?


19. food relay


or scavenger hunt?


20. linning


or winning?


21. piano


or violin?


22. Hufflepuff


or Ravenclaw?


23. Jump


or Jive?


24. 1D


or The Wanted?


25. popsicle sticks


or straws?


Camp Wills Group A Julia: Friendship making skills to Evelyn Evelyn: Art skills to George Jayde: Dancing skills to sister Alex: leadership and creativity to sister Brian: crayon melting to next year’s Group A Anthony: humor to George Antony: ping pong to sister Winston: basketball to George Group D Faye: I bequeath my boot camp skills to future campers. / I bequeath my Family Food Relay Race victory to upcoming “pig” families. Tyler: I bequeath my refusal skills to the doors. / I bequeath my bench to a benchless hobo. / I bequeath my hearing skills to Daniel. / I bequeath my fast reactions to Daniel. Maya: I will my awesome hugging abilities to Tiffany. / I will my weirdness to Derek. / I will my craziness to Faye. / I will my stuffed dog to Steffie. / I will my sister’s white fluffy scars to Angela. Leon: I, Leon Chou, hereby bequeath my reality image to the future generations of campers to use in the name of TACL-LYF and guiltless enjoyment, forever and ever. Tyler: I will Winston my big eating skills. / I will Brian my art awesomeness. / I will my trains to Aaron. / I will my Mclaren to Leon. / I will my video games to Anthony. Steffie: I bequeath my snowflakes (paper-cutting) to Stephanie Shih, Cynthia Su, and Tiffany Yu. Richard: I, Richard Cheng will donate nothing to everybody. In addition, Darren will receive an infinite amount of bops. Finally, my packets of hot cocoa will go to Aaron. Aaron: I will Brian my mustache drawing skills. / I will Winston my cheap Yu-Gi-Oh card. / I will my bunk to Richard. / I will my Star Wars drawing skills to Darren. / I will my LEGO collections to Anthony. Group F Ella Chen: Lisa – sleeping bag / Rachel – computer!! / Aileen – my piano / Erin – clothes :P / Jamie – hair supplies / Jeremy  food!! / Chris – happiness! / Emily – my music Lisa Huang: Ella – clothes / Aileen – hunger games / Emily – computer Caitlin Chen: Sore leg muscles to Jon / Soap to some boys that need it / Braces to those w/ dental problems Charlie Beusee: Denise – my tie-dye teashirt / Laurence – my baseball cap hat / Jon – my candy / Roy – my jacket Stephanie Wu: Denise – my cheerfulness / Ella – my music / Caitlin – my hair Roy Ho: Girls – hair / Counselors & staff  head lamp / Everyone else  jellyfish in bottle Rachel Walker: Sore muscles to Jon / Ella – music / Denise – my Tumblr / Caitlin – my hair straightener / Stephanie – my awkward hugs Laurence Wu: Whole camp  bird flag / Glasses  Jon Group G Julia: Andrew – A toothbrush and LOTS of toothpaste / Cynthia – Energy after 6pm / Jamie – my awesome ability to remember things / Chris – Some of my humor, cause you obviously don’t have any (jk) / Erin – my ability to be not afraid of weights / Emily – my enthusiasm (LOL jkay) / Brian – my iTouch / Abel – my ability to be quiet / John – my small booty Jamie: Andrew – my coffee / Cynthia – my love / Chris – my ability to be quiet / Erin – my rainbow scarf / Emily – a potato / Brian – a refrigerator / Abel – a tie / John – a tomato / Julia – my dogs Erin: Andrew – my photography skills / Jamie – my lotion / Chris – my food & shield / Emily – my fall / Brian – my refrigerator / Abel – my quietness / John – my volleyball skills / Julia – my unawkwardness Abel: I will give my address to John / I will give my silly to Chris / I will give my strength to Jamie / I will give my lunch to Emily / I will give my brother to Erin

Emily: Ella – all my love for music goes to my girl / Aileen – for this gin, my legs / Lisa – my food / Julia – my hats / Jaimie – my hair supplies / Erin – my face / Chris – for this particular boy, my monotones / Brian – leftover jelly beans / Abel – my party moves / John – pedoness / Andrew – an exciting summer / Cynthia – the ability to not be blank after 6pm (<3 you) Group H Stephanie Li: To Michelle and Johnny – my smiles / To Mady – my awkwardness / To Wendy – my loudness / To Jennifer – my shyness / To Michael – my shortness / To Jonathan – my randomness / To Richard – my bright clothes Madalyn Li: To Stephanie – my love ♥ / To Wendy – my whole luggage / To Sean – my flab / To Jennifer – my swag / To Eugene – my incredibly low voice / To Richard – my hair / To Byron – my grunting noises / To Michelle/Monica – an extra bed in our dorm / To Johnny – Koolaid OH YEA Jonathan Wu: To Richard – my non-tickleshness / To Eugene – my water bottle / To Mady – my high voice / To Jennifer – my kindness / To Sean - my BS-ing skills / To Michael – my "creativity" / To Johnny – a dollar to get him to share his secrets / To Michelle – better eyesight / To Stephanie – a dollar since there's nearly nothing to think Eugene Chou: To Richard – my luck of having hot showers / To Sean – my pack of cards that I left at home / To Wendy – my smarties / To Madalyn – my guy voice / To Stephanie – my art skills / To Michelle – my gummy candies / To Johnny – my art skills also to improve his amazing art skills / To Jonathan – any water balloons I get in TACL-LYF to throw at people / To Michael – my ping-pong skills / To Jennifer – my appetite Michael Shen: To Mady – three packs of muscle / To Michelle – three packs of muscle / To Johnny – all my fat / To Richard – my personality / To Sean – my height / To Michelle - my swag / (insert name here) – my heart / To Christopher Lee – my happiness / To Neal – my computer / To Connie – my awesomeness / To Jamie (Group G) – my sexiness Jennifer Lee: To Michelle – my LOVE, she needs it from being alone all the time ♥ / To Johnny – my SWAG, because he needs it, jk ♥ / Madalyn – my Spirited Away DVD / To Michael – my small eyes / To Jonathan – an extra two inches / To Eugene – marshmallows / To Richard – my hair to feel / Stephanie – my jump and jive / To Wendy – my Hello Kitty items / To Sean – a mannequin of me / To Ethan (I) – meat / Jeremy (I) - wet sponge / To Neal – my shortness / Byron (I) – my feminism / My chicken family – Foster Farm Chickens ♥ / To Denise – a best friend / To Jon – my rawrs Wendy Hsu: To Stephanie – my soda tab bracelet / To Mady – my awkwardness / To Jennifer – my fat / To Eugene – you don't need anything :P / To Richard – my slowness / To Sean – half of my quietness / To Alice – my bow / To Jonathan – my tiredness / To Neal – my smile :D / To Ryan – my secret nonawkwardness deep inside me:) / To Cynthia & Rosette – my forgetness / To Michelle – my Hello Kitty knee-high socks / To Johnny – my pink fluffy earmuffs / To Michael – half my quietness Sean Li: To Johnny – my muscle so he won't be Captain Flabulous anymore / To Maddi – my regular period / To Vincent – my charm / To Ben – my Q, X, Z's in speed scrabble Richard Ju: To Mady – my appetite so she can stop eating nothing and be healthy / To Jonathan – my sleepiness so he can stop being super hyper / To Jennifer – my luck of not getting hit by water balloons so she won't be drenched next time / To Wendy – my blue TACL-LYF shirt because her's is fading because she wears it too much / To Stephanie – my survival skills so she'll survive (possibly) in future Hunger Games / To Michael – my watch because he thinks it's expensive (even though it's not) / To Sean –my internal filter so that he can stop blurting out random (inappropriate) things / To Eugene – my drum sticks/skills because he doesn't know how to play drums / To Johnny – my taste in candy so he can buy more popular candy than Michelle / To Michelle – my Assassins Creed T-shirt (even though it's probably too big for her) / To Katheryn Li – my track sweater because hers is too small now / To Ethan Chiu – my sleeping bag so he won't have to borrow it next time

Group I Leona Chen: To Byron I give my personal infinite supply of fingers because he is too exciting. / To Patrick I give my school ID so he can enter and experience the ridiculousness that is James Logan High School. / To Shirby I leave my school’s football team so she can finally experience a victory. / To Christie I leave my sweater so she can unravel it and make her own knitted penguin. / To Ethan I leave the Nike Air Yeezys in my garage. / To Allan I leave my short stature because the atmosphere down here is kind of incredible. / To Jeremy I give my closet so he can appreciate the beauty of solid colors and no-nonsense prints. / To Chris Lee I give my posse so he can be super protected if he ever ventures into East Oakland or Hayward. / To Charlie I will all my hair accessories because he looks too good in polka-dotted bows. / To Able I leave my dead body because apparently Group I corpses are collectible. Ethan Chiu: To Patrick I leave my cute face. / To Chris I leave my adorable face. / To Byron I leave my good looks so we can be ever sexier. / To Leona I leave all my sick kicks. / To Allan I leave tons of RP cards. / To Shirby I leave my collection of Kirby games. / To Christie I leave all the stuffed penguins in the world. / To Jeremy I leave my nonexistent stash... / To Able I leave my knowledge of all the dirty jokes. / To Charlie I leave my unbeatable dancing skills. / To Tommy I leave my poker face ‘cause ... Katheryn just lost. / To Eric I leave my guitar skills so he can be a musical Jesus. / To Katheryn: nothing, she sucks... / To Jennifer Pai, see above. / To Jennifer C, I leave my nuts cause she got none. Christie Neo: To Abel I will my stuffed seal baby. / To Leona I will my origami skills. / To Michael I will hugs. / To Shirby I will my art skills. / To Chris I will my left finky. / To Allan I leave water balloons. / To Patrick I leave a box of chocolate. / To Byron I leave my eyesight. / To Ethan I leave bracelets. / To Jeremy I leave asian-ness. / To Charlie I leave my teddy bear.

Shirby Wang: I will to John Wang more watermelons. / I will to Christie an amazing Cross Country season and tireless running strength. / I will to Allan a spoon not from the inside of somebody’s pants. / I will to Patrick unlimited supply of “炒飯“. / I will to Byron my bug spray. / I will to Ethan bead earrings. / I will to Jeremy courage to be the minority and all my Asian-ness. / I will to Able some dry clothes. / I will to Charlie an un-poppable balloon. / I will to Leona everything not plaid. / I will to Chris how to reach the last key with your finky. / I will to Wendy a 2400 on her SATs. / I will to Aaron everything Star-Wars. Allan Yeh: I will to Byron some squirrelly nuts. / I will to Ethan my used right hand. / I will to Patrick my mad invoker skills. / I will to Christopher soy sauce/pro-bending skills. / I will to Jeremy a donut respirator thing. / I will to Shirby my shoes. / I will to Christie a towel (I feel bad for the water balloons) and a penguin. / I will to Leona an APUSH book (if you return it). / I will to Able running shoes. / I will to Charlie another bowtie for his hair. Christopher Yee: I will to Byron my amazing, off-the-charts height. / I will to Ethan my pro-straight face skills so Katheryn can lose more. / I will to Christie my artistic skills to perfect. / I will to Leona my apparently gorgeous eyebrows. / I will to Shirby I will my grades and report cards to raise. / I will to Patrick my name tag remembering skills so he stops forgetting. I will to Jeremy my Asian looks and unfit body. / I will to Allan Remy the Rat because I know he will take good care of him. / I will to Charlie my innocence and extra fingers. / I will to Able my dead body and a bucket of ice to always remind her of her first year at camp. / I will to Katheryn my ability to laugh normally. / I will to Jennifer Pai my kindness and good heart. / I will to Tommy Chen the ability to lip sync to go with his lip rapping. / I will to Eric Chang my uncut right half of my face. Byron Wu: I will give to Chris Lee my vocal chords so he can sing and get the ladies. / I will give to Ethan Chiu my magic hands so he can get more ladies. / I will Madalyn the right to get massages all the time from Ethan, who has my hands. / I will Allan my body so he can get all the ladies. / I will to Patrick nothing cause he’s got everything he needs. / I will to Charlie my buzz cut. / I will to Able my dead body and my dance moves. / I will to Shirby my school ID so I can be top of the school at Carlmont. / I will to Christie my jacket so she won’t be so cold. / I will to Leona my craziness. / I will to Jeremy my Asian looks. / I will to Jennifer (Group H) the ability to say “Oh yeah” like the Kool-Aid man. Patrick Chenglo: I will to Byron my years of camp that he wasn’t here. / I will to Ethan my 愛. / I will to Leona my carefree-ness. / I will to Shirby half my enthusiasm. / I will to Christie the other half of my enthusiasm. / I will to Chris all my tickets and stuffed animals. / I will to Allan my League of Legends account. / I will to Jeremy my Asian looks. / I will to Charlie all of my fingers. / I will to Able my dead body. / I will to Jennifer Pai half of my Reese’s Dum-Dums. / I will to Katheryn Li the other half of my Reese’s DumDums. Group J Jessica Lee: Max – my mighty strength / Jonathan – my ability to dance in front of others / Angela – my loud voice / Katheryn – my organization skills / Jennifer – my focus and sweats / Tommy – my clothes so you will be dressed well for any identity issues that may come your way / Eric – my ability to get ready quickly and be on time / Rosette – my heart, body and soul / Brendan – my flexibility so he can do calisthenics Tommy Chen: to everyone – #JOLO Jonathan Wang: to everyone – that song I didn’t want to sing for the skit. Here it is: bay-bee, bay-bee, bay-bee ohhhh, like baybee, bay-bee, bay-bee nooooo Eric Chang: Jennifer – right face to the ground and no more piggyback rides / Tommy – my capability to play the Final Fantasy VII Battle Theme Song / Katheryn – my supply of S / Ethan – my piano playing / Max – a better camera / Angela – a bu-pu-mu-fu chart so she doesn’t forget anything / Jessica – my American Apparel jacket / Jonathan – a better future since he’s going to UCB / Brendan – my Final Fantasy games so he could get a life (*sarcasm) / Rosette – roses Angela Wang: Jennifer – half of my energy / Katheryn - my attention to detail / Jonathan – half of my energy Jennifer Pai: Eric – my love 5ever and a million sorries / Katheryn – my LYF / Brendan – my greatest rage ever / Rosette – all my money for all the S / Tommy – more S – Drugs not hugs / Jessica – a little bit of S and Patrick / Angela – my hair because its soft and some S / Jonathan – basketball skills – domination 5eva / Max – watermelon Max Chou: Jonathan – Because you’re too skinny, I will you my fat / Jessica – I will you more laughs / Jennifer – I will you more “S” / Eric – more band-aids / Angela – Englishh / Tommy – the ability to find the right group / Katheryn – I give you patience / Brendan – I give you more fat as well / Rosette – more Reese’s peanut butter cups

Group A Overheards (during Tower Tycoon planning) Alex: We have to use the Popsicle sticks to sturdy it! Winston: (pauses) You make no sense sometimes. (answering the question “What do counselors do at night”?) They probably hug each other and say “Aww, you’re so cuddly!” Everyone else: Ewww that’s wrong! (running to next station in the Amazing Race) Jayde: I’m running so fast my pants are falling down!! Winston: MINE TOO! LITERALLY!! (leading the Tower Tycoon) Brian: The triangle should go here. The next chicken will be here. (Counselors and Staff) Steve: It’s gotta be more than pooping… Vincent: I see your pants are off… again. Nothing new. Nothing to see here. Move along. Group C Overheards Samantha: If you’re not weird, then you really are.

Caitlin: Hunger games? I LOVE HUNGER GAMES Laurence: “ I’m sleepy!” Rachel: Amurica Roy: Everything I say is a lie and an over-exaggeration Caitlin: Jon is my best friend Ella: Jon is my best friend group F girls: IS CHRISTINE ( JON’S GIRLFRIEND) PRETTY? SHES PRETTY! Charlie: Vincent showed me his scar at dinner! Stephanie: Charlie ( Counselor) is mean. You and Charlie (Counselor) tried to hug me! Denise: I LOOOOOOVE BUTTER!”-Lisa, “ GURRRLLLL, I LOVE BUTTER TOOOO! Lisa: I am TOTALLY fat (when she’s TOTALLY not.)

Ethan: There’s nothing funny about laughing at irrelevant nonsense.

group F girls (after bootcamp): I FEEL SO MUCH LIKE JELLY! I HATE JON!

Natalie: Well, if you’re picked last, then you know you suck.

Roy: I’m loud,OK?

Samantha: Hi, what’s your number? I’m a stalker!


Natalie: I’m trying to make you entertaining, but it’s just not working. Group D Overheards: Dis My Beach Why you near my bench? What do counselors do at night? Makeout! I can’t think of anything I’m not a dumpling, you guys just don’t see it. I hate watermelon! Group E Overheards Vincent (explaining the point system): …so, at the end, the winner gets a grand prize. Daniel H.: We get a car?!?! Jan: So, what did you think of the toilet paper race? Daniel H.: It was good because I got to blow my nose! Group F Over-heards Rachel: we found dove in a soapless place Christine to Laurence: “ whose your favorite avengers?” Laurence: None of them. Christine: why? Laurence: they’re not serious enough. Christina: so who do you like? Laurence: BATMAN because he’s serious. Stephanie (singing pig song): little circle, little circle, bigger circle, little circle little circle bigger circle, half circle half circle bigger circle, double u, double u, circle circle circle Group F: Jon is like an enthusiastic horse and Denise is like a funny mother duck Group F girls: “CALL ME MAYBE” Group F (when Jon was missing from Sunday dinner): we have to leave a water and an open spot for Jon at dinner!

Group G Cynthia: G-“Give me all your clothes” Brian Chu (G): Your pants remind me of skittles Chri Chu (G) (in response): TASTE THE RAINBOW Group I (Counselor Overheards): “This or that? Peeta vs. Gale” Allan: “Pita Chips? Gale? The search engine? (Counselor Overheards): “What items did you forget to pack for camp?” Byron: A sleeping bag... Patrick: Are those Reese’s dumdums?! Chris and Patrick: We’re allowed in?! We should take photos in the girls’ bathroom! Tommy (Group J) to Michelle (Group H Counselor): I’m good at math. I calculated that there’s a high probability that we’ll be together...we can multiply Charlie to Wendy (Group H): So Wendy, how many bows do you have in your repository? Wendy: “Wha...” Charlie: I mean wardrobe! Charlie: What is this again?! Oh...watermelon. I hate watermelon. Eric (Group J): Dude, my body image just goes up. Byron: I’ve never...had hair long enough to cover my eyes Chris: Wait, then how do you see? Byron: Can I go to your house and take a pik-a-chu? Neal (Staff) during Amazing Race: Don’t jump into the dumpster!

Survey Says 1. What does TACL-LYF really stand for? Group A - Teaching Awesome Counselor Language - Live Young Forever Group B - Totally Awesome Campers Living Like Yaks Farting Group C - Take A Cool Leg Life You Find TACL Your LYF Group D - Taiwanese American Celebrity Life Losing Your Future

Group E - To All Candy Lovers, Lend Your Food Group F - Taiwanese American Citizens League Leading Youth Forward Group G - Tame A Crazy Linsanity Like You Fart Group H - Things Are Creepy Losers - Like Your Face Group I - The Association of Crystalized Leprechauns Living Yonder Forest Group J - Tommy Ate Cake Like Lions YOLOing Food

2. Who in your group ismost likely to become head counselor? Group A - Evelyn + Brian

Group E - Aileen

Group B - Cathy because she is very creative & athletic. She is always filled with ideas, but best of all she is skillful in the game of ninja. Ted because he is super fast at short distance. This is good because if a camper gets attacked, he can save him/ her. Also, he would bring chopsticks to camp.

Group F - ME!!!

Group C - Natalie Group D - Leon

Group G - Jamie Group H - Michael Group I - Patrick Group J - Jessica

3. If you could describe each of your counselors as an animal, which whould he/she be? Group A - George - gorilla man - carries ppl, vegetarian / Holly - black cat - calm / Jackie - bird - like to sing Group B - Tyler the Tiger - He looks like a Tiger because he has a fierce mane and attitude. And also both Tyler and Tiger start w/ T.

Group E - Jan - bunny / Daniel - frog Group F - Jonathan - enthusiastic horse Denise - funny mother duckâ&#x20AC;? Group G - Cynthia - sloth / Andrew - alpaca

Monica the Chimpanzee - energetic, hyper, loud in an innocent way. She can also scratch your back and possibly eat bugs.

Group H - Johnny - dinosaur / Michelle - scorpion

Kevin the Dog - He is nice and always hungry for doggy treats. He bites bad guys because he is secretly scary.

Group J - Brendan - Platypus / Rosette - Bunny

Group C - Stef - Panda / Jo - Monkey / Ben - Lion Group D - Derek - penguin (from Happy Feet) Tiffany - penguin (without a face)

Group I - Charlie is a monkey, Able is a hare

4. What did you forget to bring to camp? Group A - Flashlight, underwear, pants, toys, cards

Group F - Hair dryer… PJ’s…

Group B - Chopsticks, chapsticks, plastic bags for dirty clothes, watch, stuffed animals, extra underwear to wear outside, and your cool aid shirt

Group G - LOTION!!! And a hair dryer

Group C - “Hairbrush, porridge C-飯

Group I - Sleeping bag, calculator, conditioner, Philosophy book

Group D - Flashlight, more jackets, Lamborghini Group E - Hair dryer, extra long pants

Group H - Deo, soap, night light, hair brush

Group J - TPants, socks, more clothes, soap

5. If your group was the Avengers who would be which character? Group A - Hawkeye - Alex, Brian / Evelyn - Black Widow / Julia - Black Widow / Jayde - Hulk / Winston - Iron Man / Anthony - Captain America / Antony - Thor” Group B - Jared - Loki / Jon - Hawkeye / Jack - Loki / Thomas - Iron Man / Ted - Hulk / Robyn - Black Widow / Cathy - Black Widow / Hannah - Captain America Group C - Captain America + Cookie Monster Group D - Faye - Captain America / Maya - Black Widow / Darren - Agent Barton / Aaron - Thor / Tyler - Iron Man / Richard - The Hulk / Steffi - Loki / Leon - Nick Fury Group E - “Darrel - Nick Fury / Joyce - Black Widow / Aileen - Iron Man / Nat - Hawkeye / Owen - Loki / Alvina Captain America / Will - Hulk / Eric - Thor Daniel - Spider Man”

Group F - Lisa - Thor / Caitlin - Hawkeye / Charlie - Captain America / Rachel - Hawkeye / Roy - Hulk / Laurence - none of them, because none of them are serious enough / Stephanie - Black Widow / Ella - Iron Man Group G - Brian - Hawkeye / John - Loki / Able - Fiery / Chris - Hulk / Jamie - Iron Man / Julia - Black Widow Emily - Thor / Erin - Captain America” Group H - Eugene - Iron Man / Sean - Captain America pre-transformation / Jen - Hawkeye (hot guy) / Steph Spiderman / Jonathan - Thor / Michael - Hulk pre-transformation / Mady - Nick Fury / Wendy - Black Widow Richard - Loki” Group I - Byron is Hawkeye, Ethan is Hulk, Leona is Iron Man, Chris is Black Widow, Christie is Thor, Allan is Captain America, Jeremy is Fury, Patrick is Spiderman, Shirby is Agent Colsen Group J - Hulk - Max / Black Widow - Katheryn / Thor Tommy / Hawkeye - Eric / Iron Man - Jonathan / Nick Fury - Jennifer / Spiderman - Angela Storm - Jessica”

6. If you were in the Hunger Games who would die first, and who would win? Group A - Julia, Evelyn, Brian, Anthony, Winston, Antony, Alex --> Jayde Group B - Monica would die first because she is a chimpanzee. Jack/Tyler would be the winners because they are secretly twins who have ninja tricks. Group C - Angela would die first because of her skinny weak arms can’t carry anything / Ben would win because his serious face and can stone people Group D - Die first - Leon / Win - Tyler Group E - Die: Darrel / Win: Eric Group F - “First to die - Roy

Group G - Brian will die first / Erin will win Group H - Die - Jen / Win - Richard Group I - Able would die first and Charlie would win Group J - Jennifer dies first and Eric wins

7. If your group was stranded, which three campers and their unconventional trait would you choose? Group A - Winston - pitches baseball / Alex - hiding & climbing / Evelyn - twirling

Group E - Darrel - cooking / Eric - leadership Owen - whistle

Group B - Cathy - wickedly smart Jared - a genius and crazy mad genius who is a brain surgeon / Robyn - a great skillful navigator and a skillful dancer

Group F - Ella - cheerful and encouraging / Laurence - tall / Charlie - for fish

Group C - “Natalie / Samantha - yelling Wallace - kung fu” Group D - Tyler - humor (all he needs is a bench) Richard - origami (make a plane) Aaron - drawing (draw a “”help”” sign)

Group G - Julia - ability to adapt / Brian - karate / John - running Group H - Michael & his taekwondo Group I - Ethan for his cuteness, Eric Chang (from Group J) for his calmness, and Michael Shen (from Group H) for his Taekwondo Group J - Eric (calm others), Tommy (telling jokes), Jessica (beating things)

8. Who is Taiwan’s next top model? Group A - Alex

Group E - Jan & Daniel

Group B - Tommy would be Taiwan’s Next Top Model because he can Honeybear like no other. He is also fierce and has signature dance moves.

Group F - Stephanie

Group C - Wallace (the Lady Friend! Woohoo!) - he likes to get his hair/nails done, struts it down the sidewalks of Taiwan. Likes to shake his bootay in front of everyone… Group D - Derek

Group G - Julia - ability to adapt / Brian - karate / John - running Group H - Jennifer Group I - Byron Group J - Eric

9. What is the real purpose of candy? Group A - To entertain your sweet tooth

Group E - For kids to eat & to go crazy

Group B - Candy is really for campers who are awesome and NEED to be rewarded

Group F - To bribe us into obedience

Group C - To get hyper!!!! Group D - +obesity

Group G - To kill teeth and hypnotize children Group H - Bribery - I mean Love Group I - To sugar Group J - Sugar High, S

10. If you didn’t have internet for a week, what would you do? Group A - Read a book or die

Group E -I would die

Group B - If there was no internet we would go out and be active, camp, do sports, and possibly go crazy Group C - WE’D DIIIEEE! Actually we would go to TACLLYF and THEN DIEEEE! Joanna would have to take out our dead bodies =P

Group F - Card games or read

Group D - Get a LYF & play life

Group I - Come to camp

Group G - Go to TACL-LYF Group H - I would go to TACL-LYF

Group J - Cry and then die 11. If your group made a movie what would it be about? Group A - Bob Sponge and Oh Honey Bear to the Golden Toilet, The Last Toilet in the World Group B -Our movie would be a mystery about how the Bustin Beavers disappear Group C - CANDY! Group D - “The penguin, the hobo, and the mad chemist”

Group E - Chaos due to stealing candy Group F - The Love Story of Vincent and Kat Group G - The Gangsters of Gaohsiung (box office = 1 dollar) Group H - The Hugging Games Group I - wInnIng Group J - #JOLO

12. What do counselors do at night? Group A - Meetings, eat popcorn, play on iPad, sleep, “aww, you’re so cuddly!”, sleep next to each other, plan about more torture for kids

Group E - Party and plan for the next day’s activities

Group B - At night, counselors party, watch TV while playing video games, cook french toast, and have meetings

Group G - PARTYYY like a rockstar!! Then pass out on the couch

Group C - “Party and sleep on girls’ dorm tables… (hint, hint: looking at you, Nathan!)”

Group H - Drugus alcoholus

Group D - Play DDR

Group F - Work

Group I - Watch us sleep Group J - and party and party and party and party and party…

13. If you had a food relay for counselors, what 3 foods would you have?ssssssss Group A - Bittermelon, watermelon, and rotten flesh (no utensils)

Group F - Raw bittermelon, 10 packs of sour straws, 10 duck eggs

Group B - Counselors would eat 1 ton of monkey brain stew, 1000 alligator eye balls, garlic and lima bean milkshake


Group C - Pumpkin, HIPPO, Angela Group D - Massive watermelon, pumpkin, habanero peppers

Group H - Tube of wasabi, bittermelon, cinnamon challenge Group I - Watermelon, candy, pork sung Group J - Cake, whole raw onion, club soda

14. Who in the group is the next Jeremy Lin? Group A - Winston

Group F - Charlie

Group B - Ted would be the Jeremy Lin because he is mister athletic

Group G - John

Group C - Ethan / Ben (serious face) Group D - Leon Group E - Eric

Group H - Michael Group I - Ethan Group J - Jonathan!

15. If your group was a sauce what would you be? Group A - Ketchup - because we have to “catch-up” on the points Group B - Thousand island dressing because that’s our favorite dressing Group C - Hot sauce (DUH!) because we are HOT! FIRRE! (in a hole) Group D - Dumping sauce Group E - Sweet & sour sauce

Group F - Ketchup Group G - Sweet and sour sauce - first we’re sweet, then we’re sour, then we’re gone Group H - Halapeno Group I - 愛 sauce Group J - Gravy

Top 10 Top 10 Things About Camp From Group A 10. Boot Camp 9. Campfire 8. 2012 Group A 7. Free time 6. Campers 5. Counselors 4. Sponge tag 3. Photo scavenger hunt 2. Eating 1. Sleeping

Top 10 Counselors and Staff from Group A 10. Karen 9. James 8. Vincent 7. Kat 6. Nathan 5. Daniel 4. Tyler 3. Holly 2. Jackie 1. George Top 10 From Group D 10. Dis my bench 9. Night market 8. Dis my other bench 7. Dry ice 6. Ping pong 5. Hot cocoa powder 4. (eating food off the ground) 3. Steffie’s giant bubbles 2. Leon’s “abs” as the situation 1. What did I tell you, camp is awesome!

Top 10 From Group E 10. Fun 9. Stuffys (Hamtaro) 8. Activities 7. Games 6. Deer 5. Trees 4. Showers 3. Bunks 2. Curfew 1. Food

Top 10 From Group F’s Counselors 10. Naptime 9. Finding your lost sweatshirt

8. Sunny happy weather 7. More food 6. Jump and jive 5. Successful clinics/workshops 4. Wigs, wigs, and wigs 3. Food 2. Bedtime 1. Campers

Group J Top Tens 10. S all day 9. Skit Night 8. Abel 7. Families 6. Jokes on jokes on jokes 5. The campers, counselors, and staffers 4. Eric’s hair 3. Squishy! 2. #JOLO 1. Vincent and Katarina Top 10’s From Group G 10. Boot camp 9. Tower building 8. Food relay 7. Flag making 6. Special talent 5. Photo scavenger 4. Calisthenics 3. Amazing race 2. Sponge tag 1. Dance Top 10 Group I 10. Group Cheers – “I…” 9. Hanging out at night in Cary – “Are you guys STUDYING?!” 8. Amazing Race - “Just eat it with the shell!” 7. Group shower - “Everybody in the shower!” “It’s so hot and wet!” 6. Ice cream - “So full, but it looks SO GOOD.” 5. Hemp bracelets - “The braiding one is so much harder.” 4. Food relay - “I found watermelon, candy, and 皮蛋 in my poo.” 3. Piggy back rides for our younger siblings - “Our toilet paper didn’t rip!” 2. Reese’s Pieces Dum-Dums - “Is she ever gonna find out?” 1. Infinite fingers - “Just respawn yourself.”


Lyf 2012: Building Blocks of LYF Camp 2012