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VTN RATE CARD Effective March 6, 2006

Offer your customer great service at standard rates right across Canada. Each Canadian VTN member will now offer these rates to other VTN members!



4 Hour/Same Day



Next Day/Contracted Pre-arranged



Evening (6-11 p.m.) rate is 1. 5x the above rates, weekend rates are 2x the listed rates. Dispatch fee:

$35 flat fee or $0.44/Km – whichever is greater

Charge for Travel Time: Equivalent to rates above from the time tech leaves the office.

Example: You take a call from a fellow VTN member. You would charge $35 for taking the call and if the call took 1 hour, as well as a ½ hour for travel, the charge for labour would be $82.50. The total bill to the fellow member would be $117.50. This has the effect of raising the minimum bill rate by at least $35 without changing the hourly rate. This would be for “internal” billing NOT what the customer would be billed, which is left to the discretion of the custodial VTN member. Please note that the $55 is the break fix rate and the $75 rate is for network related work. Product matter specialists are not part of this rate structure and must be negotiated between the members. Please distribute these rates to the appropriate representatives within your organization.

SERVICE RATES - Effective March 6 2006