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Founded by a group of Conservatory students, GERMER is a non-profit aimed at bringing classical music closer to the Vietnamese audience. With our varied number of events, we believe that you will find an activity for you to discover novel aspects of classical music. The verb “germer” in French means “to germinate.” It also lies at the heart of our mission, to germinate in people’s souls the love for classical music. Join us and discover the world of classical music.



G - CONCERT G-Concerts is a series of ten concerts, each with its own theme: dances, film scores, commercials, ringtones, from Baroque to Impressionism,... With each concert, you will explore the multicolored and diverse world of classical music.

1. DANCE Dance is a concert that explores popular dances that uses classical music such as Waltz, Habanera, Tango, and Can Can. The main message we wanted to get across in this concert is that classical music originated from the general public and folksongs rather than an artistic medium that is only appropriate for the society’s higher class.

3. TIMELINE Timeline walks the audience through transitionary periods in musical history where Baroque turned into Classical and Romanticism changed to Modernism. For each period, iconic pieces are explored for their style and composition techniques. Participants studied how contemporary trends and culture informed the elementary styles and main themes of period.

2. SOUND OF LIFE Sound of Life invites the audience to recall classical music pieces that they are used to hearing on the streets, on TV, in films or in commercials but are not usually aware of their origins and history.

4. WORDS OF LOVE Words of Love is where music meets the soul. Concert participants were asked to send a message to his or her friends. For each message, the GERMER Team would find an appropriate piece of classical music to match that message. The works discussed in the concert are decided by participants

G - INFO G - STUDENTS What does “classical” mean? Is it an ancient type of music only appropriate for the society’s higher class? How can we understand and appreciate classical music? Those questions are elaborated by our artists during G-Students’ concerts. We are going to to different high schools and universities in Ho Chi Minh City such as Ngoi Sao High School in January, Polytechnic University in February and Ton Duc Thang University in March to organize concerts highly interactive and “young”.

Visit our fanpage on Facebook to learn fun facts about classical composers and methods to interpret specific classical pieces. Participate in our mini-games and classical music quizzes for the chance to win big prizes. Join us now and have fun with classical music!

G - CASEWORKS Since classical music can help us emotionally and psychologically, G-Caseworks was created to use classical music to improve lives in the community. We organized a concert for homeless people in Ho Chi Minh City this Lunar New Year. In the late March 2015, we are holding a concert entitled “Hopes” to raise medical funds for the children of the Go Vap Orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City.

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